DATA: 2023-08-03 TOTAL: 360 GENRE: Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Hard Techno, Electronica

Embark on an extraordinary musical odyssey with Beatport's New Releases for August 4, 2023. This exceptional playlist features a captivating selection of genres that will elevate your senses and ignite your passion for electronic music. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing and cutting-edge sounds of Techno, where pulsating beats take center stage. Let the emotive and enchanting melodies of Melodic House & Techno carry you away to new musical heights. Experience the raw power and relentless energy of Hard Techno, as it dominates the dancefloor with its intense rhythms. For those seeking a more experimental and innovative journey, Electronica invites you to explore sonic landscapes like never before. With 360 HQ tracks to discover, this compilation promises an unforgettable adventure through the realms of electronic music.



ANMA - Abaangui (Original Mix)

ANMA - Jasy Jatere (Original Mix)

Ackermann - After All This Time (Black Girl / White Girl Remix)

Ackermann - Gear (Original Mix)

Ackermann - Let The Rhythm (Original Mix)

Ackermann - Let The Rhythm (SCB Edit)

Ackermann - Say Nuttin (Original Mix)

Adam Beyer - No Hate (Original Mix)

Adam Beyer - No Hate (Trippy Mix)

Adam Beyer - Robotic Arms (Original Mix)

Aitor Ronda, DJ Rush - When My Heart Beats (Whack Edit)

Aitor Ronda, Pig&Dan - Kraken (Original Mix)

Aitor Ronda, Pig&Dan - Nautilus (Original Mix)

Aitor Ronda, Pig&Dan - Seeker (Original Mix)

Akoriz - Awake (Original Mix)

Akoriz - Reworks (Original Mix)

Akoriz - Sh!t A Rave! (Original Mix)

Akoriz - Welcome To The Rave (Original Mix)

Alberto Ruiz, Alexander Laurell - Crossed (Original Mix)

Alberto Ruiz, Alexander Laurell - Neo (Original Mix)

Alberto Ruiz, Alexander Laurell - Quantum (Original Mix)

Alberto Ruiz, Alexander Laurell - Timing (Original Mix)

Alec T. Adams - Fury (Original Mix)

Alec T. Adams - Horizon (Original Mix)

Alec T. Adams - Seeker (Original Mix)

Alex Peace - Chicago (Fast Fingaz Franky Remix)

Alex Peace - Chicago (Fhase 87 Remix)

Alex Peace - Chicago (Original Mix)

Alex Peace - Chicago (Rob Threezy Remix)

Alex Stein, Victor Ruiz - Human Robot (Original Mix)

Alex Stein, Victor Ruiz - The Heed (Original Mix)

Alex Stein, Victor Ruiz, Born I - Darkplace (Original Mix)

Alt8 - Hardfloor (Original Mix)

AnDe Trois - AK47 (Original Mix)

AnDe Trois - Wide Eyed (Original Mix)

Andreas Saag - Koolaid (Original Mix)

Andreas Saag - Koolaid (Samuel L Session Soul Food Mix)

Andreas Saag - Soweto / Loco (Original Mix)

Andreas Saag - Soweto / Loco (Samuel L Session Big Bang Mix)

Andy Bsk - Back On Plastic (Original Mix)

Andy Bsk - Juno Funk (Original Mix)

Andy Bsk - Lost Planet (Original Mix)

Andy Bsk - Vanilla (Original Mix)

Anna Reusch - Sweat (D-Unity Remix)

Anna Reusch - Sweat (Harvey McKay Remix)

Anna Reusch - Sweat (Original Mix)

Artur Achziger - Dracula (HK:22 Remix)

Artur Achziger - Dracula (Original Mix)

Arzax - Chaotische Dimension (Original Mix)

Arzax - Düstere Exzesse (Original Mix)

Arzax - Momente Der Dämmerung (Original Mix)

Augusto Taito - Drop Seeking (Original Mix)

Augusto Taito - Inner Engineering (Original Mix)

Augusto Taito - Lesson Learned (Original Mix)

Augusto Taito - Third Eye (Original Mix)

Avision - Let Me Show You (Original Mix)

BYØRN - Ekstasis (NOVAH Remix)

