junoBeat HOUSE SUPREME 2023-02-10

DATA: 2023-02-10 TOTAL: 231 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House

Cover: Kraak & Smaak. The best in house dj music. 




3kelves,Dan Be - I Really

Acid Cats - Show Me How Deep Acid Can Be

Adri Block - Turn Around - Club Mix

Alex M (Italy) - Never

Alinka - Power of Today

Anelisa Lamola,Greg Gould,Phebe Edwards,Revival,Kathy Brown,GeO Gospel Choir - Earth Song (What About Us) - Dub Mix

Antonio Santana - Got To Have It

Arno Gonzalez - Acid Plastwitch

Austin Ato - Discolombo

B&S Concept,Mo'Cream - Never Give up - Extended Mix

Barney Osborn - Swing & Groove

Bebe Winans,Debbie Winans Lowe,Korean Soul,Louie Vega - It's All Good (feat. Debbie Winans Lowe & Korean Soul) - [Louie Vega Remix]

Blanco K - Feelings - Alternative Mix

Bobby D'Ambrosio - So Thankful (Moon Rocket Remix)

Bonetti - Jazzaddiction

Cevin Fisher,Amine Edge & DANCE - Musik (In My Soul) - Amine Edge & DANCE edit

Cev's,Demarkus Lewis - Living In A Dream - Demarkus Lewis Remix

Cev's,Wallas - Mood - Remastered Mix

Chemars - Fancy Dancer

Chiccaleaf ITA - Keep

Class of '88,Reapeat Johnson - Two On Tv

Claude VonStroke,DJ Sneak - Deep Throat - DJ Sneak Remix

Craig C - Come On Dance

Craig S - Hip Bop

Cristian Merino - That Satisfyer Changed Your Life

Cristoph - Tha Music

D-Rashid,Rishi Bass,Jordan Rivera - All I Do - Jordan Rivera Para Las Chicas Remix

Dale Howard - Need U - Original Mix

Dan Corco,Max Muller - Fancy

Dana Ruh - The Spirit

Daniel Steinberg - Home Wrecker - Extended Mix

Danism,Ridney,Brokenears - Fast Life - Brokenears Remix

Darius Syrossian - Dream Team

David Britton - Mr. Pretty Tony

DEEJAE ROCKO - Mo' Jazz - Original Mix

DJ Disciple,Harmonies - I Was Born For This

DJ Patisso,Filta Freqz - Deep Into Your Heart - Filta Freqz Remix

DJ Seven Chicago - Soñando el rocer mi amor

DJ-G - Feel Yr Love

Disco Ball'z - Street Players

Disco Robert - Straight Up

Dj Philly Phil - Change Your Philters

Doctor Dru,Balam - Setting Of The Sun - Balam Remix

Dompe - Swipe

Doorly,Karma Fields,Kah-Lo,Associanu - It Girl (Doorly Remix)

Dope Demeanors - Burning Tonight

Dope Demeanors - Ride Or Die - Original Mix

Dope Demeanors,Cev's - Ride Or Die - CEV's Remix

Dr Packer,Suki Soul - Keep It Coming

Duckhunter - Hold Up

Duran Duran,Erol Alkan - GIVE IT ALL UP - Erol Alkan's Instrumental Rework

Duran Duran,Tove Lo,Erol Alkan - GIVE IT ALL UP (feat. Tove Lo) - Erol Alkan's Extended Rework

Erik Bo - It's Bumpin'

Erik Bo - Together

Erik Bo,Mack Bango - Funky Slave

Erik Bo,Wallas,Cev's - French Connection

Eugenio Fico,Daisuke Miyamoto - Just Spinnin'

Ezequiel G - Keep On

FederFunk - Someday

Filta Freqz - Blowin' Up

Folamour - When U Came into My Life

Fort Romeau - Be With U

GIDEÖN,Mandel Turner - Nothing Without You

Gabriel Evoke,Alex Dittrich - Wood & Alien

Gettoblaster,Missy - HOUSE - Original Mix

Gilbert - Venus Phase

Glen Horsborough,Nathalie Miranda,Peter Brown - Feel The Music - Peter Brown Extended Remix

Grace Bones - Transition

Groove Armada,DJ Island - Rescue Me - DJ Island Remix

Groove Armada,Roland Leesker - Rescue Me - Roland Leesker's You Got To Dance Edit

HP Vince - Catch Me If I Fall

Harry Romero - Revolution - House Masters Extended Edit

Hatiras - Paradise Found

Human By Nature - Only Love

Hurlee - More Than This

Iñaky Garcia - The Crown - Original Club

Jale - Dice

James Christian - Tantra's Circus - Club Dub

Jamie Jones - Save Myself

Javi Bora,Richard Ulh - Vintage Groove

JedX,Nate Laurence - Jazzy Jack - Nate Laurence Remix

Jerk Boy,Freiboitar - Music Thing

Jo Paciello,The Kollective - The Feeling

Joe Ventura,That Kid Chris - Freak To The Beat - That Kid Chris Remix

Joel Holmes,Tenderlonious,Roberto Manzin - Broken Styles

Johnny Corporate,Harry Romero - Sunday Shoutin' - Harry Choo Choo Mix

Jonasclean - With Love

Jons'n,Monn - The Bomb (Monn's 808 Acid Remix)

