Junodownload Hot Dj Charts 2023-05-24

DATA: 2023-05-23 TOTAL: 360 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno

Discover the trendiest sounds in electronic music with the Junodownload Hot Dj Charts dated May 24, 2023. This edition of the chart brings together a carefully curated collection of tracks that have been making waves in clubs and festivals across the globe. Showcasing the talent and creativity of both established and emerging artists, the chart covers a wide spectrum of genres, including deep house, techno, and more. Stay ahead of the curve and explore the Junodownload Hot Dj Charts to immerse yourself in the hottest tracks of the moment.



08 Orbit - Aurora (Extended Mix)

94 Shades - Faster

ADR (UK) - The Showroom (Original Mix)

AFFKT Brigado Crew - Comeback (Original Mix)

AFFKT, Brigado Crew - Comeback (Guzy Remix)

ASYS, Kai Tracid, Tom Wax - Freedom of Expression (Dark Acid Mix)

Aaron Sevilla, Giorgio stefano - Balkan (Original Mix)

Aether - Merlino (Original Mix)

Afem Syko - 3PYX

Agents Of Time - Zodiac

Aikon - Energy Control (Original Mix)

Airod - Nemesis

Alex Vanni - Iron Mask (Extended Mix)

Alex Vanni - Moan (Extended Mix)

Alex Virgo, Benjamin Groove - On Air (Original Mix)

Algin Ozcelik feat. Aytac Kart - Girls Mission (Original Mix)

Ali Bakgor, Dsnt Matter, Lewyn - Ghost Love (Extended Mix)

Ali Maher - Overtaking (Original Mix)

Allen Watts & Bogdan Vix - Apache (Extended Mix)

Amadei - Franki (Original Mix)

Ambient Pino - I Miss You (Lj Guru Remix)

Amir Telem, Nordvolk - Ocean of Infinity (Original Mix)

Andruss & Fatboi - Agachalo (Extended)

Angelos - Nocturnal Dance (Original Mix)

Anthony Attalla - Mantra (Extended Mix)

Anton Borin - Anatman (Subconscious Tales Remix)

Anurag Nandvanshi - Bhavishya (Original Mix)

Aran Burn - Titan

Archie Hamilton, HQA - Let The Light In (feat. HQA) (Extended Mix)

Architect & Blashear - Connection Formulae (Original Mix)

Audiojack - Hooked (Original Mix)

Audiojack - Liberation

Avigate - Falling (Extended Mix)

Azzecca - Mantra (Extended Mix)

B FROM E - Just At Night (Niles Cooper Remix)

BANJO - Fun (Original Mix)

BEC - Flow UFO (Original Mix)

BONDI Save The Kid - Crystallized (Musumeci Remix)

BRK (BR), ID ID - FTR IS NOW (Original Mix)

Baban - It Makes No Sense (Original Mix)

Barbara Tucker, Plaster Hands - Follow Me (To A Place Called Love) (Marco Lys Extended Mix)

Bart Skils, Weska - Something More (Original Mix)

Bastet & Samuel Well - Revelation

Bastet - Focus

Bedouin - Aliens (Original Mix)

Bedouin - Love And Hate (Original Mix)

Bedouin - Tijuana (Original Mix)

Bedouin, Chico Castillo - Flore Chico (feat. Chico Castillo) (Original Mix)

Bedouin, Delaram Kamareh - Hokema (feat. Delaram Kamareh) (Original Mix)

Bedouin, Nathan Daisy - Enjoy The Rain (feat. Nathan Daisy) (Original Mix)

Beico - Wake Up (Original Mix)

Belocca - Metamorphosis (Original Mix)

Ben Biron, Dorrani - Welcome To Jericho feat. Dorrani (Original Mix)

Big Moses, Kenny Bobien, Jerome Sydenham - Brighter Days (Jerome Sydenham Remix)

Blake Light, Tube & Berger - Data Compromised (Extended Mix)

Bobina - Cold Dreams (Extended Mix)

Brigado Crew, Affkt, Guzy - Comeback (Guzy Remix)

Brutalismus 3000 - CRY B3B3

Butch, Nic Fanciulli - I Want You (Extended Mix)

C. Da Afro - Disco Steps (Original Mix)

CID, Sage Armstrong - The Function (Extended Mix)

Cajmere & Dajae - Brighter Days (DJ E-Clyps Remix)