BYØRN - Ekstasis (Original Mix)

BYØRN - Shivaya (Original Mix)

Benja Henley - Cognitive Enhancer (Original Mix)

Benja Henley - Panic In Spirals (Original Mix)

Bertzi - Let It Go (Original Mix)

Blipshift - Syncro (Original Mix)

Bolster - Don't Talk Just Rave (Original Mix)

Bolster - Whisper (Original Mix)

Boston 168 - Gigantia (Original Mix)

Carara - In Search Of Last Worlds (Original Mix)

Carara - Roots (Original Mix)

Carara - Roots 002 (Original Mix)

Carbon, Lampe - Never Alone (Original Mix)

Cedric Flux - Fluff (Original Mix)

Cedric Flux - Lightspeed (Original Mix)

Cedric Flux - Ligthspeed (Giuseppe Rizza Remix)

Chemtrailz - The Future Is Matriarchy (Original Mix)

Cherryphonic - Easy (Original Mix)

Cherryphonic - The Great Reset (Original Mix)

Cloze Encounter - AA (Original Mix)

Cloze Encounter - Luminous (Original Mix)

Cloze Encounter - Mamb (Original Mix)

Cloze Encounter - Terrace Grain (Original Mix)

D44 - Let Me Show You (Original Mix)

DANZAH - Future (Original Mix)

DANZAH - Override (Original Mix)

DAVMA - Altered (Original Mix)

DJ Jordan - Full Spectrum Rave Attack (Original Mix)

DJ Jordan - Full Spectrum Rave Attack (Slin Bourgh Remix)

Daichi Katsuren - Ikema (Original Mix)

Daichi Katsuren - Kurima (Original Mix)

Danatryl - Look Alive (Original Mix)

Danatryl - Void (Original Mix)

Dani Balaguer - Letal Death (Mwamwa Remix)

Dani Balaguer - Pulsar (Nicko Shuo Remix)

Dani Balaguer - Voices In My Head (MMØ Remix)

Dark Vision - Don't Sleep (Original Mix)

Dark Vision - Nocturnal Energy (Original Mix)

Deborah De Luca - India (Original Mix)

Ded Bundy - Thorns (Original Mix)

Deep Inzhiniring - Forbidden Dances (Original Mix)

Deep Inzhiniring - Lonelines (Original Mix)

Dichter & Henker - Voltage (AREAH Remix)

Dichter & Henker - Voltage (Duniz & Henrixx Remix)

Dichter & Henker - Voltage (Original Mix)

Dockson - Momma K (Original Mix)

Dockson - Rickshaw (Original Mix)

Dockson - Severus (Original Mix)

Dominic Delay, iMiKe - Aaajaa (Original Mix)

Dominik Saltevski - Magnetize (Original Mix)

Donato Diana - Movement (Original Mix)

Donato Diana - Pulsation (Original Mix)

Doodseskader - Bloemen Noch Kransen (Hush & Sleep Remix)

ENERTY, Ceymi.Ann - Community (Original Mix)

ENERTY, Ceymi.Ann - Nert Y Ann (Original Mix)

ENERTY, Ceymi.Ann - Reality (Original Mix)

Edd Enand - Quantum (Original Mix)

Edd Enand - Quantum (Rizzer Remix)

Elisa Bee - Travel To Light (Rolando Remix)

Emmanuel - Retardant (Original Mix)

Emmanuel - They Control Us (Original Mix)

Emmanuel - Turbolance (Original Mix)

Emmanuel - You Are In The Right Place (Original Mix)

Emmanuel - You Name It (Original Mix)

Eric Sneo - Beatcreator (Clubmix)

Eric Sneo - Beatcreator (Dubmix)

Fabian Girard - Intensity (Original Mix)

Fabian Girard - Psycho Mate (Original Mix)

Fade. - Legends (Original Mix)

Fear-E - Calis N New Yorkers (Disruptive Pattern Material Remix)

Felix Bernhardt - Drop Pipe (Original Mix)

Felix Bernhardt - Hey Ohm (Original Mix)

Furkan Cinar - Aglow (Monarke Remix)

Furkan Cinar - Aglow (Original Mix)

Furkan Cinar - Realign (Original Mix)

Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy - Hidden Theory (Orbe Remix)

Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy - Hidden Theory (Original Mix)

Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy - Reactium (Kaiser Remix)

Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy - Reactium (Original Mix)

Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy - XV (Intro)

Gerard H - Valhalla (KJAER Remix)

Gerard H - Valhalla (Kolja Beckmann Remix)

Gerard H - Valhalla (Original Mix)

Gijs De Mik - Pharaoh's Song (Original Mix)

Goom Gum - Set & Setting (Original Mix)

Hardtrax, O.B.I., Dunkelkammer - Die Angst (Original Mix)

Hardwell, Space 92 - The Abyss (Original Mix)

Hertz - Cis (Original Mix)

Hertz - Dex (Original Mix)

Hertz - Elec (Original Mix)

Hertz - Neu (Original Mix)

Homerun - Native Bullet (Coyu Remix)

IGDA - Like That (Original Mix)

Ink909 - Mines Of Moria (DJ Gerard Remix)

Ink909 - Mines Of Moria (Hundzhan Rollin Remix)

Ink909 - Mines Of Moria (Marino Rispo 90s Rave Remix)

Ink909 - Mines Of Moria (Original Mix)

JNTN - Ares (Monococ Remix)

JNTN - Ares (Original Mix)

Jacopo Susini - Distance (Original Mix)

Jacopo Susini - Give Me (Original Mix)

Jacopo Susini - Step (Original Mix)

Jickow - Innerself (GFP Remix)

Jickow - Innerself (MODS Remix)

Jickow - Innerself (Oldwood Remix)

Jickow - Innerself (Original Mix)

Jose Monsalve - Broken Surface (Original Mix)

Jose Monsalve - BrokenSurface (R/D/V Remix)

Jose Monsalve - Dust Shock (Original Mix)

Jose Monsalve - Exploring Paths (Juan Trujillo Remix)

Jose Monsalve - Exploring Paths (Original Mix)

Jose Monsalve - Exploring Paths (Ricky Cross Remix)

Joseph Disco - Be Yourself (JAVIIS Remix)

Joseph Disco - Be Yourself (Original Mix)

Joseph Disco - Restless Misery (L-XIR Remix)

Joseph Disco - Restless Misery (Original Mix)

Josh Wink - Resist (Luca Maniaci Remix)

Josh Wink - Talking To You (Marc Romboy & André Winter Remix)

Julian Iannone - Abyss (Original Mix)

Julian Iannone - Elevation (Original Mix)

Jurgen Degener - Headshot (Original Mix)

Jurgen Degener - Resist (Original Mix)

Jurgen Degener - Rosmarino (Original Mix)

Jurgen Degener - Seven (Original Mix)

KUMA MY - Dust (Original Mix)

Kaiser Souzai - Essential (Original Mix)

Krypta - Hollow Point (Original Mix)

Krypta - Hollow Point (Trilingo Remix)

Krypta - Minimum (Original Mix)

Lady Caro'zart - Game Over (Original Mix)

Lady Caro'zart - Mosquito (Original Mix)

Lakej - In Retrospect (Original Mix)

Lakej - Later Is Harder (Original Mix)

Lakej - Modified (Original Mix)

Lakej - Safety In Numbers (Original Mix)

LeStrange, Benefice - Acid Rain (Original Mix)

LeStrange, Benefice - Dance With Me (Original Mix)

LeStrange, Benefice - Ketamine Dream (Original Mix)

LeStrange, Benefice - Witch Doctor (Original Mix)

Leave It Till Monday - The Rush (Original Mix)

Lost Minds (DE) - Chain Reaction (Original Mix)

Lost Minds (DE) - Vicious Cycle (Original Mix)

M.Smith - When You Dance (Neumann Remix)

M.Smith - When You Dance (Original Mix)

MARTIN K4RMA - Something Wrong (Original Mix)

MARTIN K4RMA - System Reload (Original Mix)

MARTIN K4RMA - You Don't Want This (Original Mix)

MIJkE - Kojimbo (Original Mix)

MIJkE - World in Troubles (Original Mix)

Malia Nima - Blood (Original Mix)

Marc Le Prince - Face (Extended Mix)

Matthieu Benjamin - Demon Drink (Original Mix)

