Beatport Top 100 Tech House June 2024

DATA: 2024-06-07, TOTAL: 308 GENRE: Tech House

June 2024 has been an electrifying month for Tech House enthusiasts, with a fresh compilation of tracks that have set dance floors ablaze worldwide. The selection features an eclectic mix of pulsating rhythms, deep basslines, and innovative melodies that showcase the genre’s dynamic nature. From the hypnotic grooves of Marvin Sykes to the raw energy of Juan (AR) and Rafa Calello, this month’s lineup is a testament to Tech House’s evolving soundscape.


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N2N - Don't Talk To Me Extended Mix
Nasser Baker - Around The Way (Original Mix)
Nasser Baker - Around The Way Original Mix
Nathan Barato, Gettoblaster - The Move  (feat. Tony Duke) Original Mix
Nausica - Stupid Disco Extended Mix
Nausica, "XY" - Bonga Extended Mix
Nausica, Danny Rhys, Gloria - La Flaca (Extended Mix)
Nausica, Danny Rhys, Gloria IT - La Flaca feat. Gloria IT Extended Mix
Nelly Furtado, Dom Dolla - Eat Your Man (with Nelly Furtado) (Extended)
Nic Vesperi - Japn Original Mix
Nicola Gavino - Disco McBass Original Mix
NightFunk - Pop Extended Mix
Oceanvs Orientalis - Neurality Nick Curly Remix
Odd Mob, OMNOM - Losing Control (Extended Mix)
Oravla Ziur - Kifile Original Mix
Patrick Topping, Ewan McVicar - Northern Rhythm (Extended)
Patrick Topping, Ewan McVicar - Northern Rhythm Extended
Piero Pirupa, Jude & Frank, Fatboi - Tranquilo Extended Mix
Pinco, Javi Miramontes - Bitbox Original Mix
Pirate Copy, Nicolas Caprile - All Eyes Above Extended Mix
Pitros, GREG (BR) - Hand Clap Original Mix
Pleasurekraft - Tarantula (Max Styler Remix)
R3WIRE, NuKey - For The Love (Original Mix)
RÜFÜS DU SOL - Innerbloom (Original Mix)
Rafael - Riddle Original Mix
Ragie Ban - Warm It Up Original Mix
Ramon Bedoya - Los Colores Original Mix
Rawfox - Too Hot Original Mix
Resco (US) - Bounce Back Original Mix
Riaz Dhanani, Melanie Ribbe - The Energy Original Mix
Ricky Bobi - Mambo Groove Original Mix
Riordan - Needle On The Record (Extended Mix)
Rob Stillekens - Nothing Like That Original Mix
Roland Clark, Todd Terry, William Kiss - House Machine Original Mix
Roulth, JayLu - Silent Pulse Extended Mix
Rrotik, Kapowsky - RITMO Extended Mix
Ruso Eyh - Take It Out Original Mix
SNOOKO - Paco Di Bongo Original Mix
SONO (COL) - Black Mamba Jonathan Jaramillo Remix
San Pacho - No Guest List Original Mix
San Pacho, Buitano, Fatboi - Afloja (Original Mix)
Sanchez (UK) - Stand Up Original Mix
Sesa, Quarterhead - You Will See (Extended Mix)
Shiba San, FOOLiE - Desire (Original Mix)
Silvertone (US) - Out My Mind Extended Mix
Silvie Loto - Follow Me Original Mix
Sinego - Mujer Yulia Niko Remix (Extended)
Sinner & James - Johera Original Mix
Sirus Hood, Trangaz - Boothy Manda Moor Spicy Remix
Sirus Hood, Trangaz - Ghetto Corazon Original Mix
Sol.Arte - GTA Original Mix
Sonny Fodera, Blythe - Mind Still (feat. blythe) (Tita Lau Extended Remix)
Street Slang - The Meaning Original Mix
Symon, Usai - Lento Violento Teko Remix
Tate Flowers - Fly N-Telekia Remix
Technotronic, NightFunk - Pump Up The Jam (NightFunk Remix)
The Coney Island Rhythm Band - Paradise Extended Mix
The Cube Guys, SaintPaul DJ, Eliza G - Touch Me Club Mix
The Reactivitz - House Healed Me Original Mix
Thomas Newson - Watch Your Back (Extended Mix)
Thomas Newson - Watch Your Back Extended Mix
Tiesto, Prophecy - My City (Original Mix)
Tiesto, Prophecy - My City Original Mix
Tiga, Audion, Matroda - Let's Go Dancing (Matroda Remix)
Tomas Bisquierra - Smashing Swing Gustaff Remix
