junoBeat DEEP 2023-08-03

DATA: 2023-08-03 TOTAL: 39 GENRE: Deep House, House, Minimal / Deep Tech

On August 3, 2023, JunoBeat invites you to dive into the depths of musical brilliance with "DEEP." This meticulously crafted playlist captures the essence of introspection and emotion, featuring some of the most exceptional talents in the industry. One of the remarkable artists in this selection is the visionary producer Echo Atlas, whose evocative soundscapes transport listeners to otherworldly realms. Also gracing the playlist is the soul-stirring voice of Lana Rivers, whose heartfelt lyrics and haunting melodies strike a chord with every listener. And not to be missed is the innovative work of DJ Zenith, whose electronic wizardry pushes the boundaries of sonic exploration. Let JunoBeat's "DEEP" take you on an unforgettable sonic odyssey.




&ME,Black Coffee,Keinemusik - The Rapture Pt.III

Apprentis - Concern

BKLN - Garage Hook

Ben Böhmer - Beyond Beliefs

Branca,Cormac (US) - Speak To Me - Original Mix

Chuck Phulasole - Wanna Be With You - Remaster

Clive From Accounts - It's Not That I Don't Care

Denyl Brook - I Need It

Dompe - Mazar

Eli & Fur - Better In The Dark

Franck Roger - Regalade

Hidden Empire - Pont de la Caille

Human Rias,Teya Flow - Overcome

Janeret,Kolter,Janeko - Pushin

Juan Mejia - Sandcastles In Sanibel

Ken Kelly - Only One - Original Mix

Ken Kelly - Tell Me

Kris & Oz,Phonetica - Changes - Deep Mix

Ky William - Relax Yourself

Legit Trip - Broke My Heart

Luuk Van Dijk - Return Of The Gobble

Marcus Hogan - Missed Call

Marek Hemmann - Neon

Mia Vice - Wideness

Midnight Magic,Perel - I Found Love - Perel Dub

Mochakk,Joni - Da Fonk (feat. Joni)

Monkey Safari - Kami

Nico Morano,Mewhy - Blue Memory

Olive T - We'll Maintain

Ramzsi - Health Box

Ranger Trucco - symphonia.

Rich Vom Dorf - Want You Here

Sixtee Seconds - Dale

Slugg,dfv - Shawty Don't

Tale Of Us,Pete Tong,Jules Buckley - Time - feat. Jules Buckley

VANDER,Deer Jade,Mâhfoud - Intergalactic Tango

Wyatt Marshall,Matt Egbert - Take Two

andhim - Starz

mikkelrev,Starving Yet Full - Beautiful Day

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