Best Dj Charts 2024-03-10

DATA: 2024-03-10 TOTAL: 445 GENRE:  House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Dance / Electro Pop, Indie Dance

“Eclectic House Vibes”:

  • Dive into the pulsating energy of “Innerself” by Jickow, where minimal and deep tech elements intertwine.
  • Groove to the futuristic sounds of “Alone In The Dark” by Kheger, a techno-infused dreamscape.
  • Lose yourself in the melodic layers of “Souls Dancing” by Kiming Dollo. These tracks are more than essential; they’re transformative.


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Akasha (BR) & Spectree - Flying High
Avalon & Faders - One (Imagine Mars Remix)
Captain Hook - Deep Into Nature (Ajja Remix)
Electric Universe - Psychedelic Traveller
Ilai - Cosmic Code (Original Mix)
Inside Mind & SINESTESIA - Reshape Reality (Original Mix)
Kosmun & Kronomy - We Are Future
Martian Arts - The 7Th
Mekkanikka & FNX - Breaking Mad
Perception - Manipulation
Technology & Ancestral - One More Journey
Tristan, Burn In Noise - Circles (Original Mix)
Volcano On Mars, Flegma - Changa Visions (Original Mix)
Beltran (BR), Mandragora - Moonlight (Original Mix)
Bizza - Box OCB (Bassel Darwish Remix)
Blackchild (Ita) - Gunz.Out (Extended Mix)
Bontan - Get Down (Original Mix)
Chicks Luv Us & EdiP - Bang (Extended Mix)
Chmploo - Doomed (Original Mix)
Hector Couto, Rendher - Break Down (Dennis Cruz Remix)
Jax Carter (US) - Versace
Ki Creighton - This House (Alan Nieves Remix)
Luke Welsh & Mandalo - Break (Alan Nieves Remix)
Senzala - Chase
Serge Devant - A Little Bit Of Love (Art Department & MiDL CHiLD Remix)
Shoke - Taking Chances
Somma & LE YORA - Falante
Alvinho L Noise - Combinado
Alvinho L Noise - Despacho
Anders (BR) - Dissertation
Arnaud Le Texier - Mask (Original Mix)
Avant.OCS & Red Rooms - Collapse
Axel Karakasis - Relentless
BOHM - Texture
Brankelo, Rand - Weird (Original Mix)
DisX3 - Freedom (Original Mix)
FAIG - Irrational (Original Mix)
Linear System - Dubbing
Volster - Granite
Yan Cook - Imla (Red Rooms Remix)
Alessio Bianchi - San Jose
Alessio Bianchi - Tamarindo
Brodyr - Give A Dub (Extended Mix)
Brodyr - Rollover
Brodyr - Show Me
Lucciano & MartinoResi - With You (BRODYR Extended Mix)
Luke Welsh - Dark Thoughts
Luke Welsh - Fear
Mike Morrisey - Gruuving (Original Mix)
Mike Morrisey - Yo Soy El Fuego (Original Mix)
Rob Stillekens & Simon Kidzoo - Keep Movin' (Extended Mix)
Brodyr & Gimbo - Gotta Make It
Brodyr & Gimbo - Take Off
Brodyr - About This Place
Brodyr - Trapstar
Brodyr - We Like
Chris Brooks - Buss It (Original Mix)
Chris Brooks - Get Up (Original Mix)
Mike Morrisey - D4 (Extended Mix)
Pirate Copy - Party Time
SimoV - simov - a major.mp3
SimoV - Famoso
Tomi & Kesh - Get Crazy (Original Mix)
Tomi & Kesh - Robot Riddim
Agus O - Legend
Charman - Fantasia (Extended Mix)
Charman - SUNSHOWERS (Extended Mix)
Gino Da Koda - Geakin' (Extended Mix)
Hutu - Stay Sexy (Original Mix)
Jairo Delli - Sexy (Original Mix)
