Junodownload Hot Dj Charts 2023-04-18

DATA: 2023-04-18 TOTAL: 205 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno

If you're a fan of electronic dance music, you won't want to miss the Junodownload Hot DJ Charts for 2023-04-18. These charts are updated weekly and feature the most popular tracks in the world of EDM, as determined by downloads and streams on Junodownload. This week's chart features a mix of established artists and up-and-coming producers, showcasing a range of styles including deep house, techno, and trance. Whether you're looking for new tracks to add to your DJ set or just want to discover the latest and greatest in electronic music, the Junodownload Hot DJ Charts are a must-see.



ACAY - Hold My Hand

ACRAZE - Take Me Away (Extended Mix)

Abco, Twinflame & Rozegarden - Tell Me (Extended Mix) (Original Mix)

Alignment - Future Dancefloor (Original Mix)

Alvaro AM, Lose Endz - Last Night At X (LaRosa Remix)

Amarno - Hidden Complex (Original Mix)

Andres Claro - On Point (Thomas Cerutti Remix)

Anna Kohlin - Night Retreat (Michel James Remix)

Aron Volta - Gin Fizz (Original Mix)

Aroop Roy - Ebadile (Original Mix)

Atari Safari - Freak Out (Original Mix)

Avision - The Void (Original Mix)

Azzecca - Ego Death (Extended Mix)

Behic Fellowes & George Smeddles - Barry Can't Drink

Ben Nicky, Distorted Dreams - Adagio For Strings (Extended Mix)

Ben Rau - Heat It Up

Ben Rau - You Got Me Running

Blackchild (ITA) - Those Flowers (Original Mix)

Bob Sinclar, Salome De Bahia - Outro Lugar (Bob Sinclar Extended Mix)

Bobby Cazanova - Shadow Systems

Bruno Furlan - Bongoloco (Extended)

Burnski - Shout

CAIVA - Take Me Higher (Trudge Remix)

Cassimm - Hella Mary (Zsak Extended Remix)

Catz 'n Dogz - Shine (Original Mix)

Cedric Gervais, Joel Corry - MOLLY (Will Sparks Remix)

Cevin Fisher - Love You Some More (Cevin Fisher Extended Remix)

Chapter & Verse - Set You Free (Extended Mix)

Chicola - Every Pain Got A Name (The Intro Version)

Christian Nielsen - So Deep (Original Mix)

Claudia Tejeda - Namibia (Original Mix)

Costa UK - Now Stop (Extended Mix)

Craig Hamilton - On the fly tip (Original Mix)

Crystal Waters, David Anthony - 2B Luv Part 3 (Todd Terry Extended Mix)

DJ Jordan - Scorpion (Extended Mix)

DJ PP - Queen Of Disco (True Spirit Remix)

DJ PP, Gabriel Rocha - Move This Groove (Original Mix)

Dale Move - Praise (Extended Mix)

Daniel Orpi - Ahora Comprendo (Original Mix)

Daniel Orpi - Constellation (Original Mix)

Daniel Orpi - Pills & Chill (Original Mix)

Dateless - Geekin (Original Mix)

Dateless, Daniel Orpi - No Bajemos La Guardia (Original Mix)

Dave Turk - Let The Spirits Take Me (Extended)

David Guetta, MARTEN HØRGER - The Freaks (Extended Mix)

Dennis Cruz - Una Rumbita (Original Mix)

Dense & Pika, Rawfox - Bugz (Extended Mix)

Detlef - Don Julio (Original Mix)

Dilby - Dust and Stones (Original Mix)

Dilby - Last Word (Original Mix)

Dimmish - Green House (Original Mix)

Dj Romain, Darryl D'Bonneau - It's the Spirit (83 West Vocal Remix)

Doug Gomez - Free Birds (Doug Gomez Original Mix)

Dubesque - You Got My Love (Original Mix)

Dutchican Soul, Troy Denari - Whats On Your Mind (Extended)

Dvit Bousa & Deejay P4T - Belen (Extended Mix)

Eddie Thoneick & Ross Thomson - Mind Control (Extended Mix)

Eddy M - Look At The Sky (Original Mix)

Enzo Leep - Tumbril (Direkt Remix)

Ezel, Rona Ray - History Repeating (Original Mix)

FOLEY (UK) - Take Me There (Extended Mix)

