DATA: 2023-08-07 TOTAL: 340 GENRE: Trance, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno, Electronica

Discover the forefront of electronic music with Beatport's New Releases for August 7, 2023. This exceptional playlist offers a captivating blend of genres that promise to elevate your musical experience. Feel the trance-inducing melodies of Trance, or let the evolving rhythms of Progressive House guide your journey. Experience the fusion of emotive harmonies and dancefloor energy within Melodic House & Techno, or let yourself be captivated by the experimental and boundary-pushing sounds of Electronica. With 340 HQ tracks carefully selected to showcase the best of each genre, this collection invites you to immerse yourself in the cutting-edge sounds that define Trance, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno, and Electronica.



ANITA BO - Your Life (Extended Mix)

ASHER SWISSA, Atlantis, LITCHI - In My Arms (Extended Mix)

Adrian Boland - Follow The Path (Extended Mix)

Aimoon - Kaleidoscope (Extended Mix)

Airdream - Gravity (Extended Mix)

Ajam Shaz, Onja Hard - Kesialan (Original Mix)

Akron - My Lovers (Original Mix)

Alan Cerra - Pollux (Agustin Pietrocola Remix)

Alan Cerra - Pollux (Hobin Rude Remix)

Alan Cerra - Pollux (Mariano Giacinti Remix)

Alan Cerra - Pollux (Shanil Alox Remix)

Alan Sharkey - Esoteric Vision (Original Mix)

Alatheia - Eternal Rhapsody (Extended Mix)

Alessandro Conti - Journey To The Pillars Of Creation (Extended Mix)

Alessio Pennati, Valerio Laz, ÆŁËNTS - Avanguardia (Original Mix)

Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Cosmopolitan (Extended)

AlexMo, S.H.O.K.K. - Peligrosos (Extended Mix)

Alexander Komarov - Beyond The Time (Extended Mix)

Alima X Nold - Down To The Ocean (Extended Mix)

AlphaCube - Endorphine (Intro Mix)

AlphaCube - Endorphine (Original Mix)

AnVetta - Take Control (Sam Sparacio Remix)

Ana Criado, Raz Nitzan - Meet Again (Ferry Tayle Extended Mix)

Andrew Bayer, Gabriel & Dresden, Sub Teal - Other Eye (Extended Mix)

Andrew Kochetov - Heartbeat (Extended Mix)

Andy Newtz - When It's Time (Extended Mix)

Arif Bakht - Venus (Original Mix)

Asteroid - Flow State (Extended Mix)

Avant (DE) - Cone (Original Mix)

Avant (DE) - Cone (Stoac Remix)

Avant (DE) - Eunoia (Enai Remix)

Avant (DE) - Eunoia (Instrumental Mix)

Avant (DE) - Eunoia (Original Mix)

Avis Vox - Back Me My Freedom (Extended Mix)

BLOND:ISH, Eran Hersh, Darmon, Madonna - Sorry (Franky Rizardo Remix)

BLOND:ISH, Eran Hersh, Darmon, Madonna - Sorry (Original Mix)

Bachir Salloum - Nothing Is Endless (Original Mix)

Bachir Salloum - Violet Flame (Original Mix)

Basil O'Glue - Empire (J Lauda Remix)

Basil O'Glue - Empire (Naden Remix)

Ben Starmore - Nebula (Extended Mix)

Boom Jinx, Nitrous Oxide - Naga Viper (Extended Mix)

Bound To Divide, Lauren L'aimant - Tears (Extended Mix)

CMCK - The Hunt (Original Mix)

COSTÆD - On The Floor (Original Mix)

Carlo Camargo - Not Everything, Not Everyone (Extended Mix)

Carlo Camargo - Not Everything, Not Everyone (Intro Mix)

Carlos Barbero - A Sensation (Original Mix)

Carlos Barbero - Hybrid State (Original Mix)

Carlos Barbero - Wind Temple (Original Mix)

Cary Crank, OBL - Coldfire (Atom Remix)

Cary Crank, OBL - Coldfire (Etonika Remix)

Cary Crank, OBL - Coldfire (Extended Mix)

Chaum, Hobin Rude - Cressida (Original Mix)

Chaum, Hobin Rude - Mesec (Original Mix)

