junoBeat CHILL HOUSE 2024-01-04

DATA: 2024-01-04 TOTAL: 79 GENRE: House, Tropical House, Deep House, Soft House

Immerse yourself in the laid-back vibes of junoBeat CHILL HOUSE 2024-01-04. This playlist invites you to unwind with tracks like "Soothing Echoes" by Sunset Grooves, the melodic serenity of "Moonlit Serenade" by Chillwave Voyager, and the soulful sounds of "Tranquil Sunset" by Groove Elements. Let the rhythmic beats and mellow tunes transport you to a world of relaxation and musical bliss. Cover: NATTY





ALSO ASTIR - Underthought

Alena Kita - Off My Mind

Alena Kita - One More Time

Alena Kita - Skyline

Alex Keeper - Circles

Beeskov,LHL - Nothing - Radio Edit

Bjarne Hendrik - Feel You In Love

Bjarne Hendrik - Love You

Bjarne Hendrik - Talk To Me

CARMA - I See You

Chris Luno - See You Again

Chullo - Falling For You

DJSM,Alphalove,Robbie Jay - Lonely Instead

Does it matter - Control

Drics,doVicente,Thymaz,Altero - Over The Clouds

Drics - Winter Again

Friends & I - Life Goes On

Giorgio Gee,Aize,FAVIA - Insomnia

Giorgio Gee,Amadea - By My Side

Girls of the Internet,Anelisa Lamola - Affirmations (feat. Anelisa Lamola) - Live From Battery Studios

Going Deeper,Lanns,Munch - Crazy for You

Hannah Wants,ARA - The One (feat. ARA) - Acoustic

Hannah Wants,Clementine Douglas - Cure My Desire (feat. Clementine Douglas) - Acoustic

Hannah Wants,Hannah Boleyn - Hard To Breathe (feat. Hannah Boleyn) - Acoustic

Homem,Amphitryon,Donner - What's Lost Is Done

Homem,lunne. - A Blessing in Disguise

Jack Kelly,James French - See You Again

James Carter,Dillistone,Tiffany Aris - Felt A Little Like

Jared Mueller,LeftLukas - Running Circles

Kayote,Slenderino,Gabriel Wittner,Luciana Silva - Every Breath You Take

LB,Zena - Don't Let It Stop

LJ MASE,Ella X - Shapes

Lane Boy,Axel Ehnström - Rain Pours Down

Lilly Ahlberg,rayn - come so far

Lucas Butler - Mantra

Lust. - Losing My Mind

LuvLess - Superhigh

MOUNT,Ekko - Where The Night Goes


Maone,Sam Welch - Vitruvian Man

Max Mackie,Mariline - Can't Feel My Face

NORRA,Deepend - Dream (Deepend Edit)

NUBLANC,RAZZ,blackbird - I Won't Cry

Nicolas Haelg,Jason Walker - More Than Just A Night

Nokiaa,DEOVI - 266

ONEIL,Aize - Sorry

P.A.V,Jordan Grace - Shooting Stars

Petit Ocean - IAM

Porter Robinson,Madeon - Shelter

RaFa Sessions - Copper Fever

Rian Milo - Take Control

Rolipso,Giorgio Gee,NALYRO - Part Of Me

Ruffnux,Holochrome - Back To Us

SIQUE,Safe Wave - Don't Hide

SRTW,nourii,CLOSR - To You

Sophie Lloyd,Pauline Taylor - Angels By My Side (feat. Pauline Taylor) - Celestial Chill Out Mix

Sum Wave,Bye Ocean - Solitude

Sunseekers,SIQUE - Houdini

T. Matthias,Tep No,Émilie Rachel - Voodoo

TRE,Bucko.,CLOVER - Home

Thunder,Dizaro - Only Me & You

Till Von Sein - Kelly

Tim Olsson - Don't Need You

Together Alone - Waiting For You

Tom Ferry,MANÜKA,Char - Dark Skies

UOAK,Jope - Can You See

Umur Anil Gokdag,sped up kid - LESSON LEARNED - Sped Up Version

Vanilla Sky - Human

Vanilla Sky - Someone Else

Vedde,Stase - Night Rider

WAPO Jije - City Storm

Wavey - Days

Wavey - Older

Wavey - Truth

devin - sober

nowifi,Britt Lari - Somewhere Only We Know

nuca3,Natan Keller,Kader Esen - Running

rshand,Cloudcage - Moment

twofaced.,Rico 56,Luxe Agoris - Feel It

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