Best Dj Charts 2024-02-10

DATA: 2024-02-10, TOTAL: 241, GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Dance / Electro Pop, Indie Dance, Trance, Psy-Trance

If you’re looking for some fresh and funky tunes to spice up your playlist, check out the latest chart by DJ Minx, the artist of the month on a popular music platform. Her chart features 10 tracks that range from minimal and deep tech to house and electronica, with catchy titles like “Get Bossy”, “The Rhythm”, and “Freekazoid”. DJ Minx is a house and techno legend from Detroit, who has been spinning records since the 90s and founded the Women on Wax collective. Don’t miss her groovy and soulful selections that will make you want to dance all night long.


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Andy Martin - Tula Original Mix
Flor Capistran - Hoshī Acid Mix
Flor Capistran - Juicy Original Mix
Gene On Earth - Snooze Operator Original Mix
Job De Jong - Zero Gravity Original Mix
Lisene - Square One Original Mix
Reflex Blue - Operation Frost Original Mix
Remotif - In the Blink of a Cosmic Eye Original Mix
Sakro - Beautiful Music Original Mix
Soul of Hex - Dreams Original Mix
Villaseñor - Emergency Loop Original Mix
W.O.L.F., BadWolf, ADRIAN BLUPER - LIBERATE Original Mix
ALF1E - Crosstep Original Mix
Bizen Lopez - Click Clack Dub Mix
Bizen Lopez - Wack Dj´s Original Mix
Braydon Terzo, Stefan Andreas - Subliminal Original Mix
Brown Vox - Thic Twice Original Mix
Cityburn - Te Gusta Original Mix
Cristian Arango - Delicioso Extended Mix
Djebali - Right To Real Original Mix
Drey Kinian - Generate Original Mix
ENNE (BR) - SMS Original Mix
EdiP, AG Swifty - 2ezy Original Mix
Escobar (BR) - Voices Original Mix
Fer BR - Just F*ck Original Mix
GABY (FR), Gousso - Din Dada Original Mix
Harvy Valencia, Diego Teran - Melhor Som Original Mix
Havoc & Lawn - Top Top Original Mix
Jamie Miller - In the 9 Original Mix
Jason Rivas, The Creeperfunk Project - The Power Club Mix
Jeff Service - Find Another Original Mix
Just Jake - Kinky Original Mix
Justin Dolan - To The Drum Extended Mix
LOWEY (UK) - Crazy Extended Mix
Lucas Ferreyra, KASSIMIL - Toxic Original Mix
Mandragora, Beltran (BR) - Moonlight Original Mix
Martin Bordacahar - Around You Original Mix
Misha Klein - Love the Fire Extended Mix
Nestor Neven - HUM Original Mix
Nino (BG) - Dusty Original Mix
Nofex - Seek Antonello Camboni Remix
Nofex - Seek Original Mix
Pako Ramirez - Need To Share Original Mix
Ragie Ban - Don't Do It Original Mix
Ramon Bedoya, Amal Nemer - Hechicera Original Mix
Ryan Paul (UK) - One Night Stand Original Mix
STELLA (ES) - Perfect Blues Original Mix
Saeed Younan, Late London - Street Knowledge Extended Mix
Shane Kwon, Brendan Costello - Morning Sax Original Mix
Spectral Sun - Hologram Original Mix
Techno Mama - Powerful Rainbow Original mix
Thomas Newson - Broke Man Original Mix
Tomas Bisquierra, Nacho Scoppa - Spicy Original Mix
Toni Varga - Deep Shadows Original Mix
VSACHY - Intuition Original Mix
Venditti Bros, Marco Tisano - All Night Original Mix
Wheats, Shyam P - METHOD TO MY MADNESS Original Mix
Zak Cox (UK) - Deep In Original Mix
kyogre - Talk Original Mix
Audiojack - Pressure Original Mix
Elbee Bad, Hyenah - Afrika Elektra Angelos & Da Mike Remix
Eli Escobar - Kindbud Beat Original Mix
G.O.D - Satisfaction '98 Original Mix
Holy Garage, Roman Flügel - Surprise Losoul Remix
Juliet Mendoza - Black & White Original Mix
