Beatport Top 100 Funky House + Bonus Tracks June 2024

DATA: 2024-06-16, TOTAL: 281 GENRE: Funky House

June 2024 has been a vibrant month for Funky House enthusiasts, with a fresh compilation of tracks that have energized dance floors worldwide. This selection features a blend of established icons and rising stars in the genre, delivering groovy basslines, infectious rhythms, and soulful melodies. The collection showcases the dynamic nature of Funky House, with each track offering a unique twist on the sound that continues to evolve and excite fans.


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Akami, CAMPANINI - Don't Stop Me Original Mix
Akami, CAMPANINI - Freedom Original Mix
Akeem Raphael - Shout Extended Mix
Aruhtra - All for You Original Mix
Audio Jacker - Sky Is The Limit Extended Mix
Babes on the Run - Dancin Crazibiza Remix
Babes on the Run - Dancin Tiger Edit
Blade Runnerz - 2 One 2 Extended Mix
Blade Runnerz - Feeling Good Extended Mix
Blade Runnerz - Freak Out Extended Mix
Blade Runnerz - Freaky Yeah Extended Mix
Block & Crown - 2 Tribes Original Mix
Block & Crown - Comin' Out Original Mix
Block & Crown - Dancefloor Original Mix
Block & Crown - Get Down To 24K Original Mix
Block & Crown - Gonna House Ya (Run) Original Mix
Block & Crown - Her Name (Billy Jean) Original Mix
Block & Crown - Inferno Dubbin Original Mix
Block & Crown - Love Will Save The Day Feat. Alisha Robbins Original Mix
Block & Crown - Shine Up Original Mix
Block & Crown - Shoot That Original Mix
Block & Crown - Treat Her Original Mix
Block & Crown - Understand The Loops 2 Original Mix
Block & Crown - Wanne Start Yeah Original Mix
Block & Crown - We Need A Holiday Original Mix
Block & Crown - Who's Watchin' B&C Twilight Zone Mix
Block & Crown - Your Love Still Brings Me Original Mix
Block & Crown, Ghostbusterz - If I Can't Have You Original Mix
Block & Crown, Jackers Revenge - My Roots B&C Ultra Boogie Mix
Block & Crown, Lissat - Control The Darts Original Mix
Block & Crown, Maickel Telussa - What About Me Original Mix
Block & Crown, MaloMalo - Brandi With Hangover Original Mix
Block & Crown, Martina Budde - Make That Move Extended Mix
Brothas & Sistas - 2 Turn Me On Extended Mix
Brothas & Sistas - Everything About U Extended Mix
Brothas & Sistas - I Feel Lucky Extended Mix
Brothas & Sistas - If U Want My Love Extended Mix
Brothas & Sistas - Keep On Dancing Extended Mix
Brothas & Sistas - Rich Gurl Extended Mix
Brothas & Sistas - She's An Easy Lover Extended Mix
Brothas & Sistas - XinaTown Extended Mix
Cas - Pump It Up Original Mix
Christian (IT) - Ain't Nobody 2024 Original Mix
Crazibiza - Manana Original Mix
Crazibiza - My Lips Adrian Villaverde Edit
Crazibiza, House of Prayers - Got the Love Disco Revenge Remix
Crazibiza, Realcyclers - Murder on the Dance Floor House Mix
D.P.V. - Cherry Soda Original Mix
DJ Bruno Z - Open Your Heart Original Mix
DJ Kone & Marc Palacios - E Samba Extended Mix
DJ Shu-ma - Freak Your Body Original Mix
Daniele Dovico - Everyday Original Mix
Deja Vue - Im Alive Original Mix
Deja Vue - Lick It Good Original Mix
Deja Vue, Faster At Work - Bad Hung Up Original Mix
Dirty Disco Stars - Want My Love Original Mix
Disco Dice - Because The Night Original Mix
