DATA: 2023-07-21 TOTAL: 230 GENRE: Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Hard Techno, Electronica

Prepare yourself for an unparalleled auditory experience with Beatport's New Techno compilation, alongside an exciting array of complementary genres, as of July 21, 2023. Embrace the futuristic sounds of Melodic House & Techno, surrender to the raw intensity of Hard Techno, and explore the boundaries of experimental Electronica. This diverse and captivating collection showcases the innovation and creativity that drives the electronic music scene forward. With 230 HQ tracks handpicked to deliver the ultimate sonic adventure, Beatport once again proves itself as a leading destination for electronic music enthusiasts worldwide.



13130 Space Project - Lonely In The Shallows (Original Mix)

A Thousand Details - Mark The Bug Fetishist (Original Mix)

A Thousand Details - Pedrito Loves Davos (Original Mix)

A Thousand Details - Torments (Original Mix)

A Thousand Details - White Lion At Angel (Original Mix)

AKKI (DE) - Get Up (Extended Mix)

ALPHANO - Ultimate Seduction (Original Mix)

ALPHANO - Up And Down (Original Mix)

ANDATA - Black Milk (Teenage Mutants Remix)

AiKAi, Helen Frey - Together On Acid (Original Mix)

Alessandro Cocco - Behind You (Original Mix)

Alessandro Cocco - Date Night (Maccari Remix)

Alessandro Cocco - Date Night (Original Mix)

Alessandro Cocco - Energy (Original Mix)

Alexander Johansson, Mattias Fridell - Veta Hut (Original Mix)

Alvinho L Noise - Entusiasta (Original Mix)

Alvinho L Noise - Simples (Original Mix)

Alvinho L Noise - Simples (RUPTURA Remix)

Andy P - Get Down (Original Mix)

Andy P - Low Rual (Original Mix)

Anna V. - Things You Hear Inside A Club And Other Lovely Stories (Original Mix)

Anthony Tring - Continuance (Original Mix)

Anthony Tring - Physical Lows (Original Mix)

Anthony Tring - Terrain (Original Mix)

Anthony Tring - Time (Original Mix)

Avao - Give Me (Extended Mix)

BRK (BR), Favio Inker, Rodrigo AM - Waiting For (AUTOFLOWER Remix)

BRK (BR), Favio Inker, Rodrigo AM - Waiting For (Original Mix)

Bodzza - State Of Entropy (Original Mix)

Bodzza - TR3B (Original Mix)

CHRIS MØRGAN - Awareness (Original Mix)

Carmelo Ponente - Distorted Frequencies (Original Mix)

Carmelo Ponente - From Everything To Nothing (Original Mix)

Carmelo Ponente - Magnetic Induction (Original Mix)

Carmelo Ponente - Reversal (Original Mix)

Carmelo Ponente - Sonic Symbolism (Original Mix)

Cem Pilevneli - Bulutlarin Ustunde (OZBEK & Massius Remix)

CentralData - Always With Me (V2)

CentralData - Automatic Diagnostic System (V2)

CentralData - Optimum Vibration (V2)

CentralData - Random Sequence (Original Mix)

Crime Partners - Mambo Sun (Original Mix)

Cyb, Øblak - Gabbro (Original Mix)

D72 - Parallel Reality (Extended Mix)

DAHER - Celestial Mist (Original Mix)

DARDI - Night Rider (Eegor & Zark Remix)

DARDI - Night Rider (Original Mix)

DARDI - Rhythmic Wombat (Munkler Remix)

DARDI - Rhythmic Wombat (Original Mix)

DARDI - Welcome To Country (Original Mix)

DAVMA - Machinery (Original Mix)

DAVMA - Po (Original Mix)

DAVMA - The Miracle (Luca Tresque Repaint)

DAVMA - The Miracle (Mikael Jonasson Repaint)

DAVMA - The Miracle (Original Mix)

DDSS - Hard To Believe (Original Mix)

DDSS - Oasis (Original Mix)

DDSS - Operett (Original Mix)

DJ Bountyhunter - The List (Original Mix)

DJ Bountyhunter - Vaag (Original Mix)

Dani Balaguer - Quantum Emotions (Original Mix)

Dean Amo - The Revenge (Original Mix)

Deano (ZA) - 140dub (Original Mix)

Decka - Four (Original Mix)

Decka - Reset (Original Mix)

Dierot - Bakatá (Original Mix)

Dierot - Fugitive (Original Mix)

Dierot - Taste The Future (Original Mix)