Kai Alce - Slide It In Original Mix
Kiddy Smile - I'm Lonely Original Mix
M4A4, Eliza Rose - Delectable Original Mix
Oggie B - Miss Your Love Original Mix
thatmanmonkz, Khalil Anthony - Take U 2 My House Jimpster Remix
A-Par - Flashbang Original Mix
Addison Groove - Elevator Original Mix
Armand Van Helden - I Won't Stop AVH Alt Mix; Extended
Body Ocean - Animal Extended Mix
Cloonee, Sosa UK - Weeping Willow Original Mix
Cour T. - TRiiiBAILE Original Mix
Craze, Matsu, Omicasa - Come on Dawg Original Mix
DJ Motu - Ice Plates Original Mix
KARAN! - MOVADAO Original Mix
Keeld, Confession - What U Wanna Do Original Mix
Lubelski - Synth City DJ Minx Extended Remix
Matsu - Right on Time Original Mix
Matsu, Mike Deuce - Fading NYC Mix
Matsu, Type3 - Everyday Original Mix
Matsu, Type3 - Wide Awake Original Mix
Modern Machines - Brooklyn Original Mix
SUBSHIFT - Move With Tha Extended Mix
Soul Mass Transit System - Lovin Me Original Mix
Tony Romera, Low Steppa - Dance To The Music Extended Mix
Walker & Royce, VNSSA - I Don't Remember Original Mix
Aluna, Chris Lake - More Baby Extended Mix
Ango Tamarin - Can't Eat Extended Mix
Blichfeldt - Blichenschlager Extended
Dennis Cartier, Dylan Soares - Suave Extended Mix
Florian Picasso - Time Extended Mix
Francis Mercier, Victor Deme, Hugel - NaNa Djon feat. Victor Démé Original Mix
Fred again.. - Delilah (pull me out of this) Original Mix
John Summit, MKLA - Fade Out feat. MKLA Extended Mix
Kita Alexander, FISHER (OZ) - Atmosphere Extended Mix
Ochok, Ally rayne - Feel Club Mix
Odd Mob, OMNOM - Losing Control Extended Mix
Rathbone Place - Fallin' Extended Mix
Tobtok, farfetch'd - My Friends Club Edit
AMP Fiddler - Ridin' Single Mix
Austin Millz, Anishka - Limelite (feat. Anishka) Original Mix
Carl Craig, Psyche - From Beyond C2 2023 Mix
Channel Tres - 6am Original Mix
DJ Minx - A Walk In The Park DJ Minx Re-Edit
DJ Minx - D Town Original Mix
DJ Minx - Get On Up Original Mix
DJ Minx - Taking It Back Extended
DJ Minx, Mr. V - We All Famous Original Mix
Dale Howard, Kevin Knapp - Gunny (In The Arms Of House) Original Mix
Eddie Fowlkes - AHYEE Extended Mix
Green Velvet, Mason Maynard - Propane Original Mix
Inner City - Good Life (Remastered) Extended Mix
Inner City, Kevin Saunderson, Dantiez, Steffanie Christi'an - Heavy Andre Salmon, Michael Joseph Dub Mix
Jaden Thompson - Move Your Body Original Mix
Mike Dunn - Strut Cho Phunky Stuff (Sho' Nuff) Mike Dunn Extended Black Glitter MixX
Octave One - Nicolette Original Mix
Shermanology - Sometimes Extended Mix
TSHA - Power - Floorplan Remix Extended
The Vision, Dames Brown - Down feat. Dames Brown Riva Starr VIP Club Remix
Underground Resistance - Base Camp Alpha 808 Original Mix
Andrei C - Rolling That Thing
Bassel Darwish - Point In Time (Original Mix)
Bingewatch - Libre
Bingewatch - Lollipop (Original Mix)
Branco Simonetti - Body Look (Extended Mix)
Dabi & Freenzy Music - Kuzkuz (Extended Mix)
East End Dubs - Bossy (Dub)
Fede Aliprandi - Energize (Original Mix)
Flash 89 & Gabi'el - Body Movement
Francis (UK) - Outta Control
MADVILLA - Too Soft (Original Mix)
Sante - Bring Me Down
Sebastian Xottelo - I Like this Party (Original Mix)
Stacie Fields - On the Money (Extended Mix)
Stefano Noferini - One Love (Original Mix)
Sweely - Gedup (And Move Your Butt) (Original Mix)
Toby Simpson - That's Right
Viot, Vitor Vinter - FMF (Original Mix)
Wheats - Numbers Game (Original Mix)
Adam Beyer - Desert Queen (Original Mix)
