Junodownload Top Dj Tracks 2024-01-24

DATA: 2024-01-24 TOTAL: 280 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno

If you are looking for the hottest and freshest DJ tracks of 2024, you need to check out Junodownload Top Dj Tracks 2024-01-24. This is a curated selection of the best tunes from various genres, such as house, techno, afro house, deep house, and more. You will find tracks from established and emerging artists, such as Audio Jackz, Tom Mountain, Andrew Spencer, and others. Some of the highlights of this collection are Rave by Audio Jackz, Massive by Tom Mountain and Andrew Spencer, and 4Am by ANSP and Andrew Spencer. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover new sounds and vibes from Junodownload Top Dj Tracks 2024-01-24.




2ucci - Thats My Shit (Original Mix)

A.C.N. - Hekima (Original Mix)

AIKON - Sandstorm (Original Mix)

ARIV3 - Anymore (Extended Mix)

AVIRA - Hot Tub Time Machine (Original Mix)

Abballe - Reconnect (Extended Mix)

Above & Beyond & OceanLab - Sirens Of The Sea (Marsh Extended Mix)

Acid DJ, Ramon Bedoya - Los Tiempos Del Colera (Original Mix)

Adana Twins - XFile (Original Mix)

Adassiya, Ooshmann - Layla & Majnun (Gespona Remix)

Add-us - Universe (Original Mix)

Against All Ødds - Sinergy

Agents Of Time - Friend Of Mine (feat. Ross Quinn) (Extended Mix)

Agoria, Rome Fortune - I Love You More Than Myself (Lannka Remix Dub Version)

Agoria, Rome Fortune - I Love You More Than Myself (Lannka Remix)

Agoria, Rome Fortune - I Love You More Than Myself (Original Mix)

Alessio Pennati - Aura (Original Mix)

Alessio Pennati, Luke Coulson - Devotion (Original Mix)

Alex Ranerro - Encode (Original Mix)

Alexander Matchak - Machete (Original Mix)

Allan McLoud - Solitude

Angel Doza, Cristofer Laroye - En la Quinta (Original Mix)

Aquarius Ezra - Connections (Original Mix)

Ariel Stamile - The Storm

ArkAngel, Farves, Catching Shapes - Lines (Kozua Extended Remix)

Arkady Antsyrev - Spin (Original Mix)

BP - Reaching Stars (Original Mix)

BP - Suppose We Are (Original Mix)

Baltazart - Alba On Synth

Basti Grub, HOTDISC - Elis (Original Mix)

Basti Grub, HOTDISC, Dizzy Monroe - I Want To Party With You (Original Mix)

Basti Grub, Sofiya Nzau - Sondans (Original Mix)

Basti Grub, Sonson - Robotooo (Original Mix)

Bizen Lopez - Smooth Grooves (Original Mix)

Booka Shade - No Memory (Original Mix)

Booka Shade - Out in the Fields (Original Mix)

Boris Werner - Date Rave (Original Mix)

Boris Werner - Fast Forward (Original Mix)

CASSIMM - Downlow (Extended Mix)

CHAN (US) - All I Need (Extended Mix)

Campaner (BR) - Electrosphere (Original Mix)

Carlos Gómez (VE) - Ábreme el Pecho (Original Mix)

Carlos Sanchez - Dr Tape (Original Mix)

Carlos Sanchez - Patch Movie (Original Mix)

Cheese & Cheese - Fiesta

Chernov - Tetrasilver

Chklte - We Need Space (Original Mix)

Ciclo - Groove Is Back (Original Mix)

Cream (PL) - Avian

Cribb - We Know (Original Mix)

Cristian Hidalgo - The Beginning of Everything (Original Mix)

Cristina Lazic - 21 Past 20 (Original Mix)

Cubicolor - As You Fly (Mita Gami Extended Mix)

D'Witches - Mil Amores (Original mix)

Daniel Meister - Jazzy (Original Mix)

Dark Heart, Be No Rain - Visions (Extended Mix)

Darlyn Vlys - Rampage (Original Mix)

Darlyn Vlys - Surrender (Original Mix)

Darque - April (Original Mix)

Darque, Thandi Draai - Yonke (Original Mix)

David Berrie - Gotta Love Lucy (Original Mix)

