junoBeat CHILL HOUSE 2023-07-23

DATA: 2023-07-23 TOTAL: 380 GENRE: House, Deep House, Dance / Electro Pop, Chill House

Escape to a world of blissful grooves with junoBeat CHILL HOUSE, July 23, 2023. This captivating playlist features an array of chill house tracks that highlight the talent of esteemed artists like Lane 8, Dusky, and Jody Wisternoff. Chill house is renowned for its laid-back yet infectious rhythms, making it the ideal soundtrack for both relaxation and light-hearted dancing. Each track on this playlist is a testament to the genre's ability to create a euphoric atmosphere that captivates the soul. Whether you're looking to unwind with some soothing tunes or groove to the mellow beats, junoBeat CHILL HOUSE offers the perfect fusion of calming and invigorating sounds. Let the music take you on a journey of tranquility and delight as you immerse yourself in the enchanting world of chill house.




A.L.I.S.O.N,Hotel Pools - Lifted

AMARI - Going Out

AVAION - Hope - Deep Version

AVAION - Pieces

Able Faces,MCN2 - Cadence

Abroad - Waves

Alex Keeper - Forever

Alex Keeper - Sad House

Alexis Mayer - Dark Soul

Ali Bakgor,Kállay Saunders - I Got Roses

Aludra - Shimmer

Aludra - Understand

Alure,Scarlett - On Repeat

Amphitryon,Iaco,Patrick Aretz - Lost The Way

Aniello Guerra - Down Down

Anthony P.,ROBINS - Love Now (feat. ROBINS)

Antrex,HANDED - Better Now

Aoma Nito - Arlequin

Aoma Nito - Like Paradise

Arkaden,Sam Welch - Live & Let Live

Armin van Buuren,Matoma,Teddy Swims - Easy To Love

Arpad,MISERO,JUSTN X - Tell Me

ArtSpace,Laura Mesiti - Kids

Aselec - Chasing Happiness

AxeeD,INAMEIT - Overtaking

BIDE - All Night

Badscandal - Sexual

Bakermat - Baianá

Barry Can't Swim - Woman

BassBears,CRÜPO,Robbie Rosen - Sun Goes Down

Ben Böhmer,Nils Hoffmann,Malou - Breathing

Ben Plum,PACANI,DRULZ - As It Was

Benlon,Feather - Tonight

Benlon,LexMorris - As Long As I've Got You

Benlon,Twin - Lonely

Benlon,Tyson Bay - In Another Life

Beutos,Lucha - Easy On Me

Boostereo,Ashley Pater - Unforgettable

Boostereo,Eliine - In My Mind

Boostereo,Lev Shapaq - One In A Million

Caiiro,AWEN,Adam Port - Your Voice - Adam Port Remix

Cashmere,Udo - Lord

Choujaa,D.Clakes,EGGSTA - Faithful

Choujaa,EGGSTA - I.C.U

Choujaa,EGGSTA - Make It Out Alive

Choujaa,Mariline,EGGSTA - Don’t Let Go

Choujaa,Moosa Saleem - Rise Up

Choujaa,Small ToK,Jordan Grace - Take Me Away

Chris Le Blanc,Bes & Meret,Karmaloft,Ava Adonia - Ocean Waves - Bes & Meret Remix

Christoph Sebastian Pabst - Ibiza

Cian B,Rico 56 - Lights Down Low

Clara Mendes,Jones Meadow - Em Baixo

ConKi,Rolipso,Runforrest - Sleep

Cornel Dascalu - Falling

DJ Goja,Lunis - Crazy

DJ Goja,Veronica Bravo - Skyfall

DJ Goja - Cause I`m Crazy

DJSM,Felix Samuel - Don't Wanna Dance

DVNB,imallryt - Perfect

Daniel Glaven,Will Church - I Can't Stop

David Guetta,Bebe Rexha - I'm Good (Blue)

