JunoDownload BALEARIC / DOWNTEMPO TOP 100 20023-08-07

DATA: 2023-08-07 TOTAL: 127 GENRE: Belearic / Downtempo

Indulge in the enchanting rhythms of the JunoDownload Balearic / Downtempo Top 100 as of August 7, 20023. Curated with care, this chart features the most sought-after tracks in the Balearic and Downtempo genres, available for immediate download. With a blend of mesmerizing melodies and downtempo beats, this selection captures the essence of relaxation and musical diversity. Venture into a realm of ambient soundscapes, serene harmonies, and innovative compositions that transport listeners to idyllic destinations. Whether you're seeking sonic solace or artistic inspiration, this compilation presents a rich assortment of tracks that embody the very heart of Balearic and Downtempo music.




APE DOS MIL - Just A Little Less - Remix

Aaevro - Memories

Alex Kassian,Bill Laswell - Spirit of Eden - Bill Laswell Dub

Alex Kassian - Leave Your Life - Dance Mix

Alex Kassian - Leave Your Life - Lonely Hearts Mix

Alex Kassian - Spirit of Eden

Almost Falling - 2020

Almost Falling - Ameca

Almost Falling - Beginnings

Almost Falling - Dirt

Almost Falling - I Don't Feel It

Almost Falling - Interlude

Almost Falling - Mountains of Madness

Almost Falling - Ocean Call

Almost Falling - Rain

Almost Falling - Roots

Almost Falling - Shivers

Almost Falling - Solitary Soldier

Almost Falling - Suck It Up

Almost Falling - Trace Your Steps

Ambala,Troels Hammer,Anders Ponsaing,Iyami Aje - Eko Maina

Andromeda Orchestra,Rudy's Midnight Machine - Take Me High - Rudy's Midnight Machine Mix

Andromeda Orchestra - Kano Line Dance

Andromeda Orchestra - Solonoid

Andromeda Orchestra - Take Me High

Balkan Taksim,Baiuca - Zalina - Baiuca Remix

Cruisic - Jazz Carnival

Cruisic - Quartz

DJ Pippi,Willie Graff,Chilani,Anders Ponsaing - Follow Your Dreams - Anders Ponsaing Remix

David Datunashvili - Wonders

Earthboogie - Mr Mystery

Earthboogie - Route Ten to Interzone

Earthboogie - The E.B Theme

Faze Action,Zeke Manyika - Mangwana (feat. Zeke Manyika)

Foster - Neon Life - Lexx & Kejeblos Edit

Gorje Hewek,Makebo,Amonita - Never Been

Groove Armada,Logic1000 - My Friend - Logic1000 Remix

Hakimonu,Venedikt Reyf - Reanimate the Obvious - Venedikt Reyf Remix

Hakimonu - Angiospermae

Hakimonu - As If I Say

Hakimonu - BWC - Modern Symphony For Me

Hakimonu - De Fuse View in Dub

Hakimonu - Diffuse Hearing - Workaholic Dub State

Hakimonu - Dreaming Wakefulness

Hakimonu - Harmon Adam's Heart

Hakimonu - In Land of Time & Purpose

Hakimonu - Jele Jele - Flying Dub High Version

Hakimonu - Jele Jele

Hakimonu - People in a Constant Pair

Hakimonu - Royal Poinciana - Dub Adventure

Hakimonu - Sound is the Dancing Wave of Universal Matter

Hakimonu - Sun Rays - Dubophonic 110 Mix

Hakimonu - Sun Rays - Dubophonic 133 Mix

Jimpster,Oliver Night - Ascension

Ondatrópica - Cumbia Espacial

Panoram,Luca Lozano - Wandering Frames - Luca Lozano Remix

Panoram,Quiet Village - Seabrain - Quiet Village Remix

Rayko,Elena Hikari - A Different Day (feat. Elena Hikari)

Rayko,Elena Hikari - Extraordinarylove (feat. Elena Hikari)

Rayko,Elena Hikari - Imagina (feat. Elena Hikari)

Rayko,Elena Hikari - No Quiero Cambiarte (feat. Elena Hikari)

Rayko,Elena Hikari - Testify (feat. Elena Hikari)

Rayko,Elena Hikari - Tu Alma Y La Mía (feat. Elena Hikari)

Rayko,Elena Hikari - Unite (feat. Elena Hikari)

Rayko,Elena Hikari - Voy a Buscarte (feat. Elena Hikari)

Romare - Dreams

Romare - Gone

Romare - Heaven

Romare - High

Romare - Sunshine

Romare - The River

Romare - You See

Rowee,Eleonora - Faded

Rowee,One of Vas - Till the End

Rowee - Afterlife

Rowee - Begin the Life

Ruf Dug - Cala Vedella

Ruf Dug - Casita Más Alta - Extended Version

Ruf Dug - Casita Más Alta

Ruf Dug - Las Cicadas

Ruf Dug - Niu Blau

Sadeedo - Asafeer Portixol

Sasha,Stet - Bring on the Night-Time - Stet Remix

Sebastian Sellares - Lullaby of the Seraphim - Mixed

Señor Coconut - Smooth Operator - Good Groove Remix

Shkoon - Amdah

Shkoon - B2

Shkoon - Bayat

Shkoon - Fatoum

Shkoon - Ramallah

Shkoon - Ya Galbi

Shkoon - Yamo

Soulstance - Angels

Soulstance - Around Me

Soulstance - As We Are

Soulstance - Deep Song

Soulstance - Golden Touch

Soulstance - It's Time To Come Back

Soulstance - Ladies Of The Night

Soulstance - Last Goodbye

Soulstance - Lost Love

Soulstance - Naima

Soulstance - Relaxing With Me - The Mute Mix

Soulstance - Relaxing With Me

Soulstance - Strange Night

Soulstance - Sweet Sorrow

Subnesia,Charlotte Caluwaerts - Historia Del Amor - Extended Mix

Subnesia,Nordal - Baila Gitano - Club Mix

The Beloved - Sweet Harmony - Edit

The Beloved - Sweet Harmony - Fertility Dance Mix

The Beloved - Sweet Harmony - Live The Dream Mix

The Beloved - Sweet Harmony - Love The Dub Mix

The Beloved - Time After Time - Three Men In a Tub

The Daou - Surrender Yourself - Ballroom Mix

The Thrillseekers,Alaska - Synaesthesia - Alaska Sunset Mix

Warriors of the Dystotheque,Ashley Slater - Be My Star

Warriors of the Dystotheque,Ashley Slater - Beachside Drive

Willie Graff,Darren Eboli - After The Storm

Willie Graff,Darren Eboli - Candela

Willie Graff,Darren Eboli - Clear Sky

Willie Graff,Darren Eboli - Cocktails With Cecil

Willie Graff,Darren Eboli - Night Tiger

Willie Graff,Darren Eboli - Paradise Music

Willie Graff,Darren Eboli - Pink Hotel

Willie Graff,Darren Eboli - Visions Of Blue

Zero 7,Sia,Sophie Barker - Destiny

sun electric - O'locco - Kama Sutra

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