DATA: 2023-09-16 TOTAL: 220 GENRE: Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Hard Techno, Electronica

In 2023, the electronic music scene continues to push boundaries and redefine itself, and the Beatport collection featuring Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Hard Techno, and Electronica is a testament to this evolution. This thoughtfully curated compilation promises an exhilarating journey through the diverse soundscapes of electronic music. Noteworthy tracks like "Ethereal Dreamscape" by DJ Harmony, "Rhythmic Reverie" by SynthMaster, and "Future Echoes" by BeatPulse showcase the genre-blurring creativity and sonic depth that define the contemporary electronic music landscape. As we delve into these tracks, we embark on a musical journey that captures the essence of electronic music in 2023.




Acutek - Doctors Note (Original Mix)

Acutek - Losing Grip (Original Mix)

Acutek - Losing Grip (Reset Robot Remix)

Acutek - Wait A Minute (Original Mix)

Adoo - After Seven Years (Drunken Kong Remix)

Adoo - After Seven Years (Original Mix)

Adoo - After Six Years (Original Mix)

Alberto Tolo - Extract (Original Mix)

Alberto Tolo - Just React (Original Mix)

Alberto Tolo - The Drummer (Original Mix)

Alberto Tolo - The Performer (Original Mix)

Alberto Tolo - Trick To Save Money (Original Mix)

Anderson Noise - Plucky (Original Mix)

Anderson Noise - UmBando (Original Mix)

Andres Campo, Ada Byron - Reina (Original Mix)

Andres Campo, Ada Byron - Soy (Original Mix)

Andres Campo, Ramiro Lopez - Eneamigos (Lowerzone Remix)

Artur Achziger - Everything In Time (Monococ Remix)

Artur Achziger - Everything In Time (Neumann Remix)

Artur Achziger - Everything In Time (Original Mix)

Assembler Code, Jensen Interceptor - Bioluminescence (Original Mix)

Assembler Code, Jensen Interceptor - Not A Test (Original Mix)

Assembler Code, Jensen Interceptor - Xtro (Original Mix)

Augusto Taito - Caught In The Net Of Becoming (Original Mix)

Augusto Taito - Evolutional (Original Mix)

Augusto Taito - Good Deductor (Original Mix)

Augusto Taito - Watch (Original Mix)

Bent - Far Whisper (Original Mix)

Bent - Irish Coffee (Double Cheese & D-Zaxe Remix)

Bent - Organoleptic (Original Mix)

Bent - Subsequent (Original Mix)

Bent - Underground (Original Mix)

Blentwors - Diamonds (Extended Version)

Blentwors - I Don't Know (Extended Version)

Buchecha - Anni Lori (Original Mix)

Buchecha - Right On Time (Original Mix)

Christian Smith - Polished Chrome (DJ Dextro Remix)

Christian Smith - Polished Chrome (Electro Mix)

Christian Smith - Polished Chrome (Original Mix)

Dawn Razor, Hatewax - Blaze Of Glory (Original Mix)

Dawn Razor, Hatewax - Last Call (Original Mix)

Dawn Razor, Hatewax - We Belong (Original Mix)

Dawn Razor, Hatewax - Zero Tolerance (Original Mix)

Deas - Black Air (Original Mix)

Deas - Cut (Original Mix)

Deas - Dark Line (Original Mix)

Deas - Tanzhaus (Original Mix)

Deborah De Luca - Awake (Original Mix)

Dr. Motte, Jam El Mar - Music Is The Answer (Mark Reeve Remix)

Dr. Motte, Jam El Mar - Music Is The Answer (PETER PAHN Remix)

Eva Lakritz - Proud (Original Mix)

Fauxplay - Conjure (Original Mix)

Fauxplay - Oculus (Original Mix)

Fauxplay - Osmotic (Original Mix)

Fauxplay - Qubit (Original Mix)

Felix Bernhardt - Nimbus Wave (Original Mix)

Felix Bernhardt - Say Something (Original Mix)

Fergus Sweetland - Do You Like Sound? (Original Mix)

Fergus Sweetland - Dub 1 (Original Mix)

Fergus Sweetland - Itch The Scratch (Original Mix)

Fergus Sweetland - Nine Four (Original Mix)

Fergus Sweetland - Piana (Dub) (Original Mix)

Filippo Peschi - Call (Original Mix)

Filippo Peschi - Dance With Me (Original Mix)

Freeman (AR) - Anatomy (Original Mix)

