Best Dj Charts 2024-02-05

DATA: 2024-02-05, TOTAL: 230, GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Dance / Electro Pop, Indie Dance, Trance, Psy-Trance

If you are looking for the hottest tunes to start the new year, you should check out the Best Dj Charts 2024-02-05. This is a curated selection of the best electronic music tracks from various genres and styles. You will find amazing tracks like “Fireworks” by Tiësto and Alesso, “Lose Control” by Meduza and Becky Hill, and “One More Time” by Daft Punk and Kygo. These tracks will make you dance, groove, and feel the vibes of 2024.


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FILECAT DOWNLOAD Beatport Akasha - Dreams Dont Fkng Die Chart

FILECAT DOWNLOAD Beatport Alexander Popov - January Selected Chart

FILECAT DOWNLOAD Beatport Anne - Jan Picks Chart

FILECAT DOWNLOAD Beatport Auja - Digigroove Session 08

FILECAT DOWNLOAD Beatport Cenk Basaran - January Top 10 Chart

FILECAT DOWNLOAD Beatport Dj Nightnoise - Hello 2024 Bye 2023 Chart

FILECAT DOWNLOAD Beatport Greg Gow - Soul Seek Rspx Chart

FILECAT DOWNLOAD Beatport Jay Norris - Spaceless Jan Picks Chart

FILECAT DOWNLOAD Beatport M.F.S Observatory - January Fire Chart

FILECAT DOWNLOAD Beatport Marcel Warren - Boundaries Chart

FILECAT DOWNLOAD Beatport Mozzy Rekorder - Vision Chart

FILECAT DOWNLOAD Beatport Patrick Scuro - Scuros Resurrection Chart

FILECAT DOWNLOAD Beatport Ramleak - January Chart

FILECAT DOWNLOAD Beatport Sixtee Seconds - January Chart

FILECAT DOWNLOAD Beatport Starlab - The Edge Chart

FILECAT DOWNLOAD Beatport Under Score - Tricks Chart

FILECAT DOWNLOAD Beatport Volcano On Mars - Changa Visions Chart

FILECAT DOWNLOAD Beatport Will Taylor - Start Of 2024 Chart

FILECAT DOWNLOAD Traxsource Luciano - January Chart


Amplify (MX) & Akasha (BR) - Dream On (Original Mix)

Avalon, Faders - Afterlife (Original Mix)

Disconect - Utopia (Original Mix)

Galactic Explorers - Sphera (Original Mix)

HYDE, Chromatone - Data Deluge (Original Mix)

Improvement - Gaia

Kalki - Phoenix

Mindbenderz - Altered Beings (Original Mix)

Outsiders & Starlab (IN) - Endless Horizon

Rave Nine & X-side - Acid Bath

Reborn - Abadi

Volcano - I Am Energy

West Galaxy - Age of Stars (Original Mix)

Zen Mechanics - Changa Falls

Abstract Vision x Victor F. - More Than Machine (Extended Mix)

Alexander Popov & Clara Yates - For A Daughter (Extended Mix)

Alexander Popov & Whiteout - Algorithm (Extended Mix)

Andrew Rayel, Tensteps - Let Me Love You (Extended Mix)

Eximinds & Norni - I Feel I'm Getting Older (Extended Mix)

Han Beukers - Nebula (Extended Mix)

Ron with Leeds - The Beauty Of Imperfection (Extended Mix)

Seegy & Kaimei - Easy (Extended Mix)

Spectorsonic & Alex Believe - New Film

Vasily Goodkov - I'm Different (Extended Mix)

Ben Sims - Xotunc

Dying & Barakat - The Storytellers (Original Mix)

Dynamic Forces - The Brightside

Fireground - Recreation

Fixon, PUSHMANN - Inner Movements (Original Mix)

Habgud - XXS

Kashpitzky, BCCO - The Passing (Original Mix)

Larisa Migachyov & Jeff & Anne Barnhart - Eucalyptus Dreams

O [Phase] - Merchant

Peter Breiner - Fields of Flowers

Phara - The Wall (Original Mix)

Sera J - Intensity (Original Mix)

Silent Servant - M-99 (Original Mix)

Temudo - Da papps (mix2) (Original Mix)

Villa - Elysian Pool

Bondarev - Meteora (Cosmonaut Remix)

Carbon, Lampe - No Sleep (Original Mix)

Digital Mess - Reprise (Rick Pier O'Neil Remix)

HNTZ - Reality (Original Mix)

Horisone - Otherworld

Layton Giordani & Eli Brown & Offaiah - When I Push (Original Mix)

Milo - Space (Original Mix)

Miss Monique - Veselka (Extended Mix)

Nex Coper & Erdi (B) - Sunrise

Nipun Divecha - Captain Planet (Original Mix)

Ormus - Otawa (Rick Pier O'Neil Remix)

