Junodownload Top 100 Tech House April 2023 + Bonus Tracks

DATA: 2023-04-11 TOTAL: 151 GENRE: Tech House

Tech House fans rejoice! Junodownload has just unveiled its Top 100 Tech House chart for April 2023, and it's packed with must-have tracks. Featuring some of the most talented producers in the scene, this chart showcases the best of what Tech House has to offer. From deep, hypnotic grooves to high-energy bangers, there's something for everyone in this selection. But that's not all - Junodownload is also including a bonus pack of tracks that are exclusive to this chart. So whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the genre, Junodownload's Top 100 Tech House chart is the perfect way to stay on top of the latest and greatest in Tech House music.



Acidity - Right Now

Albert Garcia & Jhon Mena - Break Loco (Mendo Remix)

Alessandro Angileri - Any Way You Want To

Andre Salmon & K-mack - Xtaxx

Andre Salmon & Michael Joseph - Kurosang (Extended Mix)

Andres Power & Outcode - Shaku

Andrew Azara - Gruuve

Andrew Mathers - Ahyeah (Extended Mix)

B & AN & K & OCHO (NY) - Temperatura (Extended Mix)

Ben Rebel - Do U (Mind Code Theory Mix)

Bondar & CJ Posada - Juicy Beat (Radio Edit)

Brisotti - Papillon

Bruno Furlan - Fonk (Alvaro Smart Remix)

Buogo - Synthetic Movements

Caitto & Martin Angrisano (ARG) - Aqui se Baila de Todo (Radio Edit)

Calo Vance - Funky Premonitions

Caparzo - Paradise

Catz 'n Dogz - Shine (Original Mix)

Cele - Gang

Chab Nabouchu - Smooth (Extended Mix)

Claudia Tejeda - Namibia

Cuentero & Rujana - You

DJ E-Clyps - Eggs Over My Hammy (Original Mix)

DJ Vitto - I Love You So Much (Original Mix)

Daniele Dovico - On Your Mind (Original Mix)

Danny Leblack & David Treble - Kalopsia

Dave Adley - Outfit

Dennis Cruz - Una Rumbita

Dj Chus & Joeski & Jimmy Lopez - Creo en Dios

Dj Pp & Gabriel Rocha - This Groove (Extended Mix)

Dompe - Honeybells

ELENOIR (UA) - Set Me Free

El Jack - This is My

Elias R & Johan Dresser - Throwback

F-Lima & MS Pika - Closer

Fabio Neural - About Me

Flash & Dash - Get Loose (Extended Mix)

Fond8 - Everybody in My House (Extended Mix)

Francesco Ferraro - Noche Y Misterio

Francisco Allendes & Trallez - Party

Franky Rizardo - Monopoly Joystick (Original Mix)

Freenzy Music & Gustavo Reinert - Tranquilo

GOSSO - I Need The Me

GetBizzy - La Rebelion (Original Mix)

Gianluca Calabrese - Guilty

Gorgon City - Rumblah (Extended Mix)

Green Velvet & Mihalis Safras - Deepfake (Original Mix)

GruuvElement's - Goito

GruuvElement's - Recovery

Hotswing - Work It (Extended Mix)

Huggo & Marllon - Hide U

IceCreams & N808 - Why I Do It

Industrialyzer - Snake Whisperer (Radio Slave Remix)

Inoa & Gianfranco Di Paola - Play The Music (Original Mix)

James Curd & Gettoblaster & MizBee - Keep It High (Hyde OFC Remix)

James Curd & Gettoblaster - Cinejack Slap

Javi Bora - Be With Me (Extended Mix)

Javi Reina - Rebel

Jay Caesar & Adiel Mora & Juan Sativo - The Game (Extended)

Jeremie. & Italobros - Attention

Jeremy Bass & Rio Dela Duna - Namaste

Johan S & Oliver Knight - Get Weak (Ango Tamarin Remix) (Extended Mix)

JonyX - Whodis (Original Mix)

Jose Vilches - Cormoran (Extended Mix)

Joseph Edmund & Ferny Montana - Positive Pressure

Josh Butler & Illyus & Barrientos - Mic Rock (Extended Mix)