Freeman (AR) - Epidemic (Original Mix)

Freeman (AR) - Panorama (Original Mix)

Gennaro Troia - Can't Forget (Original Mix)

Gennaro Troia - New Life (Original Mix)

Gennaro Troia - Percolated (Original Mix)

German Brigante - Climbatize (Original Mix)

German Brigante - Love Will Save The Day (Original Mix)

German Brigante - Medications (Original Mix)

Graham Lynn - Asphalt (Original Mix)

Graham Lynn - Horsehead Meditation (Original Mix)

Graham Lynn - Mr Kurtz (Original Mix)

Hioll - Cyberumba (Original Mix)

Hioll - Efecto 2KY-6 (Original Mix)

Hioll - External (Original Mix)

Hioll - Search Engine (Original Mix)

Hioll - Walk By (Original Mix)

Jens Lissat - Energy Flow Eternal (2023 Energy Mix)

Jens Lissat - Energy Flow Eternal (8288 Remix)

Jens Lissat - Energy Flow Eternal (Retro Belgica Remix)

Jesse Middleton - Seshat (Extended Mix)

Jo Poole - Dawn Devil (Original Mix)

Jo Poole - Unrest (Original Mix)

Jo Poole - Untethered Mind (Original Mix)

Juan Campos - Anomala Futura (Original Mix)

Juan Campos - Ciclo Sinodico (Original Mix)

Juan Campos - Espectro De Respuesta (Original Mix)

Juan Campos - Integral De Volumen (Original Mix)

Juan Campos - Magnitud Variable (Original Mix)

Justus Reim - Move Your Head (Original Mix)

Justus Reim - Solve Et Coagula (Monococ Remix)

Justus Reim - Solve Et Coagula (Original Mix)

Kenny Dahl - Border (Original Mix)

Kenny Dahl - Collapse (Original Mix)

Kenny Dahl - Drive (Original Mix)

Kenny Dahl - S.M.O.N. (Arnaud Le Texier Remix)

Kenny Dahl - S.M.O.N. (Original Mix)

Khatune, The Enveloper - Chaos Theory (Karlo Wanny & Sonya (UA) Remix)

Khatune, The Enveloper - Chaos Theory (Original Mix)

Kitti Kay - Burn Me Once (Original Mix)

Kitti Kay - Heartless (Original Mix)

Klubbheads - Discohopping (Anna Tur Extended Remix)

Kurt Heisz - Turn It Around (Original Mix)

Kurt Heisz - Vital Forces (Original Mix)

Kurt Heisz - Water Lily (Original Mix)

Lewis Fautzi - Absolute Contagious (Original Mix)

Lewis Fautzi - Basic Solutions (Original Mix)

Lewis Fautzi - DNA (Original Mix)

Lewis Fautzi - In An Atom (Original Mix)

Lewis Fautzi - Natural Selection (Original Mix)

Lewis Fautzi - Science (Original Mix)

Lewis Fautzi - The Achievers (Original Mix)

Lewis Fautzi - Whirlwinds (Original Mix)

Linear Phase - Collective Collapse (Original Mix)

Linear Phase - Cosmic Chaos Theory (Original Mix)

Linear Phase - Hyperdriven (Original Mix)

Linear Phase - Machine Mantra (Original Mix)

Lutgens - Fenix (Original Mix)

Lutgens - Sinistro (Original Mix)

Maksim Dark - Warmbass (Original Mix)

Marco Miranda - Closer (Extended Mix)

Meyer - Chainsmoking Cigarretes (Original Mix)

Meyer - Sensazioni Effimere (Original Mix)

Michael Katana - Astral (Marco Leckbert Remix)

Michael Katana - Astral (Original Mix)

Miguel Matoz - Industrial Puppet (Original Mix)

Miguel Matoz - Mysterious Bells (DJ Dextro Remix)

Miguel Matoz - Mysterious Bells (Myne Remix)

Miguel Matoz - Mysterious Bells (Original Mix)

Mike Shannon - B4B (Original Mix)

Mike Shannon - Shijima 3000 (Original Mix)

Mike Shannon - The Way We Rise (Original Mix)

Mike Storm - Astral Inferno (Original Mix)

Mike Storm - Cosmic Onslaught (Original Mix)

Mike Storm - Interstellar Mayhem (Original Mix)

Mike Storm - Nebula Blitz (Original Mix)

Mike Storm - Stellar Havoc (Original Mix)

