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TOTAL: 150 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Dance / Electro Pop, Indie Dance



AiKAi - Twin Flame (Original Mix)

Alexi Delano - Drift (Original Mix)

Alexi Delano - Shift (Original Mix)

Alexi Delano - Up Hill (Original Mix)

Almero, Ansun, Julia Temos - Clockwork (Extended Mix)

Andrew Mathers - Hobbelpaard (Extended Mix)

Annix - Depth Charge (Original Mix)

AP, Husko - Shine (Extended Mix)

Bassjackers, Tony Junior - Forever Young (Extended Mix)

Belocca - Mental Cinema (Dual DeStress Remix)

Belocca - Piece Of Myself (Zafer Atabey Remix)

Belocca - Way Of Thinking (Belocca's 10th Anniversary Remix)

Ben Miller (Aus) - Tell Me (Extended Mix)

Benja Henley - Damage Control (Original Mix)

Benja Henley - Samaritan (Original Mix)

Block & Crown - Heart Of Glass (Original Mix)

Block & Crown, The Soulboyz - Rock The Boat (Original Mix)

Block & Crown, The Soulboyz - You To Me (Original Mix)

Bryan Softwell - Cúrame (Original Mix)

Butane, Riko Forinson - Breaking Things (Original Mix)

Butane, Riko Forinson - Evacuate (Original Mix)

Butane, Riko Forinson - Here Now (Butane's Full Circle Remix)

Butane, Riko Forinson - Here Now (Original Mix)

Calyx - Tempest (Original Mix)

Calyx - You Want It All (Original Mix)

Carlos Bacchus - Bajo El Sol (Extended Mix)

CID - Hold Me Close (Original Mix)

crane the brain - Put A Record On (Extended Mix)

CREEDY - Navigate Through Time (Original Mix)

Cressida, Lumynesynth - Someday (Original Mix)

Crossy, Kamoh - Are You Dizzy Blud (Original Mix)

Dave Toon - Ekg (Oliver Kalte Remix)

Dave Toon - Ekg (Original Mix)

Dave Toon - Ekg (Taka Muza Remix)

Dave Toon - Ekg (Tiko DE Remix)

Despersion - Nemesis (Original Mix)

Despersion, 2Whales - Slam Of Seagulls (Original Mix)

Despersion, Focusfire - Laser (Original Mix)

Diisa - Chemist (Original Mix)

Diisa - Juno (Original Mix)

Dipzy - Prove That (Original Mix)

DJ Hybrid - RAVE! (Bennie Remix)

DJ Hybrid - RAVE! (Original Mix)

DJ Limited, Fatman D - Badboy Sound (Original Mix)

Dom Dolla, Clementine Douglas - Miracle Maker (Airwolf Paradise Remix - Extended)

Domii - Let Me Get Down (Extended Mix)

Domii - Time For Your Mind (Extended Mix)

F-Rontal - Neon Drive (DJ Tool)

F-Rontal - Neon Drive (Original Mix)

F-Rontal - Return The Favor (Original Mix)

Frankyeffe - Save Me (Original Mix)

Fuzzy Hair - My Houze (Extended Mix)

Gaga, Mateo! - Do It Again (Original Mix)

Gaga, Mateo! - Do It Again (Pablo Say Remix)

Gardna - R.A.V.E.A.S.A.P (Dogger Remix)

Gardna - R.A.V.E.A.S.A.P (GotSome Remix)

Gardna - R.A.V.E.A.S.A.P (Murphy's Law Remix)

Gardna - R.A.V.E.A.S.A.P (Shadow Child Remix)

Gardna - R.A.V.E.A.S.A.P (Unglued Remix)

Garza, Calica - Can't Kill Me (Walker & Royce Remix)

Georgie Riot, Captain Bass, Alimish - Overload (Original Mix)

Gorgon City, Flirta D - Sidewindah (Interplanetary Criminal Extended Remix)

Gorillaz, Tame Impala, Bootie Brown - New Gold (Dom Dolla Remix Extended)

Grant Gibbs - Movin' (Original Mix)

Grigoré - &101Reasons (Extended Mix)

Grigoré - Hyperreal (Extended Mix)

Grigoré - Metaphysical Transition (Extended Mix)

Grigoré, Lewyn - Fiction (Break Bad) (Chill Mix)

Grigoré, Lewyn - Fiction (Break Bad) (Extended Mix)

hngT - Planetary System (Original Mix)

hngT - Simulated Society (Original Mix)

Housty - Stella (High Contrast Remix)