Deepest,AMHouse,Taylor Mosley - I Don't Wanna Know

Dennis Lloyd - Nevermind

Dennis Sheperd,Koni Blank,EKE - Limitless

Diplo,Miguel - Don’t Forget My Love

Diplo,Miguel - Don’t Forget My Love

Diskay - Blue Ride

Diskay - Temple of Light

Divolly & Markward - Say It Right

Dominic Neill - Last Summer

EQRIC,PHARAØH - The Other Ones

EWAVE,Kéwork - Moonlight (feat. Kéwork)

Ed Sheeran - Shivers

Efemero - Yeah, You

El Mundo,Zazou - Through Your System

Elderbrook,Amtrac - I'll Be Around

Elderbrook,Rudimental - Something About You (with Rudimental) - Chill Mix

Elderbrook - Numb

Elemer,Casian - Sweet Dreams

Elemer,Dayana - Belong To You

Eli & Fur - Temptation

Eliine,Boostereo - Chained To My Heart

Elton John,Dua Lipa,PNAU - Cold Heart - PNAU Remix

Eneko Artola,Eirik Næss - In the Arms

Eric Delgado - Barcelona Nights

F3DEN,Red Maple,Margad - Sad Eyes

Fabio Vee - Inside Me

Fargro - Fire in You

Flight School,XIRA - Undertow

Forage,Jaime Deraz - Thought You Were

Foínix,Æj,Jordan Grace - Northern Lights

Freaky DJs,Penubiz,PRYVT RYN - Paradise

Fred again..,Delilah Montagu - Delilah (pull me out of this)

Friends & I - Did I Luv U

Fritz Kalkbrenner,Ben Böhmer - Just The One

GABRIEL VITEL,Monolink - Mind Doodles - Monolink Remix

Gabriel Wittner,Crizzy,Chloé Hétier - Back to You

Giants' Nest - Shiny Pearl

Going Deeper,Eliine - End of Time

Going Deeper,Nick Hades - All About You

Going Deeper - Lonely

Gold Lounge - Higher

Good Life,Elderbrook - Good Life (feat. Elderbrook)

Grafine - Gold

Grafine - Green Eyes

Grey Zez,ALEV - Tides

HORT3N,JeLa,Robbie Rosen - I'm Not Over You Yet

Harry Styles - As It Was

Harvio - Rojo Rojo

Hayden James - Something About You

Headrow - Forever

Holo - Oceanside Girl

Howie Conyack,EMMA LX - Na Na Na

Ikarus,MD DJ,Michel Dj,Milan Gavris - Shivers

Izabela,Triplo Max - Thank You

JYYE,Julia Temos - Kryptonite (feat. Julia Temos)

JYYE - Let U Go

James Arthur,Luca Schreiner - Car's Outside - Luca Schreiner Remix

James Carter - COLD

Janet Tung,Honey - Complicated

Jason Wats,D3EPANK - I Need You

Jay Whoke,J Valerix,Sam - Monsoon

Jjos,Josephine Sweett,Fede García - Running Free - Fede Garcia Dark Deep Remix

Jonas Eb,ATHYN,Tom Jack - I Just Wanted You To Stay

Jones Meadow - Know Me like That

Jubël,NEIMY - Dancing In The Moonlight (feat. NEIMY)

Julien Fade,Gamuel Sori - About Us

Julien Fade,This is Lema,Shivana,Jordan Jade - Truth Is (feat. Shivana & Jordan Jade)