David Tort & Markem - Move Ya Body (Extended Mix)

Dean Walker, Savage & SHē - Saint Tropez

Dee Ocean - Part of Me (Extended Mix)

Deomid - House Delivery (Original Mix)

Deomid - Kotic (Original Mix)

Deviu & Garlington - Sounder (Extended Mix)

Diego Acosta (UY), Chär Spinelli - Sonhos (Original Mix)

Diego Cardarelli - Organ Jordan (Original Mix)

Diego Palacio, Mak Negron - Wifi 90s (Original Mix)

Diego Romero - Let Love (Original Mix)

Diego VVX - My Soul (Original Mix)

Dilby - Soul Vision (Original Mix)

Ditian - Mila (Original Mix)

Double MZK - Belong (Extended Mix)

Droplex & Steve C - Shed My Skin

DubVision - G.O.D. (Extended Mix)

Dubdogz, Ruback, Ticon - Dance Is The Answer (feat. Raja Ram) (Extended Mix)

EL1AX - Supernova (Original Mix)

EarthLife - I Stay Away feat. Irma (Extended Mix)

Efren Valdivia - Human (Extended Mix)

Eleonora, T.M.A & Boy Oh Boy - She'll Be Alright feat. Eleonora (Dove City Remix)

Eli & Fur - You're So High (10 Years On) (Sasha Extended Remix)

Emmit Fenn - The Chase (Rebūke Extended Remix)

Enzo Elia, Artemis - Daddi (Original Mix)

Exit Coda - Higher (Live Edit)

FOLUAL - Dark Symphony (Extended Mix)

Fabio Ferro - I Have Some (Original Mix)

Federico Campero - Absolu (Original Mix)

Florence & The Machine - You've Got The Love (Sonny Noto Private Mix)

Forrest, &friends & Del Arte - Everyday (Original Mix)

Frink - Axis

Frink - Kalerg

Frink - Sombra (Original Mix)

G.Zahariev - Get To You (Sugarstarr's Club Mix)

GABRI&SILVE - Periodico De Ayer (Original Mix)

GMJ, Matter - Idtritah (Original Mix)

GMJ, Matter - Stellaris (Original Mix)

Gonzomusic, Tony Bradley - 5 O'Clock (Original Mix)

Grigoré - Heart Pure

Groovesh - Stop Motion (Original Mix)

Guapo - Angelina (Original Mix)

Guti - Resurrect You (Original Mix)

Hanfry Martinez - Catinati (Original Mix)

Hard To Tell, Yet More - Voila (Original Mix)

Hardt Antoine - I Want You (Original Mix)

Hector - El Patronicus (Original Mix)

Hector - Fazer (Original Mix)

Hector - Jacuzi Killer (Original Mix)

Hector - L.A. Kr3w (Stacey Pullen Remix)

Hector - Mañana Means Heaven (Original Mix)

Hector - Moustache Paranoia Nights (Original Mix)

Hereon, Adam Sellouk & Like Mike feat. Braev - The Night (Extended Mix)

ID ID - Skip (Original Mix)

INVŌKER - Ipanema Maneira (Original Mix)

Ivory (IT) - It's A New Day (Original Mix)

Ivory (IT) - With Me (Original Mix)

Ivory (IT) - Yeah! (Original Mix)

Jack Kennedy - Hook Or Crook (Original Mix)

Jamahr - Ancestral Vision (Original Mix)

James Mac x Vall - Try Again (Extended Mix)

Jamie Jones - Road To The Studio (Fly Mix)

Jay Deep - Are You Ready (Extended Mix)

Jay Fase, Sparrow & Barbossa - ChanChan (Original Mix)

Jean Pierre, Samuri, Seezar - Rise (Original Mix)

Jelly For The Babies with Plecta & Eleonora - Flying (Greenage Remix)

Jerome Price - Dum Dilla (Extended Mix)

Jo Paciello - Concentrate & Relax (Original Mix)

Johan Dresser, Moreno & Prieto - Esto Esta Bueno (Original Mix)

John The RT - Fatty Bass (Original Mix)

Jon Fitz & GUYZA Ft. Ellyx - Need More Time (Original Mix)

Jonathan Rosa - Separate Reality (Original Mix)