Disco Gurls - 2 The Beat Extended Mix
Disco Gurls - BuggyMan Club Mix
Disco Gurls - Caravan Of Luv Extended Mix
Disco Gurls - Dancing Club Mix
Disco Gurls - Everyday Funk Club Mix
Disco Gurls - For Your Love Extended Mix
Disco Gurls - Get Down 2Night Club Mix
Disco Gurls - Get Up Extended Mix
Disco Gurls - Hearts Captain Club Mix
Disco Gurls - I Can't Have U Club Mix
Disco Gurls - I See U Club Mix
Disco Gurls - If U Like Pina Colada Club Mix
Disco Gurls - Mamma Jamma Club Mix
Disco Gurls - Memory Bliss On U Club Mix
Disco Gurls - Play Funky Music Club Mix
Disco Gurls - Reach Out For Me Club Mix
Disco Gurls - She's  A Brick Haus Club Mix
Disco Gurls - Stand Your Love Extended Mix
Disco Gurls - Stomp All Night Club Mix
Disco Gurls - That's The Way Club Mix
Disco Gurls - To Be Free Again Club Mix
Disco Gurls - Train 2 Georgia Extended Mix
Disco Gurls - U Know That I Love U Club Mix
Disco Gurls - Your Body My Body Club Mix
Disco Gurls, The Soul Gang - Bad Gurls Extended Mix
Disco Gurls, The Soul Gang - Superstarz Extended Mix
Disco Kidz - Shattered Dreams Original Mix
Disko Kidz - Everybody Hurts Original Mix
Earth n Days - Stronger Extended Mix
Eugenio Fico - Beat Goes To Miami Original Mix
Eugenio Fico - Call Me Baby Original Mix
Eugenio Fico - DJ Affair Original Mix
Eugenio Fico - El Ritmo Original Mix
Eugenio Fico - Get Right Original Mix
Eugenio Fico - Hit The Road Original Mix
Eugenio Fico - It's A Sprititual Thing Original Mix
Eugenio Fico - It's Ladies' Night Original Mix
Eugenio Fico - Make Your Move Original Mix
Eugenio Fico - Rapper's Good Times Original Mix
Eugenio Fico - Street Sounds Original Mix
FR3NCH FRIES - Call On Me Original Mix
Felipe Avelar - Boogie Original Mix
Felipe Avelar - Rockit Original Mix
FlashDancers - Back Again Extended Mix
FlashDancers - Dirty Dancer Extended Mix
FlashDancers - Everything I Touch Extended Mix
FlashDancers - Hungry Eyez Extended Mix
FlashDancers - Love Me All The Time Extended Mix
FlashDancers - Mack Returns Extended Mix
FlashDancers - One Of These Nightz Extended Mix
FlashDancers - Storm Riderz Extended Mix
FlashDancers - The Love I Need Extended Mix
FlashDancers - Welcome 2 Miami Extended Mix
FootLoserz - California Hotel Extended Mix
FootLoserz - Down Extended Mix
FootLoserz - Heartaches Extended Mix
FootLoserz - It's Party Time Extended Mix
FootLoserz - Party Time Extended Mix
FootLoserz - Twizt And Shout Extended Mix
FootLoserz - U Wanna Get Down Extended Mix
French Connection, Dj Apollonia - Girls have Fun Ibiza Mix
FunkSoul Brothers - Back 2 Reality Original Mix
Funktastik - You Are On My Mind Original Mix
GhostMasters - All Independent Girls Club Mix
GhostMasters - All The Children Say Club Mix
GhostMasters - For Your Luv Club Mix
GhostMasters - Funky Dancers Club Mix
GhostMasters - Funkylicious Extended Mix
GhostMasters - G Funk Extended Mix
GhostMasters - Get Down Club Mix
GhostMasters - Give It To The Funk Club Mix
GhostMasters - Give Me Your Love Extended Mix
GhostMasters - I Want Your Luv Club Mix
GhostMasters - In2 My Mind Club Mix
GhostMasters - Infernal Disco Club Mix
GhostMasters - Just A Little Bit Club Mix
GhostMasters - Lovely Dayz Club Mix
GhostMasters - Luv In California Extended Mix