Disruption - Newschool (Original Mix)

Doctrina Natura - Sorceries (Elle Sonnenallee Bonus Digital Remix)

Doctrina Natura - Sorceries (Elle Wedding Remix)

Doctrina Natura - Sorceries (Original Mix)

Doctrina Natura - Witch Blood (Original Mix)

Doctrina Natura - Witch Blood (Svarog Remix)

Dolby D - Angel Of Death (DKult Redub)

Dolby D - Angel Of Death (DKult Remix)

Dolby D - Angel Of Death (Original Mix)

Dolby D - Symphonica (Original Mix)

Domek - Dream (Atmosline Remix)

Domek - Dream (Original Mix)

Domek - The Underground (Original Mix)

Druknian City - Container (Anteac, Paul Render Remix)

Druknian City - Container (Original Mix)

Druknian City - Rosalia (Original Mix)

Dstm - Discomforting Resistance (Original Mix)

Dstm - Dreamless Memory (Original Mix)

Dstm - She Loves Your Vibrations (Original Mix)

Ear Print - Simplicity (Original Mix)

Electric Rescue - Les Boucles Tardives (Original Mix)

FLTR - Grey Elements (Original Mix)

FLTR - Heads Around (Original Mix)

FLTR - Schallgeber (Original Mix)

Fallig Echoes - Trancient (Original Mix)

Gerard H - Nucleus (Original Mix)

Green Velvet, Patrick Topping - Voicemail (Layton Giordani Remix)

Hans Ninchritz - Technology (Original Mix)

Hans Ninchritz - Time On Target (Original Mix)

Hooraa - Unleashed Chaos (Brad Lee Rework)

Hooraa - Unleashed Chaos (MarAxe Remix)

Hooraa - Unleashed Chaos (Original Mix)

Jnks - AFERM (Original Mix)

Jnks - Duality (Original Mix)

Jnks - Sacrifices (Original Mix)

Jnks - Sawer (Original Mix)

Joaquin Ruiz - Amaltea (Original Mix)

Joaquin Ruiz - Narvi (Original Mix)

Joaquin Ruiz - Skadi (Original Mix)

Joaquin Ruiz - Tangie (Original Mix)

Johann Arty - Opposite Roles (Original Mix)

Johann Arty - Purge (Original Mix)

Johann Arty - Self Excision (Original Mix)

Johannes Volk - Improvised Variations (Original Mix)

Juan Croix - Open Your Eyes (Original Mix)

Julian Meinke - The Andromeda Project (Original Mix)

Julien Riess - Take You Higher (Original Mix)

Junes - Galactic Imprisonment (Original Mix)

Karlo Wanny, SONYA (UA) - Klusters (Original Mix)

Kaspar (DE) - Since 94 (Original Mix)

Kid Riot - The Answer (Hubbler Remix)

Kid Riot - The Answer (Original Mix)

Kid Riot - The Question (Original Mix)

Kr!z - Lightworks (Original Mix)

Kr!z - Sorcerer (Original Mix)

Lex Gorrie - Bunny Boiler (George Tounisidis Remix)

Lex Gorrie - Bunny Boiler (Gotshell Remix)

Lex Gorrie - Bunny Boiler (Original Mix)

Lex Gorrie - Energy Vampire (Original Mix)

Linear System - Doja (Original Mix)

Ludo - Estado Gaseoso (Original Mix)

Ludo - Estado Liquido (Original Mix)

Ludo - Estado Solido (Original Mix)

MIRA MIRA - Afterworld (Original Mix)

MIRA MIRA - Ripple (Original Mix)

MMØ - Browsing (Original Mix)

Maksim Dark - Rainbow (Humankind 2023 Remix)

Maksim Dark - Rainbow (Original Mix)

Manuel Di Martino - 10247 (Efdemin Funk Remix)

Manuel Di Martino - 10247 (Gene Richards Jr Werk This Remix)

Manuel Di Martino - 10247 (Original Mix)

Mark Broom - Hardgroove 4 Life (Ben Sims Remix)

Mark Broom - Hardgroove 4 Life (Original Mix)

Mark Broom - Love Train (Original Mix)

Mark Broom - You Got Me (DJ Love Mix)

Mark Broom - You Got Me (Original Mix)

Maruk - Concentrate (Original Mix)

Michal Jablonski, VSK - Basilisks (Original Mix)

Michel Lauriola, Fixeer - Drain (Original Mix)

Milla Lehto - Destroyer (Original Mix)

