junoBeat DEEP 2023-05-24

DATA: 2023-05-24 TOTAL: 120 GENRE: Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech, House

Experience the future of electronic music with junoBeat DEEP, the groundbreaking playlist that pushes the boundaries of sonic exploration. Released on May 24, 2023, this carefully crafted collection takes listeners on a transformative journey into the realms of deep, immersive soundscapes. From pulsating basslines to ethereal synth textures, junoBeat DEEP captivates the imagination and transports you to a realm where music becomes an otherworldly experience. This cutting-edge selection of tracks showcases the finest talents in the electronic music scene, presenting a fusion of genres and styles that defy categorization. Prepare to be enchanted by the hypnotic rhythms, enveloping atmospheres, and thought-provoking compositions of junoBeat DEEP, a playlist that revolutionizes the way we perceive and appreciate electronic music.




Adam Pits - Spreadable

ADR (UK) - No Place Like Øhm

Ahmed Spins,Stevo Atambire - Anchor Point

Alex Puicea - 808 princess

Alfredo Ávila - G Point

Alpha Zoo - Got The Groove - Extended Mix

Anja Schneider - Hoover Disco

Anton Lanski,Harrison BDP - Syndro - Harrison BDP Remix

Bart Ricardo,Justin Harris - Morning Bliss - Justin Harris Maintenance Remix

Biff'um Baff'um Boys - Bombing

Black Loops - How Big Is the Universe

BNinjas - Pause

Boo Williams - Ambushed - Original Mix

Boo Williams - Switching Gears

Boys' Shorts,Eden Burns - With You - Eden Burns Remix

Brocofski - Fire In The Sky

Capeesh Society,Sam Dexter,Kylie Auldist - Driftwood (Extended Mix)

Chesster - Spring In One Take

Ciro De Gais - Ikigai

Closet Yi - Sonder

Colau - Driving You Mad

Colau,DJ Merci - Driving You Mad - DJ Merci Remix

Daniel Brooks,PYRRHUS - Looking Good Tonight (Extended Mix)

Daniel van der Zwaag - Mist

Dave Seaman,Danny Howells,Darren Emerson,Robert Owens,3D - Known Love

DJ Dashcam - Sexed Up

DJ Linus - Ferryflight - Original Mix

DJ Merci - Ask Yourself

Don Swing - You're My Wing

Dub Taylor,Korsakow,Tigerskin - Irgendein - Mix 3

Elkka,Jeigo - Body

Flabaire - Clik Plok

Frank Virgilio - Summer 79

Freestyle Man - 50 Hubert Street

G-Nice - All Night

Guglielmo Rantica - UMM

Hardy Heller,Alex Connors - The Night (Extended Mix)

Hidden Empire - Dark Sun

HUGEhands - Free Fall

HUGEhands - Hope

Ichisan,Prins Thomas - Tip Top - Prins Thomas Remix

Intr0beatz - Mandolinio

Jack District - Cold Clouds

Jack District - Hot In Here

Jack District - House Homage

Jack District - What I Feel - Dub Mix

Jan Kincl - For a Second - Cycle Dub

Jansons - Feed The Night

Jeff Fader - Hai - Last Reproach

Jesse Bru,International Dateline - Yellow Sunshine Machine - International Dateline Remix

Jose Vilches - Never Give Up

Juli Lee,Mihai Popoviciu - Boss - Mihai Popoviciu Remix

Kamorah - Autopilot

Ken@Work - Bees N Things N Flowers

KiRiK,ALIA PALANT - Follow You

Kolter - Catch the Dream

Konrad Ritter,NEPH,Dave DK - Bring It Home - Dave DK Classic House Cut

Kosh - Tangled Dreams

Krewcial - Owo

Kx9000,Tour-Maubourg - April

Len Lewis - Take It Easy (Sith Edit)

Leonardus - Deep Universe

Long Island Sound,Cromby - Power - Cromby Remix

Lovebirds,Uri Gincel - Playing Games

LOYOTO - Trojena (Blockparty Dub)

Luis Radio,Mannix - Get Me There - Mannix Old School House Remix

Machomovers - Feel it - Original Mix

Manuel Kane - Don't Want It - Original Mix

Marsolo - Dear Future

Masters At Work - Funky Anané - MAW Jazzy Dub

Max Palmer - Bella Bella

Maxime Groove - Second Chance - Original Mix

Mo'Cream,Andre Espeut - Find The World

MPathy - Eroica

Nail - A Good Bra

Nail - Shoobedoo

Natural Rhythm - Freak FM

Neil Pierce - Deep Dive

Nephews - Get B

Nick Curly,Mihai Popoviciu - Silom - Mihai Popoviciu Remix

Okain - With You All Along

Pedro Capelossi - Duppies in My Head

Perfect Lovers,Victor Rodriguez - Could It Be You

Peter Mac - Take - Original Mix

Photonz - Brand New Illusions

Platzdasch & Dix - Got Another Thing Coming

Private Agenda,Benjamin Fröhlich,Iron Curtis - Soft Power - Iron Curtis Soft Cell Remix

Radic The Myth - A Zulu Man In Berlin

Ráfla - Her

Rhythm Of Paradise - In My Face

Robert Babicz - We Will Never Give Up

Robert Owens,Bernard Badie,JA,RO - Ping Pong - Robert Owens & Jamie Anderson Remix

RSS Disco,Johannes Klingebiel - Firm Shake - Johannes Klingebiel Remix

Scruscru - Long & Sleepless Nights - Flute Mix

Shore - So Low

Sidney Charles - Universal Highway

Skorpions - About the Glue - Extended Mix

St. David,Rhythm Of Paradise - Summertime Jaz' - Rhythm Of Paradise Mix

Stefan Braatz,Virgo Four - Everyman Jack - Extended Mix

Steve Mill,Bongani Mehlomakhulu - God Given

Stimming,Brandt Brauer Frick - Arc De Triomphe - Brandt Brauer Frick Remix

Suburb Beat - Natural Riderz

S.U.M.O.,Saison - Santiago Boys - Saison Rework

Swing Duke - Mysterious Groove

Talaboman,Axel Boman,John Talabot - Bosco Bosco (Drums For Life)

The Natural Curve,Polly Gibbons,Cody Currie - I Die - Cody Currie Remix

Third Son,Alex Slater - TWWE - Alex Slater Remix

Tilman - On The House - Second Round

T.Markakis - Walk With Me

Toscana,Carlos Castro,LemonSouldj - Sirena - Original Mix

Tuccillo,Kindbud - The Music Found Me - Tokyo's Beats Mix

TWO LANES - Movement

Us Two - Hollistic

VIGI - Slow Motions

Vittorio Brena - Time To Back

We Are Neurotic - Wanna Make U Real Good

Whitley Tlee - Love Is Dangerous

Yonatan Rukhman - Dream Supreme

Zetbee - About You

Zetbee - Wannabe

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