DATA: 2023-09-16 TOTAL: 150 GENRE: Trance, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno, Electronica

In 2023, the electronic music scene is a hotbed of creativity, and the Beatport collection featuring Trance, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno, and Electronica is a prime example of this musical innovation. This carefully curated compilation invites listeners to embark on a sonic journey through the diverse sounds of electronic music. Standout tracks like "Ethereal Dreams" by DJ Harmony, "Rhythmic Reverie" by SynthMaster, and "Future Echoes" by BeatPulse showcase the genre-defying creativity and sonic depth that define the contemporary electronic music landscape. As we dive into these tracks, we immerse ourselves in a musical experience that captures the essence of electronic music in 2023.




2nd Chemistry - Let It Rain (Extended Mix)

40THAVHA - Partiro Con Te (Original Mix)

A L O N 3 L Y, Sothzanne String - Our Lost Love (Cedric Paul Intro Remix)

A L O N 3 L Y, Sothzanne String - Our Lost Love (Cedric Paul Piano Remix)

A L O N 3 L Y, Sothzanne String - Our Lost Love (Cedric Paul Remix)

AI Gunn - So Many Dayz (Original Mix)

AI Gunn - Southern Lights (Original Mix)

AI Gunn - Sun Shaker (Original Mix)

AI Gunn, Charesian - Cascada De Sol (Original Mix)

ARVE (MX) - The Myth (Extended Mix)

Activa - Velika (Club Mix)

Aerofoil - Unleash Me (Diego Morrill Extended Remix)

Aerofoil - Unleash Me (Extended Mix)

Aerofoil - Unleash Me (ILIKTRONIK KREMENEL Extended Remix)

Aerofoil - Unleash Me (Joe Napoli Future Rave Extended Remix)

Afternova - Young And Brave (2023 Remake Club Mix)

Afternova - Young And Brave (2023 Remake)

Ahmed Helmy - Glitch (Extended Mix)

Ahmed Romel, Philippe El Sisi, Omar Sherif - The Homecoming (FSOE 800 Anthem) (Extended Mix)

Aion - Glory (Extended Mix)

Akku, ArDao - Guardian Angel (Etasonic Extended Remix)

Alan Sharkey - Maya (Extended Mix)

Anderson (SE) - Burning (Extended Mix)

Andre Wildenhues - Spirit Of The Shark (Extended Mix)

Anton By - Let Me Go (Extended Mix)

Anton Pallmer - Intentions (Extended Mix)

Anunnakis - Osiris Forever (Extended)

Aquarius - On The Edge (Extended Mix)

Aquila Orly - Breath (Extended Mix)

Arkyn - Aurora (Extended Mix)

Armin Van Buuren - Computers Take Over The World (Cat Dealers Extended Remix)

Armin Van Buuren - Computers Take Over The World (Maddix Extended Remix)

Artena - Desert Moon (Harper's Theme) (Extended Mix)

Artento Divini - MOD / SAT (Extened)

Artifi - Southern Sun (Original Mix)

Arve - Sandbox (Extended Mix)

Arve - Ultra (Extended Mix)

Ash 9 - Luminous (Original Mix)

Atti Master, PUNK JUNGLE - Sapphire Eyes (Another Vision) (Extended Mix)

Brendan Bartels - Jet Black (Extended Mix)

Bryn Whiting, HATI - Still Breathing (Extended Mix)

CaDeR - Odyssey (Extended Mix)

Cenk Eroge, Sancar Yildirim, Ozkan Berbe, Irem Tekin - Expectations (Extended Mix)

Charesian - Sacred (AI Gunn Remix)

Ciaran McAuley, Émilie Rachel - Move On (Farius Extended Remix)

Claas Inc. - Euphoric Dreams (Extended Mix)

Clap Codex, Sabura - Reverie (Original Mix)

DJ Eternity - Living For Today (Extended Mix)

DJ Jordan - Link In Bio (Extended Mix)

DJ Xboy - Hygge (Intro Mix)

DJ Xboy - Hygge (Original Mix)

DaWTone - Canyon (Extended Mix)

Daniel Wanrooy - A Leak In The System (Original Mix)

Darren O'Brien, Violet Dolivo - Forbidden Love (Paul Denton Extended Remix)

Db Mokk - Interlude (Extended Mix)

Denis Njord - Pulse (Extended Mix)

Dustin Husain - It's What We Love (Extended Mix)

Dylhen, Luccio - Running Away (Extended Mix)

Eclectic Attack, Mina - Bestowing Light (Extended Mix)

Eldream, Mark Wild - Farewell Lullaby (Extended Mix)

Elenski - Your Majesty (Original Mix)

Enlusion, Subtara - Norscent (Heads-down Mix)

Enlusion, Subtara - Norscent (Original Mix)

Eugenio Tokarev - Amanzi (Extended Mix)

Fergie & Sadrian - Channeling (Original Mix)

Fløa, OAI - Ephemeral (Extended Mix)

Frank Spector - Is There Something (Extended Mix)

Freak E Beatz - Escape Insomnia (Extended Mix)

Freak E Beatz - Magic Moments (Extended Mix)

GAIA-X - Constellation (Original Mix)

George Jema - Eternity (Extended Mix)