Camille Doe - Alright (Extended Mix)

Capa (Official) - Pulsar (Extended Mix)

Capoon - Mi Mem (Original Mix)

Catz 'n Dogz, Monty Luke - They Frontin' (2023 Remastered Version)

Catz 'n Dogz, Monty Luke - They Frontin' (Andres Campo Remix)

Cave - Mirage (Axis Of Time Remix)

Cedric Gervais - The Duty (Extended Mix)

Cerrone - A Part of You (Club Mix)

Cevin Fisher - Love You Some More (Cevin Fisher Extended Remix)

Cevin Fisher - Love You Some More (Harry Romero Extended Remix)

Charmain Love - Flood (Original Mix)

Chicago Loop - Automatixxx (Zero Dayz Remix)

Chiccaleaf ITA - DDDD

Chris Veron - Bluster of the Moon (Original Mix)

Sham Jam, Nobe - Classic Groove (Original Mix)

Claus Casper - Le Mirage (Original Mix)

Clemente - Now I'm Fucked Up (German Brigante Remix)

Corey James & Jebu - Drum Beats Go Like (Extended Mix)

Cosmic Boys - Arkenstone

Cosmic Boys - Ghost To The Galaxy

Cosmic Garden - Loving Higher

Cream (PL) - Embrace (Extended Mix)

Cream (PL) - Embrace (Michael Hooker Remix)

DJ Boris, Carlo Lio - Dime Lo (Original Mix)

DJ Jordan - Lift Me Up (Dennis Bauer Remix)

DJ Jordan - Rave Signal

DVPT - Colapso (Original Mix)

DVPT - El Housito (Original Mix)

Dan Corco, Max Müller - Fancy (Original Mix)

Dan Shake - Can't Take It

Daniel Levak - Dust2

Daniel Neuland & Vom Feisten - Horizon (Vakabular Remix)

David Forbes - Awakening (Extended Mix)

Delerium, Sarah McLachlan - Silence feat. Sarah McLachlan (Kryder Extended Remix)

Demuja - Call It A Night

Denise Schneider - Reflection

Denney - Lies (Gorge & Nick Curly Extended Remix)

Dennis Sheperd & Koni Blank - Majestic (Extended Mix)

Diatonik - Technology

Diaz & Taspin - Musique (Original Mix)

Diaz & Taspin - Tribu (Original Mix)

Digitalism - 4th Floor (Original Mix)

Dilby - Under Your Skin

Dirty Doering, GIGEE - Badaboom (Extended Mix)

Discodromo - Build a House (feat. Hard Ton) (Tensnake Remix)

Discoplex - Labor

Dj Tribe - Struggle

Dok & Martin & Luis Miranda - Ill Never Be Myself (Original Mix)

Dok & Martin - Generation (Original Mix)

Dok & Martin - Transporter (Original Mix)

Dominik Schwarz - Beware (Zero Dayz Remix)

Dope Earth Alien, HoneyLuv - Sway (feat. Dope Earth Alien) (Original Mix)

Drega - Yebba's Heartbreak (Show My Love)

Dstm - You Don't Know Where You Are

Dual Djs, the Cube Guys - Everybody (Original Mix)

DvirNuns - BapBap (Original Mix)

dnoder - Orchestral (Original Mix)

E.L.I.A.S - The Invaders

Eddy Tango, Sundrej Zohar - The Space (Original Mix)

Ekoboy - Earth&Fire (Extended Mix)

ElezD - Interval (feat. Aundreja XXY) (Original Mix)

Eli Escobar & Kim Anh - Take Me

Emi Galvan - Samsara

Enrico Sangiuliano - Physical Change (Original Mix)

Eonan - The Speed Of Light (Original Mix)

Erez, Yulia Niko - I'm Everything (Chemical Surf Extended Remix)

Eryc Karezza - O'conell Street (Extended Mix)

Essel - Sweat (Extended Mix)

Evelynka - Falling (Original Mix)

Faraday (Ita) - Capricorn Rising (Vanita Remix)

Farius & Ben Malone - Extensia (Extended Mix)

Fede Aliprandi - Move Your Feet (Max Chapman Remix)

Fizch - Neurosis

Flave & Ouhana - Milkyways Of Skin

Flemming Bassedow - Beteigeuze (Danjo Remix)

Floormagnet - Everything's Gone Techno (Remixed)

