Beatport UK Garage / Bassline Top 300 April 2024

DATA: 2024-04-04, TOTAL: 275 GENRE: UK Garage / Bassline

April’s UK Garage/Bassline scene is pulsating with fresh rhythms and groundbreaking tracks. Leading the charge, artists like Sammy Virji, MPH, and Bushbaby are dropping beats that resonate with the genre’s roots while propelling it into new territories. Tracks like “Counting” and “One Sixty” are just a taste of the innovative sounds that are defining the genre’s landscape this month. With a blend of classic vibes and contemporary flair, this month’s selection is a testament to the genre’s dynamic evolution and enduring appeal.


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2Touch - Silver Original Mix
86deep - Hot Night Original Mix (2024 Remaster)
ATW, Interplanetary Criminal, Main Phase - 100%% (Original Mix)
Addison Rich - See You On The Other Side Original Mix
Amber Jade, Stixy D - Let Me Down Original Mix
Angel D'lite - Cloud 69 Local Group Remix
Animate - Pull Up Original Mix
Aruhtra - Together Edit
Ashdunn - Promise Me (Original Mix)
Ashdunn - Promise Me Original Mix
Audiojack - Masterblaster (Extended Mix)
BIICLA - Y ARE (134 INTRO) Original Mix
BR selecta, Doctor Yok - Feel The Vibe Original Mix
BVNQUET, prettyboyface - Bringing Me Joy (Hutcher Extended Remix)
BWK Project - Pillow Talk Original Mix
Babs Presents - Back On Us Instrumental Mix
Babs Presents, Choc-l@t Crew - Let Me Instrumental Dub
Bailey P - All Up In Ma Extended Mix
Bailey Rowles - Life Gives Ya' Dynamite Original Mix
Bakey - Limit (Original Mix)
Bakey, Capo Lee - AM TO PM (Original Mix)
Bazza Ranks - Watchin Me Original Mix
Big Dope P, Kicks 23 - Get To Work Original Mix
Bklava, Bullet Tooth - Makes Me (Wanna Move) (Extended Mix)
Bowser - Exhale Original Mix
Bowser - Used To Be Original Mix
Brees & Leon - The Drip Original Mix
Bryzey - Groover No Doubt Original Mix
Bullet Tooth - IMMACULATE SKANK (Original Mix)
Bullet Tooth - YOUR LOVE Original Mix
Bushbaby - DESIRE96 (Original Mix)
Bushbaby - Ghettoblaster (Extended Mix)
Bushbaby - Locked On (Original Mix)
Bushbaby - Rock Upon The Mic (Original Mix)
Bushbaby - Woman's Touch (Original Mix)
CEV's - Materia Prima Zetbee Remix
CJ Reign - I Can Be Free Original Mix
Callum George - Be Mine (Club Mix)
Calvin Harris, Eliza Rose - Body Moving Sage Introspekt Remix
Capo Lee, Silva Bumpa - Songs Of Praise Radio Edit
Champion, Killa P, Bushbaby - We Multiply Original Mix
Champion, Sammy Virji - Hot In Here (Original Mix)
Chrissy - You Don't Have To Worry (Big Ang Garage Remix)
Club Angel - Stylin' Original Mix
Conspiracy Dubz - Play Nice Tune Ease Up George Remix
Cotto, jyc. - M1 Massive (Original Mix)
Cutty Ranks, Oppidan - Armed & Dangerous Original Mix
D.CON - Joyy Aspartate Refixx
DAN T - Prove Your Love Original Mix
DJ Cosworth - Ruff & Rugged Original Mix
DJ Hybrid - Flex Ya Chest Original Mix
DJ Jackum - Noise Inside Original Mix
DJ Zinc - Super Sharp Shooter (Chris Gialanze Remix)
Daffy - Organs For Spring (Original Mix)
Dan Speed - Funk Back Original Mix