Jay de Lys - Skatepark (Vincenzo D'amico Remix)
Marian (BR) - Suppa Bounce (Original Mix)
Paco Osuna, Iglesias - Playing With Foc... (Original Mix)
Paolo Martini - I Won't Stop (Dee No Remix)
Tay-Tay - Dawn Pon Cocky (Original Mix)
Bjarki - Ping Pong Ball Gag (Chris Liebing Remix)
Bjarki - Ping Pong Ball Gag (Original Mix)
CAIV & Camille Altay & Israel Vines - Cymbalism
DJ Dextro - Mental Couch
Dubfire & Truncate - Escape (Truncate Remix)
Klint - Tomahawk
Lewis Fautzi - Unprincipled
Lindsey Herbert - Getting Lost
Michel Lauriola - Complete
Pfirter - Infinity
Reeko - Dogma 03
Risa Taniguchi - Our Deepest Fear (Original Mix)
Sciahri - Dying Nature (Original Mix)
SiGNL - Ksor (Chris Liebing Remix)
Silent Servant - M-99 (Original Mix)
A.N.D.Y-W. - Smile in Your Face (Original Mix)
Alan Morris & Martin Drake - Outrage (Extended Mix)
Alexander Komarov - Technomoon (Extended Mix)
Alphacube vs Dreamira & Tsuki Shizumutoki - Revive Shift (DreamSkies Mashup)
Cadeya - Back to You (Original Mix)
Calvin O'Commor - Oceania 2024 (Extended Mix)
Code 2 & Jodie Poye - Hold Me Close (Extended Mix)
Derek Ryan & Pandora - The Juice (Extended Mix)
Eximinds & Kevin Shiah - Argos (Dmitry Chelnokov Extended Remix)
GAIA-X - Halo (Original Mix)
Giako In Trance - Hoshi (Original Mix)
Jay Mav - Alternate Reality (Extended Mix)
Joren Heelsing - Clock Out (Extended Mix)
Juan Alminana Obando - Nawal
KyousIn - The Name of Youth (Original Mix)
Matthew Dreamer - Open Your Eyes (Original Mix)
Matthew Duncan - Osik (Extended Mix)
Mikhail Tseslyuk - The Final Chapter Of The Story (Radio Edit)
Neonica & Natune - Your Light (Harmonic Wave Remix)
Pinkque & Roxanne Emery - Better Than This (Extended Mix)
R1turaj - Chasing The Sunrise (Extended Mix)
Sergiy Akinshin & Ria Joyse - Salvation (Extended Mix)
Sound Of Salman - Karmic Voyage (Extended Mix)
Sublitrance - Dreaming
Talla 2XLC - Solitude (Zyrus 7 Extended Remix)
Adam Reece - Wicked Future (Extended Mix)
Aerial Beat - You're My Happiness (Extended Mix)
Alternate High - In Motion (Extended Mix)
Andrey Constant - The World (Original Mix)
Andy Jaymes (Uk) - At The Gates (Original Mix)
Atropate - Beautiful Mind (Extended Mix)
Code 2 & Jodie Poye - Hold Me Close (Extended Mix)
DJ T.H. & Martin Drake & Bree - Goodbye Forever (Extended Mix)
DJ Tranceair & Shimo Yuki - The Lotus (Extended Mix)
Feel & Rimsky & Diana Leah - One Last Time (Andrew Kochetov Extended Remix)
Isotopia - Eternal Journey (Original Mix)
Joren Heelsing - Clock Out (Extended Mix)
Masaru Hinaiji - May 1st, Fine
Matthew Duncan - Osik (Extended Mix)
Mikhail Tseslyuk - The Final Chapter Of The Story (Radio Edit)
Raphael van de Bergh - Samsara
Rj Van Xetten - The Dream (Extended Mix)
Roman Messer & Christina Novelli - Fireflies (Extended Full Fire Mix)
Scott Bond & Charlie Walker vs Trouser Enthusiasts - Sweet Release (Shugz Extended Remix)
Sergiy Akinshin & Ria Joyse - Salvation (Extended Mix)