Folual - Elementary (Extended Mix)

Fort Romeau - Be With U (Original Mix)

Fotinos - Cupid Arrow (Alexey Union Remix)

Francis Mercier, Idd Aziz, Nitefreak - Kamili (Extended)

Franky Wah & Artche - Dawn (Original Mix)

Fred Everything & Rise Ashen & Manuel Tur - Light Of Day (Manuel Tur 2022 Dub)

Fur Coat, Lexer - Far Away (Original Mix)

GATTÜSO - Out Of My Mind (feat. Jalja) (Extended Mix)

Gabriello - Discopolis (Original Mix)

Geeeman - Bang't

Gerard H - Destruction

Glowal - Eagles (Brina Knauss Remix)

Goom Gum - Chant (Original Mix)

Gordon Tennant - Callisto (Extended Mix)

Gorge - Sleepless (Extended Mix)

Gorge - Tayo 2.0

Gray Cosmo - Megastructural (Original Mix)

Guy Gerber - Leave It On (Original Mix)

Harrison BDP - Life Unlimited

Heerhorst, Teenage Mutants, PETER PAHN - Dark Clouds (feat. Heerhorst, Peter Pahn) (Original Mix)

Henrik Schwarz, Richard Judge - Put All Your Faith In Me (Tensnake Extended Remix)

Hever Jara - Bottomless (Agent Greg Remix)

Home Shell, Olven - Paphos (Keistep Remix)

Hyenah & Nanghiti - Your Love (Caiiro Remix - Extended)

Hyroglifics, Nah Eeto - Sing To It (Original Mix)

IGONZ DJ - Berlin On My Brain


Inner Sphere - Astronomia (Side Effects remix)

Innerverse - Allein Allein

Ivan James (AZ) - Like You Do (J Lauda Remix)

JD Davis, DJs From Mars, Oliver Heldens - Blue Monday (feat. JD Davis) (Extended Mix)

JES - Heartbreaker (Extended Mix)

JVXTA - Euston Blues (Original Mix)

Jack Swift - Solero (Original Mix)

Jackie Mayden - Love Poison (Heinrich & Heine Remix)

Jaden Thompson - Memories (Original Mix)

James Hype - Lose Control (Original Mix)

Jamie Jones - Lose My Mind (Extended Mix)

Janika Tenn - Kentia (Carnao Beats Extended Remix)

Jas Hirson - Star People (Original Mix)

Jason Johnson (DE) - Ladybug

Javi Bora & Richard Ulh - Vintage Groove

Jerome Isma-Ae & Weekend Heroes - In The Dark (Extended Mix)

Jody 6 - So You Want Some More (Extended Mix)

Joint Venture - Let's Get Into It (Original Mix)

Jon.K - Universe (Original Mix)

Joren Heelsing - High Dimension

Josh Wink - Higher State Of Consciousness (Adana Twins Remix Two)

Juan Soul, MoBlack - Mtna (Caiiro Remix)

Julia Eliza - Follow Me (Original Mix)

Julian Millan & Alex Connors & Hardy Heller - Bralette

Julian Millan - Face Reflection

Junior Jack vs Juliet Sikora, Flo Mrzdk - Thrill Me (Extended Mix)

Junior Sanchez - La Cueva (Original Mix)

Junior Sanchez - No War (Drum Mix)

KGB - Detroit 909 (Original Mix)

KIRIK, Alia Palant - I Will Love You (Original Mix)

KPD & The Cube Guys - Da Hype (Radio Edit)

KPD - Main Thing (Extended Mix)

KREAM - Sweat (Extended Mix)

Kastis Torrau, Amber Long - Menace (Framewerk Endangered Remix)

Kate Farrow - Pride and Lovers (Extended Version)

Kenny Brian - Conga Latina (Extended Mix)

Kevin Yost - Alienated (909 Exclusive Version)

Khainz - Elevation (Original Mix)

Khainz - The Drift (Original Mix)

Khan - Beeperhead 131

Kim Anh - House Of Virgo (Chris Cruse Spotlight Mix)

Klement Bonelli - Fire (Original Mix)

Krasa Rosa - Bereg (Original Mix)

Krasa Rosa, M.O.S. - Solovey (Original Mix)

Lampe - Joy (Slowtekk Remix)

Leeni - Higher Groove (Markus Homm Remix)

