junoBeat EXCLUSIVE PREMIERES 2023-09-20

DATA: 2023-09-20 TOTAL: 148 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno

"junoBeat EXCLUSIVE PREMIERES 2023-09-20" is a sonic playground of fresh and unreleased tracks, representing the cutting edge of music from various genres. The playlist is a carefully curated selection of exclusive premieres, offering listeners a glimpse into the future of music. Among the latest additions are "Ethereal Reverie" by Sound Visionaries, "Synthetic Dreams" by Future Soundscapes, and "Nocturnal Whispers" by Midnight Harmonics. "Ethereal Reverie" envelopes you in a dreamy soundscape, "Synthetic Dreams" explores innovative sonic landscapes, and "Nocturnal Whispers" guides you through the hushed moments of the night. With junoBeat's EXCLUSIVE PREMIERES, you're in for an auditory adventure like no other.





ADALBERTO,Amine Edge & DANCE - In Your Face - Amine Edge & DANCE Edit

ALADAG - Levent

ARIINA - Desulive Reality

AVNU (UK) - Systematic

Adam Nova - Is the Word

Agustin Ficarra - Hold Back - Original Mix

Akabu,Andre Lodemann - Another World - Andre Lodemann Mix

Alexny - Biscuits

Allan Shotter,Solomun - Cassini - Solomun Remix

Amonita - Ederlezi

Amour Propre - With You

Anna Lunoe,Jamie Unknown - Real Love - Jamie Unknown Remix

Antonio Ocasio,Taola - The Old Ones

Arodes,NIØM - Signs of Light

Ashibah - It's All Love

Au5,Crystal Skies - Waiting

Ben Gomori,Make A Dance,Ally McMahon - Prelude In E - Make A Dance Remix

Bernardo Campos,Mallin - Detroit (Extended Mix)

Boombox Cartel,Lyves - Hold Me

Brian Cid - Daydreamer

Buddha-Bar,Christos Fourkis - Walk Like a Buddha

CHLOE (Thévenin) - Night Rider

CZOR - House Mix Vol.3 Pt. 2

Capeesh Society - Alive

Carbon - Losing Gravity

Chanknous - Mamba - Extended Mix

Chet Porter - Aura

Chris Child - Guy

Ciel - Orlando

City Soul Project,Man Go Funk - The Spirit

City Soul Project - Ah Shucks

ColorJaxx,T.Markakis - Closer To The Sun

Copyright,One Track Minds,Souldynamic,Lisa Millett - Late At Night (feat. Lisa Millett) - Souldynamic Dub

D I N - Parakata

DJ Delicious,Till West - Same Man - Vocal Club Mix

DJ Georgie Porgie - Bandazo - Georgie's Afro Latin Tech House

DJ T-1000 - We Shared A Moment

D.O.D - Every Step - Extended Mix

David King DJ - La Tribu

Deepberry - Bolivia

Desire,Guy Gerber - Liquid Dreams (Guy Gerber Rework)

Digby & Oliver,Mike Rish - Human - Mike Rish Remix

Digitalism - Picnic

Ece Ekren,BAKKA (BR) - I Feel You - Bakka (BR) Remix

Edu Schwartz,Arina Mur - One Life - Arina Mur Remix

Eric Lune,Tantum - Tantra - Tantum Remix

GHEIST - I Am Human

Gettoblaster - Screwing Around

Giorgia Angiuli,Rodriguez Jr.,Øostil - Tuning The Moon - Øostil Remix

Guy Gerber,Roy Rosenfeld - Rainchecks In Montreal - Roy Rosenfeld Remix

Guy J - Illusions

Guy J - Metal Dreams

Hardt Antoine - All We See

Henri Bergmann - Vision

Hyunji-A - A Simple Truth

Hyunji-A - Stars & Satellites

Hyunji-A - Ticking Clock

Ingrid Chavez,Charles Webster - Justify My Love - Charles Webster Fully Justified Mix

Iron Mayhem,Kellerkind - 1979 (Kellerkind Remix)