Shanokee & Benya - Floor Nine (DJ T.H. Remix)
Speed Dj & Winterborn - Antares
Steve Meyer - A Valley Beyond (Radio Edit)
Trance Wax - Distance (Coast 2 Coast Extended Remix)
Victor Special & Henrik Nilsson - Land Where I Have Never Been (Original Mix)
Victor Special - The Way I Came Up With (Original Mix)
stereorandom - Symphonic Trance (Original Mix)
Cybernet - New Era (M-Ocean Mix)
DJ Kazal - Given Enough
DJ Kazal - I Love You
Dannic - Turn It Up (Extended Mix)
David Mcquiston - The One (Extended Mix)
Jaron Inc. & Wavetraxx - Summerbreeze (Jaron Inc. Extended Mix)
LostLegend - Into The Sky (Astral Bandit Remix)
Masaru Hinaiji - May 1st, Fine
Roger-M - My Love Is Yours (Radio Edit)
SHAX & TrickyDJ - Harder (Extended Mix)
Wildsol - Fungi
Beltran (BR), Mandragora - Moonlight (Original Mix)
Chicks Luv Us & EdiP - Bang (Extended Mix)
Chicks Luv Us & EdiP - Nuthin' On (Extended Mix)
Chicks Luv Us - Trippin' (Original Mix)
Chris Lake, Gotye, Kimbra, Sante Sansone, FISHER (OZ) - Somebody (2024) (Extended Mix)
Edip & Ag Swifty - 2ezy (Original Mix)
Mahony & Brad Brunner - Molly Time
Mahony & Brad Brunner - No Action
Mahony & Brad Brunner - Where U From
Mau P - Beats For The Underground (Original Mix)
Sante Sansone - Dress Code (Original Mix)
Ssero - Affy (Original Mix)
Armin Van Buuren & Artbat - Take Off (Original Mix)
Calvin O'Commor - Oceania 2024 (Extended Mix)
Miikka L - Jester Realm (Extended Mix)
Morgentraum - Friendship (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Extended Remix)
Peter Miethig - Indescribable Moment (Extended Mix)
Push - Universal Nation (Charlotte de Witte Rework)
Rj Van Xetten - The Dream (Extended Mix)
Roman Messer & Christina Novelli - Fireflies (Extended Full Fire Mix)
Sound Of Salman - Karmic Voyage (Extended Mix)
Van Der Karsten & Airwalk3r - Striking Moments (Extended Mix)
AADJA - Introvert Problems (Original Mix)
Alarico - Tenzo
Anetha - Let Me D&Be
FREYA (CH) - Sensory Memory
FREYA (CH) - Warehouse Jungle
Ferdinger - Real Power (Anne Breakmix)
Ki & Ki - To The Vibe (Rework) (Original Mix)
Lacchesi - Eckmul Staircase
Schacke - How you blur the lines
X-Coast & DJ Rada & MC DET - Go Hard
2nd Phase - Pendulums
2nd Phase - Reality Shift (Original Mix)
Gary Beck - Fold
Hertz - By Myself (Cave Remix)
Kashpitzky - Personality Test
Kashpitzky - Response
Levzon - Intense (Original Mix)
Mark Broom - Jazz Ting
Skov Bowden - Squad
The Miller - Doom
Chicks Luv Us & EdiP - Nuthin' On (Extended Mix)
Deetron - Runnin
Francis De Simone - Rollin
Havoc & Lawn - Amused
Havoc & Lawn - Mind Awake
Havoc & Lawn - Scrmbass (Extended Mix)
Louden - Freaky Jam (Original Mix)
Prok & Fitch & Ramin Rezaie - Take It Back
Rooleh - Look At That
Tiptoes - Chip Shop Heroes (Sidney Charles Remix)
Ackermann - Where the party at? (Buitrago & Marck D Remix)
Agent Orange DJ - Communicator
Arkan - We Move
Chlar - Inside Us
D-Unity - Tribal Heat
Franco Rossi - Sepulveda 36
Hertz - Timballe