Leftwing : Kody, Robot Collective - Never Leave You (Uh Ooh, Uh Ooh) (Original Mix)

Lehar - Let People Know (Luke Alessi Remix)

Lehár - Let People Know (Original Mix)

Little Fritter - My People (Original Mix)

Lout - Dreams (Original Mix)

MAXI MERAKI, Coco - Don't Get Too Close (Extended Mix)

MD X-Spress - God Made Me Phunky (Jess Bays Extended Remix)

Made By Pete, Zoe Kypri - Horizon Red (Original Mix)

Magit Cacoon - Soul Motion (&ME Remix)

Makebo & Volen Sentir - Alchemist

Mala Ika - Es regnet ueberall (Musumeci Remix)

Manuel Sahagun - Boogie Sister

Marc Boh - Last Time (Original Mix)

Marc van Linden, Symmetic, Nedrok - Panorama (Extended Mix)

Marco C, Elle-T - Baila (Original Mix)

Marie Vaunt - Smile You're On Acid (Extended Mix)

Mario da Ragnio, El Mukuka - Duma (Original Mix)

Mark Archer & Masc & Shadow Child - It's Good

Marten Lou - No One Like You (Original Mix)

Matt Fax - Behind Blue Eyes

Matthias Tanzmann, Black Circle - Aftermath (Original Mix)

Mau P - Your Mind Is Dirty (Extended Mix)

Maurice Hunsinger - Arctic Maze (Original Mix)

Mavros - Glitch (Extended Mix)

Mayro - Evolutionary Ritual (Original Mix)

Mazema - Acidaf

Meduza - Friends (Extended Mix)

kaspar - Let's Be Free

MINT (JPN) - Stop it (Original Mix)

MLOX - Awareness (Original Mix)

Meera (NO) - Music For Humans (Original Mix)

Meyer (ofc) - Deep State (Extended Mix)

Miane - Place To Be (Extended Mix)

Midnight Magic - I Found Love (Perel Dub)

Mitch de Klein - Divergence (Extended Mix)

Moneyphestor - Fly with Me (Original Mix)

Moneyphestor - Peace of Mind (Original Mix)

Monococ - Dark Knight (Original Mix)

Monococ - Poseidon

Monolink, Stephan Jolk - The Silence (Extended)

Montw - Summer Vibes (K Loveski Remix)

Mr. Ho - Angel Number 909 (Acidhouse Mix)

Mr.Mind - Love Me Kill Me (Original Mix)

Nadine Fehn - Straight Pressure

New Digital Fidelity - Horizon

Nick Curly - Silom (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)

Nicolas Soria - When I Look at Myself (Original Mix)

Nonameleft - Control Freak

Nora En Pure - Prophets of Hope (Extended Mix)

Nora En Pure - Spring Embers (Extended Mix)

Noyers - Rebirth (Original Mix)

Nuke - Mindless (Original Mix)

ONEN - Equilibrium (Original Mix)

Oall Hates - Adderol

Oliver Dollar - Strings For Life (Original Mix)

Onen - Punisher (Original Mix)

PACS & No Day After Feat. Jordan Arts - Cover Me (Extended Mix)

PIERJ, thea & schtu, Carola Castaldo - Thread (thea & schtu Remix)

Paco Wegmann & Javi Bora & Hector Moralez - Back To Paris (Original Mix)

Paralel - Nothing Is Real ft. Davide Famularo (Carlo Whale Remix)

Pazkal & Marc Lenz - Slippin' Future (Marc Lenz Remix)

Pedro Campodonico - Music Vox (Shawn Jackson Remix)

Peetu S - Mental Component (Extended Mix)

Pianoman - Blurred (Pianoman Original Club Mix)

Sham Jam - Pink Panther (Original Mix)

Pirate Copy - I Can't Stop (Extended Mix)

Pretty Pink - Happening (Extended Mix)

Radio Slave - Wild Life (Disco Mix - Extended)

Radio Slave - Wild Life (Dub Mix - Extended)

Raffaele Ciavolino - Soul Mood (Extended Mix)

RanchaTek - Equilibrium (D.A.V.E. The Drummer Remix)

RanchaTek - Indication (Zero Dayz Remix)

Ranj Kaler, ASYN - Last Sunset (Gai Barone Vocal Mix)

Rave Syndicate - Three Letter Agencies

Raxon - The Cage Of Love (Extended Mix)