Julien Fade,Umali,Jaybog - Rush

Just Liev - One Last Time

Just Liev - Too Good At Goodbyes


KSHMR - Anywhere's Home - Chill Mix

Kaan Pars,Kuzi Cee - Over & Over

Kandi & Fitch - Kids Nation

Kayote,BASJ,Michael Hausted - We Belong Together

Kayote,Gabriel Wittner,Ola Martin - Halo

Ken Fan,Anders Ponsaing,Troels Hammer,Iyami Aje - Mariwo

KiLLTEQ,D.Hash - Stole My Heart

KianoOsh,ANGIE - Potions

Kiismin,Benlon - Better Than Ever

Kiismin,illuna - Satellite

K!llx - Wanna Do It

LB,NORRA - You Were Mine

LOWKEY,Steam Phunk,JAIKO - Safe House

LTN,Ghostbeat,Nina Carr - Captivated

LVD,Noemi Perino - Falling Down

LVD - Feel the Night

LexMorris,Benlon - Till We're Old

Liam Mour - Writings

Lika Morgan - I Can't Feel My Face

Lindja - Petrichor

Lipless - Wishing Well

LissA,TwoWorldsApart - Make It Up To You

Lonely in the Rain,Madeline Megery - Feels Like Paradise

Lonelysoul.,SENSE,Eloise Keeble - Empty Promises

Lost Frequencies,Calum Scott - Where Are You Now

Lost Frequencies,Janieck - Reality

Lost Frequencies - The Feeling

Lotus,Jan Liva,yara. - Drowning

Lotus,Jan Liva,yara. - Too Late For Me

Lotus,RAZZ - I Don’t Feel

Lovely Laura - Walk Away

Lovlee - Melt

Lstn,Saint Rock - Out Of The Woods

Lstn,Tom Bailey - Falling

Lstn - Proxima

Luca - Promise

Lucas Estrada - Better Place

Lust. - Letting Go

Lust. - Spark

Lust. - You

Luxe Agoris,Jesse Ian - Out of My Mind

Luxe Agoris,Max Vermeulen,ruben. - Magic Lies

Luxe Agoris,Samuel Miller - Won't Let Go

Lynhare,NALYRO,Levis Della - Poison

Lynnic,ItsArius,GHALIA - To The Ground

MANSA - Back To You

Maciel,CRVN,Tadeo Fernandez,Triggor - I Like Me Better

aericsn - Regrets

dreem - New Jade

freýa - Morning

ftono - lift me up

fwd/slash,Brïah - If The Sky Should Fall (feat. Brïah)

fwd/slash,Salvo - Give Your Heart Away (feat. Salvo)

fwd/slash - Before You Leave

fwd/slash - Can't Be Without You

fwd/slash - Don't Let Me Down

fwd/slash - What You Do to Me

Æj,Marphil - Colors

MARE,Hitkend House Lab - Nicotine

ME80,Rian Milo - Beachball

MEDUZA,James Carter,Elley Duhé,FAST BOY - Bad Memories (feat. Elley Duhé & FAST BOY)

MON MON,briqs,Julia Karolina - Hunger

MRLN,Robbie Hutton - Lady

MUNNO,Thunder - On My Own

Maone,Sam Welch - Pandora

Marcel Scott,KATZZ - Dancing

Marga Sol,M-Sol DEEP - Avatar

Mark F. Angelo,Sherman de Vries,Sam Rendina - Demons

Martin Jordan,EMOCA,PRYVT RYN - In The Air (feat. PRYVT RYN)