Tomi&Kesh, Mad&Meis - Happy Hips (Original Mix)
Tomi&Kesh, Mad&Meis - Happy Hips Original Mix
Tony Romera, Crusy - The Unknown (Extended Mix)
Trace - Fake Friends (Extended)
Trace, DOUG! - Flex Like Ouu (Original Mix)
Trace, Liquid Rose - Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe (Extended Mix)
Trallez - Bombita Original Mix
Trallez, EVEL!N - Work (feat. EVEL!N) Original Mix
Truth x Lies - Heard About Me (Original Mix)
Twenty Six, Tayson Kryss - Buscando Money (Extended Mix)
Vampyr - Sensations Original Mix
Vandal On Da Track, Jen Payne - Pretty Girls Walk (Extended Mix)
Vaxx, Daniel Cuda - Set Me Free Original Mix
Vinary - Close To The Beats Original Mix
Vlada Asanin - Chupka Original Mix
WeMart - Alien Attack Original Mix
Wh0 - Sunglasses (Extended Mix)
Wh0 - Sunglasses Extended Mix
William Kiss, Todd Terry, Roland Clark - House Machine (Original Mix)
Withoutwork - Reggae Is On Fire Original Mix
Wuki, Trace (UZ) - Shake It (Extended Mix)
YRM, Javier de la Vega - Hermine Soul Original Mix
Yolanda Be Cool, Dcup - We No Speak Americano (Sterium & Duarte Remix) [Extended Mix]
Yvvan Back, Afterman - Who's That Girl (JL & Afterman Mix)
n808, GOLES - Caddy Original Mix
nocapz. - PoPo Extended Mix
HELLMATE, Santiago & Carlitos, Chantal Lewis-Brown - Show Me Love (Extended Mix)
Hardskin - Zoom Zoom Extended Mix
Harry Judda - Fury 161 Original Mix
Hutu, Nick García (NL) - Killa B Original Mix
IDEMI - Outta The Box Original Mix
Inner City - Good Life (Remastered) (Dantiez & Hugo Cantarra Extended Remix)
Inner City - Good Life (Remastered) Dantiez & Hugo Cantarra Extended Remix
Italobros - Rio Original Mix
Ivan Oliva, Albert Garcia - Drop on the Beat Extended Mix
J Aristi, Rizzo (Col) - Sample & Tarros Original Mix
JB Martinz - Hot Baby Copasetic Remix
Jaded, Tom & Collins, CRCLE - IBIZA Original Mix
James Hype - Wild (Extended Mix)
James Hype - Wild (Matt Sassari Extended Remix)
Jamie Jones, AMEME - Pliva Honeyluv Remix, Extended Version
Javi Bosch - El Mago Original Mix
Javi Colina - Bien Buena Julian Collazos Remix
Javi Reina, Jesus Fernandez - Hablando Claro Original Mix
Jay de Lys - Babylon Original Mix
Jean Pierre, Ambrxse - I Wanna Know Zamoras Drums Remix
Jen Payne, Vandal On Da Track - Pretty Girls Walk Extended Mix
Jennifer Lopez, FISHER (OZ) - Waiting For Tonight (Extended Mix)
Jewel Kid, Low Steppa - Big Busta Extended Mix
John Acquaviva, Olivier Giacomotto, Dan Diamond - Let It Go Dub Mix
John Summit - EAT THE BASS (Extended Mix)
John Summit - La Danza (Extended Mix)
Jorhav - One Two Hits Original Mix
Jose M, Elias R - Portal Original Mix
Joseff Jones - Say Less Original Mix
Joseph Edmund, REME - Benga Extended Mix
Joshwa - Get Stupid (Extended Mix)
Joshwa - Magalenha (Extended Mix)
Juan (AR) - Mushroom Original Mix
Juany Bravo - Amazonica Extended Mix
Julian Collazos - No Me Hables De Mujeres Original Mix
Junior Pappa - Tukudu Extended Mix
Juos - Dile (Original Mix)
KULI - Freaky Original Mix
KeeQ, Kuuda - Third Room Extended Mix
Kevin McKay, Denise Belfon, Pupa Nas T - Work (Extended Mix)
Kevin Reinoso - Atuska Original Mix
Kid Enigma, Ben Kim - Watch My Evolution feat. Kid Enigma Extended Mix
Killed Kassette - Whenever I Choose Original Mix
Kita Alexander, FISHER (OZ) - Atmosphere (Extended Mix)
Knober - One More Time Extended Mix
Ky William, James Poole - Baila Le Digo (Original Mix)
Kyle Watson - The Afterhours (Extended Mix)
Landis LaPace - Appeal Original Mix
Larrol - Matrix Original Mix
Late Delivery - Straight Fire Extended Mix
Leo Oliver - President House Original Mix
Liu, Alex O'Clock - Bad Boys (Extended Mix)