Fletcher Kerr - Gotta Be Real (Extended Mix)

Floorplan - We Give Thee Honor (Extended Mix)

Fond8 - Everybody in My House (Extended Mix)

Franck Roger - Whispers (Original Mix)

Franky Rizardo - This Energy (Extended Mix)

Freak Unique - One to Techno (Extended Mix)

Freak Unique - Something for Your Mind (Extended Mix)

GENESI (ITA) - Everything You Have Done (Meduza Edit Extended)

GUZ (NL), Hannah Boleyn - Time After Time (Extended Mix)

George Smeddles - System On (Original Mix)

Gorje Hewek, Dulus, Molac - Astro World (Original Mix)

Guy J - Anonymous (Original Mix)

Guy J - State Of Trance (Original Mix)

Hannah Laing - Get Busy (Extended)

Harrison BDP - One For The Club

Helsloot - Take Care (Extended Mix)

Idiotproof - Wuuf (Original Mix)

Jacque Saravante & Big Gal - Shut Down

Jamback - At The House (Original Mix)

James Dexter - Creeper (Original Mix)

James Dexter - Renegades (Original Mix)

Jamie Jones - My Paradise (Extended Mix)

Jamie Jones - Save Myself (Original Mix)

Jay Lumen - Mandala (Original Mix)

Jay Lumen - Venus (Original Mix)

Jesse Maas - A Life, Wassup (Original Mix)

Jesse Maas - Just A Man (Original Mix)

Jimi Jules - My City's On Fire (Anyma & Cassian Extended Remix) (Original Mix)

Jimpster, Mavhungu - Tribute (feat. Mavhungu) (Original Mix)

Joe Ventura, Sulene Fleming - I'll Wait (Todd Terry Extended Mix)

Joeski - Afro Latinism (Original Mix)

Johan S & Oliver Knight - Get Weak (Ango Tamarin Remix) (Extended Mix)

Johan S & Oliver Knight - Get Weak (Extended Mix)

Johan S & Oliver Knight - Talkin' Good (Extended Mix)

John O'Callaghan - Impulse Barrier (Extended Mix)

John Summit - In Chicago (Danny Avila Extended Remix)

John Summit - La Danza (Extended Mix)

Joplyn, Einmusik - KEEP ME IN YOUR MIND (Einmusik Remix)

Josh Baker - H

Joshwa - Bass Go Boom (Original Mix)

Juanito - Work It Mami (Original Mix)

information ghetto - Singular (Original Mix)

Kevin Yost - There It Is (Original Mix)

Kidoo - Tango (Original Mix)

Kosh - Casablanca Vice

Kotelett - I Don't Know (Audiojack Remix)

Kreature - Everything's Cool (Original Mix)

Kriess Guyte - In the Place (Extended Mix)

LOVRA - Rhymorator (Original Mix)

Lane 8 - Woman (Original Mix)

Latmun - Just Play (Original Mix)

Latmun - Tonight (Original Mix)

Lonely - Joe Man (Original Mix)

Low Steppa & Crusy - BFG (Extended Mix)

Lucas Bahr, Damelo - GOAT (Original Mix)

MANT - No Turning Back (Original Mix)

Maceo Plex - When the Lights Are Out (Garage Extended Mix)

Madben - Circuit Breaker (Original Mix)

Maddix - Heute Nacht (Extended Mix)

Marc Romboy - Hanenda (Will Clarke Remix)

Marco Strous - Slay (Original Mix)

Mark Knight, Todd Terry, James Hurr, Darryl James, David Anthony - Make You Happy (Extended Mix)

Mark Sherry & David Forbes - Galvanizers (Extended Mix)

Mark Sherry & Smith & Brown - Tambores De Carnaval (Extended Mix)

Mark Sherry & Steve Dekay - Smiler (Mixed)

Marsh - Little Darling (Joris Voorn Remix)

Martin Ikin, Roxe - Supa Sharp (Extended Mix)

Mateo Dufour & Cosenza - Missed Call (Original Mix)

Max Styler, FRANCO BA - Rock The House (Extended Mix)

Mene, ACA (YU) - No Me Impolta (Original Mix)

Mihai Popoviciu - Daily Basis (Original Mix)

Moya, Kokiri - Never Too Late (VIP Extended Mix)

Mr. V, Prunk - Friday Night (Original Mix)

