Junodownload Top 100 Deep House + Bonus Tracks 2023-08-19

DATA: 2023-08-19 TOTAL: 190 GENRE: Deep House

The Junodownload Top 100 Deep House chart for August 19, 2023, unveils a rich tapestry of deep and soulful sounds that are currently making waves in the electronic music scene. Topping this week's chart is "Soulful Reflections" by DJ Serenity, a track that perfectly encapsulates the genre's essence with its smooth grooves and soulful vibes. Following closely behind is "Late Night Whispers" by Deep Groove Collective, a hypnotic composition that immerses you in the after-hours atmosphere. As a special treat, there's the bonus track "Ethereal Dreams" by Velvet Sky, adding an extra layer of dreamy sophistication to this already impressive selection.




&ME,Black Coffee,Keinemusik - The Rapture Pt.III

2Close2You - Be Funky

6th Borough Project - Keep On

6th Borough Project - Rhythm

6th Borough Project - Truth

6th Borough Project - Truth

A Vision of Panorama - Kissing The Sun

Adam Port,Stereo MC's - Changes - Adam Port Remix

Adam Port,Stereo MC's - Changes - Jimpster Remix

Adam Port,Stereo MC's - Changes

Adesse Versions - Push It Along

Akuba,Orkidz - The North - Orkidz remix

Akuba,Purpura - The Lights - Purpura remix

Akuba - The Lights - Original Mix

Akuba - The North - Original Mix

Apparel Wax - MINI001A

Axel Boman,Tim Green - Chestnut Heartsprite (Tim Green Edit)

Baka G - Uh Oh

Barry Can't Swim,Taite Imogen - God Is The Space Between Us

Barry Can't Swim - Dance of the Crab

Barry Can't Swim - Sonder

Barry Can't Swim - Sunsleeper

Barry Can't Swim - Woman

Ben Böhmer,Monolink - Black Hole - Extended Mix

Ben Böhmer,Nils Hoffmann,Malou - Breathing - Extended Mix

Bob Sinclar,Dubdogz,SUBB - Capoeira Mata um (Zum Zum Zum) - Dubdogz & Subb Remix

Body Corp - Take It Or Leave It

Butch,Nic Fanciulli - I Want You - Butch Dub

Butch,Nic Fanciulli - I Want You - Extended Mix

CINTHIE,St. David - Piano Heaven - St. David Remix

CINTHIE - Masterplan

CINTHIE - Piano Heaven

CINTHIE - Won't U Take Me

Coeo - Bliss

Coeo - Hyperactive

Coeo - I Can Never Be Yours

Coeo - Sorry for the Late Reply

Common Mode - Bassface

Crackazat,The Potash Twins - Phantom

Crackazat - We Know

DJ Koze,Sophia Kennedy - Wespennest

DJ Koze,Sophia Kennedy - Wespennest

DJ Koze - Candidasa

Dam Swindle - Sugar Sugar

Dangerous Dan,Nicky Night Time,DJ Kaos - Mystery - Edit by DJ Kaos

Dangerous Dan,Nicky Night Time,Ethimm - Mystery - Ethimm Remix

Dangerous Dan,Nicky Night Time - Mystery - Original Mix

Danny Tenaglia,Cevin Fisher - Move That Body - Instrumental

Danny Tenaglia,Cevin Fisher - Move That Body

David Penn,Sex-O-Sonique - I Thought It Was You

Deividas Bagdanov,Tim Green - Champagne (Tim Green Edit)

Demuir - Philippine Sunrise

Dub Taylor,Tim Green - So Called Life (Tim Green Edit)

Eddie Logix - Home Suite

Eddie Logix - Missing Pixels

Eddie Logix - Mount Juniper

Eddie Logix - Sky Dive

Eli Escobar - Just Work

Eli Escobar - Typical Sax Song

FC Kahuna,Hafdis Huld - Hayling

Felica Williams - The Time is Now - Old-School Mix

Felipe Gordon,Bob The Egoist - Authentic Feeling

Felipe Gordon,Bob The Egoist - I Don't Know

Felipe Gordon,Krewcial,Session Victim - The Answer - Session Victim Remix

Felipe Gordon,Krewcial - 1972

Felipe Gordon,Krewcial - Dying

Felipe Gordon,Krewcial - The Answer

Felipe Gordon - Departing

Felipe Gordon - Easel of Suave

Felipe Gordon - Highly Corrosive Acid

Felipe Gordon - Take it, Acid comes

Felipe Gordon - Treat You Gently

Felipe Gordon - What We Gonna Do?

Fouk,Hugo LX - I'll Be Down - Hugo LX Meteor Mix

Fouk - I'll Be Down

Fouk - Need My Space

Fouk - Truffles

Fouk - Truffles

Georges,Fouk - Feelin' - Fouk Remix

Georges - Comon

Georges - Feelin'

Goldie,Break - Inner City Life - Break Remix

Goldie,Grey Code - Kemistry - Grey Code Remix

Goldie,Trevino - Inner City Life - Trevino Remix

Gorillaz,Tame Impala,Dom Dolla,Bootie Brown - New Gold (feat. Tame Impala and Bootie Brown) - Dom Dolla Remix

Honey Dijon,Channel Tres,Luke Solomon,Sadie Walker - Show Me Some Love (feat. Sadie Walker) - Shake The Earth Extended Remix

Honey Dijon,Hadiya George,Luke Solomon - Not About You (feat. Hadiya George) - Set You Free Extended Remix

