Beatport Top 100 Deep House 2024-02-08

DATA: 2024-02-08, TOTAL: 100, GENRE: Deep House

If you’re looking for the hottest deep house tracks of the month, look no further than the Beatport Top 100 Deep House 2024-02-08. This chart features the best of the best in the genre, from established artists to rising stars. Whether you want to groove to the smooth vocals of Maverick Sabre, Tom Breu, and Vintage Culture on “Weak”, or get lost in the dreamy melodies of Hardy Heller and Alex Connors on “Remembrance”, or feel the energy of Kevin McKay’s remix of “Stan” by Twenty Six and Darcey, you’ll find something to suit your mood and taste. Don’t miss out on these amazing deep house tunes that will make you dance, chill, and vibe.


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AJ Christou - Back & Forth (Original Mix)

Amirali - Deep Inside (Eelke Kleijn Deep Inside The '90s Extended Remix)

Amtrac - Feedback (Original Mix)

Audiojack - Lost Inside (Original Mix)

Barry Can't Swim - How It Feels (Slightly Extended Mix)

Bicep - Opal (Four Tet Remix)

CINTHIE - Won't U Take Me (Dam Swindle Remix - Edit)

Cameron Jack - The Vision (Original Mix)

Chris Bowl - Silent Plain (Original Mix)

Chris Stussy - All Night Long (Original Mix)

Chris Stussy - Midtown Playground (Original Mix)

Chris Stussy - Seeing & Believing (Kolter Extended Remix)

Crew Deep - Location (T.Markakis Remix Extended)

Cristina Lazic, Leia Contois - So Deep (Original Mix)

DJ Sneak - Ass Is Gonna Work (Original Mix)

DJ Sneak - Elektrik Deep (Original Mix)

DJ Sneak - Love Can Make It Happen (Original Mix)

DJ Sneak - Sacrifice Yourself (Original Mix)

DJ Sneak - So Damn Electrik (Original Mix)

DJ Sneak - The Tango Beat Drum (Original Mix)

DJ Steaw - Get Back To The Phonk (Josh Butler Remix)

Dachshund - Cosy Mess (Original Mix)

Dachshund - Hidden Echoes (Original Mix)

Dam Swindle - That's Right (Original Mix)

Davi - Future Avenue (Original Mix)

Deep Aztec, Black Soda - For The Seeing Kind (Extended Mix)

Demarkus Lewis, DJ Lady D - A Deep-Felt Love (Extended Mix)

Denney - Lies (Gorge & Nick Curly Extended Remix)

Dennis Cruz - Poke Bowl (Original Mix)

Dennis Cruz - Time Out (Original Mix)

Dennis Cruz, Damian Lazarus, DJ Holographic - Revolution feat. DJ Holographic (Extended)

Dick Sant - Flanerie (Original Mix)

Dilby - Barricade (Extended Mix)

Dilby - Langstrasse (Original Mix)

Dilby - Remember Me (Extended Mix)

Dilby, Liv Campbell - Trippin' (Extended Mix)

Dilby, Tom Evans, Bruno Blanc, Monochrome (AU) - Play It Twice (Dilby Extended Remix)

Discosteps - In Love (Extended Mix)

Djoko, Kolter - Hooked on You (Original Mix)

Fabian Krooss - Whopper (Atish Remix)

Folamour - These Are Just Places To Me Now (Original Mix)

Fred again.., The Blessed Madonna - Marea (we’ve lost dancing)

Frink - Axis (Original Mix)

Fusion Groove Orchestra, Steve Lucas - If Only I Could (feat. Steve Lucas) (Liem Remix)

Gorge, Markus Homm - Bad Guy (Extended Mix)

Gorge, Robyn Balliet - Just A Dream (Original Mix)

Hannah Wants, Clementine Douglas - Cure My Desire (feat. Clementine Douglas) (Extended Mix)

Hardy Heller, Alex Connors - Remembrance (Extended Version)

Iñigo Vontier - That Trippy Sound (Original Mix)

James Cole, Kevin McKay, Darcey, Simon Ellis - Somebody That I Used To Know (Extended Mix)

Joeski, Harkati - Genuine Divine (Original Mix)

Karma Fields, Kinder - Behaviour (Extended Mix)

Kevin McKay - Tom's Diner (Extended Mix)

Kevin McKay, Terri-Anne, Johnny Malek - Set Me Free (Extended Mix)

Kevin Yost, Peter Funk - Trust (Original Version)

Larry Heard, Larry Heard presents Mr. White, Mr. White - The Sun Can't Compare (Long Version)

Lauren Lane - Fair Game (Original Mix)

Lee Burton - Oxytocin Overdose (Original Mix)

Life on Planets, Makez - Running from the Noise (Original Mix)

Locklead - Moon (Original Mix)

M-High - The Answer (Original Mix)

Mallin - Found You (Extended Mix)

Mallin, Rose Moncado - Say It Right (Extended Mix)

Marc Lenz - Multiverse (Original Mix)

Markus Homm - Thinking About You (Original Mix)

Markus Homm, Robyn Balliet - Out In The Rain (Original Mix)

Marsolo - Contextual (Original Mix)

Marsolo - Peer Pressure (Kellie Allen Remix)

Marsolo - Peer Pressure (Original Mix)

Marsolo - Show Me (Original Mix)

Marsolo - ⁠Can't You See (Original Mix)

Maverick Sabre, Jorja Smith - Slow Down (James Cole Remix)

Maverick Sabre, Jorja Smith - Slow Down (feat. Jorja Smith) (Vintage Culture & Slow Motion Extended Remix)

Maverick Sabre, Tom Breu, Vintage Culture - Weak (Extended)

Michele Chiavarini, The Jazzcodes - Jazz Was Dancing (Saison Extended Remix)

Never Dull - Turning You On (Original Mix)

Nick Curly - Skyfall (Original Mix)

Noir, Haze - Around (Solomun Vox)

Oden & Fatzo - Lauren (I Can't Stay Forever) (Extended)

Oliver Dollar, Jimi Jules - Pushing On (Original Mix)

Oscar Barila - Miles (Original Mix)


Paluma - Rapture (Kevin McKay Extended ViP)

Pornbugs - Cielos (Dachshund Remix)

Rex The Dog - Change This Pain For Ecstasy (Jonathan Kaspar Remix)

Rochelle Jordan, Logic1000 - Promises (feat. Rochelle Jordan) (Extended)

Ross Couch - Deeper Frequencies (Original Mix)

Route 94, Jess Glynne - My Love (Original Mix)

Saison, Fouk - Suffer (Fouk Extended Remix)

Shiba San - I Wanna (Tchami Remix)

Stefano Albanese - Ballroom (Extended)

Sugar Hill - I Love You So ((Extended mix))

TMPLE - The Girl In The Room (Original Mix)

Tal Fussman - Children Of 95 (Original Mix)

The Blessed Madonna, Clementine Douglas - Happier (feat. Clementine Douglas) (Extended)

Twenty Six, Darcey - Stan (Kevin McKay Extended Mix)

US Two - Time To (Original Mix)

Valer den Bit - Feel Me (Extended Mix)

YokoO - When I Wake Next To You (Original Mix)

narou - again and again (Solomun Remix)

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