Jono Stephenson - Pathfinder (Extended Mix)

Julien Fuentes - Fragga (Original Mix)

Juntaro - Selecta (Extended Mix)

Just_Me - 10 To Midnight (Original Mix)

KIRIK - Bobble Boutle (Original Mix)

Karavagy - Independent (Joone Remix)

Karavagy - Independent (Original Mix)

Karavagy - Nightscape (Original Mix)

Karavagy - Power (Original Mix)

Karavagy, Begak - Vacuum (Original Mix)

Kaufmann (DE) - Ibu 3000

Keith Holland - Atemporal (Original Mix)

Key Lean - Introvert

Khus - Voices (Extended Mix)

Kier - Like It (Original Mix)

Kroose & Sheena - Stronger (Extended Mix)

Kudus - Formula (Extended Mix)

Kyak - Ya Habibi (Original Mix)

La Roux - In For The Kill (Stone Van Brooken & Stas Underhill Edit)

Last Men On Earth, Agustin Giri - Nadie (Original Mix)

Leandro Kolt - Dont Too Far (Original Mix)

Leossa - Monday In August (Extended Mix)

Locklead - Get Down (Original Mix)

Locklead - Tripped Out (Brawther Remix)

Lose Endz - Dirty NorthWest (Original Mix)

Louis Millne - Sweet Escape (Extended Mix)

Luis Vargas - Love (Original Mix)

MAGNUS - Poison (Extended Mix)

Mahony - Clear Cut (Original Mix)

Mahony, Floog - Nu Mai (The Martinez Brothers Remix)

Maman - Reality (Extended Mix)

Mar+Mer - Fame (Original Mix)

Marcelo Rivera - Lose My Mind (Extended Mix)

Mark Knight, Armand Van Helden - Don't Abuse It (Extended)

Markus Homm - Blue Mountain (Original Mix)

Markus Schulz & HALIENE - Death Of A Star (Extended Mix)

Mary Mesk - Zarif (Extended Mix)

Massimo Conte - Don’t Wanna Stop (Simon Emme Edit)

Mathik - Jardinera (Original Mix)

Matt Caseli - Ease up Selecta (Extended Club Mix)

Mauricio Traglia - Cake (Original Mix)

Mayank - Antarhita

Medit - Money (Extended Mix)

Mexes - The Rave Must Go On (Original Mix)

Michelle Gurevich - Party Girl (Sainte Vie Remix)

Mihai Popoviciu - This (Original Mix)

Mikey Martin - To Be Mine (Original Mix)

Moodfreak - Eriwan (Original Mix)

Moon J - Know What You Want (Original Mix)

Morgin Madison, Ryan Lucian, JAS. - Tell Me Who You Are (Extended Mix)

Moullinex, GPU Panic - 16K (Original Mix)

Mr. Moudz - Ahora (Original Mix)

Myd - Together We Stand (Chambord Remix)

NTFO - Overdose (Original Mix)

Nada Com Nada - Kieto (Original Mix)

Nautik (US) - To The Beat (Original Mix)

Neighborhood House - Freak (Original Mix)

NewTheBeat - Hybrid Culture (Original Mix)

Nicky Romero & Deniz Koyu & Jaimes - Tomorrow Comes (Extended Mix)

Nicole Moudaber, Skin - You Like This (Original Mix)

Nora En Pure - Freyja (Extended Mix)

Noxx (FR) - Abstinence (Original Mix)

PUMP! - BANANAS (Extended Mix)

Pablo Bolívar - Story

Palavas, Meloko, Konvex (FR) - You Can't Get Away (Musumeci Remix)

Passenger 10 - Flatliners (Extended Mix)

Paul Rudder & Jay Nortown - Horizon

Paul Rudder - Earthed

Paul Rudder - Twilight

Phonique, Bakka (BR) - Animal Instinct (Atom (IE) Remix)

Phonique, Bakka (BR) - Animal Instinct (Sam Welt & Axel Valley Remix)

Piem feat. Penny F. - Headstrong (Extended Mix)

Pietro, Anzzo - Bajo La Luna (Extended Mix)

Pietro, Maya - Atarraya (Extended Mix)

Pornbugs - Precocious Life (Original Mix)

Pretty Pink, Christian Burns - Lost & Found (Tim Engelhardt Remix)

