junoBeat LOFI 2023-04-29

DATA: 2023-04-29 TOTAL: 117 GENRE: LOFI

JunoBeat LOFI is a carefully curated collection of lo-fi hip hop and jazz-infused beats that transport listeners to a state of blissful relaxation. The tracks are characterized by their atmospheric textures, gentle rhythms, and intricate melodies that invite you to slow down and appreciate the present moment. Whether you're unwinding after a long day, or looking for some background music to accompany your creative pursuits, JunoBeat LOFI is the perfect playlist to set the tone. With its eclectic mix of emerging and established artists, this playlist offers a fresh take on the lo-fi genre and provides a much-needed respite from the chaos of everyday life.




1depth,Chill Moon Music - things as they are

14:AM - Tres

16% SUMO - Oceans

Akkodha - Walk Home

Alex Bralles - Tom's Diner

AR KAY - Descent

Astronomers of the Strange - Bowling Alone

Atamatoki,Eugene - Night Gazing

ATD Beats - Contemplation

Bazzle,Jmarsh - A Town With An Ocean View

Bmbu - float

Bmbu - what do i know?

CaliCronk,Monomoo - Reaching

Casein,Wonkerz - bears

Chillin Cat - Fluctuation

Chillin Cat - Low Light

Cvsket Pretty - Illusion

Cygnet - Late Nights and Streetlights

Damien Sebe - under the stars

daydreemer - Sakura

Deuces - Morning Dawn

Distant.face,Starburst Records - Early Morning Bliss

DT11 - campfire tales

East Mane - BeachesBeaches

Easy Breezy - Rain Fall

EisZ - Lost in theory

Elijah Nang - Dances of the Kamogawa River

Elijah Nang - Hidden leave technique

Elijah Nang - Sanjuro

Elijah Nang - Yozakura II

elioth - i wish

Elzmyth - Dusk

F.A.U. - Past Present

Flapjaques,SleepingShark,Medieval Cat - December Moon

Flight Lounge - up in smoke

game.over - game.over

Gary Alesbrook - Acacia

Glenn Chiller - Acoustic Sketches

grayday - stargazing


Halibab Matador - Ocean/Sea

Hewie Lou - Fiji

Hira.No - Above Our Serenity

HORIZON - Levitate

intomuffins - walk with me

Jellybeatz - Bluffed

jetfueljayy - payday

jiabeats - Balconies

JJohn - Nightshift

Jomy. - Break Room Vibes

Josiah Soren - Almost Blue

kamenoodles - Grow

KYO Beats - Sippin Sangria

kz1teryyy - Don't Think

l'eupe - Formations In The Sky

Lalo Lloyd - Wistful World

Larry Choppins - Neverland

LaRue,Suzy Jones - on my way

lateve - morning frost

Lazy Core - Lost In My Thoughts

Leaking Shell - Study

leen one - staying home

LiGe 力哥 - Creepin'

Linkydubs,underdusk - Flourish

Lo-fi Riderz,Chill Moon Music - winter breeze

Lofi Kitty Cat - Daydream Haze

Lord Neptune,Po13o - Night Shift

lowre - blossom

lst drm - Tripping Over You

Ludwig del Pino - Hopes

Lumitide - moonwake

Majid Unpeek,uChill - Kasul 1

Maofdi Music - Night Sky

Mason Parks,Ajmw - Weight Off My Shoulders

Max Delay - Rocky

Mellow dive,Davide Perico - I thought it would be harder to love you

Mike Nora,fnonose - Good Morning

MonoCulture - Embraced

Mos QB - Evening Letters

Mos QB - Temporarily

Nobel,Fred Paci - Tokyo Adventure

Nokonou - Loneliness

Pga Lo-fi - Helsinki

phiƏ - 2 dogs in Rio

Polygon Boy - Frog With Sunglasses

Polygon Boy - Old Casette Tape

ponders,Mason Parks - breathing

Potlatch - Dazzling Leaf

Psylone,New Peace Music - Bossa Lova

Rod Correa - Bluebonnets again

Saiko - New Job

SBLofi - Waiting

Ses Flow - You Are Special to Me

sftspkn - traces

Skill Syrup - Sidewalk Tunes

Sky Art - dawn

Sleep Powder - Bloom

Sleeper Toons - Rain Bells

SongwriterInC - Beach

Strewing,Starburst Records - Midnight Stroll

Study Buddy - Golden Hour

SV - Falter

The Chill Movement - Escape

The Digital Realms - IN THE SKY

TienYinMen,Hsuan Yuan - Tea House (Oriental Lo-fi)

Twindex - Down The Avenue

Unnes96ODT - need some rest

User67,Jokujekku - Always Tired

vhskid. - Waiting To Board

Vladislav Kurnikov - Sunset Whisper

Widen Island,fetchr - skog

Xevy - Hey Wassup

Yazi - Cardinal

yermo7 - Moonbeam

YJKL - Lucid

yoroshii,Lightning Jules - Birds

ZARG - Isolated

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