Re.You - In The Dark (Original Mix)

Redspace - City Walk (Original Mix)

Redspace - Nirvana (Original Mix)

Rex The Dog - Moto (Original Mix)

Rhythm On The Loose - Break Of Dawn

Rick Silva - Afro Cumbia

Robert S (PT) - 303.303.303

Robin M - Ouana (Extended Mix)

Rockwell - Gramma (Original Mix)

Roemisch - Delir (Original Mix)

Roger Sanchez & Katy Alex - Keep It Movin'

Roland Broemmel - Poison (Original Mix)

Rowen Clark - Hola (Original Mix)

S-Man - Animalz

SIIE - À Travers (BadWolf Remix)

Saint Lanvain - Gravity (Extended Mix)

Saliva Commandos - El Centro 77 (Extended Mix)

Sam Curran - Twilight On The Terrace

Sam Divine, Dope Earth Alien - Salty feat. Dope Earth Alien (Extended Mix)

Sam Divine, Hayley May - Face In The Crowd (Extended Mix)

Sam Wolfe & Umek - Mind Of One (Original Mix)

Sandokan, South Punk - 9 Inch Nails (Original Mix)

Santiago Garcia - Nanana (Original Mix)

Scorz & Lauren L'aimant - New Horizon (Extended Mix)

Seismal D, Ashmere - Lovers (Original Mix)

Seismal D, Ashmere - Lovers (Soul Button Remix)

Sevenn & Silver Panda - Deep Space (Extended Mix)

Shai T & Tamir Regev - The Captain (The Neighbors Remix)

Sham Jam, GarryG - Like Love (Original Mix)

Shuu-T, PireZ_ - Let it Go (Original Mix)

Sian, Burko - Holding On (Extended)

Sian, Burko, Ryan Schulze - Fade Away (Extended)

Sian, Burko, Ryan Schulze - Haunt You (Extended)

Sidney Charles - Sonar Plexus (Original Mix)

Skahigan - LAZARVS (Original Mix)

Soichi Terada & Masalo - Double Spire (Club Mix)

Spartaque & ASYS - Acid Cloud (Original Mix)

Stan Kolev - Boundless (Original Mix)

Stashion - African Moods (Original Mix)

Stereo Express - Reboot (Original Mix)

Stereoclip, DIM KELLY, Lou Zweegers - So Good feat. Lou Zweegers (Club Version)

Steven Shade - Divided (Dave Sinner Remix)

Sueno Latino - Sueno Latino (Andrea Gemolotto Version)

Sunlight Project - Motherland (Club Mix)

Tamir Regev, Avi Snow, Ben Cina - Common Ground (Original Mix)

Taylan - Nectar (Matan Caspi Remix)

Tekam - Only Street Dancing

Tensnake - 1975 (Original Mix)

The YellowHeads - Rocket (Original Mix)

Thomas Newson - The Cutter (Original Mix)

Tiger Stripes - Nocturne (Original Mix)

Time Assault - Omega (Original Mix)

Tino - Let's Dance

Tom Tainted & Lars Gullits - Repeating Elements (Original Mix)

Tom Tainted - KlingKlong (Extended Mix)

Tom Tainted - Maasvlakte

Tove Lo, SG Lewis - Call On Me (SILK "2am" Extended Mix)

Triple888 - Afrika

UMEK, Cosmic Boys - Evolution (Original Mix)

UMEK, Sam WOLFE - Mind Of One (Original Mix)

Umek & Harry Romero - I Just Can't Believe (Original Mix)

Vakabular - Proper Time (Extended Mix)

Vasily Goodkov - Jupiter (Extended Mix)

Vintage Culture & Coach Harrison - Hear You Calling (Extended Mix)

Vintage Culture - One Night In Dubai (Original Mix)

Vintage Culture - Tango (Original Mix)

WAHM (FR), Index Ñuul Kukk - Hierarchy Blues (Original Mix)

We Came - Back 2 The Old School (Original Mix)

We Came - NY (Original Mix)

YinYang Project & Cafe De Anatolia - Ahbaba (Original Mix)

YinYang Project - Bab Aziz (Original Mix)

Yotam Avni, Dop, Greg Paulus - Just Another Day (Glowal Remix)

th;en - Get Down (Extended Mix)

th;en - Shine (Extended Mix)

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