Beatport Weekend Picks 33 Melodic 2023

DATA: 2023-08-18 TOTAL: 48 GENRE: Electronica, Indie Dance, Progressive House, Afro House, Melodic House & Techno, Organic House / Downtempo

Discover the harmonious world of sound with the Beatport Weekend Picks 33 Melodic 2023, a compilation that embodies the essence of melodic electronic music. Featuring a handpicked selection of tracks from Week 33's chart, this collection is a testament to the power of melodies in capturing emotions and stories. From progressive melodies that build like a journey to ambient soundscapes that create a dreamscape, these tracks are a sonic testament to the creative diversity of the genre. The Weekend Picks 33 Melodic offers an auditory voyage that is both introspective and uplifting, making it a must-listen for those who appreciate the artistry of melodies in electronic music.




Alexey Romeo - Tropical Rain Extended Mix

Amir Telem - Sweet Longing Original Mix

Amonita - Uletai Original Mix

Andreas Dorau - Unsichtbare Tanzer Wassermann Tubass Mix

Atlas 221 - Señales Original Mix

Baldo - Party Forever Original Mix

BRIAN DON - Reflections Extended Mix

Bryan Kessler - An Idea Of What We Could Be If We Were Not Ourselves Original Mix

D-Formation - Danza Sonora Original Mix

D.J. MacIntyre, Dimel De Silva - Crimson Shadow Original Mix

Deenara - Ambivalence Original Mix

Denis Horvat - Spec Fiona Original Mix

Double Touch - Should've Known Original Mix

Ede, Deckert, Sargland - Immer Original Mix

Eran Hersh, Anorre - Regained Extended Mix

Estray, MĪMĪ x FY - Robotic Mode Original Mix

Fede Pals, Eichenbaum - Labuntur Original Mix

Fran Garay - Illusion Original Mix

GMJ, Matter - Elemental Cid Inc. Remix

Hobin Rude - Fog of Illusion Original Mix

Ismael Rivas, Pressurized - Under Pressure Original Mix

Israel Vich, Marco Tegui - Tortuga Marco Tegui 'Infirmary Blues' Rework

Joe Goddard, Falle Nioke, N'Dekho - Lonely Original Mix

Joyce Muniz, Theus Mago - Balin Bali Marvin & Guy Remix

Juan Pablo Torrez, Kamilo Sanclemente - Critical Orbit Original Mix

Kombinat 100 - Flieg Kleine Taube, Flieg ... Album Mix

Martin Waslewski - Rise Original Mix

Maxim Lany, Pretty Pink - What If I Want You Extended Mix

Mosoo - Yéyé Original Mix

Rafael Cerato - Step On The Lead Original Mix

Raphael Mader, Uschowa - Silence on Purpose Original Mix - Wabi Sabi Original Mix

Rockka, Randle - Lost in Akrabah Original Mix

Romana, PAAX (Tulum) - Te Mua feat. Romana Original Mix

Roy Rosenfeld - Toco Original Mix

Samantha Loveridge, Lizwi - Beka Original Mix

Samet Gunal - Poolboy Original Mix

Sexy Lazer - Mid Life Crisis Original Mix

Snirco - Lunar Original Mix

Socko - Ultimate Reality Original Mix

Stan Kolev - Ardent Original Mix

The Organism, Reza Safinia - Pandora's Sox Extended Mix

THEMBA (SA) - Azteca Extended Mix

Timbee - Gonna be Alright Original Mix

Tito Azevedo, Mrqz - Menecma Original Mix

Tony Shades - Mosaic Original Mix

Vhyce - Young Narratives Original Mix

Weval - Forever (Solomun Remix) Extended Version

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