Jorkes,Snecker - Sweet Dreams - Snecker Remix

KA!7 - Make It Happen - Original Mix

Kellit - 303 Patience

Kenny Bizzarro - Calling Beat

Kerri Chandler - Feelin' Red [DC10] - Pull the 9 Out Mix

Kerri Chandler - I See [Razzmatazz] - Full Mix

Kerri Chandler - Industria [Industria]

Kerri Chandler - Keep One (But Do it Again) [Sir Henrys]

Kerri Chandler - Let It [Basic Club] - Kerri's Full Vocal Mix

Kerri Chandler - See The Light [Lux Frágil] - Original Long Vocoder Vocal Mix

Kerri Chandler - Subbie [Sub Club] - The Jackpot Mix

Kerri Chandler - Sunrise [Watergate]

Kerri Chandler - The Box Frame [Halcyon]

Kerri Chandler - The Calling [Club Qu]

Kerri Chandler - The Piano Thing (Live) [Eathos]

Kerri Chandler,Aaron Braxton jr - Back to Earth (Find Your Peace) [The Knockdown Center]

Kerri Chandler,Bluey Robinson - Tenacity [Output] - Main Vocal Mix

Kerri Chandler,Dora Dora - Who Knows [Barbarellas] - Media Vocal Mix

Kerri Chandler,Dreamer G - Hurry Up [Ministry of Sound] - Kerri's Again Mix

Kerri Chandler,Lady Linn - You Get Lost In It [The Warehouse Project] - Full Vocal Main Mix

Kerri Chandler,Leirbag,DJ Deep - Dirty [Rex] - DJ Deep's Son & Dad Edit

Kerri Chandler,Mona Lee - Joyful Life [De Marktkantine] - Full Vocal Mix

Kerri Chandler,Nadir Simon - The Morning Heat [La Grange] - Main Mix

Kerri Chandler,Troy Denari - Change Your Mind [District 8] - Full Vocal

Kerri Chandler,Troy Denari - Sun of Sound [Plan B] - Vocal Mix

Kerri Chandler,Yaniel,Patrick Mangan - Kaiku [Kaiku] - Disco Version

Kevin Knapp,Mikey Lion - Tightrope Tingles

Kid Massive,Sugarstarr - Alright - Sugarstarr's 12Inch Mix

Killed Kassette,Twin Bros,Ben Rodd - Get Your Hands Up

King Cosmic - Never Letting Go - Bass Mix

Kristin Velvet - Perfect Division - Extended Mix

LB aka LABAT,Sally C - RIGHT NOW - Sally C Remix

Laurent Simeca - My Lucky Star - Extended Mix

Laurent Simeca,Crazibiza - Don't Leave Me This Way - Original Mix

Lebedev (RU) - Contact - Original Mix

Louie Vega - Another Day In My Life

Louie Vega - Atmosphere Strut - Extended Version

Louie Vega,Anane - Cosmic Witch (feat. Anané)

Louie Vega,Anane,Todd Terry - Cosmic Witch (feat. Anané) - Todd Terry Remix

Louie Vega,Audrey Wheeler,Cindy Mizelle - You Got Me Dancing (feat. Audrey Wheeler & Cindy Mizelle)

Louie Vega,Axel Tosca - Deep Burnt (feat. Axel Tosca)

Louie Vega,Cindy Mizelle - Dreamin (feat. Cindy Mizelle)

L!TO - Nasty

Louie Vega,Elements Of Life - Chimi - Extended Version

Louie Vega,Elements Of Life - Love Has No Time or Place

Louie Vega,Honey Dijon - Feel So Right (feat. Honey Dijon)

Louie Vega,Joaquin "Joe" Claussell - Igobolo (feat. Joaquin "Joe" Claussell) - [Extended Version]

Louie Vega,Karen Harding - Free To Love (feat. Karen Harding)

Louie Vega,Kerri Chandler - Come Away (feat. Kerri Chandler)

Louie Vega,Lisa Fischer - The Star of A Story (feat. Lisa Fischer) - [Extended Version]

Louie Vega,Moodymann - Seven Mile (feat. Moodymann)

Louie Vega,Nico Vega - How He Works (feat. Nico Vega)

Louie Vega,Tony Momrelle - Touch The Sky (feat. Tony Momrelle)

Louie Vega,Two Soul Fusion - Joy Universal (feat. Two Soul Fusion)

Louie Vega,Unlimited Touch - I Hear Music In The Streets (feat. Unlimited Touch)

Louie Vega,Unlimited Touch - Music Is My Life (feat. Unlimited Touch)