Danny Ghost - Touch Me Original Mix
Danny Scrilla - Come Back To Me Original Mix
Dany BS - Like This Original Mix
Darkzy - Seshame Street (Original Mix)
Detroit's Filthiest - Better off Alone Original Mix
Devstar - Gorgeous George Extended Mix
Double 99 - Ripgroove (Original Mix)
Dubchild, nia, Groove Chronicles (Noodles) - I Need It IG Culture Bruk Dub Rejig
Dubplate Pressure - Gotta Be Free Original Mix
Ed Case - Beat For Me (Original Mix)
Ed Case - Head In The Clouds Original Mix
Ed Case - Push The Button (Original Mix)
Ed Case - Unknown Original Mix
Efan - Let The Rhythm Original Mix
Efan, Banditt - No Contest (Original Mix)
Ell Murphy - Pressure Extended Mix
Eloq - Alarmed (Extended Mix)
Enrico Dragony - The Special East Original Mix
Fabian Mazur - Bounce Back Original Mix
Faint one - A Return to New Original Mix
Fesko, Angrika - Dirty Rhythm Original Mix
Flatmate - Stopper Don't Talk To Me (Original Mix)
Flowdan, Sammy Virji - Shella Verse (Original Mix)
Fold - Billa (Original Mix)
Fold - Bottomless Brunch (Original Mix)
Fonzo - 121 Original Mix
Formula - Warrior (Headlost Remix)
Four Tet - Baby (Original Mix)
Funkytino - Bad Original Mix
Future, Swedish House Mafia, Fred again.. - Turn On The Lights again.. (feat. Future) (Original Mix)
Gesture - YM HO (Guau Remix)
Goodboi - Green Hornet Original Mix
Gruv42 - I did. Original Mix
Guy From 1990 - Reinunido Original Mix
HWG - Where Have You Been Hiding Original Mix
Hamdi - Counting (Sammy Virji Remix)
Harry Hayes - Zephyr Extended Mix
Hi3ND, TOUCH911 - Never Forget You Original Mix
Highrise - Break Down Original Mix
Hudson Cerone - Let's Make This Quick Original Mix
Hudson Cerone - Meanwhile Back in London Original Mix
Hudson Cerone - Push Original Mix
Hudson Mohawke, Tayla Parx, Nikki Nair - Set The Roof feat. Tayla Parx (Original Mix)
Hungry Man, Jonathan Mayer - LUMINOUS UKG Mix
Icarus, LENN - Last Night Felt Like The Future Original Mix
Imposter Syndrome - Shot In The Dark Hardback Edition Mix
Instinct (UK) - GO (Original Mix)
Interplanetary Criminal, Main Phase, DJ Cosworth, Ruff Kru - T.H.C (The Hardest Cru) (Original Mix)
Isenberg, Cecelia - Near U (Original Mix)
Isgwan - Witness (Killjoy Remix)
J-Fresh - Never Knew You Like That Radio Edit
JACD, Mari Songs - Fly Away Extended Remix
Jack Junior, Louis Lee Scott - Let's Keep It (Original Mix)
Jack Walker (UK) - Bass Echo Original Mix
Jamie Hai - Ice Cream Original Mix
Jamie Unknown - Never Felt (So Good) [Extended Mix] Original Mix
Jay Funk, Tommie Cotton - Deep In The Night U2R Remix
Jeremy Sylvester, Maria Labelle - Yard Vibes Original Mix
Johnny Mahon - Big Rude Boi Original Mix
Jon Yutani - Last Dance Of The Night Original Mix
Jubley - Back Then Original Mix
Juiceman, Delight - Hiding in the dark Original Mix
Julien Fuentes - Ohio Original Mix
KIZZA - Don't Stop! (Original Mix)
Ka.2.zU - Who That Girl Original Mix
Kaak - Fire Original Mix
Kalla - Blueprint Original Mix
Kanetaker - Addicted Original Mix
Killa P, Bullet Tooth - BRAND NEW DAY feat. Killa P Original Mix
Kirbs - Lights Out (Original Mix)
