junoBeat SOULFUL FUNKY DISCO 2023-05-05

DATA: 2023-05-05 TOTAL: 103 GENRE: Soulful House, Funky House, Nu Disco / Disco, Disco House, House

JunoBeat's "Soulful Funky Disco" is more than just a collection of catchy tunes. Each song on the album tells a unique story and conveys a range of emotions. "Lost in the Moment" is a heartfelt ballad that explores the complexities of love, while "Feelin' Good" is an upbeat anthem about self-empowerment and positivity. Whether you're in the mood to dance or looking for some soulful inspiration, JunoBeat's "Soulful Funky Disco" has something for everyone. This album is a true testament to the power of music to bring people together and uplift the soul.




Akabu,Dave Lee,Jinadu - Highways - Dave Lee Medusa Mix

Alexny - We Got a Message - Original Mix

Andy Bach - Jump To It

Andy Romano - Every Time Feel Allright - Original Mix

Atta Frimpong - Bepo So Dua

B.A.N.G! - Come Home With Me - Extended

Barry&Gibbs - Move On

Ben Banjo Field,Mark Whites - Cave Of Gold

Berobreo - Polarized Tapes

Bibio,Olivier St.Louis - S.O.L.

Birdee,Nick Reach Up,Barbara Tucker - Free Yourself (Again) [Extended Vocal Mix]

Block & Crown - She's Like - Original Mix

Bobby & Steve,Johnnie Fiori,Dr Packer - You Will Survive - Dr Packer Main Mix

Born To Funk - Let Ur Spirit Go (Born To Funk Mix)

Break 3000,Adam Kroll - Discotronic

C. Da Afro - Show Off

Camille,Chez Damier,Nico Lahs - Dance To The Beat (Freakout)

CAPYAC,Slim Jeff,Annabelle Freedman,Fouk - Sanctuary - Fouk Remix

Cloak Dagger,Basement Love - Take Me There

Crazibiza,Black Blood - Take It Easy - Original Mix

Da Lukas,Walterino - Funk Vamp Baby

Daniele Baldi - Can't Get Enough

David Marston,Brigitte Zozula,Frano - Feel Your Soul

David Morales,Scott Paynter - The Love I Gave

Dirty Disco Stars - Like Mamma Said - Extended Mix

Disco Feelings - Birds

Disco Feelings - Funk Me

Discotron,Soul Power - The Same Way - Nu Disco Extended Mix

Distance,Janey Hallett - Just One More Kiss

Dj Aiblo - Dancer - Original Mix

DJ Dashcam - Put It All

DJ Pope - Act Like You Know

D.P.V. - Go Back

D.P.V. - Love Sign

Dr Valentines - Cardioid Arrest

Echonomist - Midnight Talks

Eugenio Fico - The Answer

Everything But The Girl,Knee Deep - Corcovado - Knee Deep Classic Club Mix Ben Watt Vocal Re-edit

Ferry Ultra,Ashley Slater,Never Dull - Why Did You Do It - Never Dull Instrumental Remix

Ferry Ultra,Roy Ayers,Grant Nelson - Dangerous Vibes - Grant's Main Mix

Filippo Perbellini,Sebb Junior - Can't Handle The Truth - Sebb Junior Remix

Floetry,Kek'star - Say Yes - Kek'star Remix

Fran Deeper,Manuel Costela - Dabada

FunkeeSounds,Hotmood - Rockin' Da House - Hotmood Remix

Gayle Adams - Stretchin' Out - Special 12" Mix

George Cynnamon - Happy Groove - Extended Mix

Giovanni Damico - The Sound Of Revolution

Groove Assassin,DJ Christian B - Till You Come Back - Extended Mix

Groovetastic,Andy Bach,Uliana Zar - The One - Instrumental

Gulou Home Studio,Mickey Zhang - Satellite - Mickey Zhang Remix

HDSN - Born In A Disco

House Punkz - Do You Wanna Funk

Igor Gonya - At One's Ease

J Paul Getto - The Vibe

James Alexander Bright,Flying Mojito Bros - Tigers Roar - Flying Mojito Bros Refrito

Jamie Lewis,Michael Watford - For You - Jamie Lewis New Jersey Club Mix

Jay Vegas - Come Soon

Joe Corti - The First Time

Jung Soul - Close Your Eyes - Extended Mix

Ken@Work - Change Your Mind

Ken@Work - King Of My Castle

KOLA - Party People

Leo Janeiro - Uncle Silva

Leonid & Friends,Dimitri From Paris - Street Player - Dimitri From Paris Super Disco Blend, Pt. I & II

Leroy Styles,Kenton Lee - Destiny

Leroy Styles,Mister Vi - I'm A Blessed Man

Lord Echo,Mara TK - The Sweetest Meditation

Mannix,Andy Bach - So Good - Andy Bach Remix

Mark Francis,Timmy Regisford - Erika - Timmy Regisford Remix

Mark Picchiotti,The Absolute,Suzanne Palmer,Harry Romero - I Believe (feat. Suzanne Palmer) - Harry's Deep In Jersey Dub

MarlboroRouge - You

Massimo Voci - Strike

Michal Martyniuk,Eric Kupper,YaniKa - New Things (Eric Kupper Remix)

Mijangos,Luis Radio - Into the Philly Sound - Luis Radio Remix

Mishell Ivon,LeBaron James,Yam Who?,Marshall (UK) - Glamour Nights - Yam Who? & Marshall (UK) Disco Down Mix

M.O.D. - Moonshine

Monkey Safari,DJ Island - Sometimes

Mosaik - Pazarski Den - Chicago Bitdown

Old Foxes - Gimme That Funk

Opolopo,Angela Johnson,Atjazz - Sunshine - Atjazz Love Soul Remix

Pat Bedeau,Hannah Khemoh - Always

Popcorn Poppers,Ghostbusterz - Your Celebration - Original Mix

Ralf Gum,Bongi Mvuyana,Kafele - Fix Your Love - Main Mix

Riva Starr,Soul City Connection,Phebe Edwards - Brotherly Love Divine (feat. Phebe Edwards) - Extended Bootleg Edit

Romane Santarelli,Emma B - Bodega - Emma B Remix

Rony Breaker,Nathan Thomas,Qwestlife - We Came to Sing - Qwestlife Boogie Instrumental

Satin Jackets,Mandy Jones,Cassara - In This Life - Cassara Remix

Sense of Sound Singers,Yam Who? - Spread Love - Yam Who? Extended Gospel Mix

Simon Kennedy - 54 Music

Simon Kennedy - Bad Habit

Soulphiction,Netzer - Bizzness (Live @ BIX)

Sound Support - Bump Into You

Sourires - Les Jeux Sont Faits

Stewart Birch - Just Can't Put The Work In

T-Groove,Maddam Mya - Move Me

Teddy Douglas,Sharon Brown Adams - Betcha Wouldn't Hurt Me (Vocal Mix)

The Catcher,Paolo Faz - Calliope Of My Dreams - Treat Mix

The Catcher,Paolo Faz - Toward The Mist - View Mix

The Phenomenal Handclap Band,Prins Thomas - Burning Bridges - Prins Thomas Diskomiks

The Shapeshifters,Fiorious,Ramona Renea - Slippery People (feat. Ramona Renea & Fiorious)

Tommy Glasses - Passion

Waterstone,Amanda Wilson - It's Over Now - Extended Vocal Mix

Zibadan,Nicola Corradino - Taking Good Care

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