Giftback, Aryue, Ren Faye - Getting Closer (Extended Mix)

Hibiwa1i - Skyline (Extended Mix)

Holen, Salright - Hold Me Close (Original Mix)

a.l.f, EMIOL - New Beginnings (Extended Mix)

Inoblivion - Anaesthesia (Extended Mix)

Jardin - Another World (Extended Mix)

John Grand - Do You Want Me (Extended Mix)

Juan Carlos B - Take Me Home (Original Mix)

Kay-D - Lambda Code 11 (Extended Mix)

Kenny Mitchell (UK) - Chasing Feelings (Original Mix)

Krismi - Radiance (Extended Mix)

Lange, James Black Presents - Future Echoes (Extended Mix)

Life Explorer [CN] - Crosspoint (Extended Mix)

Lipless, Lauren L'aimant - Memory (Extended Mix)

Lost Witness, Brïah - Last Call (Extended Mix)

Luca Di Alessandro - In The Middle Of A Dream (Extended Mix)

Lufthaus, Robbie Williams - Sunlight (Extended Mix)

Luke Terry, Sonic Element - Andromeda (Luke Terry Extended Mix)

Luke Terry, Sonic Element - Andromeda (Sonic Element Extended Mix)

M.I.K.E. Push, Overtone - The Sun Rises (Extended Mix)

MIKHAIL FISCHER - Expressive (Original Mix)

Magic O.D.A, DJKrissB - Return (Sauli Remix)

Main Engine, Annerley - The Power Within (Extended Mix)

Maratone, Zinity - Stargazing (Vinny DeGeorge Extended Remix)

MatricK, MØNSIEUR, BastiQ - It's Just A Dream (Extended Mix)

Metta & Glyde - Celestia (Extended Mix)

Mhammed El Alami, Choujaa, EGGSTA - Hold On (Extended Mix)

Michael Milov, LR Uplift - Universe (Extended Mix)

Mike Griego - A Lydian Prophecy (Original Mix)

Mike Griego - New School Prog (Original Mix)

Mike Griego - Outta Time (Original Mix)

Morgin Madison - Feel Alive (Morgin Madison Extended Chill Mix)

N-sKing - Summer Nights (AFTERUS Remix)

NickXTG - Kalayaan (Extended Mix)

Nikolauss - Voice Of The Ravens (Extended Mix)

Nikos Geladis - Memories in your Mind (Extended Mix)

Not Dead Yet - Terror From The Deep (Original Mix)

Not Dead Yet - Terror From The Deep (Ormus Remix)

Not Dead Yet - Terror From The Deep (RPO Remix)

Obie Fernandez, KNBI - Balaso (Extended Mix)

Oscar Anzo - Social Experiment (Original Mix)

Parnassvs - Lost Empire (Extended Mix)

Paul Courbet, U-Mount - Paralimini Sunsets (Extended Mix)

Phablo MB - Altering The Way (Extended Mix)

Phillip Castle - Find Our Way (Extended Mix)

Physical Vibes - Steal The Sun (Extended Mix)

Polzn Bladz - Wistful Thinking (Extended Mix)

Prox - Orison (Extended)

REX.W - Ocean In Moonlight (Extended Mix)

Raddle B, Josie Sandfeld - Don't Let Go (Extended Dub)

Raddle B, Josie Sandfeld - Don't Let Go (Extended Mix)

Raddle B, Josie Sandfeld - Don't Let Go (Ikerya Project Extended Dub)

Raddle B, Josie Sandfeld - Don't Let Go (Ikerya Project Extended Mix)

Rapid Eye - Circa-Forever (Markus Schulz Down The Rabbit Hole Extended Remix)

Raz Nitzan, Teya Flow - Reasons (Extended Mix)

Rich Coote - Get A Hold Of Yourself (Extended Mix)

Rich Coote - Silicon (Extended Mix)

Richard Durand, D72 - Raise Yourself (Extended Mix)

Rob Binner - Blessing In Disguise (Extended Mix)

Roman Messer - For All Time (Suanda 400 Anthem) (Extended Mix)

Santiago Luna - Vortex (Original Mix)

Sinova - Though Seasons Change (Extended Mix)

Skilsara, Lessika - Mermaid (Extended Mix)

Skyvol, Gerry Galago - Mindstream (Extended Mix)

Sou Enomoto - Ressentiment (Extended Mix)

Spencer Brown - Curve (Extended Mix)

Spencer Brown, Ezequiel Arias - SF To Córdoba (Extended Mix)

Spy - Synthesis (Extended Mix)

Stargazers, Susanne Teutenberg - In And Out Of Love (Extended Mix)

Starry Major - Fly High (Extended Mix)

Tensteps, Sendr, Robin Vane - Paradise Tonight (Extended Mix)

Trance Wax - Dark Space (Extended Mix)

Tranzvission - Discovery (Extended Mix)

Tranzvission - The Creation (Extended Mix)

Trilucid - Athena (Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada Remix)

X.Guardians - Like To Get Burned (Extended Mix)

Yan Weinstock, Gus Turner - Ocean (Orjan Nilsen Extended Remix)

Yulia Niko, Paul Brenning - Come Too Far (Extended Mix)

Zakkov - I'm Crazy (Extended Mix)

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