Christopher Hermann - May Raindrops (ALMA AR Remix)

Christopher Hermann - May Raindrops (Original Mix)

Christopher Hermann - May Raindrops (VegaZ (SL) Remix)

Ciree - Daydreaming (Original Mix)

Ciree - Leap Of Faith (Original Mix)

Cloudriver - Stoneflower (Extended Mix)

Costa, Emilya Buchan - What's Love Without You (Extended Mix)

Cristo Zaleski - Heartbreaking (Original Mix)

D-Myo, DJ-Elven - Cassiopeia (Original Mix)

D.O.D - So Much In Love (Armin Van Buuren Extended Remix)

DJ B (JO) - Listen To Your Heart (Original Mix)

DJ Kazal - Free Run (Original Mix)

DJ Spacig - Space (Extended Mix)

DaWTone, Alex Soun - Mystic (Extended Mix)

Daniel Skyver - A Trillion Suns (Extended Mix)

Daniel Wanrooy, AK - Summer Sound (Extended Mix)

Daxson - Stargazing (Extended Mix)

Dee Montero - Aquila (Extended Mix)

Dee Montero - Serenata (Extended Mix)

Delerium, Sarah McLachlan - Silence (Stone Van Brooken, Pete K Extended Mix)

Dennis Sheperd, Freak E Beatz, Sander Nijbroek - Higher (Yelow Extended Remix)

Different Stage - Cycles (Extended Mix)

Diode Eins - Aberration (Original Mix)

Diode Eins - Chromatic (Modeplex Remix)

Diode Eins - Chromatic (Original Mix)

Diode Eins - Chromatic (Supacooks Remix)

Ditian - Inertia (Original Mix)

Ditian - Influenza (Original Mix)

Ditian - Serpenta (Original Mix)

Ditian - Venena (Original Mix)

Dole & Kom - Sweet Sorrow (Club Version)

Driftmoon - Feel The Waves (Extended Mix)

EDU BRAVO - Asnof-la (Extended Mix)

EMATA - Say A Word (Extended Mix)

Ed Sánchez - Moonbow (Extended Mix)

Eelke Kleijn - Time Machine (Extended Mix)

Einmusik - Nassau (Original Mix)

Eitan Reiter, Omer Bar - Ask A Spaceman (Original Mix)

Eitan Reiter, Omer Bar - First Contact (Ditian 'In Touch' Mix)

Eitan Reiter, Omer Bar - First Contact (Lehar Remix)

Eitan Reiter, Omer Bar - First Contact (Original Mix)

Elle Jae - Florence (AMARE Remix)

Elle Jae - Florence (Original Mix)

Elle Jae - Florence (Simon Sinfield Remix)

Elle Jae - Florence (Standard Form Remix)

Emanuel Satie, Maga, Sean Doron, Tim Engelhardt - Resilience (Original Mix)

Emanuel Satie, Maga, Sean Doron, Tim Engelhardt - Rise (Original Mix)

Empiric, Ascendia - Kairos (Original Mix)

Es:sam, Jungar - Polaroid Memories (Extended Mix)

Ezequiel Arias - Heat Above (Original Mix)

Ezequiel Arias - Mad Man (Original Mix)

FAWZY, Han Beukers - Transcending Light (Extended Mix)

Ferry Corsten - Rock Your Body Rock (Cubicore Extended Mix)

Fever Ray - Shiver (Ivory IT Remix)

Fever Ray - Shiver (Original Mix)

Fideles - Waterfall (Extended Mix)

Fisherman - Legacy (Extended Mix)

Frankie Vertigo - Golden Ratio (Extended Mix)

Frankie Vertigo - Magma (Extended Mix)

Frankie Vertigo - Magma (Under Sanctions Remix)

Franky Wah, Rae Morris - Call My Name (Extended Mix)

anamē (SE), Bien - Must Be Dreaming (Extended Mix)

GMJ - Bayen (Original Mix)

GMJ - Metai (Original Mix)

GMJ - Valinor (Original Mix)

Gai Barone - Linearity Of Expectations (Original Mix)

Gai Barone - Talia (Original Mix)

Gareth Emery - Mistral (Extended Mix)

Gero Pellizzon - What I Said (Original Mix)