Martin Stark - I'll Find You - Deep Edit

Martin Stark - See You Again

Matt Steep - Overtaking

Matvey Emerson,OMERGY,Dante - Someone Like You

Max Martis,Boostereo,Eliine - Mind Games

Max Martis,Elise Lieberth - Deja Vu

Mazoulew,Sebastian Davidson - For You

Merdy,Ben Plum - Unstable

Meynberg,Vide - Love Me Slow

Mia Vice,Rian Milo - Ignorance and Greed

Mia Vice - Spring Fever

Mia Vice - Wideness

Mike D' Jais - Midnight Queen

Miley Cyrus - Flowers

Monkey Safari - Candela

Moonkids - Waiting

Moses,VOLB3X - Let Me Down Slowly

Munch,Agezzi,MRTY - Never Let Go

Munch,Anthony P.,Thunder - Move The Tide

Murdbrain,Level 8,Shea Michael - Talk

NA-NO,Bianca Tilici,INAMEIT - Numb

NA-NO,Marcus Lovin,INAMEIT - Golden Globe

NA-NO,Round Light,Zayx - Need You Now

NALYRO,Lonelysoul.,Thomas Sykes - Midnight

Namito,Qualista,Foroogh - Sar Umad Zemestoon

Nickobella,Heyder,Britt - Private Love

Nickobella - Don't You Worry

Nickobella - Nothing Hurts

Nicolas Haelg,Sam Halabi - It Goes Like

Nicolas Haelg - Looking Back

Niko Schwind,Felix Raphael - Circles

Nils Hoffmann,Panama - Far Behind

Noemi Perino - After Midnight

Nora En Pure - Altered Destiny - Chill Mix

Nora Van Elken,mixed feelings - Glory

Nora Van Elken - Celestial

Nora Van Elken - Midsommar

Nora Van Elken - Rohan

Old Jim,Victor Perry - Beat It

Oliver Nelson,Tobtok,Leo Stannard - Sail To You (feat. Leo Stannard)

Oliver Tree,Robin Schulz - Miss You

Ovylarock - Let Them Go

P.A.V,Aria De vie,Jordan Grace - Catch & Release

P.A.V,Aria De vie - Blue

P.A.V - Boundless

P.A.V - Control

P.A.V - Days

P.A.V - Eastern Sun

P.A.V - Feels so Good

P.A.V - Nobody

Panski,Vowed,Leshii - Like That

Panuma,Tim Hughes,Kayla - Dark Nights

Panuma,Tim Hughes,Sonam - Broken (feat. Sonam)

Parra for Cuva,Anna Naklab - Wicked Games (feat. Anna Naklab) - Original Mix

Peggy Gou - (It Goes Like) Nanana - Edit

Piece Wise,Eloi El,Pierre Leck - Too Far Gone

Piece Wise,Eloi El - Rest Of My Life

Piece Wise,Moise,J.O.Y - Best Mistake

Planetopia - Ordinary

RAZZ,AndyBear,Kezano - Calling

RAZZ,Jay Tastic,Koa - Off My Mind (feat. Koa)