Adam Beyer - Heading South (Original Mix)
Charlotte De Witte - High Street (Astrix Remix)
Chris Avantgarde - The Last Time (Original Mix)
DI SUN - Don't Stop Now
Di Sun - Power (Extended Mix)
Kryder, Highly Sedated - The Devil feat. Highly Sedated (Extended Mix)
Nicolas Taboada - Space Vocoder (Extended Mix)
Space 92 - Apollo (Original Mix)
T78 - Hell Or Heaven (Original Mix)
Alarico - Lost In Lima (Original Mix)
Alessandro Grops - Neptune (Original Mix)
Arjun Vagale - Orbital (Original Mix)
Boudi Boudin & Niereich - Fire Demon
Chlar - Dopamine Rush
Coyu - Kma Kma (Original Mix)
DEAS - Fear
Drunken Kong - Bliss
Faig - Flag (Original Mix)
Flug - Against The Limits (Rave Mix)
Giacomo Stallone - Quartz (Filterheadz Remix)
Hans Bouffmyhre - Back Arch (Axel Karakasis Remix)
Hertz - Timballe
Lander B - Interstellar (Filterheadz Remix)
Marcel Warren - Boundaries (Filterheadz Remix)
Mark Williams - Subliminal Fragment Part 1 Of 5 (Truncate Remix)
NORBAK - Malta 6AM
OFF  &  GRID - Masterpiece
OFF  &  GRID - Step Back
Phara - The Wall (Original Mix)
Phil Berg - Raid (Original Mix)
Schroomp - Gundam (Original Mix)
Schroomp - Turn It Up (Original Mix)
Twr72 - Wave (Gene Richards Jr Remix)
Volster - Denial
x club. - Block Rockin
AXL - Moleculair Injection
Bollmann - Rampage
Criminal Mayhem - Die Welt
DJ MAD DOG - Energy 1996
Eugen Kunz - King of the Streets (Lukas Freudenberger Remix)
Frankie Watch - Mastro
INGRID (IT) - Arcade
INGRID (IT) - Ink Baby
Ikkhi - Danger
Lady Maru - Dont Push Me
Lenny Dee & Promo & Lenny Dee & Promo - I Called You (Cancel Remix)
Rebekah - Pop Pop (Sopik Remix)
Roentgen Limiter - Sayonara, Baby
Sebastian Groth & Markus Weigelt - Midnight Resistance
TNT - THOR (Extended Mix)
Vizionn - Run (Original Mix)
Aerium & Avalon 62 - Eneabba (Extended Mix)
Atlantis - Fiji (Allan Morrow Extended Mix)
Hemstock & Jennings - Babylon
Julian Del Agranda - El Sueno (Extended Mix)
Sunda - Mirage (Julian Del Agranda Extended Remix)
Svenson & Gielen & Johan Gielen - We Know What You Did (Original Mix)
The Quest - Shaken Not Stirred
Transa - Carla's Theme (Enigma State Extended Remix)
Vincent de Moor - Fly Away
York - Farewell To The Moon (En-Motion Vocal Dub)
Andre Salmon & Chanel Carmichael & Mood Child - Cuidado Con Ese Tigrillo
Antss - Outta My Head (Original Mix)
Bassel Darwish - Vibe (Original Mix)
Cuartero & Guti - Mass
Jesse Calosso - Boogeytime
MALIKK - Got The Body
Malikk & Mood Child - La ZizZa
Malikk - Subway (Original Mix)
Nick Curly, Manda Moor - Altrip (Manda Moor Burning Rmx)
Sirus Hood & Mood Child - Fugazi
ThatDjPhinn - Beer Garden Groove
The Mekanism - After Train (Original Mix)
Toman - Otro Mundo
Tuccillo - People's Dreams
Ciclo - Groove Is Back
Dj Fronter - Rotor
Guti - You Only Live Once
Javi Bora & Matheo Velez - Don't Stop
Max Dean - In You (wAFF Remix)
Raized - The Tiger
Raized - Twosses
Sante Sansone - Moment
Shahar & Motum - Punks In The Back
Toni Varga, BizZa - HRO Bype (Original Mix)
Alan Sharkey - Twisted (Extended Mix)
Binary Finary - 1998 (Victor Ruiz Extended Remix)
Chris SX - Roll the Drums (Extended Mix)
Cris Grey & Parnassvs - The Cube (Extended Mix)
David Forbes - Apex (Extended Mix)
Freak Unique - Got Me Burning (Extended Mix)
Liam Melly - Energy (Extended Mix)
Ralphie B & Frank Waanders & Collide1 - Neuroshock (Extended Mix)
Sam Laxton - Into Me (Extended Mix)
Systembreaker - Soul Destruction

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