Kirbs - Lights Out Original Mix
Knox - Da Funk Original Mix
Krypsis - The Formula Original Mix
LK - LK Musical Life Original Mix
LP, Darama - Live Wire Original Mix
LTC (UK) - You Got This Original Mix
Little Fritter - Fiiyaa Uppaa (Extended Mix)
Lokal - 1983 (Original Mix)
Lu.Re - Senses (4X4 Mix) Original Mix
ance. - Distinct Original Mix
ance. - River Original Mix
MATTASON - A Good Man Welcomes Original Mix
MBreaks - BHO! Original Mix
MBreaks - Pandora Original Mix
MPH - Ghost (Original Mix)
MPH - One Sixty (Original Mix)
MPH - Show Me (Original Mix)
MPH, AC Slater, Kate Wild - All Of My Love (feat. Kate Wild) (Original Mix)
MPH, Royal-T - Compass (Original Mix)
MPH, Royal-T - Flatline (Original Mix)
MSFT - Break It (Original Mix)
MSFT - dontwaiT (Original Mix)
Made To Move - Sweet Sensation Original Mix
Main Phase - Know We (Original Mix)
Main Phase - Treat Me Right (Original Mix)
Marc Cotterell - Bass In Space Original Mix
March 13 - I Need It Now Original Mix
Mason Talbot - Fuck You (Original Mix)
Matheo Velez - Dance With You (Original Mix)
Matt Jam Lamont, Echelon, Smokey Bubblin' B - Haribo (Original Mix)
Maxim Sinclair - Released 97 Original Mix
Megan Wroe, Silva Bumpa - Without U (Radio Edit)
Micka (NL) - Okura (Original Mix)
Mikey B - Let Me Love You (Original Mix)
Mura Masa - Still Original Mix
Muse Groove, Bartolome - WUW Original Mix
NASVYaZII - Early Morning Original Mix
NEDACOLANDER - Party in Heaven Original Mix
NVTHEC - OTEYI Original Mix
Nicche - Go Home Original Mix
Nicola Nisi - Lovin Me Original Mix
Nu-birth - Anytime (Original Mix)
ODF - B-Side Bubbler Original Mix
ONHELL, Bianca Oblivion - Sinais (Introspekt Remix)
Oculist - Kush Original Mix
Oculist - Whenever I'm Down Original Mix
Odd Mob - LEFT TO RIGHT (33 Below Remix)
Oliver Night, Mitch von Arx - We Drop (feat. Oliver Night) House Version
OnMyOnes - Dont You Original Mix
Oppidan - Follow Me (Original Mix)
Oppidan - Mr. Sandman (Original Mix)
Oppidan - You & I (Original Mix)
Oppidan, The Illustration - Okay (Original Mix)
Out Of Your League - For The Underground Original Mix
Ozzie Guven - Badderz (Original Mix)
P Money, Mollie Collins, Laurena Volanté - Liquor By The Litre (feat. P Money & Laurena Volanté) [Murder He Wrote Remix] Extended Mix
PVC, SHOSH, ance. - Trouble Original Mix
Palais - Irma Extended Mix
Pant-Aloon - What You've Done Radio Edit
Parsec (UK) - Alterno Extended Mix
Parsec - Silhouette Original Mix
Pavane - Bass Drop Original Mix
Philippe Cerveau - Equinox Original Mix
Plus One - Llamada Romantica Original Mix
Pocket - Money Original Mix
Promocopy - Stay Old Bass System Rub-a-Dub Mix
R!PT!DE, Ghee-k - Remember (Original Mix)
RKI - Looking for the groove Original Mix
Raye, Disclosure - Waterfall (Club Edit)
Razor, Lutsu - Certy Groove Chronicles 2-step Refix
Red Pal - Crawl Original Mix
Redlight, Lady Ice, Tia Carys, KAM-BU - I Like (Extended Mix)
Retrogroove - Waiting Forever Original Mix
Rich Ellis - Hex (Original Mix)
Rick Marshall - Satisfied Original Mix
Riigs - Plankton Original mix
Riordan - Needle On The Record (4am Extended Mix)
