junoBeat CHILL HOUSE 2024-02-05

DATA: 2024-02-05, TOTAL: 184, GENRE: House, Chill House, Tropical House, Melodic House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House

If you are looking for some relaxing and soothing tunes to chill out with, you should check out junoBeat CHILL HOUSE 2024-02-05. This playlist features some of the best chill house tracks from artists like Lauv, Kygo, and The Chainsmokers. You will love the smooth vocals, the catchy melodies, and the laid-back vibes of these songs. Whether you need some background music for your work, your study, or your meditation, junoBeat CHILL HOUSE 2024-02-05 will keep you calm and happy.


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AVAION,PaulWetz,Nu Aspect,YUMA - Sleepless

Airmow,Reiyo The Giant - CARMEN

Alex Baker,Hanging Valleys,Hessian - Lights - Hessian Remix

Alex Keeper - Safe and Sound

Altero,Megggi - light on

Amtrac - Never Lost

Arley,Jai Cuzco - Bury

Astrality - Goosebumps

Astrality,Arinn,B-Goss - Regret

Astrality,Georgia Blackwell - Alone Together

Astrality,Leo Stannard - Illuminate

Astrality,MNRT,S:NE - Rain

Astrality,Thandi - Lost in You

Astrality,Thandi - Times Are Changing

Astrality,soleil,Kleeve - Belong


Banyan - Maundu

Big Wild - When I Get There

Blimpmode - Losing My Mind

Bobby Love,Olive B - Why

Bondax,SHELLS - Fade (feat. SHELLS)

Bye Ocean - Beyond

CALIENTÉ - Disaster


CRi - I Can Make It

Carter.,imallryt - Let You Know

Chace - Us - Selected Mix

Chilled Virus,Dawilk - What Is Love

Chris Ruo,outset island,SAMI - Wherever You Go

Chullo - Alive

Coldabank - Afterlife - Chilled Mix

Crandon Park,Mia Vice - Day

Crooked Colours - Love Language

D3EPANK - Tell Me


DRAY - Remember

DVNB,Jan Liva - Shine So Bright

Dillistone - Haunted

Disclosure,Eliza Doolittle,Rivo - You & Me - Rivo Remix

Disclosure,Sam Smith - Latch

Does it matter - Need 2

Don Gianni,LO,Mallou - Try

Donner - Fading

Donner,Aron Matthews,ODBLU - So High

Duke Boara - Rain

Duke Dumont - Melt

Durante,Running Touch - Remedy

Effemar - Needing Space

Elderbrook,Emmit Fenn - I’ll Find My Way To You

Elderbrook,Tourist - Howl - Chill Mix

Emmit Fenn,Steve James - Until We Leave the Ground - Steve James Remix

Exit Coda - Higher (Live Edit)

Falden,Dan Soleil - Hold You Back

Falden,Fare - Tell Me

Firstwave - Sublime

Frankie Polari,NuBass - What You Say

Franklin - Sleep Walking

Fred again..,Jozzy,Jim Legxacy - ten

Fred again..,The Blessed Madonna - Marea (we’ve lost dancing)

Friends & I - When You Love Someone

Gorgon Breath,Monartt,Eliza - Get Down Saturday Night

Griffith Clawson,Devault - Leave Me Low

Heard Right - All for Nothing

INNERVERSE,Helsloot,Malou - Allein Allein

ItsArius,Lynnic,Dinia - Lost In The Melody

JEWELS,Discrete,Tudor - Home

JLV,Kairos Grove - Shallow Water - Edit

Jack Wins,Thando1988,Anton Karskiy,Billy Vena - Infected

James Carter - Heaven

James Carter,Hanne Mjøen - Tell Me

James Stefano,Lively - With You

Jamis,PØP CULTUR,Kyle Pearce - Innocent

Jengi,Sacha Vee - Without You

Jerro,Sophia Bel,Massane - Demons - Massane Remix

Kid Francescoli,Julia Minkin - Moon (And It Went Like)

Kidnap,Leo Stannard,Ben Böhmer,Nils Hoffmann - Moments - Ben Böhmer & Nils Hoffmann Remix

