junoBeat HOUSE SUPREME 2023-07-13

DATA: 2023-07-12 TOTAL: 61 GENRE: House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Nu Disco / Disco

Indulge in the infectious beats of junoBeat HOUSE SUPREME, July 13, 2023. This exceptional playlist is a tribute to the supreme sound of house music, offering a handpicked selection of the genre's finest tracks. From soulful vocals to pulsating basslines, each song on this playlist is meticulously crafted to make you move and groove. Immerse yourself in the uplifting melodies and infectious rhythms that define the essence of house music. junoBeat HOUSE SUPREME is a testament to the genre's timeless appeal and its ability to unite people on the dancefloor. Get ready to surrender to the undeniable allure of house music and let it transport you to a world of euphoria.




ACA (YU) - Mclovin

Adri Block,Paul Parsons - Party Lights

Babert - Disco Save My Life

Belladonna - Neatness

Belladonna - Noctilucent

Block & Crown,Atilla Cetin - Keep Movin - Tribal Mix

Block & Crown,Lisa Najee - Situation

Coeo - Sorry for the Late Reply

Coyu - Levante En Llamas

Crackazat,The Potash Twins - Phantom

DJ Haus - Yeah!

DJ Sneak - Werk

Darius Syrossian - Oh Yeah

Dave Lee,Raquel Rodriguez - Undone - Dave Lee's Disco Blend

Delistic - Watje

Deltech - Feel the Groove - Original Mix

Ekoboy - Flat Rings

Elliot Adamson - BOYFRIEND

Emma B - Is It A Dream

Emma B - Meltinglove

Eugenio Fico - Inferno - Original Mix

Filippo Perbellini,Knuckle G - Our Love Story - Knuckle G Remix

Filippo Perbellini,Qwestlife - Our Love Story - Qwestlife Remix

Hotmood - Disco Dreams

JedX - Without Love - Original Mix

Josh Wink,Erol Alkans - Higher State Of Consciousness - Erol Alkan 2004 Edit

Kim English,Jazz-N-Groove - Higher Things - Jazz-N-Groove Prime Time Club Mix

Kolter - U Make Me Feel

Kristin Velvet - Caravan

Louie Vega,Elements Of Life,Josh Milan - Let Us Shine - Honeycomb Mix

Lunoize - Otterbox

Marc Brauner - Weekender

Menesix,Iara (BR) - Amor Essencial

Ministry Of Funk,Alana Ley - Black Soul - Soul Mix

Ministry Of Funk - Faith - Deep Mix

Ministry Of Funk - Funk Operator - Deep Mix

Ministry Of Funk - Funky Drummer - 98% Funky Stuff mix

Ministry Of Funk - High Steppin - Dub Disco Mix

Ministry Of Funk - High Steppin

Ministry Of Funk - Sax Machine

Ministry Of Funk - Superheavy Funk - Funky Mix

Ministry Of Funk - The Dancer - Greatest Mix

Ministry Of Funk - The Jam - Funky Town Mix

Nick Hook - Black Sky

RSquared - Love Attack

Richard Grey - Dirrty - Original Mix

Rick Wade - Groove Head

Sam Holland - Andalucia

Sean Finn,Ghostbusterz - Don't Stop Believin - Extended Mix

Sooney,Love Is A Bassline - TOGETHER

Sopp - Lift Me Up

Soul Central - Ice Queen - Go Deeper Mix

Soul Mass Transit System - Fly

Special Request,Novelist - Sliver feat. Novelist

Steve Bug,blondewearingblack - To Be Led

Timbee - Beat on the Drum - Original Mix

Tom Novy - House Music

Tony De Vit,Patrick Topping - Higher & Higher - Patrick Topping Remix

Tourist - A Little Bit Further

Wheats - FORTUNE 5

rRoxymore - At Dawn

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