Giuseppe Ottaviani - Digital Symphony (Extended Mix)

Gol'man - Na Upitere (Club Mix)

Gol'man - Vesnoy (Club Mix)

Goom Gum - Set & Setting (Original Mix)

Gosselt, Fischer, The Kelpies - The Kelpies (Extended Mix)

Harry Square - In Plain Sight (Extended Mix)

Harry Square - Mila (Extended Mix)

Harry Square - Mila (Intro Mix)

Harshil Kamdar - Hammertime (Extended Mix)

Henry Caster, iThur - Twin Peaks (Extended Mix)

Ignacio Hernández - Life Is All About Love (Original Mix)

Ignacio Hernández - Sunrise (2023 Rework)

Independent Art - In Depth (Original Mix)

Independent Art - Veritas (Original Mix)

Independent Art - Visualize (Original Mix)

Inner Voice, Yaya - Not With You (Extended Mix)

James Dust, IIlumin8, Zunsjine - Backdraft (Extended Mix)

James Dymond - Layan Bay (Extended Mix)

James Kitcher, Adam Taylor - Utopia At Midnight (Sam Laxton Breaks Mix)

Jean Luc, Nick Jay - Ayla 2023 (Extended Mix)

Jens Jakob - Grey Cloud 2023 (Matt Mancid Remix)

Jens Jakob - Grey Cloud 2023 (Original Mix)

Jiminy Hop - Breakeform (Original Mix)

Jiminy Hop - Coruto (Original Mix)

Jiminy Hop - Revizor (Original Mix)

Johan Gielen - Samba Brutal (Extended Mix)

K3SS, Dan Miles (US) - Say You Want It Too (Extended Mix)

KODA (LK) - Maybe I'm Different (Original Mix)

KODA (LK) - Out Of A Dream (Original Mix)

KODA (LK), Disto (SL) - 6AM Stories (Original Mix)

KellAr - Fairie Tales (Original Mix)

KellAr - Legends (Original Mix)

KellAr - Nazareth (Original Mix)

Kris O'Neil - Speelplaats (Extended Mix)

Lee Van Willem - Margaret (Extended Mix)

Lostly - As You Leave (Extended Mix)

Lostly - That Next Place (Extended Mix)

Louie Xtra - Breeze (DreamLife Intro Remix)

Louie Xtra - Breeze (DreamLife Remix)

Low Contrast, Heaven INC. - Focus (Original Mix)

Lucas G (AR) - Labor Day (Original Mix)

Lucas G (AR) - Moises (Original Mix)

M.E.T.A.N.O.I.A. - Submarine (Original Mix)

M.E.T.A.N.O.I.A. - Telescope (Original Mix)

Made Of Light - Stop The Rock (Extended Mix)

Magit Cacoon, Samer Soltan - Physical (Original Mix)

Marbs - Whitefence (Original Mix)

Marc MG - Aras (Original Mix)

Marc MG - Complices (Original Mix)

Marc MG - Euphoria (Original Mix)

Marc MG - Madison's Dreams (Original Mix)

Marc MG - Starchild (Original Mix)

Marc Spieler, Cusp - Chill (Deepaa Remix)

Marc Spieler, Cusp - Chill (Original Mix)

Marc Spieler, Cusp - Chill (Spoonhead Remix)

Marcel Vautier - Bohemia (Clarks Remix)

Marko-D - Bohol-Belearia (Extended Mix)

Marvio (AR) - At The Wrong Place (Original Mix)

Marvio (AR) - Fibras (Original Mix)

Math Smith - Sandstorm (Original Mix)

Matias Carafa - Mercury Transit (Original Mix)

Matias Carafa - No Return (Original Mix)

Matias Carafa - Sad Call (Original Mix)

Matt Oliver - Dawn Mysteries (Original Mix)

Mattia Pompeo - Amber (Original Mix)

Mattia Pompeo - Vector (Lowtopic Remix)

Mattia Pompeo - Vector (Original Mix)

Michael Ritter - Counting Thoughts (Original Mix)

Michael Ritter - Gans Oder Kranich (Original Mix)

Michael Ritter - Mudwalker (Original Mix)

Michael Ritter - XCRSN (Original Mix)

Mike Griego - Antidote (Original Mix)

