Best Dj Charts 2024-01-25

DATA: 2024-01-24 TOTAL: 128 GENRE: House, House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Dance / Electro Pop, Indie Dance, Trance, Psy-Trance

If you’re looking for the hottest tunes in the electronic music scene, you need to check out the latest Dj Charts 2024-01-25. This chart features 128 tracks that will make you dance all night long, from the ethereal sounds of Ventt and Keparys’ OlivSky to the hypnotic rhythms of Hraach and Armen Miran’s Reconnect. Don’t miss the last three tracks: Classical Plane by Los Cabra, Yourself by OUAIS, and Elixir by Acrobat. These are the gems that will take your breath away. Find out more.


DOWNLOAD Beatport Alpha Portal - Picks From The Edge Of Sanity Chart

DOWNLOAD Beatport Carlos Pineda - Disfruta Chart

DOWNLOAD Beatport Daniel Lesden - Underground Trance Essentials Vol. 8

DOWNLOAD Beatport Dub Maestro - Hello January Chart

DOWNLOAD Beatport Emiliano Martini - Beginnings 2024 Chart

DOWNLOAD Beatport Jody 6 - D.F.W.M. Chart

DOWNLOAD Beatport Kirkie - Get Dirty Chart

DOWNLOAD Beatport Luke Van Ness - Trance Essential January Chart

DOWNLOAD Beatport Omar Svenson - January Svendrops Chart

DOWNLOAD Beatport Swen Baez - Dancing Machine Chart

DOWNLOAD Traxsource Vele - Rest Art Chart



1200 Micrograms & Mandelbrot - Artificial Insanity (Original Mix)

Ace Ventura & Burn in Noise - Infinite One (Original mix)

Alpha Portal & Burn in Noise - Edge of Sanity (StarLab Remix)

Astrix & Ace Ventura - Valley of Stevie (Sonic Species Remix)

Avalon, Faders - Afterlife (Original Mix)

Captain Hook - Origin (Bliss remix)

Moonclipse - Deep Distance (Original Mix)

Outsiders & Starlab (IN) - Endless Horizon

Phantasia - Inner Light (Out of Orbit Remix)

Volcano On Mars & GMS - Mind Wandering

Andruss - Frikitona (Original Mix)

Carlos Pineda - Disfruta

Carlos Pineda - K.O

Carlos Pineda - Town Music

Chico Rose - Tiki Tiki (Extended Mix)

Daniel Orpi - Fuego Lento (Original Mix)

Daniel Orpi - Sientelo (Original Mix)

George Privatti, Gustaff - Don't Stop the Beat (Original Mix)

John Summit - Deep End (Extended Mix)

Plon - Bilbao (Original Mix)

Adam Pits - Stoppage Time

Atlas - Tao

Ipeo - First Touch

Mac Declos - F*ck (Benny mix)

Reflex Blue - Implant

Samoh - Closed Doors

VBK - Kalinichta (Original Mix)

Volte-Face - Blatchington Mill (Wata Igarashi's Stairway Remix)

Wata Igarashi - New Dawn

not even noticed - Access Mode

Black Fancy - Introduce Myself (Original Mix)

Chad Andrew - Binary

Chamaleon - Premium

Fruhwerk - Snake Charmer

Laydee V - Push (Meet Remix)

Laydee V - Reconcile (Original Mix)

Laydee V. - Subliminal Thoughts (Original Mix)

Leon the Lover - Palton

Patrick Dandoczi - Deetroy (Samuel L Session remix)

Turturu - Fii linistit

Vowel - United Boutique (Malkovish Remix)

Cosmic Sandwich - Cedar Wood

Crane De Poule - Solar Wind

Emiliano Martini - Northwest

Emiliano Martini - Taste Genes

Emiliano Martini - Tender Warm

Emiliano Martini - Tree Bark (Original Mix)

Emiliano Martini - Urban Poetry (Original Mix)

Gene On Earth - Crimbo 16 (Original Mix)

Jay Tripwire - Khardboard (Original Mix)

Jorge Savoretti - El Guerrero

Snad - Butt Heads (Original Mix)

Youandewan - Pinger (Original Mix)

A.D.H.S. - 2step (Original Mix)

Bouras - The Beat (Original Mix)

Circo & BLK. & TELETECH - Parasomnia

Jody 6 & Secret Subject - Obliterate Your Mind

Jody 6 - D.F.W.M.