Luca Olivotto - Good Life

Luke Nash - Recognizable

M-Five,Brad Raker,Winx - Lift Me Up (feat. Brad Raker) - Winx Dub

MAJUSCULE - Sweet Love

MANT,Todd Edwards,Mattei & Omich - Provenance - Mattei & Omich Remix

Mandalus,B3cks - Days of Wine and Roses - B3cks Remix

Manodom,LEFTI - Move Your Body - LEFTI Extended Remix

Marc Cotterell - Different Shapes

Marc Cotterell - Get To It

Marc Cotterell - Live At The Keys

Marc Cotterell - Unconditional Love - Original Vocal Mix

Martín Y Corazón - Etta's Theme

Marvin Aloys,Black Prez,Angelo Ferreri - Back To The Basics - Groove Insane Remix

Matrefakt - Reasons

Mattei & Omich,Vittoria Hyde - Turn Your Love - Extended Mix

Matteo Lago - Time out Dance - Original Mix

Matteo Matteini - Superfly - Dub Mix

Max Palmer,Kaylu,Mr.Tune - Always There - Mr.Tune Club Remix

Melodymann - If Only You Knew

MINT (JPN) - Mobius - Original Mix

Melodymann - Lash

Mene - Champagna

Mene,Tiptoes - Champagna - TIPTOES Remix

Michal Martyniuk,MissB,YaniKa - New Things (MissB Remix)

Miqro,Max C - Keep Your Head Up - Extended Club Mix

MoMa Ready - Tech-Nic

Moonbootica,Ante Perry - So Simple - Original Version

Naiche - Slam Jazz

Neverdogs - Switch On

Nkanyezi Kubheka,Kates Le Cafe,Placid,ZANO - No Limit - Kates Le Cafe 2023 Extended Mix

Oggie B - Iso Grifo - Original Mix

Olive F,Jason Hodges - Enter The Olive - Jason Hodges Remix

Olive F,Jordan Peak - Enter The Olive - Jordan Peak Remix

Oliver Dollar,Brillstein,DJ Vas - We Are The One

Ollie Rant,Malaika - Addicted

Paco Caniza - I Tell 'Em

Paul C,Paolo Martini - Silver Bubble - Original Mix

Paul C,Paolo Martini - Wakan

Paul Deighton - Answer My Prayer

Peter Brown - Body & Soul

Qubiko,Miky Sax - Levante

Raffaele Ciavolino - There Is No Time - Original Mix

Ralph C - Trumpet & Flute

Ray D - Good Vibes

Reggie Steele,Gary Adams,Rob Rhythm - This Feeling - Jersey Jazzy Instrumental

Reza,Mister H - Real Funk - Extended Mix

Reza,Tom Chubb - Let It Go

Riccardo Carnevale - Factory Case

Richard Les Crees - Even If I Could

Rick Marshall - Funkynova

Ricky Paes - Dump

Ricky Pellegrino,Jame Starck - My King - Original Mix

Roger Da'Silva - Don't Worry About Me

Ronnie Spiteri - Fusion

Sabrina Johnston,Deeptrak - I Wanna Sing - Deeptrak Remix

Saison,Miss Patty - Spark It Up - Extended Mix

Sammy Deuce - Up And Down

Scott Diaz,Barney Osborn - Rock Like - Barney's Jazz Cut

Scruscru,Mike Fot - Cyber Love

Shero,JNM The Naked MC - MY FLOW

Simon Adams,Max Millan - I Don't Care

Simon Adams,Max Millan,Omson - I Don't Care - Omson Remix

Softmal - Macaw

Some Too Suspect - Jondeo

Sounderson - Night In San Francisco

Spencer Parker - Girl You Wouldnt Believe What I Heard!

Supernova,Grandmaster Melle Mel,DJ Sneak - That's What I Like - Dj Sneak Unreleased Remix

Swales - Set Me Free

Swanky - Only

Thando1988,Anton Karskiy,Lee Wilson - Nobody But You - 4AM Dub

The Salsoul Orchestra,Demarkus Lewis - It's Good for the Soul - Demarkus Lewis Chocolate Dice Re-Drum Mix

The Stoned - I'm So Ready

Todd Terry,Meca,Volkoder,Tristan Henry - Little Woman (feat. Tristan Henry) - Extended Mix

Todd Terry,Steve Mac - Jumpin - Keep on Jumpin Steve Mac Vip Edit Ltd

Tom Bull,DEEPROT - Forever

Tony Deledda,Gabriele Congedo - Tech Place at the Dancefloor

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs,Demi Riquísimo - Never Seen You Dance - Demi Riquísimo Remix

Tuccillo - Sunshine City

Twinflame & Rozegarden,Twinflame,Rozegarden,Elleyet - Closer - Elleyet Remix

Ultra Naté,Tracy Young - SURVIVOR (Extended)

Vertigini - Love Is The Answer

Walter G - Maestro Jam

Will Simpson - Livin Life - Extended Mix

Will Taylor (UK) - THINGS YOU DO

Willie Rosado - We Danced - Extended Mix

Yooks,True2Life,Andy Hague - Samba Gringo - True2Life Mix

t e s t p r e s s - on my own

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