Paul Thomas & Fuenka & Schieber - Figo (Extended Mix)

Peku, Sanderjammes - Speed Of Light (Original Mix)

Th;en, Carlo Whale - Elation (Original Mix)

TiM TASTE - Ideas (Original Mix)

Alex Di Stefano - In My Mind (Original Mix)

Asteroid - Codes of Consciousness (Extended Mix)

Cenk Basaran - Beyond Life (Extended Mix)

Cenk Basaran - Coming from Paradise (Extended Mix)

Cenk Basaran - Eternity (Original Mix)

Eli Brown - Fading To Black (Bart Skils Remix - Extended Mix)

Jay Lumen - Universe (Original Mix)

Joyhauser, Eli Brown - Drop It Down (Extended Mix)

Thomas Schumacher - Strip Silence (Extended Mix)

Will Rees & Rhys Elliott - Defector (Extended Mix)

AVIRA - Hot Tub Time Machine (Original Mix)

DJ Nightnoise - Green (Original Mix)

DJ Nightnoise - Pandora s Box (Original Mix)

DJ Nightnoise - Pineapple Smoke (Original Mix)

John Johnson - London (James Harcourt Remix)

Kiko, Olivier Giacomotto - Deca (Original Mix)

Massano - Shut Down (Extended Mix)

Mila Journee & Kiko - Closer to You

Rafa Silva - Resilio (Hannes Bieger Remix)

Weska - Hawkins

Greg Gow - 35 Fathoms (Original Mix)

Greg Gow - Destroy Alpha

Greg Gow - Pocket Lighter (Original Mix)

Greg Gow - Sleeping Prophet (Original Mix)

Greg Gow - Soul Seek (Original Mix)

Greg Gow - The Cockroach (Original Mix)

Jackin Trax, Don Rimini - Gotcha! (Original Mix)

Jancen - Quasar

Maurizio - M07a

Radio Slave - K-Maze

Alex Di Stefano - In My Mind (Original Mix)

Jay Norris - I Lost My Mind

Jay Norris - Lola

Jay Norris - Utopia

Joris Turenhout - Keep It Real (Original Mix)

LEVT - My Voice (Original Mix)

Layton Giordani & Eli Brown & Offaiah - When I Push (Original Mix)

Melvin Spix - Hypnotizing (Original Mix)

Nicolas Taboada - Get It (Original Mix)

Novem Vivit - Infinity (Original Mix)

Shio Tian - Look At Me (Original Mix)

Sisko Electrofanatik - Only One (GIULIA (IT) Remix)

Space 92 & Hi-Lo - Orion (Extended Mix)

Spartaque & Ramiro Lopez - Janfry (Joel Demoor Remix)

Carlo Lio & The Advent - Panic (The Advent Remix)

Childov & T.A.M - Bipolar (Maccari Remix)

Hyden - Last Charms (Alarico Remix Syep009)

M.F.S Observatory - Y1 (Original Mix)

M.F.S: Observatory & Lazy Ants - DEBRUYNE

M.F.S: Observatory & Lazy Ants - TD401

Modem - Indigo (Maccari Remix)

Rebecca Delle Piane - Balance

Ricardo Garduno - Spiteful Behaviour

VIVEZ - Bop (Are:Gone Remix) (Syep015)

Asys - La Revolution (Original Mix)

Depeche Mode - Ghosts Again (Chris Liebing vs Luke Slater Remix)

Drunken Kong - It's Then (Original Mix)

Eli Brown - Fading To Black (Bart Skils Remix - Extended Mix)

Filterheadz - Indian Summer (Original Mix)

Hertz - Clutch

Hertz - Elec

Marcel Warren - Boundaries (Crossing Line Mix)

Marcel Warren - Boundaries (Filterheadz Remix)

Marcel Warren - Syncopia

Marco Bailey - Smooth Drive (Original Mix)

Oscar L - Again (Original Mix)

Pagano - Zelig

The Advent & Flug - Midnight Storm (Raw Mix)

Tomaz & Filterheadz - Sunshine (Coyu Remix V2)

Dj Jock - Inseparable (Original Mix)


Jay Lumen - Universe (Original Mix)

Joyhauser, Eli Brown - Drop It Down (Extended Mix)

Lautaro Gabioud - Girl (Original Mix)

Luis Del Carmen & Parnassvs - Limitless (Original Mix)

Maddix & The Rocketman - 90s Bitch (Extended Mix)

Metodi Hristov - Afraid of the Time (Vocal Mix 2024)

Mha Iri - Lazuli (Original Mix)

Mozzy Rekorder - Damene Un Po, Chel Ze Bon (Original Mix)

Mozzy Rekorder - Miami Safari (Radio-Edit)

Mozzy Rekorder - Vision (Original Mix)

SHVDZ - Do My Thing (Extended Mix)

T78 - Another Dimension (Original Mix)