Hypzen - Wasted Time (Extended Mix)

iFeature - Insanity (Original Mix)

Isoxo, FrostTop - Angels Landing (Midnight Kids Remix)

Juan Ddd, Emanuel Querol - Flight QR959 (Original Mix)

Juan Ddd, Emanuel Querol - Orbita (Original Mix)

Khorrah - I Want Your Soul (Extended Mix)

Leopold Bär - Baugsi (Original Mix)

Leopold Bär - Moonshine (Original Mix)

Leopold Bär - Seeed (Original Mix)

Lewis Thompson, Clementine Douglas - Enchanté (Original Mix)

Lorenzo De Blanck - Speranza (Original Mix)

Lozaanso - Abduction (Original Mix)

Lozaanso - Levitate (Original Mix)

Mafew - Feel Nothing (Extended Mix)

Mairee, Bounce Inc., Eusebio - Mamita (Extended Mix)

Marbox - Override (Original Mix)

Marbox - Tunnel Vision (Original Mix)

Marcellus (UK) - Back To It (Original Mix)

Marco Bailey - Blow (Original Mix)

Marco Bailey - Freaky Dancer (Original Mix)

Marco Bailey - Stormbringer (Original Mix)

Marco Bailey - Takina (Original Mix)

Mareels - Pa Divertirme (Extended Mix)

Mark Row - Got To Be Strong (Original Mix)

Mason Maynard - Destino (Extended Mix)

Metodi Hristov, Eleonora - 20 Hours (Extended Mix)

Midknight Thieves - Love My Mind (Extended Mix)

Mike Epsse - Let Me (Original Mix)

Mike Epsse, Vitamin THC - Feel Me (Original Mix)

Moreno Pezzolato - Shake (Original Mix)

Mr Jay - Chase This (Extended Mix)

Nico Rivera - We Shall Never Surrender (Original Mix)

Niko Boggs - Modular Funk (Original Mix)

Nino (BG), Vanilla Ace - Tap Tap (Extended Mix)

No Mana, ill-esha - Space (Original Mix)

Noizu, Secondcity - More Love (Camden Cox Remix)

Objectiv - Fallen Order (Original Mix)

Objectiv - Tell Me (Original Mix)

Otistic (DE) - Acid (Extended Mix)

Otistic (DE) - Bomba (Extended Mix)

Otto Knows, Alex Aris - Randomize (Extended Mix)

partywithray - It's All Good (Original Mix)

Phineo - Trust (Extended Mix)

Pirate Snake, Brannco - Tiny Dancer (Extended Mix)

R3HAB, Timmy Trumpet, W&W - Poison (Extended Mix)

RANKZ - Android (Original Mix)

Redondo, Kim Kaey - You Are A Danger (Extended Mix)

Return Of The Jaded, Karsten Sollors - Step Into It (Original Mix)

ROY KNOX, Hayve, Mike Robert - Bad Habits (Original Mix)

Ruxxi, P3PPER - Gemstone (Original Mix)

Sam Ourt, Juan Dileju - Decided (Extended Mix)

Senh - All Right (Original Mix)

Senh - Nemesis (Original Mix)

Senh - Odyssey (Original Mix)

Senh - Passage (Original Mix)

Senh - Shaba Funk (Original Mix)

Senh - Shape The Future (Original Mix)

Senh - Sunrise (Original Mix)

Senh - Vision (Original Mix)

Siwell - Vibe Breaks (Extended Mix)

SMACK - Better Than Sex (Extended Mix)

Sorley - Short Circuits (Original Mix)

SST - Keep Me Rolling (Original Mix)

Starwoodz, JIRICO - Go Back (Extended Mix)

Strybo - Curse (Original Mix)

Sublab, Tisoki, Tima Dee - Lose It On You (Original Mix)

Sullivan King, Wooli - Let Me Go (Original Mix)

The Blessed Madonna - Serotonin Moonbeams (Original Mix)

The Deepshakerz - One Night (Original Mix)

Thomas Newson, Hollaphonic - Feel This Way (Extended Mix)

Tibasko - Hawt (Extended Mix)

TOBEHONEST - Party (Original Mix)

Tommy Mambretti, Lisa Kekaula - Tell The World (Extended Mix)

Toyzz - ASI (Extended Mix)

Trace (UZ) - Camel (Extended Mix)

Wiguez, Vizzen, Maestro Chives - Running Wild (Original Mix)

Will Taylor (UK), Mr. Vegas - Dynamo (Will Taylor Club Mix)

Youth In Circles, LUIGI. - Reminder (Original Mix)

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