Joshwa - Magalenha (Extended Mix)

Joshwa - Supersonic (Original Mix)

Joyce Muniz & Bushwacka! - Get 'Em (Bushwacka! Remix)

Juan (AR) & Pinco - Afrika

Juos - Chocolate (Original Mix)

Jwalker - Instinct

KEFFI - La Flauta (Extended Mix)

Karretero - Like This

Kille Billie & DEZOLATE - Bota Nela

Kristin Velvet - The Outside World (Extended Mix)

Late Delivery - Grime Time

Lexlay - Red Roses

Leyva - That Feeling (Original)

Lizzie Curious - Blessings

Love&Happiness & Groovenerd & Emma Steawart - FREEDOM

Luca Bisori - Back To The Old School (Extended Mix)

Lucas Bahr & Damelo - GOAT

Luke Nash - The Question

Luuk Van Dijk - Still Doesn't Care (Original Mix)

MINT (JPN) - Paradigm Shift

Mahony & Wheats - Id3

Mai Mai - Dance With Me (Original Mix)

Manuel De La Mare & Luigi Rocca - Dmt

Marcos Canepa - Crunch (Original Mix)

Markez - Rip It (Original Mix)

Martin Ikin - Oscill8 (Extended Mix)

Mason Maynard - Soul Service

Mateo Bermejo - Run Run

Matt Dawson & Kevin Mills - Mind Control

Maty Badini - Bootie

Max Chapman - High (Extended Mix)

Max Chapman - The Rhythm (Extended Mix)

Max Komodo & Akeem Raphael - Sax Swinger (Carlo Caldareri Remix)

Mendo - La Krika 2023

Mene & ACA (YU) - No Me Impolta

Michele Lopardo - Dolla Bills (Original Mix)

Miguel Bastida - Val D Tom (Origina Mix)

Miguelle & Betomonte & Tons - Un Poquito (Paco Osuna Remix)

Mike Scot - Rock the Discoteque

Moreno Pezzolato - Strike It Up (Federico Scavo Extended Remix)

Moya & Kokiri - Never Too Late (Vip Extended Mix)

Murphys Law (UK) - Waistline (Extended Mix)

Nausica - Tomalo (Extended Mix)

Nietho - Game Time (Original Mix)

Obando & Matheo Velez - Truth

Obando - Problems (Reelow Remix)

Oravla Ziur - She Winks (Original Mix)

Ordonez - Baby I'm Losing

Papa Marlin & Bondar - Crash That Party

Papa Marlin & Bondar - Crowling Raver

Papa Marlin & Bondar - Sunshine (Original Mix)

Parker Page - Old Skool (Extended Mix)

Paul Mondot - Don't Ask

Pedro Mirano - Tescueze

Phat Suppli - Ready To Go

Phil Unique - Broken Heart

Plaztik - You (You)

Ray Foxx - Move That Body (Extended Mix)

Riva Starr - Creators

Rizzer - Come Back (The Sahoo Conection Remix)

Romina - Yo Naci

Ron Costa - Stripped Down (Original mix)

STUFFI - London

SamBRNS - Sunny Daze

Sante Cruze - Jump Around (Original Mix)

Santi Barbosa - Hands Up

Sergio Hilinger - Ohh Yeah!

Sharam Jey & Chemical Surf & illusionize - Bass (Original Mix)

Simon Erar - Busya (Jaime Soeiro, Omar Svenson Remix)

Simon Erar - Busya

Sorley, GOUX - Little Secrets (Jansons Remix)

Stanny Abram - Show Your Love

Terri-Anne - Back That Up To The Beat (Extended Mix)

The Deepshakerz - Tell Me A Story (2023 Rework)

Tiga - Mind Dimension (Ben Sterling Remix)

Tomas Bisquierra - Funky Beatz

Tomas Bisquierra - Rosario Vibes (Original Mix)

Ulises Espindola - Believe

Wasabi - Lose My Mind ( Remastered

Wax Motif & Riordan - La Samba (Original Mix)

Xero - On the Wall

Xinobi & Meta_ - La Tormenta (Adam Ten & Mita Gami Remix)

YRM - On The Corner

Yokote - The Himba

Yousef - Distance Myself

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