Mr. V, Sebb Junior, Karmina Dai - The Menu (Club Mix)

Mr. V, Tommy Bones - One, Two (Original Mix)

Narciss - Tall People

Nick Slater - Go! (Extended Mix)

Nick Slater - Route 303 (Extended Mix)

Nolga - Amber Gambler

OCB - Aquaquest Pt.2.5 (THX)

Oscean - Spiral

Osunlade - Leading Blacks (Coflo's Not Confused Remix)

Paride Saraceni - Simulacrum (Original Mix)

Phil Unique - Jackin 88 (Original Mix)

Plaster Hands - Black Guitar (Extended Mix)

Povar, Starving Yet Full, Wilyamdelove - Power (Alexey Union Remix)

Proudly People - Missing You (Original Mix)

RAYZIR - Chapadao (Original Mix)

RSquared - Draw The Line (Original Mix)

Rauschhaus - Mindworm (The Wash Remix)

Reel People, Speech, Fouk - I Never Knew (Fouk Remix)

Remi Blaze - All Night Long (Extended Mix)

Rhoowax - Can You Feel It (Original Mix)

Riva Starr, Todd Terry - This Is The Sound (Extended)

Robbie Doherty - Funky Ride

Rocco Rodamaal, Monique Bingham - Post Truth Youth (Original Mix)

Ron Carroll, Joel Corry - Nikes (Extended Mix)

Roy Rosenfeld - Simi (Original Mix)

SOHMI - Missin U (Original Mix)

Sandy Rivera, Jame Starck - Set You Free feat. Alexis Victoria Hall feat. Zetaphunk feat. Yvvan Back (Original Mix)

Santé - Dance Now (Original Mix)

Santé - Fire In Me (All Memories)

Santé - Set Me Free (Original Mix)

Santé - The Groove Is Mine (Kellie Allen Remix)

Sean Tyas & Abstrakt - In the Dark (Extended Mix)

Sharlene Hector, Will Clarke - TYSD (Throw Your Soul Down) (HoneyLuv Remix)

Silat Beksi - Back2Back (Original Mix)

Soulfreakah - A cure for heartache. (Original Mix)

Space 92 - Gravity (Original Mix)

Stanny Abram - Show Your Love

Sydney Blu - Ascend (Original Mix)

Sydney Blu - Creepin in the Shadow (Original Mix)

Sydney Blu - Deep In The (Original Mix)

Sydney Blu - Psychedelic Highway (Original Mix)

The Deepshakerz - Tell Me A Story (2023 Rework)

The Rocketman & VE & RA - Love & Peace

This Culture - Your Love (Extended Mix)

Thomas Newson & Sllash & Doppe - Some Chants (Extended Mix)

Thomas Schumacher & Lilly Palmer - I Am Machine

Todd Terry - Fly Like an Eagle (Extended Mix)

Todd Terry - Give Me Your Love (Extended Mix)

Todd Terry, Ferreck Dawn - Get On Down (Original Mix)

Todd Terry, Janika Tenn, Lee Wilson - I Give You Love (Extended Mix)

Todd Terry, Jocelyn Brown, Martha Wash, Fancy INC - Something Going On 2022 (feat. Martha Wash & Jocelyn Brown) (Extended Mix)

Todd Terry, Meca, Volkoder, Tristan Henry - Little Woman (feat. Tristan Henry) (Extended Mix)

Tomàn - Chevere (Original Mix)

Tomàn - High Ceilings (Original Mix)

Tone Troy, Eurostep - Freek (Original Mix)

Township Rebellion, Victor Pilava - Bohemia (Original Mix)

Traumer - Cyclo

Traumer, Brako - 002_Police (Original Mix)

True Spirit - No On Me (Original Mix)

Tuccillo - Mind Control (Original Mix)

UFO95 - Enchanted Forest

Umek & Harry Romero - I Just Can't Believe (Original Mix)

Umek - Once Again (Original Mix)

Uone - Phantom Whistler (Original Mix)

VONDA7 - Perception (Alex O'Rion Remix)

Vhyce - Electric Dreams (Original Mix)

Vincent Caira - Believe (Original Mix)

Wax Motif - Traga ft. STO Cultr (Original Mix)

Will Clarke - Father (Original Mix)

Will Clarke, Dense & Pika - Touch (Original Mix)

Witch Trials - Dilemma

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