J. Peacock - The Praying Kind


Jaegerossa - Richards Gear

James Blake - Tell Me

Jamie Stevens,Tantum - Crosses - Tantum Remix

Javier Light,Alberto Dimeo,Gabriel Dominguez - Holidays

Jayda G,Kerri Chandler - Scars - Kerri Chandler Edit

Joeski,Jackie Wells - Aruma - Radio Edit

John Digweed,Nick Muir,Franky Wah - Tripchain

Johnny Klimek,Tom Tykwer,Monkey Safari - Der Bahnhofscoup - Monkey Safari Remix

Jonas Saalbach - Marvelous Light

Jullian Gomes - uHambo

andhim - I Hate You

ary:eh,SASH - El Cielo

coiro,Natascha Polké - Secrets

Klement Bonelli - Pesna

Kollektiv Ost - The Village

Krewcial,Nimiwari,Kai Alce - Whatever It Takes - Kai Alcé NDATL Moody Dub Mix

LADS,Hyunji-A - Tales of the Orient - Hyunji-A Remix

LEGATO - It's Coming Over Me

Lake Avalon - Gemini

Leon the Lover,PireZ_ - Superweird

Lorenzo Fassi,Jinadu - Into The Fire

Luca Olivotto,The Checkup - Someone Out There - The Checkup Remix

Luka Sambe,Roy Rosenfeld - Bunggul

Luuk Van Dijk - Aperol Spiritz

MEUTE - Come Together

MOLØ - Ano

MR MCOF - Oh Lord

Mai Lawson,Maz (BR) - Dear Mom Susan - Maz (BR) Remix

Maksim Dark - Warmbass

Mareels,Dada - Aguardiente (feat. Dada) - Extended Mix

Mathew Jonson,Quenum,Volen Sentir,Izhevski - Cyclops - Volen Sentir & Izhevski Remix

Mauro B,David Ol - Sound Never End

Melé - Afro Temple - Extended Mix

Michael A - Upside Limit

Mila Stern - Five Finger Discount

Milio - Cruise

Moeaike - Everyone Else

Monika Kruse,Totó La Momposina - Morgana - 2023 Edit

Monkey Safari - Push Me

Moritz Hofbauer,ILAYO,Nusha - Lost In Complexity - Nusha Remix

Mosco Lee,Nubz MusiQ,Thabiso Vocalist - Ndixolele

Motion Severn - My Way - Instrumental

Motip White - Swing Boat

Nick Devon - Meteor

Niconé - Only You

Oliver Koletzki - Candyflip

Pan-Pot - NOVA

Parcels - Reflex - from Le Palace, Paris

Patrik Berg - Reminder

Pedro Guerra - Please Don't Go

Pulli & Chomba - El Silencio

Raffaele Ciavolino - Dizzy Guitar - Extended Mix

Ric Niels - Psyncopath

Robert Drewek,Tomie Nevada - Done In Two Days - Original Mix

Robin M,Rêve,Re.You - Through The Night - Re.You Remix

Rodriguez Jr.,Stereo MC's,SKALA - Turn The Light On - Skala Remix

Ron Carroll,Dr Packer - A New Day - Dr Packer Dubstrumental Mix

Ron Flatter - Cirque De Fous

Roy Rosenfeld - Toco

Sailor & I,Thomas Gandey - Thinking About You - Thomas Gandey Remix

Saison - Retrospective - Extended Mix

Scruscru,Jehan,Joe Corti - Teuf De Ouf - Joe Corti Remix

Shino Blackk,Larry La Birt - Is This Ska

Simon Vuarambon - Afrika

Skream - My Body

Soul of Hex - Hex Hex Hex

Spencer Brown,Ezequiel Arias - SF to Córdoba

Subjoi - Parsec

Surusinghe - Bop

Sven Tasnadi - No Regrets

Tal Fussman - Children Of 95

Tantum - Another Day

Tantum - Stomper

The Checkup,DJ Merci - Feel The Heat

The Kite String Tangle,Coeus - Miles Away (Coeus Remix)

The Rivera Project,Robbie Rivera - Miami Vibes - Extended mix

Thomas Lizzara - Universe

Tony Shades - Mosaic

Virak,Tcks,Junior Jack - Siento Libre (JJ Rework) - Extended Mix

Walter G - Touch The Sky

Yamagucci - Enjoying Gucci

Yet More - What Do Adults Say?

Yør Kultura - Today - Yør Kultura 4AM Edit

ZHU,Devault - Take My Soul

salute,Sammy Virji - Peach VIP

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