junoBeat LOUNGE & CHILL 2024-02-05

DATA: 2024-02-05, TOTAL: 133, GENRE: Lounge, Chill Out

If you’re looking for a relaxing and soothing playlist to unwind, look no further than junoBeat LOUNGE & CHILL 2024-02-05. This playlist features 129 tracks of lounge and chill music, with a touch of lo-fi beats and ambient sounds. You’ll love listening to tracks like “Soothing Waves” by Chill Harmony, “Tranquil Echoes” by Zen Vibes Ensemble, and “Ephemeral Dreams” by Sunset Serenity. junoBeat LOUNGE & CHILL 2024-02-05 is the perfect soundtrack for your peaceful moments.


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2XM - Close

AMIA - Healing

Ali Hassan - Maqam tour reefy mohammdawiy

Alpech - W i n t e r V i b e s

Anis Karek,Cafe De Anatolia - Qamar

Astronomers of the Strange - The East Wind

Avcio,fidanson,Ezgi Sağlık - Yâr - Ezgi Sağlık Vocal Edit

Balco - Fam Is Lyfe

Billy Hammer - you and me

Blue Sirens - Passenger Seat

Bmbu - forest green

CRFT - Glimpses

Casein - soju

Chad Nathan - s e a r c h i n g

DaftGiraffe - Let the Colours Smile

Damaui,Kat Abel - I Need To Be

Djamil,Feras Naddaf - Sahra On The Moon

Dokkodo Sounds,Lola - found you

Dusty Kadinsky - Master of None

East Mane - Dreamland

Eastern Sage - Desu

Eastern Sage - Garden of Yokai

Eastern Sage - Heavenly cup of Matcha

Eastern Sage - Suizen

Eastern Sage - Takigyo

Eastern Sage - Tea House

Eastern Sage - Universal Waters

Eastern Sage - Yutori

Eastern Sage,Nogymx - Falling Sakuras

Enam,Cafe De Anatolia - Moulay Tahar

Evan Mars,SAFY - Ya Zareef Al Tool


Flapjaques,Elizabeth LOFI Records - slightly stirred

Frxnco - Lost Love Paradise

Greyware - Bookworm

HNE,maybealice - Not Your Only One

Hisham Kharma - Free

Hokima - Make You Mine

IAMNORA - Seaside Syrup

IvySmoke - Discovery Blue

J-Beats - Waiting For Spring

Jako Diaz,OMERGY,Melissa Lamm - Never Love

Jako Diaz,OMERGY,Melissa Lamm - Never Love

Jansun - forestry

Jansun - hit it off

Jey Co,StreamLand - Astronaut

Jo Tropical - Mojito

Josh Warner - TEMPO

Just Derrick,Cassidy Godwin - Barista

Jye Dye,Too Many Robs - Ideals

Le vaag - Agistri Island

Lo J - Midnight Fun

Lofi Milk,Kensuke Ohmi - Dreamscape

Lost Files,Flow State Records - Night Shift

Lost In Reveries,Namté - Never Found It

Ludwig del Pino,Patiotic Records - Tardes de Helado

Løvento,Moise - Crying Out For U

MYR - Back 2 School

Mahmut Orhan,Ribale Wehbe - Andalusian (feat. Ribale Wehbe)

Majay Lofi - Caipirinha

Malik - Tangerines

Melvyn Nielsen,Chill Space,Zycix - New Horizon

Mistiqual - Downtown Daydream

Mistiqual - Steps to Nowhere

Mistiqual - Vaguely Shaped

MonoCulture - Late Night Beat

NMDA - You Have To

Nick Saley,Ikonnya - Angelic

Nina Kraviz - tarde

Nobel,Fred Paci - Slow Energy

Nuru MacNamara - Village Market

ONO1,Duins - Lose Myself

Oliver Henry - From the Ashes

Oliver Henry - Whispering


Panuma,Vice Vrsa,Mark Vayne - Another Lie

Portugal Sunset,ODBLU,Little Venice - Lighthouse On The Moon

Princebaba,Jugurtha - Undersand

Purple Nexus - Suspended in Shadows

Qusok - Solace - Lounge Mix

Radiocosmo - Snowflakes

Recham - Silent

Redondo - From The Soul

Re:um - Rooftops in the Parisian Rain

Rifftunes - Languid

Ron Leon - Between the Sky and the Mountain

Rooey - Winterberry

Sachiho,Kanzas-City - Mount Fuji

Sean Blanc,Sunset Oasis - Want U Back

Seeb,Skip Marley,Wolfgang Wee,Markus Neby - Cruel World - Wolfgang Wee & Markus Neby Remix

Simon Armitage - Stardust

Soothe Me - The Stack

Sound Pill - Iberian Summer

Sour Marcus - Remember

Steve Nguyen - Petrichor

Strewing,Starburst Records - Neon Sketches

Sumerian,Lola - we'll meet again

Supershy,Roberta Flack - Feel Like Makin' Love (feat. Roberta Flack)

Survol - Paradise

Taksim Trio - Lotus Feet

Tangent Moon - Resolution

The Beat Murderer - Dawnora

Thomas Tempest,Flow State Records - for Y.

Tokoname,Starburst Records - Urban Seranade

Widen Island,icey wavs,Just a Simple Guy - Only Yesterday

Woxow - Birth

Yalisaxx,shorikbeats - Apple Crisps

YudoNomi - polenta

Yusuf Ekşioğlu - Ethnique

Yıldız Tilbe,Anatolian Sessions,Serdar Ayyıldız - Sunam

Zadal - Érase una vez

Zunderhill - Rewind

assol - house in the sky

assol - winter paint

cola valley - let's take it slow

cola valley - our first date is at 11:59 pm on new year's eve

cola valley - the water carrier

denada. - Amber

doseisan - Chai

driift,Lola - head down

drowsey - cruel summer - lofi version

gldnbeats.,Nessen - Summer's End

intomuffins,Mark Peter Royce - come home


mellomoon - Rooibos

nead - Snowy Path

nead,StanSmithOnDaTrack - Polar

sleeping with shoes on - Peppermint

sleeping with shoes on,Sphere of Hip-Hop - Relax

smplsmth - On My Way

smplsmth - Safe Inside

umbrellaboy.,kz1teryyy - a walk through the clouds

vhskid. - Vinyl Days

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