QTEQ & Alexandr Craft - No More (Original Mix)

Qubiko, Denis Ago - Obsession (Extended Mix)

Qubiko, Denis Ago - Pondos (Extended Mix)

Qubiko, Denis Ago - Saccapoche (Extended Mix)

Rafael Cerato & Stoked - Overloaded (Original Mix)

Ran6dy - Laiyla (Original Mix)

Ranta x Dulus x Miroshin - Magnetic

Ranta x Dulus x Miroshin - Pandemonium

Rebuke, Ella Balinska - Digital Dream (Club Mix)

Rel3r - What Hppn (Original Mix)

Rhadow - Indigo (Vocal Mix)

Rich NxT - Shimmer (Original Mix)

Rob Hes, Joey White - Tribes From Mars (Extended Mix)

S.L.M.D - Voices In My Mind (Original Mix)

SAMCHE - Inta Omri (Original Mix)

Sakro - Omnipresent (Original Mix)

Sam FranDisco - Play It Again (Original Mix)

Sascha Dive - Bounce To That (Movement Mix Version)

Satoshi Tomiie - Late Night (Enzo Siragusa Remix)

Scissor Sisters - It Can't Come Quickly Enough (Max Freegrant Extended Remix)

Seb Zito - Burns (Original Mix)

Sebastian Rivero - Bourama (Original Mix)

Sebastian Xottelo - Trick Trick (Original Mix)

Sentin - Quest (Original Mix)

Several Definitions - Intra Lumos (Baime Remix)

Several Definitions - Intra Lumos (Original Mix)

Several Definitions - Should We Given (Collé Remix)

Several Definitions - Should We Given (Original Mix)

Shakedown - At Night (Soulmanic Late Night Mix)

Shouse - Tonic (Original Mix)

SiiNA - Memento mori (Original Mix)

Skatman - Discorama (Original Mix)

Smooth Criminal - The New World

Soel - Leave No Trace

Soubeiran, Criss Ull - Kubewa (Original Mix)

Soul Alchemist - Endless Hope (Original Mix)

Soultight - RVT (Original Mix)

Sous Sol - Laze (Original Mix)

Space 92 & HI-LO - ORION (Extended Mix)

Squire, Pole Position - Against The System (Original Mix)

Stan Kolev - Zarad Tebe Mome (Original Mix)

Steve Aguirre - All The Way (Original Mix)

Steve Bug - Quando Bailas Asi (Original Mix)

Swanoff - Let's Go My Boy

SØNIN - Nightlife (Extended Mix)

Tamer ElDerini - Yaba

Terence Trent D'Arby feat. Des'ree - Delicate (DJ GALIN Tribute Love Mix)

Tim Hanmann, Katar - Awakening (Original Mix)

Tom Staar & Avira feat. Diana Miro - In My Soul (Jeff Ozmits 'The Private Mix')

Tomy Montana - Discoteque (Original Mix)

Underworld - Born Slippy (Elegie Remix)

V3O - Alimaña (Original Mix)

Vadim Yarovikov - Fairy-tale World

Vakabular & Under Sanctions - Shankara (Extended Mix)

Viddsan, Jale - Americano (Original Mix)

Vintage Culture, Maverick Sabre & Tom Breu - Weak (Extended Mix)

Vintage Culture, Maverick Sabre & Tom Breu - Weak (Marco Lys Remix)

Vithz, Emanuele Barilli - Explore (Original Mix)

Volac - In The Air

Volar - Nucleus (Original Mix)

Wave Wave x Jake Silva x Bruno Wolff - Desire (Extended Mix)

Wayne Soul Avengerz, Odyssey Inc, Joa (UK) - We Got A Love Thang (Extended Mix)

Wh0, Mark Knight & James Hurr Ft. Kathy Brown - Turn Me Deeper (Extended Mix)

Will Guedez - Century (Original Mix)

Will Konitzer - Moon Dance

Xingo & Malako - Mchawi (Original Mix)

YU-1 - Sculpture

YU-1 - Wait for Me

Yaacov - Sodade (Original Mix)

Yulia Niko & Yotam Avni - Higher (Extended Mix)

ZEITREICH - Cuckoo (Extended)

Zahna - Violeta

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