Junodownload Melodic House & Techno Top 200 2024-03-08

DATA: 2024-03-08 TOTAL: 187 GENRE: Melodic House & Techno

“In The Light” and the Melodic Techno Scene: The “Melodic Techno 2024” compilation, available on Juno Download, features a captivating track titled “In The Light” by AKSY & AGENTBOY. This melodic gem weaves intricate synth patterns and pulsating beats, creating an otherworldly atmosphere. As the melodic techno scene continues to evolve, tracks like this one resonate with both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers. Dive into the ethereal soundscape and let your senses soar.


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AIKON - Just Wanna Dance Original Mix
ALADAG - Puerto de los Divos Original Mix
ANII - Always With You Original Mix
ANII - Extasy Original Mix
Aalson - Elevation Original Mix
Adrian Roman - Oratorical Ability Original Mix
Adriatique, Undercatt - Horizon Original Mix
Ae:ther, Yellowitz - All of Me Original Mix
Against All Ødds - Falling Down Original Mix
Ageless, Francesco Mami - Herald Of The Change Original Mix
Ajna (BE), Samm (BE) - Secundo Original Mix
Alex Niggemann, Franz Matthews - Where Does It All Begin? Alex Niggemann Remix
Alex Panchenco - Fly Away Billion Watchers Extended Remix
Alexey Union, Kinky Sound - Lost In The Universe Original Mix
Alfonso Muchacho - Look What You've Done to Me Extended Mix
Althoff - Lust Original Mix
Ameli Paul - Nobody (hurts me like you) Original Mix
Anatolie - Release Yourself Original Mix
Andhim - You're Not Alone Extended
Aparde, Awaken - The Light (Aparde Remix) Original Mix
Artaria, SAINT CODE - People Say So Extended Mix
Arutani - Forget About It Original Mix
Arutani - In Case You Wondered What I've Been Doing Original Mix
Ashibah - Make It Better (Forever) Extended Mix
Austin Leeds - Luminescent Javi Xavier Extended Remix
Avis Vox - Distance Extended Mix
Azzecca - Forget Extended Mix
BONDI - Tides Club Rework
Baime - Vasimas Original
Bartella - Am I Even Here Original Mix
Bebetta - Don't Be Sad Beth Lydi Remix
Binaryh - Lovelace Original Mix
Black Venus, Aaron Suiss - The Spaces Between Lueking Remix
Blancah, Attma - The Edge Original Mix
Blank & Jones - 3 A.M. Interstate 405 Original Mix
CCINNI - Wolfgang Express Original Mix
CLYFFTONE, Black Box (DE) - Tonight Velvet Mode Vision
CRi, Half Moon Run - Astray feat. Half Moon Run CRi Remix
Cali Lanauze - Skipping Stones Original Mix
Cheema (IT) - Jis Matt 1979 Remix
Cheema - Jis Matt 1979 Remix
Chris Avantgarde, Kevin de Vries, Zerb, Sofiya Nzau - Mwaki feat. Sofiya Nzau Chris Avantgarde & Kevin de Vries Remix
Chukku, Vani Vachi - Where Did You Go Original Mix
Civil Servant - Next Original Mix
Cosmicat, Ss.hh.a.n.a - Lovers Game Original Mix
Croatia Squad - Your Own Life Extended Mix
DJ Vivona, Zooe - Bite My Lip (feat. ZooE) Original Mix
Dancing on Lego - Rom Pom Pom Original Mix
Darco (IL) - This Is How You Do It Original Mix
Dave Seaman, Shola Phillips - Hold On Extended Mix
David Mayer - Don't Need Your Love Original Mix
David Tort, OKEN (ES) - Please Stop Swiping Extended Mix
Demetrious, Costax - Dance Tonight feat. Demetrious Original Mix
Dirkie Coetzee, Deeper Calling - Zero Gravity Extended Mix
Djolee - Sin Sombra Original Mix
Dnl Mike - Fantasy Original Mix
Dnl Mike - Warm Odyssey Original Mix
Dole & Kom - Shallow Original Mix
Dominik Marz - Lavandula Original Mix
Dominik Marz - Safe Spaces Original Mix
Dorian Craft, Baron (FR) - Paradigm Original Mix
Douran - Blind Sun Original Mix
Drumstone - Retro Original Mix
Duohorses - Reality Original Mix
Durante, Nathan Nicholson - Holding On feat. Nathan Nicholson Extended Mix
EarthLife - Trasporto Original Mix
Eddy Tango - Deep Nebula Original Mix
Ede - Do My Thing Ryan Elliott Remix
Enamour, Paraleven, ALLKNIGHT - Can't Stay ft. ALLKNIGHT feat. ALLKNIGHT Original Mix
Enkode - Wrack Extended
Eugene Becker - Hello, Sophia Extended Mix
Excuse The Past - Flaming Original Mix
ËKEN - The Core Original Mix
Far&High - Sans Vetements Elif Remix
Farnawany - The Trial Kamine Vox Remix
Fec - Nocturne Danza Original Mix
Fernandez - Oscillation Extended Mix
Final Request - My World Original Mix
Four Tet - Daydream Repeat Original Mix
Frankllin - On Earth Original Mix
GEMINIS - Pa Taka Original Mix
GEMINIS - Stellar Original Mix
GHEIST - Marimba Robag Wruhme Dimona Negeff NB Remix
Gespona - Crossroads Original Mix
Gespona - FadeRRR Original Mix
Goom Gum - C'mon Extended Mix
