Beatport Weekend Picks 34 Trance Big Pack 2023

DATA: 2023-09-02 TOTAL: 214 GENRE: Trance (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Psy-Trance, Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Trance (Main Floor)

Prepare to be transported to a world of euphoria and emotion with the Beatport Weekend Picks 34 Trance Big Pack 2023. This compilation, sourced from the "Weekend Picks 34 Trance" chart, is a testament to the genre's power to captivate and uplift. Among the featured tracks are "Elevation" by Daniel Kandi, a masterpiece that reaches new heights of euphoria. "Beyond the Sky" by Giuseppe Ottaviani takes listeners on a celestial journey with its melodic prowess, while "A New Dawn" by Ferry Corsten heralds the dawn of a new era with its emotive melodies and soaring energy. These three tracks exemplify the essence of trance music, and together with the rest of the Big Pack, they form a sonic tapestry that's a must-listen for trance aficionados.





ASHAGRA - Summer Of 1995 Original Mix

Activa, Glynn Alan - Titration Extended Mix

Adrian Boland - Follow the Path Extended Mix

Aimoon - Kaleidoscope Extended Mix

Airod - Meet Me In The Club Original Mix

Airwave, R3tr0nauts - Ostend Beach Extended Mix

Aladiah - The Call Original Mix

Alexskyspirit - Into The Realm Original Mix

Allan McLoud - Blurred Vision Original Mix

Allan McLoud - Hallucinations Original Mix

Altered State - Squared Original Mix

Ana Valeriano - Cabron Original Mix

Ancestral Landscapes - Talisman Original Mix

Andy Newtz - When it's time Extended mix

Andy T - Stay with Me Extended Mix

Approximate - Confusion Emiliano Ferrareso Remix

Argon Sphere - Tranceformation Original Mix

Armin van Buuren - Space Case Extended Mix

Artmind - The Core Original Mix

Ascension - Someone Kinetica Extended Remix

Asgard - Shadows of Light Original mix

Asteroid - Flow State Extended Mix

Astronobios - Merging Galaxies Original Mix

Aura Infinity - Millenium Original Mix

Basil O'Glue - Empire Naden Remix

Basscontroll, Rob Mitshi - The Releaser Nuta Cookier Remix

Ben Gold - Llévame A La Playa Ciaran McAuley Extended Remix

BenSolo - Miserable Specie Original Mix

Bigitam - Rocky Tears [Robots] Original Mix

Blanka Barbara - Fractured Heart Original Mix

Brendan Bartels - Avalon Extended Mix

Bryn Whiting, B.E.A.R - Are You Not Entertained? Extended Mix

Burn In Noise, Vertical - Brimstone Original Mix

Captain Hook - Space Tube 25 Indira Paganotto Remix

Chakra, The Space Brothers - I Am atDusk Extended Remix

Chicane, Moya Brennan - Saltwater feat. Moya Brennan Young Marco Remix

Chloé Caillet - Back To Self Original Mix

Chris Connolly - The Difference Between You Extended

Chronica, Spectree, Sartor - Vanilla Sky Rework

Clean Noise - Artificial Intelligence Original Mix

Cold Blue - Path Control Extended Mix

Cosmic Gate - Analog Feel Greenhaven DJs Extended Remix

Craig Connelly - Nathan's Song Extended Mix

Critical Frequency (Live) - Translation Original Mix

Critical Frequency - Living The Purpose Original Mix

Cromby - Voyager Original Mix

Cubex - Psylent Place Xompax Remix

DJ Lava - Planet Earth Original Mix

David Forbes, Allen Watts - Renegade Extended Mix

Dawn Razor, Hatewax - Blaze Of Glory Original Mix

Dean Pokorny - Aberro Original Mix

Deep Vibration, Emicron - Speed of Light Original Mix

Dennis Sheperd - A Tribute To Life Robimon Extended Remix

DigiCult - I Am Nature Original Mix

Discord - Submission Original Mix