Liu, Alex O'Clock - Bad Boys Extended Mix
Loofy - Last Night (Extended Mix)
Loofy - Last Night Extended Mix
Low Steppa, Jewel Kid - Big Busta (Extended Mix)
Low Steppa, Tony Romera - Dance To The Music (Extended Mix)
Lowez - Darlin' GIU Remix
Lowez - Darlin' Original Mix
Lucas Rotela - Acid Good Original Mix
Luis Blanc, Joti Dj - Ladies Armandos Remix
M.A.K - Power Original Mix
MK, Dom Dolla - Rhyme Dust (Extended)
Malikk, Manda Moor - Wabi Sabi Original Mix
Malone, Nacho Scoppa - On Yo Head (Original Mix)
Malone, Nacho Scoppa - On Yo Head Original Mix
Manda Moor - KarateCat Original Mix
Manuel De La Mare - Nonstop Original Mix
Manuel De La Mare, Junior Souza - Bang Bang Original Mix
Marco Lys - I Don't Wanna Go Back Extended Mix
Mark Di Meo, Mathieu Ruz - Oriana Extended Mix
Marshall Jefferson, Solardo - Move Your Body (Extended Mix)
Martin Ikin - Hustlin' (Extended Mix)
Martin Ikin - Hustlin' Extended Mix
Martin Ikin - In The Streets (Extended Mix)
Masters At Work, Kenny Dope, Louie Vega - Organi Original Mix
Mata Jones - Family Affair Original Mix
Mau P - Dress Code (Extended Mix)
Mau P - Drugs From Amsterdam (Original Mix)
Mau P - On Again (Original Mix)
Mau P - On Again Original Mix
Max Styler - Hypnotic (Extended Mix)
Max Styler - Kiki (Extended Mix)
Max Styler - Lights Out (Extended Mix)
Max Styler, Westend - Rhythm Machine (Original Mix)
Mendo - I Like That Original Mix
Mene - Out Of That Original Mix
Miane, Vikina - Botella Original Mix
Michael Antley, Carlos Che - La Noche Original Mix
Micky Hurts - Best Suited For Original Mix
Miguel Bastida - Latres Extended Mix
Miguel Bastida - Rythmha Original Mix
Mijail, Carlos Agraz - Dame Roce Original Mix
Minow - My DMs Original Mix
MistaJam - Do It Like This Extended Mix
Mr. Belt & Wezol - It's Not Right But It's Okay (Extended)
Murphy's Law (UK) - Every Day, All Day (Extended)
jairo delli - No Party Stop Original Mix
ACA (YU) - Let The Bass Roll Original Mix
AESTASIADO - No party no dance Original Mix
AOTON - In My Soul Original Mix
ARAP - Atominazer Original Mix
AYYBO - RIZZ (Extended Mix)
Aaron Martin - Hot Spot Original Mix
Alan Nieves - Stand Your Ground Original Mix
Aldo Cadiz - Hoka Original Mix
Alev Tav - 27 Original Mix
Alex Demez - Dos Cuerpos Original Mix
Alfrenk, C_Sky - Mescaline Extended Mix
Allen(IT) - Swinga Original Mix
Alonso - Expression Original Mix
Aluna, Chris Lake - Beggin' (Extended Mix)
Aluna, Chris Lake - More Baby (Extended Mix)
Alvaro Smart - Dare You Original Mix
Amine Edge & DANCE, Hugel - FUKINASTY (Sosa UK Extended Remix)
AndThen, Loz Seka - Work It (Loz Seka Remix) Extended Mix
Andrea Satta, Space Fear - Rumbah Original Mix
Andruss - Frikitona (Original Mix)
Andy Sherman - F.U.N.K.Y Original Mix
Angel Heredia - DOWN OK Manu Fuentes Remix
Angel Heredia - El Buchín (Original Mix)
Angel Heredia - El Buchín Original Mix
Angel Heredia - Jatar Original Mix
Anthony Attalla, Thomas Newson - Bala Extended Mix
Apexape - Love With You Extended Mix
Arche - Jin Original Mix
Armand Van Helden, Mark Knight - Release Me (CID Extended Remix)
Astelle, BRETSN - Limbo (feat. ASTELLE) Extended Mix
Band&dos, DJ 13 (VE) - Sexxxy 2.0 Extended Mix
Baum - Sinnerman Bastian Bux Remix
Beltran (BR) - Smack Yo' (Original Mix)
Beltran, Mc Jajau - Tira A Roupa (Putaria Mix)
Black V Neck, JKATZ - Low (Original Mix)
Blair Suarez - Target Original Mix
Bob Marley & The Wailers, Fisher - Jamming (FISHER Rework)
Bootie Brown, Tame Impala, Gorillaz - New Gold (feat. Tame Impala and Bootie Brown) (Dom Dolla Remix Extended)
