Junodownload Top 100 Melodic House & Techno 2023-05-21

DATA: 2023-05-21 TOTAL: 108 GENRE: Melodic House & Techno

On May 21, 2023, Junodownload presents its Top 100 Melodic House & Techno chart, a must-see for fans of the genre. This carefully curated selection of tracks represents the cutting edge of melodic house and techno music. With its fusion of captivating melodies and driving techno beats, the chart features a range of talented artists who deliver powerful and emotive productions. Whether you're seeking deep and introspective sounds or energetic and uplifting rhythms, the Top 100 offers a comprehensive snapshot of the current trends and innovations in melodic house and techno. Stay tuned to Junodownload for the latest and greatest releases in the genre.



&friends, Phina Asa - This Is What It Feels Like feat. Phina Asa

Adriatique & Eynka - Beyond Us (Hatshepsut Extended Version)

AIKON - Energy Control

Ama, Dunnie - Adura

Amir Telem - Gopal

Anatolian Sessions, Reynmen - Pare

Angelos - Nocturnal Dance

Anton Borin (RU) - A Wonderful World

Anyma (ofc) - Explore Your Future (Extended Version)

Anyma (ofc), Chris Avantgarde - Eternity (Extended Mix)

Argy & Goom Gum - Pantheon (Extended Mix)

Arina Mur - Spin the Dawn

Augusto Yepes - Bauta

Be Saint - Your Mind

Bedouin - Rise And Fall

Benjamin Fröhlich, Private Agenda - Soft Power

BOHO, Blake Strange - Alter Ego

Cada Un - Runaway

Captain Mustache, Jean Brock - La Vertu

Cheyne Christian, Toshi - Bendingekho feat. Toshi

Chicane - Hijóping

Da Iguana - Kronos On A Stroll

De-Bons-en-Pierre - Card Short of a Full Deck

Derek Plaslaiko - For Play (Day One)

Derun, I AM JAS - Winter on Summer

Dirty Doering, GIGEE - Badaboom

Ed is Dead, Landikhan - Cosmic Beat

EDX - Renascence

Elfenberg - Belters Inc

Elizabeat - Venomus

Etna - Universo

Fideles & CamelPhat & Be No Rain - Night After Night (CamelPhat Remix)

FiveP - Hybrid

Fred Again & Swedish House Mafia & Future - Turn On The Lights Again.. (Anyma Extended Remix)

Fur Coat, Lexer - Far Away

Gabriel I, Rawbach - Lost Sense

Gabriel Vezzola - Gnostis

Gai Barone, Luke Brancaccio, Hannes Bieger - Reflections

GATTÜSO, Jalja - Out Of My Mind

Glauco Di Mambro - Point Break

Gonzalo Sacc, Franco Leonardini - Shaft Of Light

Guy Gerber - Leave It On

HALIENE - Reach Across the Sky

Hernan Cattaneo, Husa & Zeyada - Love Is Coming Back

Hosini - Koala

Jacoby, Angelo Cruzman, Dreems - All Your Time

James Harcourt - Refraction

Jimi Jules - My City's On Fire (Anyma & Cassian Extended Remix)

Joezi, Elad Adi, No Result - Afrikani

Johanson, Yannek Maunz - Get Out

John Parsley - Tejido

Kadosh (IL) - Closer To Heaven

Kapchiz, Holman - R2d2

Kiberu - Wake Me Up

Krasa Rosa - Bereg

Kryder - The Eye Of Ra

Krystal Klear - Endeavour

LA Priest - Engine

La Santa - Bombo

Lady Vale, Haze-M, Raidyn - Chemistry

Lehar - Let People Know

Luis Damora - Castex

Marc DePulse - A.I.

Martín Dubiansky - Sting and Grey

Matter - Waratah

Mayro - Evolutionary Ritual

Molac - La Rumba

Monolink, Stephan Jolk - The Silence

Murat Uncuoglu - Towards Silence

Narciss, MRD - Midsommar

NorCal Junkie - Gaya Revisited


Oblako Maranta - Mongol Triol

Optro - Midnight Surmise

P.O.S, Spencer Brown, Marieme - It's Me feat. Marieme

Pale Blue - Spells

Paul Hamilton - Bunker

Pedro Capelossi - Salted Caramel

Pentia, Graumann - Hemlock

Powel - Slightly Frozen

Rancido, AfroTura, Idd Aziz, Bun Xapa - Kibe feat. Idd Aziz

Randall Jones - Custom Cabriolet

Rony Seikaly, Jem Cooke - Stay With Me

Sandokan, South Punk - 9 Inch Nails

Sara Miller - All the Time

Satoshi Fumi - Prayer

Sevenn & Silver Panda - Deep Space (Extended Mix)

Shai T - Semitone

Skatman - Oldskool

Solarstone - Seven Cities

South Bloom - Let Me In

Squire - Virtual Modernity

Stan Kolev - Boundless

Stereo Express - Rise Of The 2nd Sun (Original Mix)

Tanit - Evero

Taylan - Nectar

The Florentian Cabaret - No Sleep

Thodoris Triantafillou - Leave Them Kids Alone

Tom Baker - Train To Yakkyn

Toto Chiavetta - Random Tools Generator

Ulises - Too Far

Uone - Universal Wisdom

Ventt, Keparys - Utro

Vintage Culture & Franky Wah - Alive (Extended Mix)

W.O.L.F., ADRIAN BLUPER, Ale Jandro (MX) - El Karma

We Came - Back 2 The Old School

Wladimir M. - De Belastingdienst

Zeynep Erbay - Dream Of You

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