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DATA: 2024-01-04 TOTAL: 116 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno

The latest junoBeat Top DJ Tracks for January 2024 are out, and they are a must-listen for any electronic music enthusiast. The selection features a diverse range of genres, including House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, and Organic House. The top three tracks from the list are “The Way You Love Me” by DJ Kone & Marc Palacios, “The Music” by Kevin McKay, and “The Groove” by Block & Crown. These tracks are sure to get you grooving and keep you hooked with their infectious beats and catchy melodies.




AGAP - Presence

Airbas & KATY RISE feat. Airis - Loverdose (Extended Mix)

Akmaral - Night Feeling (Che&Mos Remix)

Alegra Cole - All That She Wants (Extended Mix)

Alex H & Ivy Marie - I'll Be Here For Now (Kiholm Remix)

Alex Vanni - Slow Down (Extended Mix)

Anthony Huttley - Agapē

Anturage, Andi & Alex - Rising Heat (Original Mix)

Ary Sya - Back to the Moon

Astra V - Get Funky (Original Mix)

Axone _ X_1 - Coming From Above

BVGSY DEL MAR - Bliss (Original Mix)

Baal (SL) - Fire Flys Night (NAVA's Tale of Doom Remix)

Baloski - Anymore

Baltazart - Energias (Original Mix)

Beating Cells, Keith Lawrence, Unicorn Breeding Ground - Get Down Tonight

Blaktone - TV

Bond - Afro Revolution

Caitto & GAGH - This Party (Original Mix)

Chamacos - Sweet Melody (Original Mix)

D!-Tech - Deep Magic (Original Mix)

DJ S.K.T x Marvel Riot - Pop That (Extended Mix)

Dave Neven & Ocata - Welcome To The Awakening (Extended Mix)

Discognition - All of Me (Extended Mix)

Eduardo MTZ - Darkness (Original Mix)

El Mundo, Zazou - Taken Over

Elaine Mai x Murli, vs.  Dave Spoon x Nick Reach Up - Ready

Elaine Mai, Murli, Dave Spoon, Nick Reach Up - Ready (Extended Mix)

Elson (IT) - Deep (Original Mix)

Emily.Sai - Look At Me (Original Mix)

Flavio Martini - Millions (Original Mix)

Fuenka - Synnax (Extended Mix)

Ghek - Ácido Un Placer (Original Mix)

Ghek - La Molecula (Original Mix)

Ginchy & Yasmin Jane - Uninvited (Extended Mix)

Hakan Ozurun & Sinan Arsan - 92.85

Harry Romero - Don't Stop Rock (OFFAIAH Remix)

Hidden Empire - Wanna Dance

Innellea & Colyn ft braev - Downfall (Extended Mix)

Jay Vegas, Mark Knight - Break Ya Down (Mark Knight Remix)

Jon.K - Desire (Original Mix)

Juan Arce & Axel Zambrano - Fusca

Juan Idex - Dance Cursed (Original Mix)

Kadett - Just Keep Dancing (Extended Mix)

Kate Hex - Concentrate (Original Mix)

Khainz - The Mantra (Original Mix)

Khainz - The Tides (Original Mix)

Khainz, Like Mike, Elodie Gervaise, HEREON - Under Your Spine (Extended Mix)

Lenny Dezeum - New Era

Lesh - Breath Of Life (Original Mix)

LouLou Players - What You Are (Original Mix)

LouLou Players - Will Never Do (Original Mix)

Low Steppa & Tony Romera - Dance To The Music (Extended Mix)

Luciano Elvira - Akisa (Paul Thomas Extended Remix)

Luciano Elvira - Akisa

MaMan - What It Is (Extended Mix)

Maksim Dark - Modelo (Original Mix)

Marco Molina - Africana (The Doberman Club Remix)

Mari Ferrari - Spektrum (Extended Mix)

Matt Fax  Johan Vilborg - Rise (Extended Mix)

Matt Shrewd - Drop Of The Hat (Original Mix)

Meduza feat. Elroii - Headrush (JNSN Edit)

Mijail - Hot (Original Mix)

Mimmo Errico, Leandro Da Silva - Yo Tambien (CASSIMM Remix)

Molac & Nicolas Viana - Espectros (Original Mix)

Molac & Nicolas Viana - Floating (Original Mix)

Molac & Nicolas Viana - Neuranza (Original Mix)

NMNT - Forget (Original Mix)

NMNT - High Castle (Original Mix)

Nihil Young, Adam Nazar & Artifex Mundi - Holding Pattern

Nix - Mess (Original Mix)

No Hopes - Rules (Dirty Extended Mix)

No Hopes - Rules (Extended Mix)

Nohha - The Sea, the Sun (Greg Ochman Remix)

Noise Generation - The Covenant (Original Mix)

Ocean of Emotion - From Inside (Thomas Compana Remix)

Oësha - Gravitate (Original Mix)

One True God - Ghosted

Pablo German - Groundwire

Pablo Rodriguez - Rocking to the Beat 2k24 (Original Mix)

Primal Scream, Kate Moss - Some Velvet Morning (Nahs & Facu Davila Rmx)

Puccio - Sky (Original Mix)


RZNEBEL - Indie Inferno

RaySoo - Muska (Original Mix)

Robyn Balliet - Unbound (Extended Mix)

SOAN - Mangalam (Original Mix)

Sam Hendrix - I Want You (Original Mix)

Sans Souci - Valverde (Extended Mix)

Savrun Brothers - Sardonic (Original Mix)

Seba Campos, Fida - Amor (Dole & Kom Remix)

Söriös - Dr. Robotnik (Original Mix)

Spada - Never Take You For Granted (Extended Mix)

Surmillo - Chaos (Original Mix)

Tamer Fouda - Cyber Punk

Tamer Fouda - Frequencies

Tardiy - Holiday (Original Mix)

Theus Mago - X-Control (Eden Burns remix)

Thiago Ávila - Lambo (Original Mix)

Thomas Gandey, Aiwaska - Beautiful People (Outcome, Philipp Straub Remix)

Timmo Hendriks - Pull Me Close (Extended Mix)

Tinygiant - Golden Mount (Original Mix)

Tough Art - Latin Groove (Extended Mix)

Trumark - VoosT (Original Mix)

Ver-dikt & Andy Dav, Alex Grafton - Move Like This (Original Mix)

Wally Lopez, Darko De Jan - Contemplation (Original Mix)

WhoMadeWho - Abu Simbel (Seething Flow Edit)

ZAHNA - Since 96 (Original Mix)

Zsak - In My Soul (Extended Mix)

Zuccasam - Feartone

Zuccasam - Laser Break

col lawton - Move My Body (Original Mix)

th;en feat. Carlo Whale - Elation

th;en feat. Carlo Whale - Reflect

widerberg - Voyage

widerberg, Luke Coulson - Alive (Maxim Lany Extended Mix)

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