Matthieu Benjamin - Life Cycle (Original Mix)

Matthieu Benjamin - Mystical (Original Mix)

Matthieu Benjamin - Public Consciousness (Original Mix)

Matthieu Benjamin - Rhythmical (Original Mix)

Matthieu Benjamin - The Devil Takes You Home (Original Mix)

Maurizio Olla - Co2 (Original Mix)

Maurizio Olla - The Night (Original Mix)

Maurizio Olla - Today Night (Original Mix)

Mella Dee - Static Movement (Original Mix)

Melvin Spix - Error (Original Mix)

Melvin Spix - Mr Sergeant (Original Mix)

Melvin Spix - Space And Body (Original Mix)

Meraki - Cougar (Original Mix)

Meraki - Margay (Original Mix)

Meraki - Oncilla (Original Mix)

Mike Efex - Down Down (Extended Mix)

Moodtrax - Network (Noncompliant Remix)

Moritz Hofbauer - Time Of My Life (Cherry (UA) Remix)

Moritz Hofbauer - Time Of My Life (Edit)

Moritz Hofbauer - Time Of My Life (Sante Club Mix)

Moritz Hofbauer - Time Of My Life (Sante Terrace Mix)

Moses (SA) - Infectious (Original Mix)

NÚRIA (DE) - Apocalypse (Extended Mix)

Nicko Shuo - Lily (Original Mix)

Nicko Shuo - Magonia (Original Mix)

Nicko Shuo - Mode (Leopold Bär Remix)

Nicko Shuo - Mode (Original Mix)

Nicolo (AR) - Fifth Avenue (Original Mix)

NineTed - Feet Down (Original Mix)

Noaria - In The Fields (Original Mix)

Noaria - Mental Crisis (Original Mix)

Noir - Internal (Original Mix)

Noir - Signal (Original Mix)

iMiKe - NF2 (Lopez DJ Remix)

iMiKe - NF2 (Original Mix)

OHM (LB) - Climate Change (Original Mix)

Oliver Deutschmann - Kill All Autocrats (Original Mix)

Oliver Deutschmann - Plague (Original Mix)

Oliver Deutschmann - Taxi (Original Mix)

Oscar L - Musika (Original Mix)

Oscar L - Universal Love (Original Mix)

PRYDIE - Girls In The Club (Original Mix)

PUSHMANN - Indigo (Original Mix)

PUSHMANN - Indigo (Ritzi Lee Remix)

PUSHMANN - Vertigo (CRAVO Remix)

PUSHMANN - Vertigo (Original Mix)

Pan-Pot - BOND (Original Mix)

Patrick Scuro, Nicolas Julian - Time (Original Mix)

Patrick Steiner - Dehli (Original Mix)

Patrick Steiner - Lose Yourself (Original Mix)

Patrick Steiner - Odessa (Original Mix)

Peku - Continuum (Original Mix)

Peku - Event Horizon (Original Mix)

Perpetual Universe - Astronomical Search (Original Mix)

Perpetual Universe - Project One Hundred (Original Mix)

Pleasurekraft - Embodied (Original Mix)

Pleasurekraft - The Ultimate Ride (Original Mix)

RN7 - Cosmic Rain (Original Mix)

RN7 - Eternity (Original Mix)

RNGD - Purasangre 1.1 (Original Mix)

RNGD - Purasangre 1.2 (Original Mix)

RNGD - Purasangre 1.3 (Original Mix)

RanchaTek, Phased - No Return (Original Mix)

Rezwan Khan - Ghost (Original Mix)

Rezwan Khan - Vortex (Original Mix)

Rico Puestel - Rieloh 6 (Original Mix)

Rico Puestel - Solarius (Original Mix)

Rico Puestel - Yard (Original Mix)

Rodent - Luna (Original Mix)

Rodent - Neptuno (Original Mix)

Rodent - Pluton (Original Mix)

Rodent - Pluton (Zisko Ceremonial Remix)

Rodent - Urano (Original Mix)

Roman Avan - Glitch Matrix (Original Mix)

Roman Avan - Malfunction (Original Mix)

Roman Avan - Trippinova (Original Mix)

Rosati - Black Box (Original Mix)