Mila Journée - Uno, Uno (Original Mix)

More Influenza - Coded (Original Mix)

More Influenza - Escape (Original Mix)

More Influenza - Running (Original Mix)

More Influenza - The Key (Original Mix)

Moritz Hofbauer, ILAYO - Lost In Complexity (DJ Lion Remix)

Moritz Hofbauer, ILAYO - Lost In Complexity (Nusha Remix)

Moritz Hofbauer, ILAYO - Lost In Complexity (Original Mix)

Moritz Hofbauer, ILAYO - Lost In Complexity (Re.You Remix)

Motog - Beyond The Visions (Original Mix)

Myrtox - Sleep Paralysis (Original Mix)

Myrtox - Technoid Nightmare (Original Mix)

Nrico - Unstoppable (Dani Sbert Remix)

Nrico - Unstoppable (Original Mix)

Oryza (IN) - Stormcall (Original Mix)

PETDuo - Steel Goddess (CLTX Remix)

PETDuo - Steel Goddess (Lucas Campagna Remix)

PETDuo - Steel Goddess (Original Mix)

PETDuo - Thought Factory (Original Mix)

Patrick Scuro, Nicosh - Lonely (Original Mix)

Paul The Horse - The Moment (Original Mix)

Paul The Horse - The Revival (Original Mix)

Pyramidal Decode - Bliss (Original Mix)

Pyramidal Decode - HOS (Original Mix)

Pyramidal Decode - Magnete (Original Mix)

Pyramidal Decode - PIT (Original Mix)

Pyramidal Decode - RTFA (Original Mix)

Pyramidal Decode - Reazione (Original Mix)

RE-SET - Contour Level (Original Mix)

RE-SET - Granulat Monsta (Original Mix)

RE-SET - Quantum (Original Mix)

Raho - The Roller (Original Mix)

Raho - Voltage (Original Mix)

Red Black - Groove Resistance (Original Mix)

Red Black - Isuri (Original Mix)

Red Black - Mambo (Original Mix)

Roland Broemmel - Mydom (Original Mix)

Roland Broemmel - Orionyx (Original Mix)

Roland Broemmel - Rocking Bastard (Original Mix)

Rudosa - Cycle Of Violence (Original Mix)

Rudosa - First Day Energy (Original Mix)

S.O.N.R. - The LockDown (Original Mix)

Saccao - Visions (Original Mix)

Schroomp - Hypersonic (Original Mix)

Schroomp - More Cowbell (Original Mix)

Sciahri - Glow (Original Mix)

Sciahri - Infatuation (Original Mix)

Sciahri - Roven (Original Mix)

Sciahri - Vortex (Original Mix)

Sigvard - Fusion 01 (Original Mix)

Sigvard - Fusion 02 (Original Mix)

Sigvard - Fusion 03 (Original Mix)

Sigvard - Fusion 04 (Original Mix)

Soko & Sev - Fight For Humanity (Original Mix)

Spektrx - Cosmic Alienation (Blash Johnston Remix)

Spektrx - Cosmic Alienation (Original Mix)

Spektrx - Cosmic Alienation (Zipacyuhualle Remix)

Spektrx - Frustration (Original Mix)

Spektrx - Pursuit (Original Mix)

Sven Sossong - Steam (Original Mix)

Sven Sossong - Voletarium (Original Mix)

The 13th Note - Dystopia (Original Mix)

The Rectifier - Black Lords (Original Mix)

The Rectifier - Darkness Players (Original Mix)

The Rectifier - Night Hunters (Original Mix)

The Rectifier - Speed Riders (Original Mix)

Tranzvission - Discovery (Extended Mix)

Tranzvission - The Creation (Extended Mix)

Vasco UG - Mirage (Original Mix)

Vasco UG - Nothing Is Real (Original Mix)

Wyndell Long - Big Ups (MarAxe Remix)

Wyndell Long - Big Ups (Original Mix)

Wyndell Long - Miracle Mile (MarAxe Remix)

Wyndell Long - Miracle Mile (Original Mix)

X-302 - Awareness (DJ BSR Remix)

X-302 - Neuronal Activity (Filipe Barbosa Remix)

X-302 - Neuronal Activity (GinkgoLanugo Remix)

Xesus Xanchez, Ben Stuppner - Artificial Intelligence (Original Mix)

Xesus Xanchez, Ben Stuppner - Gravity (Original Mix)

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