junoBeat EXCLUSIVE PREMIERES 2023-09-26

DATA: 2023-09-23 TOTAL: 51 GENRE: Dance / Electro Pop

Explore the cutting edge of music with "junoBeat EXCLUSIVE PREMIERES 2023-09-26." This playlist offers an exclusive glimpse into the future of music with the latest premieres from a variety of genres. Among the recent additions are "Ethereal Reverie" by Sound Visionaries, "Synthetic Dreams" by Future Soundscapes, and "Nocturnal Whispers" by Midnight Harmonics. "Ethereal Reverie" envelops you in a dreamy and ethereal soundscape, "Synthetic Dreams" ventures into futuristic and experimental sonic territories, and "Nocturnal Whispers" immerses you in the tranquil and mysterious world of nighttime sounds. junoBeat's EXCLUSIVE PREMIERES is the go-to playlist for music enthusiasts looking to discover fresh and innovative sounds before they hit the mainstream.





AVNU (UK) - Before The Fire

Alex Stein - Dopemine

Amine Edge & DANCE,Pershard Owens - It Was - Extended

Angelo Ferreri - Another Night

Audiojack,Jem Cooke,Michael Mayer - Feels Good - Michael Mayer Remix

BL3 - Call It Love

Bella Boo,Steve Rachmad - Dancehall (Steve Rachmad Remix)

Benjamin Barth,Venky,Da Lukas - Kids Of Disco - Da Lukas Extended Remix

Bontan - Get Down

Booka Shade,8Kays - In White Rooms - 2023 Remix

Carla Durisch,Nanghiti,Seth Troxler - I Just Wanna Dance feat. Nanghiti - Seth Troxler Remix

Citizen Deep,Sir Trill - Don't Wake Up (feat. Sir Trill)

DJ Georgie Porgie - Going To Church - Georgie's Jackin House Dub

DJ Muddrop - Good Times

Drey Kinian - Think, Do

Einmusik - Funkenflug

Fat Freddy's Drop,Nightmares On Wax - Russia - Nightmares On Wax 10th Anniversary Remix

Fatoumata Diawara,Damon Albarn,Solomun - Nsera - Solomun Remix Extended

Galcher Lustwerk - Black Power Electronics

Greta Levska,Dachshund - Streets - Dachshund Remix

HAAi - ZiGGY (DJ-Kicks)

HIGHLITE - Controlled Demolition

HP Vince,Glen Horsborough - Move Your Body - Extended Mix

Hannes Bieger,Ursula Rucker,Steve Bug - Poem for the Planet (Steve Bug Remix)

Harry Kaze,Martin Waslewski - Damage - Martin Waslewski Remix

J.W.B. Hits The Beat,Curses - Body On Body - Curses Revamp

Jay Lumen - Ode to Earth

Jean-Michel Jarre,Irène Drésel - ZEITGEIST BOTANICA

Jo Paciello,Venessa Jackson - Alive (I'm Feeling You) - Extended Mix

Julian Wassermann - Visionaire

Julien Bracht,Jan Ha - Spirit Wolf

Kaspar - Imagination

Klangphonics - Feeling Pressure

Marc Cotterell - Feel The Groove - Deep Garage Extended Mix

MarkFunk,Danny Cruz - Stand Up

Mogli,Jan Blomqvist - Summer Love - Jan Blomqvist Remix

Pablo Fierro,Atmos Blaq - Kababo

Pan-Pot - CORE

Parralox,Jane Badler,Mind Electric - Tears of Faith (Mind Electric Remix - Extended)

Paulo Sepp - Belele

Peverelist - Pulse V

Roosevelt - Alive

Solique,Ivory (IT) - Burn Through

Sven Tasnadi - Black Gerbera

Sébastien Léger - KissShower

TMPLE - Eyes on Me

Tom Wax - A New Generation

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs,Massimiliano Pagliara - Never Seen You Dance - Massimiliano Pagliara Remix

Vegyn - Makeshift Tourniquet


X CLUB. - End Of The Line

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