Romey - Move Your Feet Like Dis Jay Ward Remix
Roska - Combo 2 Original Mix
Ross from Friends - The One (Original Mix)
S1, Sub Chamber - Unknown Sniper Original Mix
SICARIA - Freak 2 Freak Introspekt Remix
SOSANDLOW - Turbo 16V Original Mix
Sam Bassline - Motions Original Mix
Sam Girling, Theo Bleak - Always Pretty Original Mix
Sammy Virji - Daga Da (Original Mix)
Sammy Virji - Find My Way Home (Original Mix)
Sammy Virji - If U Need It (Extended Mix)
Sammy Virji - Sinking Sailor (Original Mix)
Sammy Virji, Oppidan - Foundation (Original Mix)
Sammy Virji, piri & tommy - on & on (Sammy Virji Remix)
Sasha Rome, intouch - Off My Mind Club Edit
Save Link As - Turn It Around Original Mix
Scott & Macintosh - ASD DBN Original
Sean Bartana - Burning Up Original Mix
SellRude - Looking For The Life (Original Mix)
Shermanology - Hijos De La Noche WZA Remix
Shima, Oppidan, camoufly - See Me feat. SHIMA (Original Mix)
Silva Bumpa - What About The DJ? (Original Mix)
Skeptic, Sophia Violet - Want Me Extended Mix
Sky Joose - On The Shores Original Mix
Skyhigh - Blind Original Mix
Smokey Bubblin' B - Poison (Original Mix)
Somne - Blue Spirit Original Mix
Sosa UK - Your Love (Extended)
Soul Legend - Electric Lady Original Mix
Soul Mass Transit System - Gonna Be Alright (Original Mix)
Soul Mass Transit System - Murderation (4 The Bristol Crew Mix) (Original Mix)
Soul Mass Transit System - Wine (Original Mix)
Soul Power - So Good Garage House Mix
Spa Street Sounds - Tonight Original Mix
Stixy D - Eardrums VIP Mix
Stones Taro - Horse From Igloo (Original Mix)
Sudi - These Dayz Instrumental Dub
Swanky - Nothin' Serious 2Sleep 2024 Rework
TCHDWN - Recette Maison Original Mix
TJR, Xavier - Just Gets Better (Extended Dub)
TMK - Late Dub Original Mix
Teej - Incursion (Original Mix)
Terrie Kynd - Anonymous D-Fast Beats Remix
The Checkup, DJ Merci - Ginrüb Original Mix
The Electric Swing Circus - Her Extra Medium Remix
Thing - Nothing To Lose Original Mix
Todd Edwards - Thank You (MPH Remix)
Todd Edwards - Winter Behavior Soul Clap Rub A Dub Remix
Tomy - 1 TO 8 Original Mix
Tomy - FAT (Original Mix)
Tree Threes - Make Us Wonder Original Mix
Trutopia - Karmageddon Extended Mix
Tuff Culture - Illusions Original Mix
Tunnup - One Step Original Mix
TwoStep2 - Showdown Original Mix
Uncle Knows - The Remedy DreamKiller remix
Uncle Knows - The Remedy Extended mix
VAMOS - Self Destructive Original Mix
Veritas (UK) - Higher Energy (Original Mix)
Villager - Oracle Eye Original Mix
Vital Techniques - Havana Original Mix
WeZ WhaTevR - RELOAD (Original Mix)
Y U QT - Dream Theme Extended
Zed Bias, Shumba Youth - London Town 2 Step Mix
Zero, Flava D - On My Line (Original Mix)
ZeroFG - Godzilla Dub (Original Mix)
ZeroFG - Misdemeanor Original Mix
ZeroFG - No Rush (Original Mix)
ZeroFG - Ready 4 The Floor Instrumental
Ziggy - Hands In The Air Original Mix
p-rallel - It's a Lundun Thing (Original Mix)
salute - Wait For It (Original Mix)
tripperbeats - Roadents - UK GARAGE Original Mix

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