Gorgin - Heartbeater Original Mix
Gutto Serta, Bill Browne, Ren Ocean - On My Skin Original Mix
Hidden Empire - Algorithmic Future Original Mix
biskuwi - Eclips Original Mix
dop - Timelapse Original Mix
enai - Our Mind Original Mix
ID Project - Radioactive Leak Original Mix
INVŌKER (FR) - Superhero Extended Mix
Ian Ludvig - Good For Me Original Mix
Ilya Shvetc - 7 Seconds Extended Mix
Innellea - Deformation Extended
Innerdose, MIKAA - Heavy Rain Extended Mix
JAS1X - Zeit Extended Mix
Jamek Ortega, Groove Shack - Confusion Original Mix
Javier Valencia - New Generation Original Mix
Jeremy Olander - Noreaga Original Mix
Jonas Saalbach, Guzy - Take Me Away Extended Mix
Jonathan Kaspar - We Come Original Mix
Junior Mi, Pissi - The Dancefloor Original Mix
Juve, Accent (ofc) - Dimension Original Mix
KAWSAN, Daniel Pinho (US), Gabi Gray - Nightmares Extended Mix
KIDSØ, ROBINS - Better Days Original Mix
Ki Creighton - Tribute To The Dance The Deepshakerz Remix
LERM (HU), VALON (SE) - Fortune Teller Original Mix
Like Mike, Versaro, HEREON - Be Careful Extended Mix
Lost Rhythm - Seraphic Original Mix
Lowdown, Latour - Detach Extended Mix
Luca Saporito - All I Feel Original Mix
Lucero - Elementos Original Mix
Ludwe (SA) - Oktober Diamond Dealer Edit
Lufthaus - Sunlight Rodriguez Jr. Extended Remix
MOAT - Undertones DJ Tennis Extended Remix
MOAT - Undertones Extended Mix
MXK - Fly Away feat. Nawal Original Mix
Madben - Close to Me Original Mix
Madben - Murky Soul Original Mix
Magnus - JOI Extended Mix
Manuel Ribeca, Edwrd Jacks - Echoes Of The Mind Original Mix
Marco Viera, Agustin Giri - Espejos Original Mix
Meduza, Alec Monopoly - Money (Can't Save Us) Extended
Mia Mendi - Distant Present TH;EN Remix
Michael Anthony - Shadows Paige Remix
Mila Journée - NO CONTROL Extended Mix
Mironas - Get Movin Tom Peters Remix
Monastetiq - Dnipro Original Mix
Monojack, Simon Field, Yasmin Jane - Scared Radio Edit
Moon Rocket - To The Sun Dawn To Dusk Mix
MursiaVar - Concentrate Moraze Remix
Nick Devon - Forever Original Mix
Nick Vierra - Lost in the Shadow Original Mix
Nico Morano, MeWhy - 100 Miles Remix
Nico Morano, MeWhy - Harvey Dumming Dum Remix
Nico Morano, MeWhy - Ocean Call Animal Trainer Remix
Nimmo, Mind Against, TSHA - OnlyL ft. TSHA & NIMMO Original Mix
Oniris, Pat Brooks - The Rebirth John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix
Oona Dahl, Xx Isis xX - Burn Like Fire Öona Dahl Remix
Oudix, Monostone - Never Be the Same Original Mix
Paons - Wallace Dave DK Remix
Patrice Baumel, Michael Ritter, Felix E - Plastikrosen feat. Solveig Eger Patrice Bäumel Remix
Peer Kusiv - Hope Original Mix
Pippi Ciez - Sunrise over Uluwatu Original Mix
Q.U.A.K.E, Vincenzo Sarti, KASIA (ofc) - Introspection Original Mix
Rafael Cerato - Sporadic Original Mix
Rao (US) - Algorhythm Original Mix
Raxon - Beskar Original Mix
Resiliens, TPSY - Exhaustion Extended Version
Rhodes, CamelPhat, Vintage Culture - Home Vintage Culture Remix
Rod Fuentes - Horizonte Hibrido Original Mix
Ruback, Adam Sellouk - DEEPER Extended Mix
Rushton Avenue - Temper Original Mix
Røg - Faults & Breaks Alican Remix
S.ONE, Karlo Wanny - Butterfly Effect Original Mix
SKIY - Dream Extended Mix
Sahar - Soul Work Aera Remix
Sahar - That's Right Original Mix
Sanio & Zarth - Quartz Extended Mix
Santiago Alamo - Consequence of Time Original Mix
Shiffer - Irie Original Mix
Sinatra Music - Sunshine Original Mix
Sleepy & Boo - Dont Be Scared Original Mix
Sleepy & Boo - New Day Original Mix
Sonickraft - So High Original Mix
Stereo Underground - The Second Original Mix
Super Flu - We You Adam Ten Extended Remix
Tantum - Left Behind Original Mix
Teodor Wolgers - The Human Condition Aparde Remix
Tim Engelhardt - Eudaimonia Original Mix
Tinlicker, Julia Church - Glasshouse (feat. Julia Church) Extended Version
Tommy Farrow - Demons In The Dark Extended
Tonerush, Pragma - Enarxis Extended Mix
Trutopia, Vicky Allen - Hold On (feat. Vicky Allen) Original Mix
Who Else, Safy, MESH (SA) - Attraction Original Mix
Xinobi - Infinite City Original Mix
Xinobi, Sinego - El Ritmo (La Noche) (Xinobi Remix) Original Mix
YUMA., LE YORA - Day I Met You Original Mix
Yacine Dessouki, NDRK - Move Original Mix
Yarkin Bora, ramyen - Polka Original Mix
Yordanoff - Diamonds & Bones Original Mix
igor Bartyuk - Touch My Sins Original Mix
mOat (UK) - Undertones DJ Tennis Extended Remix
ramyen - Beach House Original Mix

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