GhostMasters - Move Your Body Club Mix
GhostMasters - Nothing Stop Us Club Mix
GhostMasters - Now It's 2 Late Club Mix
GhostMasters - Papa Waz Club Mix
GhostMasters - Rock Da Boat Club Mix
GhostMasters - Take Control Club Mix
GhostMasters - The Biggest Part Of Me Club Mix
GhostMasters - This Beat Goes On Club Mix
GhostMasters - What A Lady Club Mix
GhostMasters, The GrooveBand - Soul Sista Extended Mix
Ghostbusterz - Bad And Good Guys Original Mix
Ghostbusterz - Bonita Original Mix
Ghostbusterz - Corrida Original Mix
Ghostbusterz - Easy Lover Original Mix
Ghostbusterz - Every Breath Original Mix
Ghostbusterz - Forbidden Lovers Original Mix
Ghostbusterz - Give Me Another Chance Original Mix
Ghostbusterz - Good & Hot Original Mix
Ghostbusterz - Hot Stuff Original Mix
Ghostbusterz - It's My Life Original Mix
Ghostbusterz - Long Train Running Original Mix
Ghostbusterz - Made For Lovin You Original Mix
Ghostbusterz - Maggie Original Mix
Ghostbusterz - Major Tom Original Mix
Ghostbusterz - Night Fever Original Mix
Ghostbusterz - Papa Original Mix
Ghostbusterz - Rhythm Is Gonna Getcha Original Mix
Ghostbusterz - Run To You Original Mix
Ghostbusterz - Runaway Train Original Mix
Ghostbusterz - Set Me Free Original Mix
Ghostbusterz - Step By Step Original Mix
Ghostbusterz - Valerie Original Mix
Giorgio V. - Out Of My Head Original Mix
Giorgio V. - Out Of Touch Original Mix
Giorgio V. - Tom's Club Original Mix
House of Prayers, Maxim & Matte - All Night Crazibiza Remix
House of Prayers, Maxim & Matte - All Night Original Mix
Hugh Heffner - Superstar Original Mix
Ivan Kay - Chinacity Original Mix
Ivan Kay - MagaTribe2k24 Original Mix
Ivan Kay - The Sound of Memories Original Mix
Jackers Revenge - Bee Dancin Original Mix
Jackers Revenge - Black Or White Original Mix
Jackers Revenge - Chant Again Original Mix
Jackers Revenge - Dancin Yeah Original Mix
Jackers Revenge - Don't Call Me Baby Original Mix
Jackers Revenge - Freak Playerz Original Mix
Jackers Revenge - Is This Love Original Mix
Jackers Revenge - Lady Original Mix
Jackers Revenge - Le Freak Original Mix
Jackers Revenge - Let There Be House Original Mix
Jackers Revenge - More Then A Feeling Original Mix
Jackers Revenge - Ring My Bell Original Mix
Jackers Revenge - Shake Your Groove Thing Original Mix
Jackers Revenge - So Fresh Original Mix
Jackers Revenge - Steppin Out Original Mix
Jackers Revenge - The Time Of My Life Original Mix
Jackers Revenge - What House Original Mix
Jackers Revenge - You Make Me Feel Original Mix
Jackers Revenge, Ghostbusterz - Boogie Nights Original Mix
Jackers Revenge, Ghostbusterz - D.I.S.C.O. Original Mix
Jackers Revenge, Ghostbusterz - Reach Out Original Mix
Jackers Revenge, Ghostbusterz - We Gonna Stomp Original Mix
Jackers Revenge, Martina Budde - How Do I Know Original Mix
Jackers Revenge, Martina Budde - Upside Down Original Mix
Jackers Revenge, Mike Ferullo - Comin' Out Original Mix
Jason Core, Sandry Sanz - Get Movin Original Mix
Kid Massive - Pump This Extended Mix
Kim'starr - Can You Feel It Extended Mix
Laurent Simeca - Aint No Sunshine Original Mix
Laurent Simeca - Finally Original Mix
Laurent Simeca - Free Original Mix
Laurent Simeca - Its Gonna Be Original Mix
Laurent Simeca - No Woman Original Mix