RAZZ,Jay Tastic - Make This Right

RAZZ,Koa - Warm

REVERSE,Sherman de Vries,Sam Rendina - Delete My Number

Ran the Man - Drifted

Rayasa,VLLN,LissA - Not Here

ReMan,Cornel Dascalu - Touch

ReMan,Nito-Onna,Tabba - Leave The Lights On

ReMan,Taylor Mosley - I Need A Miracle

ReMan,XZEEZ,Veneta - Someone Else

ReMan,Zentone,Banny - Ride It

Recens - Another Night

Regard - Ride It

Remundo,Crystal Deeper - Do It Do It

Rhionn Maxwell - Overdose

Rian Milo,Robotone - Like This

Rian Milo,Zazenkai - Waves

Rian Milo - Morning Dew

Rian Milo - Nightcap

Rian Milo - Poolside

Rian Milo - Sundowner

Rian Milo - Sunset Bay

Robin Schulz,FIL BO RIVA - Killer Queen

Rolipso,B.R.T,Able Faces,Montagu - All I Want

Rolipso,MiteX,SebDell - Need Your Loving

Rude Boy - Radio

Ruhde,Rory Hope - Fuel The Fire

SANDHAUS,Sky White - Innocent

SIN - Used To Be

SKGN,Alexandra Karlén - About Us

SP3CTRUM,Joanna - Radioactive

SRTW,Buchs,flower thief - You & Me

SRTW,CLOSR - True Love - Slowed & Reverbed

SRTW,nourii,CLOSR - Stay by My Side

Safe Wave,SIQUE - You're On My Mind

Sam Ourt,Invisible,Joanna - Breathe

Sam Wiseman,PYASTA,Julien Fade - Night & Day

Sander W.,Boehm - Remember You

Schwarz & Funk - Have a Nice Day

Sherman de Vries,Navaro,ENLIV3N - Psycho

Sherman de Vries,Navaro,SHEREEN - Better

Sherman de Vries,Navaro,SHEREEN - Insomnia

Sherman de Vries,Navaro,Sam Rendina - We Falling

Sherman de Vries,SHEREEN - Breathing

Shoreditch - Lost in the Waves

Sinan Gümüş,INAMEIT - Over

Skybar - Make It Magic

Sole Sole - Summer Rain

Solven,RVPTR,LUKA - My Life

Sonny Bass,Harry Grant,PhiloSofie - Dancing Til The Dawn (feat. PhiloSofie)

Sons Of Maria - Are You

Sons Of Maria - Don't Tell Me I Can't Have It

SouMix,sad bells - Nightfall

Steam Phunk Emma Kade - Let Me Go

Steam Phunk,Eliine - No Faded Love

Steam Phunk,Lena Sue - Nightsky

Steam Phunk,Project Gemini - Perfect Storm

Steam Phunk,maybealice - Make Me Feel

Sticky Fingers - How To Fly

Sultan + Shepard - Salta

Sum Wave - Curated Light

Sun Martyn - Around the Sun

Sylow,K-Beatz - Killing Me

Syntro - Breaking My Heart

T. Matthias,K1NG - Kissing You

TEMP!E - Succeeded

TRU Concept - Sueños

Tabba,ReMan,Cornel Dascalu - Tonight

Tabba - I Need Your Love

Tabba - Let Go

Tep No,Villows - Pacing - Villows Remix

Tep No - I Will Hold You

Tep No - In Reverse

The Kith,millforlife - Easy

The Kith - Can't Get Enough

The NGHBRS,Pete Shade,Riesling - Nobody's Nobody

Thunder - The Only

Till Von Sein - Deft

Tim Hughes,AKER,Sam Wiseman - Heavy Hearted

Tim Hughes,Panuma,Thandi - Clear My Head

Tim Olsson - Here with You

Tim Olsson - Just Let Go

Tim Olsson - Magic Touch

Tinlicker,Helsloot - Because You Move Me

Tobias Bergson - Dreamland

Tobias Bergson - Lost In Time

Tom Odell,Luca Schreiner - Best Day Of My Life (Luca Schreiner Remix)

Tor,Catching Flies - Eleuthera - Catching Flies Remix

Triangle Sun - Turn Around

TwoWorldsApart,Panuma,Nina Carr - Slippin'

Tyra Givens - In the End

Umur Anil Gokdag,Ascence - GOT ME BAD

Umur Anil Gokdag,Ascence - How Long

Umur Anil Gokdag,Ascence - SURVIVOR

Umur Anil Gokdag,Ascence - Sweater Weather

Umur Anil Gokdag - Somewhere Only We Know

VLLN,AKER,FADed,LissA - It's Too Late Now (feat. LissA)

Valante - Kaah

Vanessa Campagna,DJ Goja,Tabba - At My Worst

Varski,Cammie Robinson - Love Is My Religion

Vowed,Brøder,Nito-Onna - Torn

Vowed,Leshii - Luckier

Vowed,Lottie Woodward - Sweet Dreams

Vowed,Nadda Mercenary - All Time Low

Vowed,Polar Youth,LissA - Meanwhile

Vowed,Robbie Rosen,JeLa - Over/Under

Wanders - With You

Wavez - Nothing Really Changes

Xaron,Adeline Um - When I'm With You

Yann Muller,Jordan Grace,Foínix - Yellow

Yasumaru - They Were Always Here

Yunay - I'll Walk Alone

Yvvan Back,AUGUSTKID,Eliine - Good Things

Zepidix,Dolphan - Take me high

miksklim - Gone

millforlife,Edward Snellen - Coming Over

nowifi - Red Flags

nuca3,Kader Esen - You Got the Fire

outset island,Koa,Cal1,l'essay - No Sleep

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