junoBeat HARD 2023-04-29

DATA: 2023-04-29 TOTAL: 57 GENRE: Hardstyle, Hard Techno, Hard Dance, Hardcore, Hard Music

The JunoBeat HARD subgenre is a popular style of electronic dance music that is characterized by its fast-paced, high-energy beats and intricate percussion. With its heavy basslines and intense rhythms, JunoBeat HARD is the perfect choice for anyone looking to get their blood pumping and their body moving. This genre is often played in clubs and at music festivals, where its intense sound can be fully appreciated by fans of EDM. JunoBeat HARD is a subgenre that continues to evolve and grow, and it's definitely worth checking out for anyone who loves electronic dance music.




ACOR - Goasapiens - Original mix

ALUTO - Every Little Thing

Ardl - Everybody In The Basement

Audioklinik - Darkness

Bad Brahmin - Taboo

Bioxeed - Scorched Earth

Charlie Sparks - Magnum

Claas Herrmann - No Future

Claas Herrmann - Perspectives

D.A.V.E. The Drummer,Phil Kershaw - Bassline Sunrise

DSTBL - Back Da Fuck Up

Denis Dekay,Cassandrah - Fucking Presumption

Dennis Bauer - Techno Is My Soul - Original Mix

Don Woezik - God Is An Algorithm

Dstm - Elements - Original Mix

Felix Reichelt - Extreme

Fenrick - Kichta

GODEN - No Rules

Gene Richards Jr,Chlär,Chontane - The Feeder - Chlär & Chontane Remix

Genetic - The Energetic Zone

H! Dude - Ecureuil roux - Original Mix

H! Dude,Pitch! - Ta Mere En Slip - PITCH! Remix

Istago,Refader - Endless Paths (Refader Remix) - Radio Edit

Jason Little - Dazzle

Julia Govor,Isabella Koen - Where's My Cat? - Isabella Koen Remix

Juliet Fox,Lee Ann Roberts - The Present - Lee Ann Roberts Remix

Kander - Inta

Kill Your Idols,Mython - Buried Before My Time - Mython Remix

Luca Agnelli - Rocking Horse

Luciid,Per Pleks - Feel The Darkness

Lunatic,Miss Hysteria - Undisclosed - Remaster

MORSURE - Interception - Original Mix

MXGN - Bite The Bullet

MarAxe - Bleed - Original Mix

MarAxe - Evasio

Marco Leckbert - The Doctor

Miss Hysteria - Escape

Mr. Dello - Kuadra - Original

NX03 - Addict

Nathaniel - Storm

Neophyte Records All Stars - Adrenaline

Niereich - Die Macht der Nacht

Noisia,The Upbeats - Dead Limit

Pharmakos - Pool of Tears

Scove,Veyla - Splash

Sept - Emerging Depravation

Shatterling - Deluge - Extended Version

Skoden,Mickey Nox - Do Not Fear The Darkness - Mickey Nox Remix

Sopik - I Don't Like Cops - Oiginal Mix

Stawros - Interstellar Travel

Svetec & Mox - The 9th Life Of A Cat - Original Mix

TKNS - Nervio

The Genesis Projection,MC Braincase - Kicks Base Agony

Tom Schippers,BL.CK - Shake it Off - BL.CK Remix

Toru Ikemoto,Under Black Helmet - Dont Play 141 - Under Black Helmet Remix

Tripped,Mickey Nox - Stronk - Mickey Nox's Hammer Remix

Tripped,The Outside Agency - Stronk - The Outside Agency Remix

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