Laurent Simeca - One More Chance Original Mix
Laurent Simeca - Your Love Original Mix
Luccio B, Kris Levy - Revolution Groove Original Mix
Luppi Clarke - Feel Me Extended Mix
MaloMalo - Brick House Original Mix
Marco Santoro - I Got Ya' Extended Mix
Marix Green - Combo Time Original Mix
Max Fishler - Funk For Me feat. Vallen Extended Mix
Max Magnani - Billie Yeah Original Mix
Max Magnani - Hold On Original Mix
Max Magnani - Party Rock Original Mix
Max Magnani - The Cult Of Africa Original Mix
Max Millan, SWS - I Called Prince Original Mix
McSweeney - Funky Soul Original Mix
Mike Newman, Cheesecake Boys - Bambalam Crazibiza Remix
Ministry Of Funk - In your Arms Tonite Deep Groove Mix
Ministry Of Funk, DJ Hat - Missing Original Mix
Mother Funkerz - Emergency Extended Mix
Mother Funkerz - Full Moonz Extended Mix
Mother Funkerz - I Got 2 Bag It Up Extended Mix
Mother Funkerz - I Just Can't Stop Loving U Extended Mix
Mother Funkerz - If U Leave Me Extended Mix
Mother Funkerz - Love Man Extended Mix
Mother Funkerz - My Whistle Extended Mix
Mother Funkerz - Rockin All Night Long Extended Mix
Mother Funkerz - Sweet Sensation Extended Mix
Mother Hackerz - Da Hot Stuff Extended Mix
Mother Hackerz - Funky Everyday Extended Mix
Mother Hackerz - My Best 4 U Extended Mix
Mother Hackerz - Reach Out 4 Me Extended Mix
Nari - Baby, Make Your Move Original Mix
Nari - Butterfly Original Mix
Nari - Diamond Original Mix
Nari - Easy Lover Original Mix
Nari - I Feel You Tonight Original Mix
Nari - Swing Up Original Mix
Nari, Steve Tosi - Heaven Original Mix
Nari, Steve Tosi - Movinâ Groovinâ Original Mix
Nari, Steve Tosi - S.O.S Original Mix
Nari, Steve Tosi - Set Me Free Original Mix
Nari, Steve Tosi - Sweet Deep Original Mix
Nari, Steve Tosi - The Groove Original Mix
Nari, Steve Tosi - Trumpeta Original Mix
Nari, Steve Tosi, Funky Dunky - Don't Stop Original Mix
Nari, Steve Tosi, Funky Dunky - I Wish Original Mix
Nari, Steve Tosi, Funky Dunky - Tik Tok Original Mix
Nari, Steve Tosi, Nabuk - Ain't Nobody Original Mix
Nari, Steve Tosi, Nabuk - Waiting Tonight Original Mix
Nick Jay, RAY ISAAC - I Don't Give a Damn Rubber People Extended Mix
Notwins - Esamba Original Mix
Pancho Galvez, Bruno Bona - Turn Up Original Mix
Paul Parsons, Adri Block - Why Don't You Dance Original Mix
SG Lewis, Chloé Caillet - Costa Extended Mix
Sandro Puddu - Get Right Original Mix
Sandro Puddu - Shut Up! Original Mix
Sean Finn - Ain't Nobody Funkera Extended Remix
Sean Finn, No Hopes - Deep End Ghostbusterz Extended Remix
Sentinel Groove - Mr. DJ Original Mix
Sentinel Groove - Real Close Original Mix
Sentinel Groove - Why Does It Feel So Good Original Mix
Sentinel Groove, Galluzzo - 2B Real Original Mix
Simon Fava - Esamba Yvvan Back Extended Remix
Stephan M - The Rhythm Original Mix
Stephan M, Laurent Simeca - What a Feeling Original Mix
Steve Tosi - Crazy Original Mix
Steven Sugar Harding - The Young MC Extended Mix
Timbee - Afrika Cheesecake Boys Remix
Timbee - Freakin Original Mix
Tina Banks - What about us Sante Cruze Remix
Tom Brownlow, The GoddessMusic - Movin' Original Mix
Twism - Break Away Original Mix
Westray, Disco Revenge - Party Time Original Mix

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