Mike Griego - Metamorphosis (Original Mix)

Mike Griego - Robobass (Original Mix)

Milad Ash - Foolish Return (Extended Mix)

Milad Ash - Green Walls (Extended Mix)

Misha Vorobjev, Yuri Melnikov - Forever With You (Original Mix)

Moonwalk - Alternate Reality (Original Mix)

Moonwalk - Beyond (Original Mix)

NYKY - Need Me (Extended Mix)

Nicholson - The Trip (Extended Mix)

Nick Flow - In Order (Original Mix)

Nick Flow - Make It Louder (Original Mix)

Nick Flow - They Ran (Original Mix)

Nick Flow - We Love (Original Mix)

Nicolas Viana - Ballad Attack (Original Mix)

Nicolas Viana - Come Closer (Original Mix)

Nicolas Viana - Deserted Land (Original Mix)

Nihil Young, Luke Coulson - Better Off (Extended)

Nikola Jovanovic - Archipelago (John Cosani Remix)

Nikola Jovanovic - Archipelago (Original Mix)

No StraiN - One More Night (Original Mix)

Norni - I Feel You (Extended Mix)

ORYMA, Pasquale Racca - Cadence (Extended Mix)

Orjan Nilsen, Adara - Touching You (Tasadi Extended Remix)

Orkidea - Warehouse Requiem (Extended Mix)

Øtrebor - Dazzling (Original Mix)

PRAANA, Julia Church - Lullaby (Extended Mix)

Paige - Pretend (Extended Mix)

Pammin - The Breath (Original Mix)

Pammin - Transient (Original Mix)

Para X - Mangoria (Extended Mix)

Parnassvs - Daydream (Extended Mix)

Patrik Humann - Lilith (Extended Mix)

Paul Courbet - Illuminate (Extended Mix)

Paul Kold - Forever Young (Extended Mix)

Paul elov8 Smith - Prototype (Extended Mix)

Project S - The Spin Of Andromida (Extended Mix)

Project S - When A Star Is Born (Extended Mix)

QDream, Gutenn - Lunaar (Original Mix)

REj - Diocese (Original Mix)

REj - Listen To Me (Original Mix)

REj - Majik (Original Mix)

RIKKI STARRETT - Never Change (Original Mix)

Rafael Osmo - Solar (Original Mix)

Rampue - Harmonie (Original Mix)

Rampue - Inside (Original Mix)

Rampue - Schattenschranz (Original Mix)

Rampue - Verfahren (Original Mix)

Recondite - Introspect (Original Mix)

Rehoxx, Gabrielle Ag, Ren Faye - Beyond This Life (Extended Mix)

Ricardo Piedra - Dark Files On The Roof (Extended Mix)

Ricardo Piedra - Twilight (Extended Mix)

Robert Curtis, Pulse Code - We Can All Go (Extended Mix)

Robert Miles, Karl8 & Andrea Monta - Children (Lose Control) (Extended Mix)

Rodri Santos - Delirium (Extended Mix)

Rodri Santos - Zugzwang (Extended Mix)

Rodrigo Kesovija - Agustin (Original Mix)

Rodrigo Kesovija - Agustin (Radieux Remix)

Rodrigo Kesovija - Agustin (Vitaly Shturm Remix)

Roman Messer, Mike Zaloxx, Jennifer Rene - Lately (Airborn Extended Remix)

Ross Geldart - Candy Thrush (Extended Mix)

Ross Geldart - The Void (Extended Mix)

SANTIABLO - Azul (Extended Mix)

STNX - Gertak (Extended Mix)

Semper T. - Gliding (Extended Mix)

Sergej Bujko - Try (Extended Mix)

SilMax - Fly Beyond The Horizon (Extended Mix)

Silver Panda - Human Heart (Extended Mix)

Simon Gregory - Gonna Be Better (Extended Mix)

Simon Patterson, Falling Off Maps - The Neon Cross (Extended Mix)

Siskin - Are We Dreaming (Extended Mix)

Siskin - Can You Feel It (Extended Mix)

Siskin - Let Go (Extended Mix)

Siskin - Rest Of My Days (Extended Mix)

Skilsara - White Horse (Extended Mix)

Skua, Nipika - Bliss (Extended Mix)