Hertz Collision, Gene Richards Jr & Hertz Collision & Gene Richards Jr - Must Do It
Hiago Pauli - Astenia (Secret Cinema Remix)
Hiago Pauli - Astenia
Hiago Pauli - Estetica (Recoil ZA Remix)
Hiago Pauli - Estetica
Josh Wink & Truncate - Be Aware
KaioBarssalos - Stronger
Klint - Immersive Culture
Klint - Octane
M.I.T.A. - Crazy Tribe
Mython, Morgenstern - Encounter (Original Mix)
NORBAK - Norma
OFF  &  GRID - Step Back
Slone - Trojan
The Southern - Crackin Jack
Tom Rotzki - Beloved Solution
Uncertain - Source (Original Mix)
Vinicius Honorio & Duncan MacDonald - Bedlam
Vinicius Honorio - Tinderbox (Atonism Remix)
Captain Hook - Space Tube 25 (Ace Ventura remix)
Greg Downey - Warehouse (Ilai Extended Remix)
Ilai - Cosmic Code (Original Mix)
Ilai - Secret Transition (Altered State Remix)
Logic Bomb - Neighbour of the Beast (shivatree & redrosid remix)
Mindbenderz - Celestial Gateway (Original Mix)
MoRsei - Sacred Planet
Relativ - Balkanika (Original Mix)
Simon Patterson - Assassin (Extended Mix)
Xerox & Illumination - No Way Out (Ilai Remix)
Alessio Bianchi - Saturday Night (Original Mix)
Alex Bohemien & Offthecoast - Una Noche Contigo (Original Mix)
Bassel Darwish - Jungle (Original Mix)
Damelo - Try Again (Original Mix)
Ilario Alicante - Living Near Africa (Original Mix)
Joe Vanditti - Mummy Don't Know
Joe Vanditti - S.O.S. (Original Mix)
Joe Vanditti - Vibrations
Joe Vanditti - Wish Star
Un Padre - Engravidar (Original Mix)
DEAS - Flux
Hans Bouffmyhre - Beloved Thug (Original Mix)
Interactive Noise & Lil Jorck - The Punisher
Kalte Liebe - Schall & Schweiss
Klaudia Gawlas - Canvas (Clubmix)
Luciid - Paro Hour (Luciid VIP)
Nico Moreno - Purple Widow (Original Mix)
Oscar Escapa - Are You Ready (Original Mix)
Push - Universal Nation (Charlotte de Witte Rework)
Selective Response - Reality Unfolds
Yuuta - Contacto
ADEZ (NL), Joella Jackson - Stay Logic (Original Mix)
Ammo Avenue - The Invite (Extended Mix)
Chicks Luv Us & EdiP - Nuthin' On (Extended Mix)
Firza - Hit Me
Freenzy Music - Like This (Original Mix)
Joseph Edmund & VITO (UK) - Keke (Extended Mix)
Late Replies - Gangster (Original Mix)
Late Replies - Runnin (Original Mix)
Late Replies - Tell You Something (Original Mix)
Max Chapman & KODEWERK - Give Me The Rhythm
Mike Morrisey - Play On Me (Original Mix)
Nathan Inman - Sound System (Original Mix)
NewTone - Get Up
AKKI - Olympus
Airod - Blackout
Balthazar & JackRock - Serendipity
Belocca & A*S*Y*S - Ethereal 303
Effy & Mall Grab - Iluv (Original Mix)
Fovos - For The Techno (Extended Mix)
Luca Agnelli - Sunday Morning
Popof, Mauro Somm - Astral (Original Mix)
Reinier Zonneveld & T78 & Motvs - Who Is Batman? (Extended Mix)
Teenage Mutants & Sam Wolfe - Dramatico (Original Mix)
The YellowHeads, Marie Vaunt - We Rise (Original Mix)
Umek - Party Non-Stop (Original Mix)
Yellow Claw - Sex Drugs Energie (Police In Paris Remix)
Alessandro Diruggiero & Tomi&Kesh - Chu Chu (Original Mix)
Bastian Bux - Howyalldoin
