Beatport Top 100 Progressive House July 2023

DATA: 2023-07-12 TOTAL: 90 GENRE: Progressive House

July 2023 brings us the Beatport Top 100 Progressive House, a compilation that captures the current state of the genre in all its glory. Featuring a selection of tracks that blend pulsating beats, ethereal melodies, and mesmerizing synths, this chart reflects the dynamism and creativity within the progressive house community. From peak-time bangers that ignite dancefloors to emotive tunes that stir the soul, this collection caters to the diverse tastes of progressive house enthusiasts. As you explore this chart, you'll discover both established names and promising newcomers, all pushing the boundaries of progressive house and shaping its future.




ADZ, Cristoph, Luke Coulson - The Edge (Extended Mix)

AKSOM - Artefactum (Kamilo Sanclemente Remix)

Alan Cerra - Discovery (Original Mix)

Alter (UA) - Morning After Night (Original Mix)

Andrewboy - Fire (Original Mix)

Avoure - This Feelin' (Extended Mix)

Bagara feat. Christina Burenko - Kupala (Extended Mix)

Bagara feat. Christina Burenko - Kupala (Fireblast Remix)

Bagara feat. Christina Burenko - Kupala (ONEN Remix)

Blanka Barbara - Celestial Trail (Funksun Remix)

Boris Brejcha, Laura Korinth - Gravity (Original Mix)

Bound to Divide - Missing Home (Extended Mix)

Bound to Divide, Lovlee - Flying By (Extended Mix)

Boxer - Extra-Terrestrial (Extended Mix)

Brian Cid - Daydreamer (Original Mix)

CamelPhat, Cristoph, Jem Cooke - Breathe (feat. Jem Cooke) (Cristoph Remix)

Cary Crank - Sink Deeper (Extended Mix)

Choopie, Golan Zocher - SAO (Hernan Cattaneo & Simply City Extended Remix)

Cristoph - Tha Music (Original Mix)

D-Nox - Smell Like Rain (Original Mix)

Daniel Neuland, Vom Feisten - Horizon (Vakabular Remix)

Daniel Portman - True Salvation (Extended Mix)

Dark But Gray & Pandhora - Signs (Hernan Cattaneo & Marcelo Vasami Dub Remix)

Dark But Gray & Pandhora - Signs (Hernan Cattaneo & Marcelo Vasami Extended Remix)

Dosem, Paige, Nihil Young - Amethyst (Extended Mix)

Dosem, Paige, Nihil Young - Hydra (Extended Mix)

Emi Galvan - Samsara (Original Mix)

Eric Prydz - We Are Mirage (Original Mix)

Eric Prydz, Empire Of The Sun - We Are Mirage (Original Mix)

Estiva - Via Infinita (Extended Mix)

Fabreeka - Drifter (Ric Niels Remix)

Fenix J - Taciturn (Original Mix)

Feyln, Oliver Wickham, Tristan Klampert - Illusion (Extended Mix)

Franky Wah, ARCO - Under The Sun (Vintage Culture Extended Remix)

Franky Wah, Cristoph feat. Diana Miro - Darkest Hour (Extended Mix)

GMJ, Matter - Atunga (Original Mix)

Guy J - State Of Trance (Original Mix)

Haze-M, Monastetiq, Selima atrous - Breathe (Horisone Remix)

Innerverse & Helsloot feat. Malou - Allein Allein (Extended Mix)

Jamie Stevens - Dante (Original Mix)

KURA feat. Bia Caboz - Sentir Saudade (Extended Mix)

Kabi (AR) - Just a Matter of Time (Original Mix)

Kamilo Sanclemente - Away (Original Mix)

Kamilo Sanclemente - Distant Blips (Dowden Remix)

Kamilo Sanclemente - Time Capsule (Original Mix)

Karry G - Feel Me (Original Mix)

Kaskade, deadmau5 - I Remember (John Summit Remix) (Extended Mix)

LOUT - Secret (Original Mix)

Lane 8 - Rave (Extended Mix)

Lipless - Illusions (Extended Mix)

Manu Cerasa - Influencia (Original Mix)

Marsh & Simon Doty - Touch The Sky (Extended Mix)

Matt Fax, Hugo Cantarra - Vibration (Extended Mix)

Maze 28 - Flux (Original Mix)

Maze 28 - Redux (Original Mix)

Meeting Molly - Outlaw (Not Demure Remix)

Michael A - Sea Crystal (Original Mix)

Mike Koglin - The Silence (GMJ & Matter Remix)

Mike rish - GT (Original Mix)

Mike rish - Reka (Original Mix)

Mike rish - Shoreditch Funk (Original Mix)

Moby - Go (Victor Ruiz Remix)

Modul Kollektiv - Awake (Extended Mix)

NOIYSE PROJECT - Jailed in a Paradise (Original Mix)

Nahs, Nishan Lee, Sarah Chilanti - Two Faced (Original Mix)

Nick Muir - All One Word (Original Mix)

Nick Muir - All One Word (Trilucid 2AM Extended Mix)

Nick Muir - All One Word (Trilucid Midnight Extended Mix)

Nihil Young - 1998 (Extended Mix)

Nikkolas Dashy - Nothing Is Everything (Original Mix)

PRAANA - In The Blue (Extended Mix)

Paul Thomas - Emotional Landscapes (Extended Mix)

Product Of Us, Rory Hope - Hey Now feat. Rory Hope (Original Mix)

Quivver, Dave Seaman - Eyes Wide Shut (Original Mix)

Quivver, Dave Seaman - Gotta Implode (Original Mix)

Quivver, Dave Seaman - Liquid Nights (Original Mix)

Ricky Retro & Scorz - Rule The World (Extended Mix)

Ruben Karapetyan, Mango - Golden Age (Anthony Pappa & Jamie Stevens Remix)

Ruben Karapetyan, Mango - Golden Age (Original Mix)

Rui Da Silva - Touch Me (Original Mix)

Samuel Sonder feat. Luke Coulson - I Can Feel You (Max Freegrant & Slow Fish Remix)

Sudhaus, The Wash - Spectron (Jamie Stevens Remix)

Sundrej Zohar - Loosing My Mind (Eddy Tango Rmx)

Sundrej Zohar - Loosing My Mind (Original Mix)

Unclubbed, Kim Wayman, Deestopia - We Are The People (Deestopia Re-Clubbed Extended Remix)

Vakabular - Proper Time (Extended)

Vakabular - Waiting For Too Long (Extended Mix)

Vakabular, Red Machine - Turn Off The Heat (Extended Mix)

Victor Garde - Feel Your Touch (Extended Mix)

Weird Sounding Dude - Step Up (Original Mix)

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