Beatport Psy-Trance Top 100 August 2023

DATA: 2023-08-17 TOTAL: 100 GENRE: Psy-Trance

Venture into the kaleidoscopic realm of sound with the Beatport Psy-Trance Top 100 August 2023. This chart is a mesmerizing exploration of the psychedelic trance genre, featuring a lineup of tracks that transport listeners to a world where rhythm and consciousness merge. From hypnotic basslines to ethereal melodies, each track in this compilation is a portal to an altered state of mind. Drawing from a pool of established artists and emerging talents, the Psy-Trance Top 100 captures the essence of a genre that thrives on pushing sonic boundaries and inducing euphoria. Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of sound and experience a journey that defies the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary.




Alien Art - Mutation (Burn In Noise Remix)

Alienatic - I'm Not from Here (Original Mix)

Altruism - Closer to Reality (Outsiders Remix)

Anfisa Letyago - Danza

Animato, Darwish - Yahe (Original Mix)

Animato, Pettra - Negev

Animato, Volcano On Mars - KUM

Armin van Buuren, Vini Vici, Hilight Tribe - Great Spirit (Extended Mix)

Asgard - Eternal Valley

Astral Projection - Mahadeva (Faders Remix)

Astrix - (Omiki & Terra Remix)

Astrix, DJ High Guy - Chaos (Astrix & Faders Remix)

Astrix, Rising Dust - Universo

Avalon, Flegma - Astral

Avalon, Flegma - Mystical Experience

Bellatrix - The Truth (Original Mix)

Berg - Journey

Bläzy, Sighter, Basscannon - Dystopia

Bumbling Loons, Dickster, James Monro - Spore

Bumbling Loons, Dickster, James Monro - Sweet Mother Mycelia

Burn in Noise - Weirder

Burn in Noise, Imaginarium - Tiny Impulses

Burn in Noise, Shivatree - Dream

Cosmic Tone, Lyktum - Mindset Matters (Original Mix)

Dazzer, Sinapsy - Without Fear

Dickster - Wanna Party?

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Vini Vici, Liquid Soul - Untz Untz

Dominant Space, DJ YOSHIKI - Positive Mind (Original mix)

Dual Vision - Gajanana (Original Mix)

Electric Universe, Chico - Mercury

Flexus - Sunset Surfer (Original Mix)

GMS, Dickster - Dilation Vibration

GMS, Faders - Nomads

Gaudium - Nation Imagination (Original mix)

Greenwolve, Unknown Concept - Purge (Miles From Mars)

Hilight Tribe - Free Tibet (Vini Vici Remix)

Illumination - Running Backwards

Infected Mushroom, Aura Vortex - I Wish (Aura Vortex Remix)

Interium - Balance of Opposites

Ital - Existencial Question

Ital - Reiki (Original Mix)

Ital, Brainlapse - Introspective (Original Mix)

Jumpstreet, Art Materials - Fukk That

Killerwatts, Faders - Mushroom Song

Lacchesi - Keppra 500

Laughing Buddha - Awaken The Power

Liquid Soul - Only in Dreams (Original mix)

Liquid Soul, Emok, Martin Vice - Elsewhere (Original mix)

Mad Maxx, Avalon - Are You Alive

Mad Maxx, Spinal Fusion - Astral Fractal

Mainline Magic Orchestra - Tranchera

Mercuroid - Donoma

Morten Granau, Interactive Noise - Gift To Exist

Neelix, Durs - All Around Us (Brahma & Bassfactor Remix)

Neelix, Durs - All Around Us

Neelix, GHOST RIDER, The Gardener & The Tree - Here Is Your Song

Neelix, GHOST RIDER, The Gardener & The Tree - Wonders

Nina Kraviz - Hace Ejercicios

Nina Kraviz - bailando

Nina Kraviz - tu y yo

Nina Kraviz, David Löhlein - bailando (nk & david löhlein version)

OXIV, Yahel - Dance Movement Therapy (Original mix)

Omiki - Balkan

Omiki, Terra - Safari

One Function, Polygrams - Kanantaba (Original Mix)

Out of Range - Voices

Outtribe - Alien Base

Ovnimoon - Galactic Mantra (Killerwatts Remix)

Phanatic, Invader Space - Peace, Love, Unity, Respect (Invader Space Remix)

Protonica - Discovery (Original Mix)

Quantum Fracture - Ancient Sculptures (Original Mix)

Relativ - Gayatri (Original Mix)

Relativ, MoRsei - Waves of Emotion (Original Mix)

Rhian Sheenan, Antix, Jess Chambers - Hiding Place (Phaxe Remix)

Ritmo - Distorted (Original mix)

Ritmo - Owl Dance (Original mix)

Sabretooth - Long Range (Original Mix)

Shanti V Deedrah, GMS - Flux Capacitor

Shivatree - Porcupine Tree (Original Mix)

Silent Sphere - Radical Love (Original mix)

Sonic Species, Divination - Feels Like Home

Spectree, Reversemind - The Journey

Spirit Architect - I See Future (Lunatica Remix)

Switchdance, Rina - Reak (Freedom Fighters Remix)

Symbolic, Antinomy - Human Heart

Symbolico - The Answer (Burn in Noise, Altruism Remix)

Symphonix, Interactive Noise - Rolling Down

Talpa - Hokum

Terra - Energy (Original mix)

Transient Disorder, X-side - Human Consciousness (One-Six Remix)

Tristan, Volcano On Mars - Real World

Undefined Behavior, Burn in Noise, Ajja - Howling at the Moon

Unstable, Rinkadink - Acid Winter

Volcano, Sonic Species - What Is Life (IKØN Remix)

WHITENO1SE, Tox1c, Eden Peretz - Jungle (feat. Eden Peretz)

Wrecked Machines - My House (GMS Remix)

XoXo (FR), T.I.T - Fantasy

XoXo (FR), T.I.T, Activating Evolution - Beyond The Infinite

Zephirus Kane - Microdosing

Zyce, Cosmic Flow - Andromeda

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