Blaqq & Why'd - No Endz
Burnr - Joanna (Extended Mix)
Chris Brooks - Buss It (Original Mix)
Crewcutz & Freenzy Music - Still Down
Danny Leblack, David Treble - Squirtle (Extended Mix)
Gama - Tatata (Original Mix)
Italobros - Story (Original Mix)
Jack Baron - Jean Groov (Original Mix)
Joel Cantone - R U Listening (Original Mix)
Kadosh & Renan Boeing - I Can't
Mandiz & Michele Arcieri - Drop It
Mandiz & Michele Arcieri - Pop It
Manuel De La Mare & Luigi Rocca - Vibrate (Original Mix)
Resco (US) - Bounce Back (Original Mix)
Saeed Younan - NaPah
The Mekanism & Jadhe - What It Was feat. Jadhe
Tomas Bisquierra - Off Your Feet (Original Mix)
Trallez, EVEL!N - Work (Original Mix)
Audiojack - Turn It On (James View Extended Remix)
Butane & Riko Forinson - Close Your Eyes
Fleur Shore - Unique (Original Mix)
Josh Butler - Become Clear
Markus Mehta - Walk Away (Cosmin Horatiu Remix)
Markus Mehta - Walk Away
Mathimidori - Zanziba (Levon Vincent Remix)
Per Hammar - Sub Motion
Ray Okpara, Falfan, Dorian Chavez - Rain (Original Mix)
Tre Reynolds - Come Closer (Club Mix)
Adam Beyer - Let's Begin (Original Mix)
Carlita - Cash For Love (Extended Mix)
James Hype & Tita Lau - Vibrate (Extended Mix)
Matt Sassari & Blr - Stuck In (Extended Mix)
Matt Sassari & Blr - The Incident (Original Mix)
Matt Sassari, Robbie Rise - Pupils Pop (Extended Mix)
Max Dean - In You (Original Mix)
Nick Morgan - Shook Part 3 (Original Mix)
Tita Lau - I Can't Take No More (Extended Mix)
Wess - Belly Dance
Beltran (BR), Mandragora - Moonlight (Original Mix)
Chicks Luv Us & EdiP - Nuthin' On (Extended Mix)
Farouki - Dope Boy
Hector Couto, Rendher - Break Down (Dennis Cruz Remix)
Josh Butler & Illyus & Barrientos - Mic Rock (Mike Scot Remix)
L.P. Rhythm - Upside Your Head (Original Mix)
Latmun - Bass (Original Mix)
Louden - Freaky Jam (Original Mix)
Marsolo - Everybody (Original Mix)
Mihai Popoviciu - Waitin' (Original Mix)
Mike Scot - Movin' to the Beat (Extended Mix)
Mike Scot - Movin' to the Beat (Robin Fett Extended Remix)
Mike Scot - Whatever You Want (Proudly People Remix)
Rooleh - Look At That
CLJL - Shadow Speak
Daniel Akbar - Contemplation
Jocef - Speechless (Original Mix)
Late Replies - Runnin (Original Mix)
Ozgur Uzar - Sad Piano (Original Mix)
Ozgur Uzar - U know me (Original Mix)
Paniz69 - Ants Conflict (Original Mix)
Paniz69 - Be my lover (Original Mix)
Ross Kiser - Differently
Sergio Saffe - ROCK THIS (Original Mix)
Adam Beyer - Computerized (Original Mix)
Hi-Lo & Danny Avila - Paradise (Extended Mix)
K.A.L.I.L. - Systolic (Original Mix)
Kaiserdisco - Bailetto
Oliver Huntemann - Rotten (Alex Stein Remix)
Paxtech - Shadow Of My Mind (Original Mix)
Spektre - Sacrament
The YellowHeads & Marie Vaunt - We Rise
Umek - Party Non-Stop (Original Mix)
Victor Ruiz, Wehbba - Stand (Original Mix)
Weska - Gems
Alberto Santana - Over the Past
Angel Alanis & Maria Goetz - Help Me (Original Mix)
Audio Units - Turla