Brandon Caballero, Frank Salassi - Tons Que Original Mix
Bruno Furlan - Sugar Daddy (Original Mix)
Buogo - Rave It (Original Mix)
Buogo - Rave It Original Mix
CID, BURNR - Turn it Up (Extended Mix)
CID, BURNR - Turn it Up Extended Mix
Cameron Jack - Baby Original Mix
Carly Wilford - The Dance Extended Mix
Castion - Higher Place Extended Mix
Cato Anaya - La Noche Extended Mix
Charles Pierre - Moonlight To Sunrise Rob Stillekens Remix
Chris Gialanze - Gunna Be (Original Mix)
Chris Lake, Aatig - In The Yuma (feat. Aatig) (Extended Mix)
Chris Lake, Gotye, Kimbra, Sante Sansone, FISHER (OZ) - Somebody (2024) (Extended Mix)
Chris Lake, Nathan Nicholson, Sammy Virji - Summertime Blues (Extended Mix)
Ciclo, Farouki - Lil Party Extended Mix
Cloonee - Sippin' Yak (Original Mix)
Cloonee, Dances - To The Beat (Original Mix)
DAN:ROS - Do What You Want Original Mix
DJ Hern - Wishing on a star Chamacos Remix
DJ Ody Roc - FlaVa FuNk Original Mix
DJ Rush, Amine Edge & DANCE, Hugel - FUKINASTY feat. DJ Rush (Extended Mix)
DJ Rush, Amine Edge & DANCE, Hugel - FUKINASTY feat. DJ Rush Extended Mix
DJ Sneak - Lower Level Original Mix
DOUG!, Trace (UZ) - Flex Like Ouu Original Mix
Daniel Kazuo - Iron Groove Extended Mix
Danny Leblack, Ludwik M - If You Wanna Extended Mix
Dario Nunez - Take This Out Extended Mix
Dave Winnel - Bang It (Extended Mix)
David Jager - Tonadas Original Mix
Deeper Purpose - Lemonade (Original Mix)
Deltech - I Don't Need That (Extended)
Deltech - I Don't Need That Original Mix
Deophonik - When The Beats Go Down Original Mix
Des & Del - Flying Like A Dragon Original Mix
Detlef, Ossey James - Swagon (Ralf Remix)
Detlef, Ossey James - Swagon Ralf Remix
Diego Bustamante - Locco Original Mix
Diego Sosa - Rat Race Original Mix
Diplo, Hugel, Julia Church - Stay High (Extended)
Dom Dolla, Clementine Douglas - Miracle Maker (Extended Mix)
Dot N Life - Tucu Original Mix
ESSED - Honey (Original Mix)
Enrico Caruso - Xtcy Extended Mix
Equinøx - Conmigo (Extended)
Ernesto Carrera (VE) - Michele Victor Guedez Remix
Eurostep - Ride Nasty Extended Mix
FISHER (OZ) - Losing It (Extended)
FLOWFAT - Trevas Gabss Remix
Fast Eddie, Andre Zimmer - Yo Yo Get Funky (Andre Zimmer Extended Remix)
Fast Eddie, Andre Zimmer - Yo Yo Get Funky Andre Zimmer Extended Remix
Fer BR - How Much You Want Original Mix
Félix (UK) - Drop The Bass Original Mix
Fran Ares, Sergiodnine - Dancefloor Extended Mix
Fran Dc - Eighteen Original Mix
Frank Storm, Francis De Simone - Quarterback (Original Mix)
Frank Storm, Francis De Simone - Quarterback Original Mix
Freddy Bello - Bubys Original Mix
Freenzy Music, Marian (BR) - Pakit Ban (Original Mix)
Freenzy Music, Marian (BR) - Pakit Ban Original Mix
Funk Cartel - Imprints (Original Mix)
Funk Cartel - Imprints Original Mix
GENESI (ITA) - Push Me (Extended)
GENESI (ITA) - Push Me Extended
GW Harrison - Break Of Dawn Extended Mix
Gabriele Toma - Magic Flute Original Mix
Galo - Miss Honey Original Mix
Galo - Orange Soda Original Mix
Gama - Tatata Original Mix
Gettoblaster - Purple Pin Stripes Original Mix
Gettoblaster, Fuzzy Cufflinxxx, Franklyn Watts - Ya Me Voy Extended Mix
Gianni Blu, The Play, Shantal Vella - Bonita Extended Mix
Gianni Ruocco, Techouzer - Basement MoonDark Remix
Gina Breeze, Sophie Joy - Shadows (feat. Sophie Joy) (N-You-Up Dub)
Gino Da Koda - Baby I Need You Alessio Bianchi Remix
Gino Da Koda - Smooth Criminal Extended Mix
Grigollo, Haluem - Vapuvu Original Mix
Groove Armada, Stush, Red Rat - Get Down (Mark Knight Extended Mix)
Guzt - Yes, We Do Original Mix

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