junoBeat BASS 2023-05-21

DATA: 2023-05-21 TOTAL: 49 GENRE: Drum & Bass, Bassline, Dubstep, Trap / Wave, 140 / Deep Dubstep / Grime, Breaks / Breakbeat / UK Bass

Experience the electrifying sounds of JunoBeat BASS, a genre-defying playlist that showcases a wide range of music styles. With a focus on Drum & Bass, Bassline, Dubstep, Trap/Wave, 140/Deep Dubstep/Grime, Breaks/Breakbeat/UK Bass, this carefully curated collection delivers a sonic adventure like no other. From the heart-pounding rhythms of Drum & Bass to the infectious energy of Bassline and the dark intensity of Deep Dubstep, JunoBeat BASS captivates listeners with its diverse and captivating soundscape. Prepare to be swept away by the pulsating beats and irresistible basslines that define the essence of JunoBeat BASS.




Anna Wall,Corbi,tekno 2 - XTC

Archangel - Heartstrings

Artilect - Rotation

Avile - Rock N Roll - VIP

Baalti - Spilling


Bios Destruction - The End

Break - Bury a Sound

Break,Charli Brix - Lost

Calibre - I Don't Care Wot U Say

D3U5E - Quasar

Dawl,Luca Lozano - Data Transfer

Dawn Razor - Raw Row

December - Broken Core

Dedman - Eyes In The Rain

DJ Direkt - Didgery Don't

DJ Direkt - Emperor

Dj Guv,Profile - Execution - Profile Remix

ENiGMA Dubz - Aliens

FX909 - Mindset

Ganja White Night,Infected Mushroom - Kill to Feel

Gina Turner,Orin - Override

Half Cab - Technical

Heist - Just Called

Hippie Sabotage - Trailblazer

Jay Carder,Emanuel - Eva's Stoned - Emanuel Remix

Jaymie Silk - SMTaSMA

Justin Hawkes,Andrew Hellier - Better Than Gold

Kwizma - Marshal

Matisyahu - Breathe Easy

Matty Wright - Realisation

Minor Forms,Rider Shafique,Total Science - Time Ticking - Total Science Remix

Nymoz - Endless Journey

Otik - Temptress

Primitive Instinct - Deux

Primitive Instinct - Let You Go

Protect Ryan - Gang Waxed

Ravetrx - 14 Down The Dip

Rayo (UA) - Hifi For Syfy No Wifi

Sci-Clone,A Sides,Nathan Haines - The Girl In Blue

SHIFT+X - Time Out

Shodan - Stay Calm

Skream - Summoned

Sqimer - Silent Tide

Subfiltronik,Badphaze - Blur - Badphaze remix

Sweet Charlie - Addiction

Technimatic - Everlasting

The Glitch Mob - E-Motion

X Prod - Classical

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