junoBeat MELODIC 2023-08-27

DATA: 2023-08-28 TOTAL: 65 GENRE: Melodic House & Techno, Progressive House

JunoBeat MELODIC 2023-08-27 is a captivating musical journey that transcends genres and takes listeners on a sonic adventure. The playlist is a treasure trove of melodies that soothe the soul and ignite the imagination. The latest three tracks in this playlist blend seamlessly, showcasing the curator's impeccable taste in music. From the ethereal notes of the first track to the rhythmic beats of the second, and finally, to the hauntingly beautiful melody of the third, JunoBeat MELODIC 2023-08-27 is a testament to the power of music to evoke emotions and transport us to different worlds.




Adriatique,Marino Canal,Delhia De France - Home

Aio - Kasalla

Alex Del Amo - Midlands

Alexandros Djkevingr,G.Pal,Gabriel Di Pasqua,Anatolian Sessions - Medusa - Anatolian Sessions Remix

Anahit Vardanyan - Arda

Andrewboy - Delirium

At Dawn,Ranta - In Your Eyes - Ranta Remix

Awill (ofc) - Rumor

Backeer,Elline - Nikotam

Bizzare,Cafe De Anatolia - Destined to Meet

Blue Captive - Make It Last Forever

Boris Brejcha,Deniz Bul - R U FCKNG SERIOUS - 2023 Remaster

Boris Metraux - jazz and bazz

Bound to Divide - Echoes of the Unseen

Colyn,Maurits Colijn - Bridges In The Sky (feat. Maurits Colijn)

Dario Rivas - Dfferent

Eelke Kleijn,Josha Daniel - Oscillations

Eli & Fur - You're so High

Enamour - Body Test

Flex Diamond - Moyo

Follo - Divine

Franky Wah - Alone

Fuscarini - Ben

George Alhabel - Siandra Drive

Indifferent Guy,ODYSSAY,UNDERMOON - Answers in the Dark - Undermoon Remix

Jamek Ortega,MAXI MERAKI,Samm (BE) - Don't Care Anymore

Jay Phonic,Paege - Space Village - Paege Remix

Jordi Stein - Refigure

Kaskade - On Your Mind

Kellerkind - Forest Mystery

Kem Otto,LIIFE,BAQABO - Mimi Na Wewe

Klangkarussell,Redward Martin - Roads Of Gold - Edit

Klangkarussell,Redward Martin - Roads Of Gold

Lake Avalon - Fireworks

Le Youth - Virgo

MARIA Die RUHE,Martin Waslewski - Rejection - Martin Waslewski Remix

Martin Solveig,Faouzia,Moojo - Now Or Never - Moojo Remix

Mia Vice - Dante

Modern Tales,Jonas Rathsman,Francis Novotny - Coming Back 4 You

Monkey Safari - Malmedy

Monkey Safari,Delhia De France - Gravity

Monolink,Argy,Omnya - Laura - ARGY & Omnya Remix

NewiZ - Afterglow

North South Project - Beyond Infinity

Paul Ursin,Marcus Meinhardt - Wheels of Love - Marcus Meinhardt Remix

PAUZA,Arema Arega - MONTE

Propellar,kaala - Julee

Rampa,Sparrow & Barbossa - Champion

Remcord - My Strain

Sebjak,Fahlberg - Mariposa

Skatman,Tal Fussman - Save Me - Tal Fussman Remix

Solatic,Coramøøn - Laika

Solee - Euphoria

Sorrentino,Mitch LJ,Odem - Corsica - Extended Maquis Version

Stereo Express - The Gates Of Babylonia

Sven Tasnadi - It's a Boy!

Tats K,Tonotono - Altitude

ÜNAM,Qualista,okuma - Just - Okuma Remix

Vilemos - LOST IN TOWN

Volzok - Between the Dunes

Xinobi,Meta_ - Águila Vuela

Xinobi,Meta_ - The Stars

Yeah But No,Adam Port - Run Run Run - Adam Port Remix

Zigan Aldi,Monohøle - Epiphany

ZUSO - Miss You

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