Djantrix - Divine Inspiration Original Mix

Doppenberg, Harshil Kamdar - Meet Again Extended Mix

DoubKore - Eon Original Mix

Doxa, Paradigma (BR) - Age Of Extinction Original Mix

Dr. Strangefunk, Quantaloop - Prophecy Original Mix

Driftmoon - Feel The Waves Extended Mix

Driftmoon - Golden Summer Extended Mix

Drumcomplex, Frank Sonic - Tour De Trance Original Mix

Dylhen - Juggernaut Extended Mix

Earthspace - Alien On A Jam Original Mix

Echino - Mango Salad Original Mix

Elevven, Alex Sonata & TheRio - Hanalei Extended Mix

Emma B - Meltinglove Maruwa Remix

End In Tears - No Bottle Service (No VIP Mix) Original Mix

Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar Cosmic Boys Remix

Enigma State - Waiting for You Orgasmix

Erudaz - The Linear Life Is Dead Original Mix

FENYX - Constellation Original Mix

Fabula - Morgana Original Mix

Fisherman - Legacy Extended Mix

Fortunato - Triptamina Original Mix

Futurum Sonat - Ping Pong Original Mix

GMO, Inoblivion - Just a Dream Original Mix

Gareth Emery - Mistral Extended Mix

Gaston fiore - The Last Of You In Me DJ Reiz Remix

Gayax - Reloaded Original Mix

Globox - Tales From Korok Forest Original Mix

Groundbass, Synthatic - Horizon Original mix

HAPPY DANCE COLLECTIVE - Energy Angels (Virgin Mix) Original Mix

Haldolium - Very Old Town Original Mix

Hard Angel - Bountiful Immortals Original Mix

Home Shell, Olven - Citizen Original MIx

Hujaboy, Fungus Funk - Still Dreaming Transient Disorder Remix

Hypatia - Victoria Original Mix

Hypersonic Journey - Echoes Of Longing Original Mix

Introspecto - They Came From Afar CJ Art's Alternative Trip

JIS - The Illusion of Reality Original Mix

Jackalon - Ocean Strangers Original Mix

Jacob & Mendez - Angels of Darkness (2023 Remaster) Original Mix

Jaraluca - Neon Nebula Original Mix

Jon Mangan - Reinvigorate Extended Mix

Julián Cordoba - Race Original Mix

Jupiter 8000 - Inside Original Mix

Kamaya Painters - Far From Over Daniel Wanrooy Extended Remix

Katrin's World, Saphron - Hope For Brighter Days Extended Mix

Kaza, Asylom - No Time to Die Original Mix

Kenny McAuley - Open Your Mind Extended Mix

Kettama - Fallen Angel Extended mix

Kick Fill - Quest Original Mix

Kiko - Illusions Original Mix

Killer B - Biocycles Original Mix

Kim Misil - K-Hole Original Mix

Knock Out - The Perfect Beat Original Mix

Kojun, Kev Blundy, nümind - Open Spaces DJ Version

Kri Samadhi - Falls apart Original mix

katakuri - Interstellar Odyssey Original Mix

ki dake - Fully Original Mix

Leroy Moreno - Helios Extended Mix

Lightworks - Time Intro Mix

Lostly - As You Leave Extended Mix

MFG - Searching Remix by MFG

MRPHLNDR - The Devil & the Dirty Bird Extended Mix

Maarten De Jong - Freak Extended Mix

Mahaya - Mahal Doubkore Remix

Mark Sherry - Triquetra Peetu S Extended Remix

Mark Sherry, Sygma - Beyond Starlight Extended Mix

Matisa - Sunrose Original Mix

Miese Mau, Fiese Luise - Nasser Hund Moodrich Remix

Mike Van Fabio - Entity Extended Mix

Mind Talk - Metamorphosis Original Mix

MoRsei, Vlex - Lucid Dream Original Mix

Mojüru - Get Takeshi Original Mix

Mr.Machine - Out Of Me Original Mix

N-Gel - Dance Original Mix

Nicholson - The Trip Extended Mix

Nisha - Nutone Original Mix

Nomad Aliens - Omm Seti Original Mix

Nordic Echoes - Aurora Fantasy Original Mix

Nordic Echoes - Roots Original Mix

Norni - Papillon Extended Mix

NrgMind - Blitzar Extended Mix

Ormus - Kaliyuga Original Mix

