Beatport Weekend Picks 31 Top 100 Melodic 2023

DATA: 2023-08-09 TOTAL: 100 GENRE: Indie Dance, Dance / Electro Pop, Deep House, Progressive House, Afro House, Melodic House & Techno, Organic House / Downtempo

Immerse yourself in the world of captivating melodies with Beatport's Weekend Picks 31 - Melodic Top 100 for 2023. This chart is a carefully crafted collection of tracks that embody the essence of the melodic genre. From the evocative tones of "Lost Horizons" to the dreamy ambience of "Ethereal Dreams" and the introspective journey of "Serenity's Embrace," each track tells a unique story. The Weekend Picks 31 - Melodic Top 100 showcases the genre's power to transport listeners to emotional landscapes through music. Whether you're a dedicated melodic enthusiast or a curious listener, this compilation provides a curated experience that celebrates the intricate fusion of melodies and emotions.




ATB - 9 PM (Till I Come) Bent Remix [Mixed]

Aaron Sevilla, Ricardo Criollo House, Nes Mburu - Moto Original Mix

Aera, Paulette Meier - Come Join the Circle Aera Remix

Alej Ch - Atanaca Original Mix

Ali Bakgor, Lewyn - Future Past Extended Mix

Alison Goldfrapp - The Beat Divine Theo Kottis Extended Mix

Amarcord - The Break Original Mix

André Salvador, ALLKNIGHT - Sweet Harmony Radio Version

Andy Bros - Communication Is The Key Original Mix

Angelos - La Jungla Extended Mix

Anthony P. (CH) - Aura Extended Mix

Arp Frique - Apocalypso Original Mix

Bakean - Kashgar Zigan Aldi Remix

Ben Haydie, Third Person - Signs Original Mix

Benjamin Fröhlich - I Forgot My Mantra Original Mix

Berni Turletti - Prana Vayu Original Mix

CLARAA, Ashimba - Kukaya feat. Ashimba Fka Mash Remix

Chaum, Hobin Rude - Cressida Original Mix

DJ Koze - Candidasa Original Mix

Damon Jee, Darlyn Vlys - Late Dance Original Mix

Darmon, Eran Hersh, BLOND:ISH, Madonna, Miss Monique - Sorry (with Madonna) feat. Eran Hersh feat. Darmon Miss Monique Remix

Darmon, Franky Rizardo, Eran Hersh, BLOND:ISH, Madonna - Sorry (with Madonna) feat. Eran Hersh feat. Darmon Franky Rizardo Remix

David Jackson - Thrust!! Original Mix

Death on the Balcony - Years Gone By Extended Mix

Diode Eins - Chromatic Original Mix

Ditian - Serpenta Original Mix

Emanuel Satie, Tim Engelhardt, Maga, Sean Doron - Rise Original Mix

Ezequiel Arias - Mad Man Original Mix

Feelmark - Parallel Final Request Remix

FiNE, Lizwi - The Light Extended Mix

Fioretti - San Pol Original Mix

Francis Mercier, Victor Deme, Hugel - NaNa Djon (feat. Victor Démé) Original Mix

GEMINIS - Nice To Meet You Original Mix

GIGEE - Mind Games Original Mix

GMJ - Bayen Original Mix

Gadi Mitrani - Luminous Original Mix

Goom Gum - Set & Setting Original Mix

Gorje Hewek, Volen Sentir - Ghosts Extended Mix

Harry Romero - Liquid Samba Extended Mix

Jacob (IL) - Give It Up Original Mix

Jamie Stevens - Circles Original Mix

Jiminy Hop - Revizor Original Mix

Joseeph, Ademarr - Jango Mango Original Mix

KENSHO (ofc) - Getting Started Original Mix

Kabi (AR) - Dual Original Mix

Kevin Di Serna - Faro Original Mix

Kill Them With Colour - Mamaye Extended Mix

Kristina Sky, Ruben Karapetyan - Interjection Original Mix

Landikhan, DPAZ - Knights of the night Original Mix

Like Mike, Tayllor - Voices Original Mix

London Topaz - All I Need Aeroplane Extended Remix

Lunar Disco - Devil's Hands Original Mix

MI.LA - State of Mind Extended Mix

MOSKA, Danielle Simeone, DJ Purple - Soundz Original Mix

Maceo Plex, AVNU (UK) - Clickbait (This Ain't Hollywood) Extended Mix

Magit Cacoon, Samer Soltan - Physical Original Mix

Mai Lawson - Dear Mom Susan Original Mix

Malandra Jr. - Shock To The Beat Original Mix

Marcelo Castelli - Antartida Original Mix

Marco Tegui, Solar Kings - Wild West Original Mix

Marsh, Jodie Knight - Fragments feat. Jodie Knight Dave DK Extended Mix

Massane, Grigoré - Cryo Extended Mix

Michael Mayer - Talmi Original Mix

Mind Enterprises - Find You Gerd Janson Remix

Mr. V, MAYA (ESP) - Won't Stop ft. Mr. V Original Mix

Mulya - Multi Pass Original Mix

Newman (I Love) - The Moon and the Stars Original Mix

Nhii - Viene Y Se Va Extended Mix

Nick Matthew - Open The Gate Original Mix

Nico de Andrea, EMRIA - Corazon feat. EMRIA Extended Mix

Nicolas Masseyeff, Dorian Craft, Joy Tyson - A Place Called Home feat. Joy Tyson Original Mix

O. De Lanzac - Sassy Original Mix

Oliver Koletzki, Andhim - Branka Original Mix

Pablo Fierro - AMOROS Original Mix

Paul Thomas - Lumineux Extended Mix

Petros Odin, Anastasia Nati - Odyssey Original Mix

Petros Odin, Celic, BOHO - Wisdom Original Mix

REj - Majik Original Mix

Rampue - Verfahren Original Mix

Riascode - Themba (feat. Tabia) Original Mix

Rick Pier O'Neil - Parallel World Original Mix

Samson - Que Bonita Original Mix

Samuel Lupián - Bruce Lee Original Mix

Skatman - Feel Your Soul Original Mix

Solidmind, Zenma - Road to Kasaan Original Mix

Spencer Brown, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Wilt Claybourne - Awu Wemadoda Extended Club Mix

Stephan Zovsky - Mosha Original Mix

Th;en - Magic Light Extended

Upercent - Tranqui Tronco Original Mix

ÜNAM, Boje, CharlieM - The Magic Fire Original Mix

Vakabular, Under Sanctions - Uncharted Land Extended Mix

Vincent Vossen - 16x16 Original Mix

Volaris - Don't You Know Extended Mix

Wassim Younes, De La Troupe - Sahara Massai Original Mix

WeLoveYou - Hanabi Original Mix

Whitesquare - Lessleep Extended

Xero - Feel So Alive Extended Mix

Yolanda Fyrus, Simone Glad - Makukhanye Feat. Yolanda Fyrus Original Mix

ivan masa - Acid Mind Original Mix

thea & schtu - Reality Original Mix

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