Axel Karakasis - Cold Damper
Delano Legito - Lost Entry (Original Mix)
DisX3 - Freedom (Temudo Remix)
Habgud - Desire
Hadone - Tool 9
Ju Lovett - Alive Again
Lewis Fautzi - Irrational Fear Of Failure
OFF GRID - Strobe Light Memories (Original Mix)
Ramon Tapia - Alarma
Ramon Tapia - Contaminated (Original Mix)
Ramon Tapia - Dark Pressure
Ramon Tapia - Funk Robot
Ramon Tapia - Saturated Mind
Robert Armani - Road Tour (Remix)
Timerman - Crush
UFO95 - Sexual Tension
Chicks Luv Us & EdiP - Nuthin' On (Extended Mix)
Hector Couto, Rendher - Break Down (Dennis Cruz Remix)
Italobros - Story (Original Mix)
Joe Vanditti - Wish Star
Malone - 444 (Original Mix)
Pirate Copy - Party Time
Stefano Crabuzza - Tugudugu (Extended Mix)
Thomas Cerutti - Dreams (Original Mix)
Thomas Newson - Broke Man (Original Mix)
Twenty Six & Tayson Kryss - Buscando Money (Extended Mix)
Ahmed Helmy - Multiple Realities (Extended Mix)
Armin Van Buuren & Artbat - Take Off (Original Mix)
George Sears & Delusion Works - Out of Ordinary (Extended Mix)
Lilly Palmer - Hare Ram (Extended Mix)
Michael Milov & Dmitriy Kuznetsov - In My Dreams (Extended Mix)
Mieke Stevano - Show Off (Original Mix)
Nico Cranxx & Chris Rane - Dynamic Range
Steve Allen & 8.02 - We Unite (Extended Mix)
Sub Zero Project - HALO (Chapter 1) (Extended Mix)
Verhoeven - Spring Groove-Express
Voolgarizm - Chimera (Triode Extended Remix)
Voolgarizm - Surfing The Modern Age (Extended Mix)
Bastian Bux, Daniel Orpi - Wake Up (Extended Version)
Eddy M - Jazzy Candy (Original Mix)
Endor - Fakez (Original Mix)
Iglesias - Dynasty (Original Mix)
James Hype & Tita Lau - Vibrate (Extended Mix)
Loco Dice, VLTRA (IT), Francis De Simone - Flowcito (Original Mix)
Mau P - Beats For The Underground (Original Mix)
Nic Fanciulli & Calussa - Vente (Extended Mix)
TECH IT DEEP & Chico Rose - Tu Tu (Extended Mix)
Thomas Newson & Voost - Sublime (Extended Mix)
Ben Rau - I Luv It (Original Mix)
Ben Rau - Mind Games (Extended Mix)
Ben Rau - Won't Stop
Chris Stussy - Desire (Extended Mix)
Gaskin - Wax Master
Kolter - Keep Bustin' (Original Mix)
Malps - Nan's Jackin
Marsolo - Contextual
Max Dean - In You (Original Mix)
Sidney Charles - Trigger Shift (Original Mix)
Chicks Luv Us & EdiP - Nuthin' On (Extended Mix)
Deetron - Runnin
Francis De Simone - Rollin
Havoc & Lawn - Amused
Havoc & Lawn - Dictate (Extended Mix)
Havoc & Lawn - Mind Awake
Havoc & Lawn - Scrmbass (Extended Mix)
Louden - Freaky Jam (Original Mix)
Rooleh - Look At That
Tiptoes - Chip Shop Heroes (Sidney Charles Remix)
Amorhouse - Take a Bit (Extended Mix)
Crusy - Sound Of The Underground (Original Mix)
Franklyn Watts, Swave - Me Vuelve Loco (Original Mix)
James Haskell - Harlem Jam (Original Mix)
Piero Scratch - Boca Boca
Piero Scratch - Hit Me
Rick Silva - Let Me Tell You (Original Mix)
Sante Sansone - Dress Code (Original Mix)
Tobehonest - You On My Mind A Lot
raF. - Las Flores

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