Milla Lehto - Witchcraft (Original Mix)

Misstress Barbara, Paul Nazca - Corniche (Original Mix)

Misstress Barbara, Paul Nazca - Orange (Original Mix)

Misstress Barbara, Paul Nazca - Rosemont (Original Mix)

Mwamwa - MQQ (Original Mix)

Nautica - The Journey (Original Mix)

NoNameLeft - Blocked Jaw (Original Mix)

NoNameLeft - Circuit Breaker (Original Mix)

NoNameLeft - Infiltration Process (Original Mix)

Noah Shah - Devotion (Extended Version)

Nurmanov (UA) - Nebula (Original Mix)

ODLSQ - Ex Revenge (Original Mix)

ODLSQ - Simulation (Original Mix)

PWCCA - Established Instruction (Original Mix)

PWCCA - Factor Classification (Original Mix)

PWCCA - Process And Objective (Original Mix)

PWCCA - Programming Language (Original Mix)

Pablo Say - Music Has Changed My Life (Original Mix)

Patrick Gottfried, Perry Patelski - Hurtfull (Original Mix)

Patrick Gottfried, Perry Patelski - Simulated (Original Mix)

Playmo - Sentral (Original Mix)

Queensyze - Days Go By (Original Mix)

Queensyze - Eat Me Alive (Original Mix)

Queensyze - Release The Ghosts (Original Mix)

RDLF - Cephadrome (Original Mix)

RDLF - Fragment X (Original Mix)

Repic - Funkijada (Original Mix)

Repic - Funky Twist (Original Mix)

Roseen - 2 Hours Left (Original Mix)

Roseen - Motor (Original Mix)

Sanchez Jr - Adrenaline Pure (Original Mix)

Sanchez Jr - Mental Crush (Original Mix)

Sanchez Jr - Musica De Pista (Original Mix)

Sandro Mure - Bigger (Original Mix)

Sandro Mure - Bouncer (Original Mix)

Sandro Mure - Riggel (Original Mix)

Sandro Mure - Stabber (Original Mix)

Sandro Mure - Trippler (Original Mix)

Skober - Spiritual Experience (Original Mix)

Slim Black - In Nomine (Original Mix)

Spring Rolls - Théorie Du Chaos (Original Mix)

Sterac - Muff Case (Original Mix)

Sterac - Strike Icer (Original Mix)

T78, Angelala - No Guestlist (Extended Mix)

Taupe - Stone Circle (Original Mix)

Techflex - Refined (Original Mix)

Techflex - Signum (Original Mix)

Téo Dréan - Feierabend (Original Mix)

Téo Dréan - Overkill (Original Mix)

Téo Dréan - Overshield (Heaven Version)

Téo Dréan - Overshield (Hell Version)

The Fabric Of Reality - Altered State (Original Mix)

The Fabric Of Reality - Desolation (Original Mix)

The Fabric Of Reality - Maquinas Sin Alma (Original Mix)

The Fabric Of Reality - Negative Frequency (Original Mix)

The Fabric Of Reality - Reduplicative (Original Mix)

Timo Veranta - Fuego (Original Mix)

Timo Veranta - Micro Dosing (Original Mix)

Timo Veranta - Not Worth It (Original Mix)

Timo Veranta - Sequenz 47 (Original Mix)

Tomy Villacorta - Crickets (Original Mix)

Tomy Villacorta - Crickets (Ulrich Van Bell Remix)

Tony De Vit - Bring The Beat Back (Hannah Laing Extended Remix)

Tony De Vit - Burning Up (Nicole Moudaber Extended Remix)

Triance - I Don't Care (Loft 15 A Mix)

Triance - I Don't Care (Original Mix)

Uddhav - Oxacan (Original Mix)

Uddhav - Spruce (Folic State Remix)

Uddhav - Spruce (Original Mix)

Uddhav - Yukon (Original Mix)

VIVEZ - Bop (Åre:gone Remix) (SYEP015)

VIVEZ - Bop (SYEP015)

VIVEZ - Invariable (SYEP015)

VIVEZ - Thermal (SYEP015)

VOLUPTAS - Existence (ID ID Remix)

VOLUPTAS - Existence (Original Mix)

Volpe (ARG) - Continuous Interaction (Original Mix)

Volpe (ARG) - Continuous Interaction V2 (Original Mix)

X-302 - Awareness (Original Mix)

X-302 - Impulse Control (Original Mix)

X-302 - Neuronal Activity (Original Mix)

ZAJON - Fierce Pain (Original Mix)

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