Kygo,Ava Max - Whatever

LAR - Borrowed Time

LAR,Nu-La - Erase

Lane 8,Arctic Lake - Road

Le Youth - Underwater

Levis Della,Henry Hood,Sanduú - Nevermind

Lonely in the Rain - Chemicals

Lonely in the Rain,Appleby - Emergency

Lost Frequencies - All Stand Together

Luca - Euphoria

Lucas Nord - Closer To You

Lucas Nord,Husky - No One Even Knows My Name

LuvLess - Pictures

Luxe Agoris,RAVILLE,Kryoman - Mire

MAGNUS,Hanne Mjøen - Lovesick

MAGNUS,Zeli - Over My Shoulder

MK,KC Lights - Body 2 Body - 6am Remix

MVCA,hinoon - Walk In The Park

Mark F. Angelo,Thomas Sykes - Nothing Compares

Matvey Emerson,Dante - Heal My Love

Matvey Emerson,NEVRMIND - Say My Name

Mazoulew - Invisible Man

Medasin - I Feel Strange

Mike D' Jais - Forever and a Day


Mild Minds - VIEWS


Nathan C,Yola Recoba - Changes

Nicolas Haelg,Adon - You & I

Nightwhisper - Beyond

Nils Hoffmann,Rae Morris - Lonely

Nora En Pure - Morning Dew

Novum,Lumez - As It Was

Nu Aspect,Arkaden,Sam Welch - Strings Attached

Nu Aspect,Coach Harrison - If You Wanna

Nu Aspect,Jamis,Poppy Baskcomb - Miss You

Oliver Cricket - Better Days

Oliver Cricket,Mingue - About U

PALASTIC,Ekko - The Darkside

PALASTIC,LissA - Caught in a Dream

PALASTIC,Sam Welch - Through the Fire

PHURS,Polly Belycee - Love Again

Paige,Nihil Young,Innarius - Hey Now

Panuma,Maike - Contagious

Panuma,TwoWorldsApart,LissA - Like Mmh

Parada - See U

Parra for Cuva - Mimose

Paul Schulze,Able Faces,Callum George - Honesty

PaulWetz,Dillistone,Mahmut Orhan - Moment - Mahmut Orhan Remix

Piece Wise,YVMV,DTT Felix - A Million Suns

Pureblue - Kaleidoscope


ROW,Samuel Miller - I Can't See

Rayasa,Jacala,Thandi - Moonlight

Reel Mood,Tima Dee - About U

Rolipso,Freddie Elmberg - Don't Hate You

Ros T - Heartbeats Follow - Club Mix

Ross Quinn - The Otherside

Rules,SHYA,Coldabank - Something Stronger

Running Touch - When I'm Around You

SAINT.,Peer Pressure - Stay Right Here

SJAY Music,Jack Wins,Clementine Douglas - Black Light


Sevenn,Jem Cooke - Heart Back

Shallou - Make Believe

Shift K3Y - Feel Your Body

Soku,Léon Rudolf - Captivated - Radio Edit

Sole Sole,Lena Sue - Afterglow

Sonny Fodera,Clementine Douglas - Angel (feat. Clementine Douglas)

Steeg,AUGUSTKID,colormeblue. - Way Out

Swedish House Mafia,Connie Constance - Heaven Takes You Home (feat. Connie Constance)

Taiki Nulight,Rue More - Dive

Tammy Andre,DJ Mila - Keep It Going

Thierry Von Der Warth - Talk About Us

Thomas Irwin,Scarlett - Worst Best Night

Thunder - Deja Vu

Thymaz,Drics - Save The Day

Tim Hughes,AKER,Sam Wiseman - Heavy Hearted

Tim Williams,Tim Hughes - Feel The Love

Tinlicker,Helsloot - Because You Move Me

Tiësto - Drifting

Tom Enzy,Pillows - Gold Digger

Tom Ferry,JONA XX,Sarah Lahn - Love Is Just a Game

Tough Love,TAPE ANGEL - Wild

Trinix - Sunset Memories

Tudor - Bonfire

VLLN,DOGMA,soleil - Come Down

Vandelux,Alex Maher - Matter of Time

Vowed,DAV5 - Someone Else's Love

WILL K,MAGNUS,Alessia Labate - Holding On

Wavey - Jumping On Clouds

YVMV - Emotions

ZHU,Devault,BabyJake - Revelations

Zac Samuel - Care At All

Zak Joshua - Figure It Out

Zena - Stare Into Space

aericsn,july - Still Standing

anamē - Anywhere (Road Trippin')

birø - tø infinity

birø,KROO - søund øf yøur heartbeat

exclap - Stare Into Your Eyes

four30,NIIMO - Liar

fwd/slash,ROSY - Hope You Don't Mind

narou,Andrew Applepie,Ross Quinn - how to get there - Ross Quinn Remix

nimino - No Sympathy

puulse - what can i do

rayn,Senes - so far away

rshand,EM - Heartbeat

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