junoBeat EXCLUSIVE PREMIERES 2024-02-29

DATA: 2023-02-29, TOTAL: 115 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno 

If you are looking for the freshest and hottest beats of the year, you don’t want to miss the junoBeat EXCLUSIVE PREMIERES 2024-02-29 playlist. This playlist features the latest and greatest tracks from the most talented and innovative producers in the electronic music scene. You will hear amazing sounds from genres such as techno, house, trance, dubstep, and more. Some of the highlights of this playlist are: “Lunar Eclipse” by DJ Astro, a hypnotic and atmospheric techno track that will take you to the moon and back; “Fireworks” by Sparky, a colorful and explosive house track that will light up your night; and “Dreamscape” by Visionary, a melodic and uplifting trance track that will transport you to a fantasy world. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover new music and enjoy the best of junoBeat.


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&ME,Black Coffee,Keinemusik - The Rapture Pt.III
&ME,Rampa,Adam Port,Nomi Ruiz - Pussy Power
ARTBAT,WhoMadeWho - Closer
Adam Beyer,Raxon - The Signal - Day Mix
Adriatique,Undercatt - Horizon
Agustin Giri,Last Men On Earth - Intelecto
Agustin Giri,Last Men On Earth,Musumeci - Corto Amanecer - Musumeci Remix
Agustin Pengov - Rain
Ariana Grande,The Blessed Madonna - yes, and? - The Blessed Madonna’s Godsquad Mix
Ayla (BR),Phonique - To Move On - Phonique Remix
Blank & Jones - Release Yourself
Bondi,Jacob Drescher - Tides - Club Rework
Boris Brejcha - Dimension
Boris Brejcha - Up Down Jumper
CISUMMI,Stevo Atambire,Sparrow & Barbossa - DIKEBO - Sparrow & Barbossa Remix
Captain Mustache,Speakwave,Kadosh (IL) - About Love - Kadosh Remix
Cassian - Aran
Cedric Vermue,Donato Dozzy - Patterns - Donato Dozzy Rework
Channan Hanif - Got This
Cheyne Christian - Zapinga
Chloé Caillet,Luke Alessi - 12 Inch Acid
Chopstar,Atmos Blaq - Dream Keys
Christian Löffler,Johannes Brecht - Ease - Johannes Brecht Remix
DP-6 - Azimuth
Darksidevinyl - Ay Ay
Dennis Louvra - Fly With Me
Depart - There Beside
DiMO (BG),Mr.K (BG),Red Circle - Kuina - Red Circle Remix
Disfreq - Como
Dj Mystro Love,DJ Spen,Soulfuledge - Money - DJ Spen & Soulfuledge Remix
Dominik Saltevski - Eudemonia
Dyzen,Sideral - Dialogue
Elif (TR),REBRN - Your Body - Original Mix
Facundo Mohrr,Maxi Degrassi - Betimed
Felix Kröcher - ELATION
Final Request - My World
Golden Features,Motez,Rromarin - Touch - Motez Remix
Guy Gerber,Albertina,Michael Bibi - Bocat - Michael Bibi Remix
Helsloot,Tube & Berger - Let's Pretend - Tube & Berger Remix
Ian Ludvig - Good For Me
JOPLYN - I WON'T STAY - J.O.P. Club Version
Jamy Nox - Day 'N' Nite - Extended Mix
Jerome Sydenham,Dennis Ferrer - The Back Door
Johan Mila,Santamaria,Millicent - Like The Wind - Extended Mix
Johannes Klingebiel - For Everything
Justus Reim - Talk to Me
Kevin de Vries - Dance With Me
Kölsch - Pet Sound
LUCERO - Sentidos
La Carovana Sound - La Linea Horizontal
La Giang - Garden of Dreams
Louis Bongo,Benchek,Sofiya Nzau - Mationaga
Luk Follin,Laura Põldvere,David Caballero - Prayers To You - David Caballero Remix
MARIA Die RUHE - Tell Me
MEUTE - Vermis
Maceo Plex - Stop That
Maceo Plex,Tyler Hill - Nasty
Maga,Emanuel Satie - Love Accelerator
Marino Canal - Independence
Megablast,Cheikna,Eribertho Cruz,Yamil - La Diosa - Yamil Remix
Moff & Tarkin - Polestar 2
Mollono.Bass,Marc DePulse - Rays - Marc DePulse Remix
Monkey Safari - Are You Ready
Mont Rouge,Sasson (FR) - War Cry
Mute,Gerd Janson - Direct Cut - Gerd Janson Edit
NCO,Cristhofer Om - Sentimiento
Nico Morano,Mewhy,Xinobi - In My Head - Xinobi Remix
Nikki Nair,DJ ADHD - Fidget Spinner
Notre Dame - Yumi
ODASOUL - Voices from Africa
Oliver Koletzki,Super Flu - Copal - Super Flu Remix
Paco Osuna,Iglesias - Playing With Foc...
Parallelle,Nicolas Masseyeff,Adam Ten,Mita Gami - Renegade - Adam Ten & Mita Gami Remix
Paso Doble,Kamau Abayomi - We Are African
Pretty Output,AN21 - Skogen
Rinzen - The Pursuit
Rïa Mehta,Sean Ae - A Dream - Sunrise Mix
Safar (FR) - Love Parade
Sammy Virji - Moonlight
Santi & Tuğçe - Encuentros
Sara Landry - Legacy
Saraga - Around The Sun (Run It)
Sentre - IDK - Club Remix
Sloli - Wont Stop
Sokotta,Melly OHH - Positive
Soul Button - Printed Thoughts
Stephan Bodzin - Singularity
Stereo Express - Revision
Stereo Express - Rise Of The 2nd Sun
Stereo Express - The Gates Of Babylonia
Strath - In Another Life
Super Flu,Mar+Mer - AMA
TH;EN - London
TH;EN - Running
Tal Fussman - Move Your Hips
Teho - Continuum
Thabo Tonick - The Fight Goes On
Theus Mago - Nocturne
Tom Wax,Rico Puestel - Vernissage 2
Travis Jesse,Nicolas Soria - Behold to Become - Nicolas Soria Remix
Vinny Villbass - Orient Espresso
Wallace - Papertrip
Wata Igarashi - 泡 (Abuku)
WhoMadeWho,Mind Against,Dyzen - Children - Mind Against & Dyzen Remix
Zeitstill,Lauer - Akzeptanz der Angst - Lauer Remix
biskuwi - Eclips
caye. - No Secret
narou,Solomun - again and again - Solomun Remix
narou,Solomun - again and again - Solomun Remix

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