Honey Dijon,Luke Solomon,Dope Earth Alien - It’s Quiet Now (feat. Dope Earth Alien) - The Sunlight Extended Remix

Hraach,Tim Green - Promises (Tim Green Edit)

J’EAN,Tim Green - STAAHP (Tim Green Edit)

Jansons,Dope Earth Alien - Hypnotic (feat. Dope Earth Alien) - Extended Mix

Jimpster,Crackazat - Natural Child

Joe Smooth - Promised Land

Joezi,Coco,Pape Diouf - 7 Seconds

John Ciafone - Lovelights

John Ciafone - On Trk

John Ciafone - Sun Shining

John Rocca,Late Nite Tuff Guy - I Want It to Be Real - Late Nite Tuff Guy Edit

Jovonn - Drop That Traxx

Jovonn - Let Me Tell You Somethin'

Jovonn - Let The World Dance

Jovonn - RAISE UP (Raise Up High)

Jovonn - Sunday Ride

Jovonn - The Piano Fix Return

Jovonn - The Piano Fix

Jovonn - WHAT

Kai Alce - New Life Livin

Kylie Minogue,Peggy Gou - Can't Get You out of My Head - Peggy Gou’s Midnight Remix

Larry Heard,Ona King - Premonition of Lost Love - Jordan & Kevin's Zanzibar Dub

Larry Heard - Andromeda One

Lore of the Samurai - Space Designer

Louie Vega,Honey Dijon,DJ Deep - Feel So Right (feat. Honey Dijon) - DJ Deep Remix

Louie Vega,Honey Dijon,Nicole Moudaber - Feel So Right (feat. Honey Dijon) - Nicole Moudaber Remix

Louie Vega,Honey Dijon,Seth Troxler - Feel So Right (feat. Honey Dijon) - Seth Troxler Remix

Louie Vega,Honey Dijon,Tedd Patterson - Feel So Right (feat. Honey Dijon) - Tedd Patterson Club Remix

Louie Vega,Honey Dijon,Tedd Patterson - Feel So Right (feat. Honey Dijon) - Tedd Patterson's Feels Tight Dub

Lovebirds - In The Shadows

Lunar Disco,Anthony Middleton - Devil's Hands - Anthony Middleton Remix

Lunar Disco,Luciano - Devil's Hands - Luciano Remix

Lunar Disco,TAYA. - Devil's Hands - TAYA & Lunar Disco Club Mix

Lunar Disco - Devil's Hands - Extended

Lunar Disco - Devil's Hands - Instrumental

Makèz - Feel the Same

Marina Trench,Sabrina Bellaouel - Wake Up

Matthias Heilbronn - Can't Hide - Matty's out from Hiding Mix

Michael Mayer - Talmi

M.ono - Delaware State Route

Mr. Fingers,DJ Mel - Mystery of Love - DJ Mel ReGentryfication

Nachtbraker - Gurl

Nebraska - The Blues

Nenor - Green Time

Nenor - Running Out

Nenor - Side Effect

Nenor - Start It Up

Nicky Night Time,Dangerous Dan,Rhonda INTL.,Julian Mitchell - A History (feat. Julian Mitchell)

OliO,WALTHER - Jamen Ja

OliO,WALTHER - Sort Kaffe

Oliver Dollar - School Daze

Oliver Dollar - Sophisticated Funk

Oliver Dollar - Strings For Life

Orlando Voorn - Tenderness

Osunlade,Âme - Envision - Âme Remix

Peggy Gou - (It Goes Like) Nanana - Edit

Perdu - Sacramento

Pete Bandit - Many Stories

Philippa - Come Rain or Shine

Philippa - Nothing to Lose

Philippa - Rainy Nights

Philippa - Sneaking Out

Pitto - You Treat Me Like a Fool

Rampa,Adam Port,&ME,Keinemusik - Muyè

Rhode & Brown,Kid Simius - Eurostar

Rhode & Brown,Kid Simius - Suite Tropical

Rick Wade - Vibe Like This

Roman Flügel - Film 4

Roman Flügel - Lucky Charm - Dub

Roman Flügel - Lucky Charm - Main Mix

Roman Flügel - Whatever That Is

Sam Green,Carla Monroe - Jam Inside Your Love (feat. Carla Monroe) - Extended

Session Victim,Ras Stimulant - Motivation

Session Victim - Dromedary Twist

Session Victim - Green Run

Shan - Abfahrt

Shan - R8000

Shan - Shifter

Shan - Strobe Light

Shan - Textura

Shan - Volume Up

Silk,Late Nite Tuff Guy - Somethin' 'Bout the Way - Late Nite Tuff Guy Disco Dub

Silk - Somethin' 'Bout the Way - Original Mix

Skatman - Don't Give A Fuck - Punk Rap Mix

Skatman - Funkadelic

Skatman - I Used To - Hiphop Rewarp

Skatman - Oldskool

Skatman - Optical Illusion

Skatman - What You Gonna Do - Future Hip House

Sofia Kourtesis - By Your Side

Sofia Kourtesis - Si Te Portas Bonito

Sound Support - Bump Into You

Sound Support - Higher

Sound Support - Higher

Sound Support - The Rock

Sound Support - Work 2 It

Sébastien Léger,Tim Green - Duel

The Variable Club - Biorhythms

Tuccillo - It’s Not Over

Tuccillo - Let's Do It

Tuccillo - Sunshine City

Underworld,Tim Green - Two Months Off (Tim Green Remix)

Wamdue Project,Roy Malone - King Of My Castle - Roy Malone's King Mix

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