Rosati - Data (Original Mix)

Rosati - Punish (Original Mix)

Rosati - Solare (Original Mix)

Rosati - The Orbit (Original Mix)

SELCO (BE) - Dancing (Original Mix)

SELCO (BE) - Freeze (Original Mix)

Sam WOLFE - Machine Driven (Original Mix)

Sam WOLFE, Turquoise Music - Hold On (Original Mix)

Samuel L Session - Batucumba (Original Mix)

Samuel L Session - Black Scout (Original Mix)

Samuel L Session - Body Slam (Original Mix)

Samuel L Session - Dolce Gabbana (Original Mix)

Sandro Mure - Ghost Filter (Original Mix)

Sandro Mure - Gier (Original Mix)

Sara Landry, Godtripper - Chaos Magicka (Original Mix)

Sascha M - 8erbahn (Original Mix)

Sascha M - Answers (Original Mix)

Sigabort - Melbor (Original Mix)

Sigabort - Roundhouse (Original Mix)

Sigma Proxy - Formants (Original Mix)

Sigma Proxy - How To Do Acid (Original Mix)

Sigma Proxy - Sync (Original Mix)

Sigma Proxy - Vurt (Original Mix)

Sigvard - Prototype 01 (Original Mix)

Sigvard - Prototype 02 (Original Mix)

Sigvard - Prototype 03 (Original Mix)

Sigvard - Prototype 04 (Original Mix)

Sikoti - Sleep When You're Dead (Original Mix)

Somniac One - Buzz Pollinator (Original Mix)

Somniac One - Infiltrator (Original Mix)

Somniac One - Instigator (Original Mix)

Sophie Kah - Free Your Mind (Original Mix)

Sophie Kah - La Vie Est Belle (Original Mix)

Sopik - Free Your Mind (Original Mix)

Soren Aalberg - Consilium (Original Mix)

Soren Aalberg - Mentis Nubilum (Motion Symmetry Remix)

Soren Aalberg - Mentis Nubilum (Original Mix)

Soren Aalberg - Systema Constituto (Original Mix)

Spartaque, Brennen Grey - Start The Rave (Original Mix)

Speaker Honey - For Yourself (Extended Mix)

Stelios Vassiloudis, Alex Avdis - Heat (Breaks Mix)

Stelios Vassiloudis, Alex Avdis - Heat (Dub Mix)

Techflex - Aeonen (Original Mix)

Techflex - Antikoerper A (Original Mix)

Techflex - Antikoerper D (Original Mix)

Techflex - Antikoerper G (Original Mix)

Techflex - Bright Matter (CementO Remix)

Techflex - Bright Matter (Original Mix)

Techflex - Koinfektion (Original Mix)

Techflex - Moments (Original Mix)

The Archer - Free Your Mind (Luca Marchese Remix)

The Archer - Free Your Mind (Original Mix)

Thomaz vs Filterheadz - Los Hijos Del Sol (Coyu Remix)

Tiga, Kolsch - Hand In Hand (Priori Remix)

Tony De Vit - Get Loose (Airwolf Paradise Extended Remix)

Tony De Vit - Higher & Higher (Patrick Topping Extended Remix)

Tony De Vit - I Don't Care (ABSOLUTE. We Still Don't Care Extended Remix)

Tony De Vit - To The Limit (Alan Fitzpatrick Extended Remix)

Ugur Project - Resonate (Original Mix)

Uto Karem - Breath (Intro Mix)

Uto Karem - Breath (Original Mix)

V.O.Y - Apocalypse (Original Mix)

V.O.Y - Exploration Of Reality (Original Mix)

V.O.Y - On Fire (Original Mix)

V.O.Y - Rage Of Darkness (Original Mix)

V.O.Y - The Mission (Original Mix)

Yuuta - Lio En Cuba (Ado (Col) Remix)

Yuuta - Lio En Cuba (Konvic Remix)

Yuuta - Lio En Cuba (Luke&Flex Remix)

Yuuta - Lio En Cuba (Original Mix)

otttto - bells and whistles (Original Mix)

otttto - drivel (Original Mix)

otttto - hornswoggle (Original Mix)

otttto - serotonin (Original Mix)

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