SkyEye - Field Of Emotions (Extended Mix)

Skyda - Elevate (Extended Mix)

Skyda - Shards (Extended Mix)

Sounds From Italy - Polar Dawn (DJ T.H. Remix)

Spaceship Commanders - Evolving Dimention (Original Mix)

Spaceship Commanders - Stranger Things (Original Mix)

Speed DJ - Reload (Extended Mix)

Spy, Dave Steward - Reflection (Extended Mix)

Stan Kolev - Lila (Original Mix)

States Trigger - Exige (Extended Mix)

States Trigger - Exige (Stefanno b2b Julianno Extended Remix)

States Trigger - Flares (Extended Mix)

Steve Dekay - Dancing In The Masquerade (Extended Mix)

Sunda - Foehn (Mind Tourist Remix)

Sunda - Svalbard (Paul Hamilton Remix)

Super Luminal - Blue Ocean (LIFE EXPLORER [CN] Remix)

Super Luminal - Blue Ocean (Original Mix)

Super-Frog Saves Tokyo - Reactivate (Solarstone Retouch)

Super8 & Tab - Confession (Extended Mix)

Syntouch - Field Of Roses (Extended Mix)

THE ILLUSTRATED MAN - Soul Of Genius (Extended Mix)

Talla 2xlc - Breath Of Life (Extended Mix)

Temple One - Our Destination (Extended Mix)

Tensteps - Out Of The Shadows (Extended Mix)

Third Person, Ben Haydie - Signs (Dirty Doering Remix)

Third Person, Ben Haydie - Signs (Original Mix)

Thomas Beyer - Main Prophet (Original Mix)

Thomas Beyer - Stars High Above (Original Mix)

Thomas Beyer - Third Horizon (Original Mix)

Tom Exo - Bright Star (Original Mix)

Tom Pollux, Kristin - A Walk With Grandpa (Original Mix)

Tomas Garcia - Duality (Federico Flores Remix)

Tomas Garcia - Duality (Luca Abayan Remix)

Tomas Garcia - Duality (Original Mix)

Tomb - Innerspace (Extended Mix)

Tommy Farrow - From Fire (Extended Mix)

Tonerush - We Are Titans (Extended Mix)

Tony De Vit - Don't Ever Stop (BK Extended Remix)

Tony De Vit - The Dawn (Mark Sherry Extended Remix)

Trance Reserve - Vintage Waves (Extended Mix)

Trance Wax - Rhythm Of The Night (Extended Mix)

Trilucid - Calling (Extended Instrumental Mix)

Tryger - In This Dream (Original Mix)

Tycoos, Daisy Lou - Darkness Into Light (Extended Dub)

Tycoos, Daisy Lou - Darkness Into Light (Extended Mix)

Ulises Espindola - Patterns (Original Track)

Ulises Espindola - Spire (Original Mix)

Unseen., Justin Marchacos - Omnipotent (Analog Context Remix)

Unseen., Justin Marchacos - Omnipotent (Dizharmonia Remix)

Unseen., Justin Marchacos - Omnipotent (Original Mix)

Unseen., Justin Marchacos - Omnipotent (Paul Anthonee Remix)

Vakabular, Under Sanctions - Uncharted Land (Extended Mix)

Valerio Laz, ÆŁËNTS - Entropy (Original Mix)

Valerio Laz, ÆŁËNTS - Noah (Alessio Pennati Remix)

Valerio Laz, ÆŁËNTS - Noah (Original Mix)

Van Dope - All Together (Extended Mix)

Van Moog - A Fire In The Dark (Original Mix)

Van Moog - Last Lord (Original Mix)

Van Moog - Omnia (Original Mix)

VanNeel - Go Away (Original Mix)

Vascotia - After The Sunrise (Extended Mix)

Vikram Prabhu - Forbidden Knowledge (Extended Mix)

X.Guardians - Uchronia (Extended Mix)

XiJaro & Pitch, Cari - Time (Extended Mix)

Yamagucci - Enjoying Gucci (Original Mix)

Yamagucci, Dor Danino - Snare Roll (Original Mix)

Zack Roth - Gleaming (Extended Mix)

Zy Khan - Evacuate (Messier Remix)

Zy Khan - Evacuate (Original Mix)

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