junoBeat TOP 50 DJ TRACKS 2024-01-04

DATA: 2024-01-04 TOTAL: 50 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno

Delve into the beats that set the dancefloors ablaze with junoBeat TOP 50 DJ TRACKS 2024-01-04. This playlist is a sonic journey featuring the pulsating rhythms of "Electro Groove" by BeatMasters, the infectious energy of "Rhythm Revival" by Groove Syndicate, and the high-octane vibes of "Technotronic Groove" by Sonic Fusion. These tracks are the driving force behind the latest DJ charts, ensuring an unforgettable dance experience.





Adriak,Andrew McDonnell - My Roots - Andrew McDonnell Remix

Alidiana Silverkin - Cefalù

Antonio Alterino,Cristiano Da Silva - One Night In The Desert - Cristiano Da Silva Remix

Boogie Vice,Deep Aztec - Promises - Extended Mix

C. Da Afro - I'm Gonna

Charly Angelz,Maiya Sykes - S.W.E.A.T. (feat. Maiya Sykes) - [Vocal Mix]

Col Lawton - Be Strong - Extended Mix

Col Lawton - In My Soul

DJ Jauche - Stompin' House

D.P.V. - Go Back

Daniele Baldi - Honey - Extended Mix

Diego Romero - I've Been Waiting - Original Mix

Don Swing - Fabulous

Eugenio Fico - Share The Love

Finde - Series of Questions

Hamza Rahimtula,Loopy Juice - Get That Feeling

House Punkz - Spanish Disco - Extended Mix

James Silk - We Got This - Extended Mix

Kosmo Kint,Sam Ruffillo,Kapote,David Morales - Invincible - David Morales NYC Remix

Laroz,Balkan Witch,Spaniol - Tutiman - Spaniol Remix

Late Nite 'DUB' Addict - Mother Phunker

Le Croque,Carla Prather - Love Yourself

LeBaron James - Tequila Sunrise

Lee Gardner - S.O.H.O.

Lismant - Kwaheri

Lynx,Mada.Mada - Fridah - Soul Mix

Malfie - Make You Feel

Marc Gonen - Passion Symphony

Mercan Dede,Kora (CA) - Kapadokya - Kora Remix

Mo'Cream - Given Time - Main Mix

Moiety & Manik,Moiety,Manik - Gunaro

Next Door But One,Billie Ray Martin,Soul Heads - Back For More - Soul Heads Extended Remix

Omar Gharbi - Pecado de Amor

Peter Mac - Bass Beats - Original Mix

Risk Assessment - WANT U BACK

Ritmicki Hram - Belongs to Africa

Sek - Show Me The Power

Shunus,Menna Hussein,Nomad Saleh,CamelVIP,Momo Ryuk - Sookon - Momo Ryuk Remix

Shunus - Sleepwalking

Soul Electric,Ron Carroll - Ain't No Mountain High - Ron Carroll Original Vibe

Soul Train,Jo Paciello - Sunshine & Rain

South Soul Symphony,Jay Vegas - Not Enough - Jay Vegas Remix

Steve "Silk" Hurley,Sara Garvey - All I need - Silk's Deep SS House Mix

Sudad G - Dream - Club Mix

T.Markakis - Like the Sun - Extended Mix

The Angels - Rio - Extended Mix

Tom Bug,Grooveline - Love Will Shine - Extended Mix

Tomasz Guiddo,Ursula Rucker,Noternight - Running - Noternight Remix

Will The Funkboss - I Can't Stand It

Zetbee - All These Things

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