Techmo - High On Love (Original Mix)

Vini Vici, Maddix, Shibui - Spiritum (Extended Version)

AYN - ANA (Karim Alkhayat Remix)

AYN - ANA (Original Mix)

Alosoul - All I Wanna

Ghoul - Lost In Oblivion

Jason Johnson, Patrick Scuro - Resurrection (Original Mix)

LEVT - My Voice (Original Mix)

Layton Giordani & Eli Brown & Offaiah - When I Push (Original Mix)

Mha Iri - Lazuli (Extended Mix)

Reinier Zonneveld & Kiki Solvej - Sunden (Extended Mix)

Space 92 & Hi-Lo - Orion (Extended Mix)

Thomas Schumacher - Strip Silence (Extended Mix)

Ramleak - Acclivity (Squarwav Remix)

Ramleak - Choose Love

Ramleak - Dimensions

Ramleak - Feel so Hot

Ramleak - Haunt

Ramleak - Pinea (Hannes Bieger Remix)

Ramleak - Pinea

Ramleak - Raydol (Chris Miranda Remix)

Ramleak - Raydol

Ramleak - Strainge (Alexander Technique Remix)

Ramleak - Strainge

Bizen Lopez - Go Down (Original Mix)

Chicks Luv Us - Knowledge (Extended Mix)

Daniel Kazuo - Love You (Extended Mix)

Francesco Dinoia - Blaster (Extended Mix)

Francis Davila - House Nation

Iva Dive - Comelove

Mathew F - Check This (Original Mix)

Nic Zega - Overdose (Original Mix)

Pedro Silva - My New Glasses (Edit)

Sixtee Seconds - Alesis

Sixtee Seconds - Mob

Alpha Portal & Burn in Noise - Edge of Sanity (StarLab Remix)

Amplify (MX) & Akasha (BR) - Dream On (Original Mix)

Astrix & Ace Ventura - Valley of Stevie (Sonic Species Remix)

Freq & Emok - Return to Consciousness (Original mix)

Galactic Explorers - Sphera (Original Mix)

Greg Downey - Warehouse (Ilai Extended Remix)

MoRsei & West Galaxy - Beyond the Mind (Original Mix)

Outsiders & Starlab (IN) - Endless Horizon

Rave Nine - Nirvana (Original Mix)

Tristan, Burn In Noise - Circles (Original Mix)

Andre Salmon & Nick Edwards - Slaves of the Rhythm

Cour T. - TRiiiBAILE (Original Mix)

Hackerbeatz - City 63rd

Joshwa - Bass Go Boom (Original Mix)

Latmun - Just Play (Original Mix)

Manuel De La Mare - Nonstop (Original Mix)

Martin Ikin - Make U Sweat (Extended Mix)

Paolo Martini & Paul C - Whew

The Chemical Brothers - No Reason (Chris Lake Extended Mix)

under_score - Love Forever (Original Mix)

under_score - Tricks (Original Mix)

Astrix & Tristan - Awake the Snake (Volcano on Mars Remix)

Captain Hook - Origin (Bliss remix)

Gms & Dickster - Dilation Vibration

Imagine Mars - Home

Tristan, Burn In Noise - Circles (Original Mix)

Volcano - I Am Energy

Volcano On Mars & GMS - Mind Wandering

Volcano On Mars & Jimbo & Sitarsonic & DJ Chicago - Goa on My Mind, Pt. 2 (Kaya Project Remix)

Volcano On Mars - Everything Is Life

Volcano On Mars, Flegma - Changa Visions (Original Mix)

Arado & Marco Faraone - Strange Neighbors

Deltech - YOU FEEL (Radio Edit)

Drew Moreland - Maquina

Gabriele Toma - You See Me (Original Mix)

Joe Vanditti - S.O.S. (Original Mix)

Leftwing : Kody & Liam Craig - Why Don't You Tell Me?

Niteplan - Iluvu.Ro (Original Mix)

PUMP! - BANANAS (Extended Mix)

Riley (UK) - Going Deeper

Sante Sansone - Moment

US Two & MariaDennis - Get Bossy (feat. MariaDennis) (Extended Mix)

Will Taylor (UK) - BEAT

Boo Williams - Full Content

Francis De Simone - Move (Original Mix)

Gabriele Toma - Venezolana (Original Mix)

Inner City - Good Love (Luciano's Extended Remix)

Italobros - Midnight (Luciano Remix)

Joe Vanditti, Mene - Antava (Original Mix)

Joey Daniel - Push The Mic (Original Mix)

Luciano - Lost in Lymbo

Luciano - The Great Amael

Luciano - Trance Ilvana (Original Mix)

Luciano, Stigmaz - Travieza (Original Mix)

Manda Moor - Picante

Riley - Club Soul (Original Mix)

Tre Reynolds - Slap The Bass (Original Mix)

Wheats - Let's Kick It

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