Lestrange & Benefice & Jody 6 - Up To No Good (Original Mix)

Marie Vaunt - Dark Room (Original Mix)

Melvin Spix - Hypnotizing (Original Mix)

Metodi Hristov - The Unknown (Original Mix)

Thomas Schumacher - Strip Silence (Extended Mix)

Bass On The Flow - Get Bump

Brendan James & Langers One - Slave

Endor - Sex Drugs Cash (Extended Mix)

Felix (UK) - Dance Till You're Dead

Gio Lucca - FACE 2 FACE

Jack Realist & James Large - Airplane Mode

Jeff Sorkowitz - Area Codes (Original Mix)

KiRKie - U Ain't Shhh (Original Mix)

Kirkie - Get Dirty

Mattr. (UK) - Somethink

Mene - Trigger Point

Bjorn Akesson - Language

Definitions & Char - All We Have (Extended Mix)

Derek Ryan & DNCR - Hatsuyuki (Mixed)

James Dust & NOFF & Jodie Poye - Didn't Know I Was Looking for Love (Extended Mix)

John Clarcq - Khao Suay

Paul van Dyk & Saad Ayub & Elevation - Ouverture (Extended)

Solarstone & Stine Grove - The One (Extended Mix)

Tim Verkruissen - Velvet (Extended Mix)

ZOYA - Endless (Extended Mix)

Aaron Klugg - Snakez

Brad King - Like This

Chmploo - Doomed (Original Mix)

David Lowe & Micah Baxter - Money (Jaime Soeiro, Omar Svenson Remix)

Kassimil - Badbch (Original Mix)

Mareels - Boom Boom

Nofex - Seek

Omar Svenson - Physi-Call

The BeatBoy's - Flash

White Off - Lady

AIO & Flanko - Hades (NoNameLeft Remix)

Andrea Signore & Velox - Voice Of Galahad (Original Mix)

Asys - La Revolution (Original Mix)

Carmine Caputo & Fabio MC - Spooky Batterflies (Orignal Mix)

Chris Wach - Chirality (Original Mix)

DANZAH - Closer to You

DJane Thunderpussy - Catch (Clubmix)

Huntersynth - The Connection

Kaspar - We Won't Go Home (Original Mix)

Luca Antolini, FOLUAL - Acid Phase (Extended Mix)

Marco Miranda - Space Travel

Marie Vaunt, Frank Spector - Cosmology (Original Mix)

Mha Iri - Bell (Original Mix)

Ray Foxx, LO'99 - Skydance (Original Mix)

Rohan (IT) & Omerika - White Coffe

Santiago Luna - Melange (Extended)

Space 92 - Gravity (Original Mix)

Spartaque & Atroxx - The Future

Spektre - Too Far Gone (Original Mix)

Swen Baez - Flashes In The Dark (Radio Edit)

Swen Baez - Infinite

Swen Baez - Sky Lights (Radio Edit)

Tony Romanello & Salvatore Mediana - Techno Jungle (Original Mix)

Umek & Maddix - Hypnotizing (Extended Mix)

Xesus Xanchez - Prometheus

Carnellos & Sueth - Macba (Original Mix)

Joel Sanchz - Move Your Body (Original Mix)

Justin Fahrmer - Funk (Original Mix)

Panik Pop & Dario (DE) - Exit (Mac-Kee Remix)

Panik Pop & Dario (DE) - Offline (Original Mix)

Rama.W - Quarter (Original Mix)

Sirolla - Pour Up (Original Mix)

Vele - Let Me Tell (Original Mix)

Vele - Let Me Tell (Parsec UK Remix)

Vele - Rest Art (Original Mix)

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