FOCUS Dj Charts 2023-08-19

DATA: 2023-08-19 TOTAL: 80 GENRE: Afro House, Deep House, Techno (Peak Time), Techno (Raw, Deep, Dub)

Uncover the finest sounds in the electronic music universe with the FOCUS DJ Charts, compiled as of August 19, 2023. This collection features a comprehensive selection of 80 tracks across multiple genres, including Afro House, Deep House, Techno (Peak Time), and Techno (Raw, Deep, Dub). Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, these charts are your ultimate resource for discovering the hottest tracks in the scene. From the infectious rhythms of Afro House to the immersive depths of Deep House and the peak-time intensity of Techno, each genre is expertly represented, offering a diverse and exciting listening experience for all electronic music connoisseurs.



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Afro Effex - Evolve (feat. Denis Opus)

Amal Nemer - 360 (Aaron Sevilla remix)

Berny Manfry - Page of My Hearth (feat. Morris Revy)

Djeep Rhythms - No Me Importa

Double Face, Jemimah Eze - Ezinwanyi

Dung Beetle Music, Khuli & KOJ - Ngiyazifela (Itu so in Love Mix)

Eman S, Ndlondlo - Nalingiyo

Eric Faria & Hallux - O Gente Da Minha Terra

Funky Blackman - Digi

Stilo Mancia - El Cacique

Tom Leeland & Morris Revy - Prayer for Redemption

Tsouko G - Work (Original Mix)

Zulu Mageba, Gratias Deo - Mrabaha - Original Mix

34th Floor Experience - Set Me Free

Alexander Matchak - Sea Train

Carlos Vargas - Mandla (Svehn Remix)

Cocktail Cool - Venetian Sunlight

Eridu - Shifting Records

Ezio Centanni, Enea DJ - Turn It Up

Gil Scott-Heron - Who Will Survive In America (Kek'star's Remix)

Habise - I Believe

Habise - No Methods

Jason Hersco - Sex

Miguel Lobo - Wax Life (Original Mix)

Pettson - Noa

Rowdy SA, Mega BT, Moschar - God

Russ Gabriel - Mordax

Spin Department - Sorting Days (Wareika Remix)

Tony Lionni - Feel the Real

Al-Faris & Andrew Wooden - Black Eclipse (Extended Version)

Andreas Saag - Koolaid (Samuel L Session Soul Food Mix)

Arnaud Le Texier - Tense (Original Mix)

Casual Treatment - Imaging

Cristian KRV - Manifesto

DAVMA - The Miracle (Luca Tresque Repaint)

Daniel Levak - Rebellion of the Machines (Belocca Remix)

Joyhauser - Bassdrone (Extended Mix)

Lewis Legacy - Cosmic Surge

M.I.T.A. - Too L8

Maoh - Thoughts Of Frenzy

Mauricio - Phaze 1 (Extended Mix)

Museum - Chromen

Museum - Rec Ten

PWCCA - Process and Objective (Original Mix)

RONY Group - Ain't Your Story (William Arist Remix)

Ron Costa - Ring My Bell

Shanti People & Frank Deka - Lakshmi

TWO/THREE - No Need To Pretend

The Advent, DJ Dextro - Two Zero Four feat. DJ Dextro (DJ Dextro Remix)

The GOAT - NewNullResponse

The Reason Y - Matricity

Uneven (JP) - Be Autonomous - Original Mix

Volpe (ARG) - Continuous Interaction V2

Платтенбау - Ground Control

A Thousand Details - Mark the Bug Fetishist

CVRDWELL - Bamboozled (Alarico Remix) [feat. Alarico]

David Bau & Quecho - Mars

Dierot - Deep Blue

Ecilo - Skyline

Formally Unknown - See What I See

Fresko - Hands

Fresko - Twist

Ignez - Blueprint

JXTPS - Volcan

Johannes Volk - Improvised Variations

KHAS - Bustah

Marco Bailey, Sigvard - Careless Spectrum - Original Mix

Matrixxman - Sinister

No Spiritual Surrender - Maslac (Kts Remix)

Oliver Rosemann, Alexander Kowalski, VIL & Cravo - Stinger (Vil & Cravo Remix)

PWCCA - Tracking Failure

Philippe Petit - Aqueduc

Philippe Petit - Devolution

Roseen - 2 Hours Left

TENO - Calendura

TENO - Iberis (Franco Rossi Remix)

Tensal - New Regime in Force (Shed Remix)

Tino Trøster - Bizkit

Tino Trøster - Dance and Move

Tino Trøster - Haus

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