junoBeat MELODIC 2023-06-06

DATA: 2023-06-07 TOTAL: 54 GENRE: Melodic House & Techno, Progressive House, Organic House / Downtempo

Experience the enchanting rhythms of JunoBeat MELODIC, a meticulously crafted playlist that captures the essence of musical brilliance. Released on June 6th, 2023, this collection showcases an array of melodic masterpieces that span across genres and generations. From hauntingly beautiful ballads to energetic pop anthems, each track on JunoBeat MELODIC has been selected to create a harmonious blend of emotions and sensations. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or seeking inspiration, this playlist is a sonic sanctuary that will whisk you away to a realm of serenity and introspection. Lose yourself in the captivating melodies and let JunoBeat MELODIC be the soundtrack to your own personal journey.




&ME,Rampa,Adam Port,Keinemusik,Cubicolor,Ankhoï - Before The Flood - Ankhoï Remix

2UP,Jaen Paniagua - Aurora

Alessa Khin - D'or Lion

Amir Telem,Smalltown Collective - Embrace the Pain - Smalltown Collective Remix

Amonita - Jungle Blues

Booka Shade,Joachim Pastor - Honeyslave - Joachim Pastor Remix

Classmatic,Mc Th - Catuca

Dejago - Distance

Dominik Saltevski - Kuss der Sonne

Eli Fola,Gifted Fire - Away

Emanuel Satie,Maga,Sean Doron,Tim Engelhardt,Hannah Noelle - Disconnect

Emre K. - Hope

Florian Bernz - Toxic Center

Franky Wah,Artche - Dawn

Franky Wah,Korolova - Lost In Space

Fur Coat,Lexer - Far Away

GMJ,Matter - Metanoia

Gianni Romano,Francesco Rossi - WHO ARE THE MASTERS

Guy Gerber - Leave It On

Helen&Boys,Phonique - Taste Of You - Phonique's Touch Of 242 Mix

Hoopla - Salvador Disco

Hyenah,Lazarusman - The Hi

Indifferent Guy - Solar Storm

Indifferent Guy - Stardust

JOPLYN - Speak To Me

Jonas Schilling - Dark Days

Julian Wassermann - Visionaire

Julien Vertigo - Eternal Journey

Le Youth,LeyeT - Feel Around You

Losless,Roman Kyn - Boha

Losless - Isometric Past

Lunar Plane - Waiting

MAXI MERAKI,Biishop - Don’t Leave Me

MPathy,Kadhem,Cary Crank - Widder - Cary Crank Remix

Maga,Sean Doron,Tim Engelhardt - Here To Stay

Manu Cerasa - Realities

Meloko,Mozambo - Osaya

Michelle Bench - Female Data

MightyandMassive,Plasmatique - Swipe Right - Plasmatique Remix

Naws - Darkone

Niki Muxx,Cafe De Anatolia,Nina Deiana - Existence - Vocal Mix

Onen - Equilibrium

Rodriguez Jr.,Liset Alea,RJLA,Tim Engelhardt - Visions - Tim Engelhardt Remix

Safar (FR),LeCloarec - Scandalosa

Sascha Braemer - Voices of Youth

Shai T - Semitone

Solee - Our Lives

Sven Tasnadi,Marc Werner,Marcus Meinhardt - Beast - Marcus Meinhardt Remix

Tom Pool - Mate

Vice Luna,Antonio (AR),Who Else - Nothing More - Who Else Remix

Will Sea,Aniah Alves - Kites - Extended Mix

Yannick Mueller - Edges

inflore - Artefact

nghtrdio - Glow

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