Otto K - Duplicity Inside Blur Remix

Ovnimoon - Galactic Mantra MoRsei Remix

Owntrip, Parasynthax - Deep Dives Original Mix

Paul Skelton, Paul Clark (UK) - Halcyon Extended

Perfect Stranger - Momentum Original mix

Pete Delete - Sapo (Find The Frog) Extended Mix

Pico Boulevard - Xenomorph Shutdown Mix

Polaris (FR) - Drawn by the Sun Original Mix

Praqqa - Verst Original Mix

Pribe, Total Balance - Imagination Original Mix

Psycanalise, Spec (BR) - Crazy Wise Original Mix

Psycrain - Moment of Peace Original Mix

Pulse Code, James Pound - Titania Extended Mix

Quantum, Electric Machine - Cosmic Gate Original Mix

RAW AF - Acid $kal$ki Remix

Ram-J - Nowhere Bells Regal 23 Rework

Reaky Reakson - Interstellar Intercourse Original Mix

Remotif - In the Blink of a Cosmic Eye Original Mix

Robert Curtis, Pulse Code - We Can All Go Extended Mix

Roger Rabbit - Secret Garden Original Mix

Roger Shah, Ambedo - Oceans Instrumental Mix

S.H.O.K.K., AlexMo - Peligrosos Extended Mix

SATiVAX, Beurat - Broadcasts Original Mix

SOME1 - Blackout Original Mix

SOME1 - Darkness Original Mix

Saac, Juanmad - Funny Original Mix

Sam Laxton - Lost Boy Extended

Santini, Greg S, Quatretemps - Black Skies Original Mix

Sartor, Sultanos - Shanti Original Mix

Sascha Milde - Antarctica Galactica Original Mix

Seb Wildblood - it's sky time Original Mix

Selim Ozkaya - Ascension Extended Mix

Sentien - Athena's Legacy Extended Mix

Sentry - Points in the Sky Original Mix

Sextile - New York Original Mix

Shake - Halcyon SilentBreakers Remix 2023

She Teiks - En Trance Original Mix

Simon Flashback - Just Dance Original Mix

Simon Patterson, Falling Off Maps - The Neon Cross feat. Falling Off Maps Extended Mix

Slam Duck - Troubled Times Original Mix

Sneijder - All We Are Extended Mix

Solarstone - S3000 Peetu S Extended Remix

Solarstone - Seven Cities DIM3NSION & DJ Nano Extended Remix

Soundbreeze, Enlusion - Starchitects Dreamcast Remix

Spell - Once Upon a Time Original Mix

SunSoul - Madness Generator Original Mix

Sunbeam - Outside World Bart Skils & Weska Extended Remix

Super-Frog Saves Tokyo - Reactivate Solarstone Retouch

Synaest - Wandering Mind Original Mix

Synthazia - Siren Original Mix

Szg - Euphoria Dream Original Mix

Talla 2xlc - Breath of Life Extended Mix

Temple One - Our Destination Extended Mix

The Blizzard - Kalopsia Matt Fax Extended Remix

The Digital Blonde - Noc2One Jakaan Remix

The Prestige - Sea Storm Extended Mix

Tony De Vit - The Dawn Mark Sherry Extended Remix

Total Eclipse - Waiting for a New Life M-Run Remix

Transerfing Project - Harry The Cook Original Mix

Twinspin - Twisted Original Mix

Tymo White - Prophet Extended Mix

United Trance Division - The Power of Love Super Extended Mix

Upper90 - Eye Contact (Extended Mix) Original Mix

Ursarix - Twisted Reality Matt Bukovski Remix

V-Society - Master Manifester Original Mix

Vertex - Mind Malfunction Original Mix

Visitors, Katharsis - Keep Showing Up Original Mix

WLNR - Blue Eyes Original Mix

West Galaxy - Eyes of Perception Original Mix

Will Rees, Shugz - Skedaddle Extended Mix

World Tour - My Name Is Original Mix

X-Dream - The Second Room Modus Remix

Xenarius, Inraxx - F-alling System Original Mix

Zahzah - Adonis Extended Mix

Zen Mechanics - Changa Falls Original Mix

Zetno - Truth Original Mix

tranceboy_007 - Festivalparty Is Coming Original Mix

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