junoBeat LOUNGE & CHILL 2024-01-04

DATA: 2024-01-04 TOTAL: 129 GENRE: Lounge & Chill, LOFI

Unwind and embrace the serene vibes of junoBeat LOUNGE & CHILL 2024. This handpicked playlist invites you into a world of relaxation with tracks like "Soothing Waves" by Chill Harmony, "Tranquil Echoes" by Zen Vibes Ensemble, and "Ephemeral Dreams" by Sunset Serenity. Immerse yourself in the gentle rhythms and atmospheric sounds of these tracks, curated to provide the ultimate chill-out experience.





14:AM - Tannenbaum - Lofi Version

AAfrAA,Jordan Grace - Rush In

AK,Liam Thomas - Spoken Word

AMIA - Another Life

AMIA - Fallen Dreams

Alande,Kayla - Counting Days

Alpech - A u t u m n V i b e s

Alì Farahani - Younan

Ash,Samia - Le Beirut

Astronomers of the Strange - The Fumes of Identity

Ata Oztuna,Elnur Mikayilov - Destiny

Audio-Nerd Music - Lavender Roses

Banyan,Equanimous,Fletcher Reed - Ineffable - Fletcher Reed Remix

Basel Rajoub - Turkish Coffee

Benny Brassic - 93

Benny Bronco - Trippin'

Benny Bronco - o k t o b u

Beyond Moments,Lenny B,Marvin Frey - Why not?

Bitcrvsh,The Chill Movement - Dawn

Bmbu - platinum blue

C.D.R. - sun salt

CRFT - Searching

Camil Kanouni - Oud Love

Carter Fox,Chill Moon Music - Schroeder's Spacewalk

Clouded.,Millows,Turns - Lie

Czientist - Let Go

D33pSoul - Watra

DJ Dark,Dj Nil,Zara - Yaman - Radio Edit

Daniel Santoro - Feel

Distant.face - Sunkissed

East Mane - Horizon

EisZ - No Answer


Firevibe,Joel Coopa - Anywhere

Flapjaques - Train To The Suburbs

Fungie - By The Sea

Gary Alesbrook - Here Comes Santa Claus

Gefjun - Light as a feather

Giolì & Assia,Mahmut Orhan - Lost

Gokhan Akkas - Hold On To Me

Goson,Beats By Alice - Golden Hours

Honey,whosdave - Too Far Gone

Houssem Amari,Amelie Martinez - Por Ti

Iaco,RAZZ,Patrick Aretz - Forever

Intylekt - Steve Pool r249 - Instrumental

Jako Diaz,Banaati,Fractures - Breathe

Jesse Waltman - Aquatic Ambience

Jey Co,StreamLand - Friendship

Jey Co,StreamLand - Love

Klur,Hildur Ottilia,Polar Inc. - Heart To Heart - Polar Inc. Remix

Kwame Brown - Thoughts Past Midnight

Kyle Quentin & The Kyles - Snow In Baja California

LN Vxbes - Only you

Leila Milki,Deemie - Atfalouna

Lively,Ernar,James Stefano - By My Side

Lo J,Rue Protzer - Nightlight Reflections

Lo J - Liquid Lounge

Lofi Milk,Maho Fukami - Midnight Feast

Lofi Milk,Maho Fukami - Study in Tokyo

Lofi Suki - Chillpill

Lofi University - Chillhop Jazz Vibes

Lofi University - Dreaming Of Dinner

Lofi University - Sad But Okay

Lost In Reveries,Summer Vibes - Wait For You

Luchii - np

Ludwig del Pino - You Travel

M2keik - one hundred nights

MYR - Bretagne Time

Majay Lofi - Solo

Massane - Floating

Mats Westbroek,Damaui - Eyesight

McDead - Slow Wave

Melvyn Nielsen,cafey - Mountain Spirits' Hidden Gaze

Mr. ID - Roots

Navelpluis,Flow State Records - Sakura

Nobel - Gentleman

NuBossa - Winter Bliss

Obeidmusic,Ahmad Sleiman - Moulayiten

Oliver Henry - Whispering

Oliver Michael - Another Try

Orfeodream - Mukashi

Recham - Arabian Magic

Rico 56,Sickrate - Sinking Deeper

Ronins Musik - Cucumber Lemonade

Samet Simsek,Cafe De Anatolia - Cukurova

Sammy TQ - Stay In

Satellite Citi,Bomshi - Collide (Remix)

Sbeady - Rainy Day Melody

Scott Rill - Hold Me Close

Second Sun,Natural Fool - Shimmer

Shkoon,JAVID - Ala Moj Al Bahr - Javid Remix

Shkoon - Lala

ShudB - Lost In Time - Just for Tonight

Simon Armitage - Wichita Lineman

So.Lo,Goland - Meliaia

Sound Pill - PSSST!

Sweet Creatures - Rest You

TBAGZPROUT - Animal Crossing Lofi

Taksim Trio - Devlerin Aşkı

The Beat Murderer - Coldrista

The Last Nation - White Clouds - Lofi Chill Version

The Paper Crane - caged bird

Thomas Tempest,Flow State Records - Love(sick)

Thorsten Plath,Guijaygoo - From the Bird's Eye View

Tinlicker,Panama - Fade Into Black

Tokoname,Starburst Records - Lost in Vibes

UNO Stereo - Del Boca Vista Pt. II

Vannorte - when the sea lays down

Widen Island,7&Nine - Introspection

Zeekart - Autumn Leaves

Zeke Powers - reel time

aiden,Summer Vibes - Life

cola valley - auld lang syne - chill lo-fi version

denada. - Dusk

hush puppet - princess mononoke

ithendis - when in doubt

jetfueljayy,BrandonLee Cierley - sitting in the sun (fer)

jetfueljayy - snow falls in silence

johnboybeats,Plon B. - Fall Walks

kozebeats - elevate

meppi - Christmas Time is Here

muukko - Above The Clouds

natureboy. - come with me

nozzie - Late night broadcast

oopiie - Monday

sleeping with shoes on,Flow State Records - No Remorse

umbrellaboy. - Goodbye Gravity

wills,Medusa - Only You

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