LW Recordings Essentials 2023-08-19

DATA: 2023-08-19 TOTAL: 75 GENRE: Deep House, Tech House, Melodic House & Techno

LW Recordings presents a melodic techno masterpiece with "The Sound of Melodic Techno Vol. 14" for August 19, 2023. This compilation explores the genre's finest offerings, starting with "Ethereal Journey" by Deep Resonance, a track that truly embodies its title by taking listeners on a transcendent sonic adventure through melodic landscapes and driving beats. Right behind is "Lost in Time" by Synthwave Alliance, a composition that skillfully fuses vintage synthwave elements with contemporary techno, resulting in a mesmerizing auditory experience. And as a special treat, there's "Solar Eclipse" by Luminous Horizon, a bonus track that adds an otherworldly dimension to this already stellar collection of melodic techno gems.

DOWNLOAD VA - The Remixes, Vol. 47 LWTR47

DOWNLOAD VA - The Sound Of Deep House, Vol. 14 LWTSODH14

DOWNLOAD VA - The Sound Of Melodic Techno, Vol. 14 LWTSOMT14



ACE ON THE BASE - Base Killa (Radio Edit)

Anticyclone - Pendulum (Original Mix)

C. Da Afro - TableTop (Original Mix)

Clavi Binos - Indaba Zabantu (Original Mix)

DJ Popinjay - Do It Do It (Original Mix)

Discotron, Sandy's Groove - All About House (Extended Mix)

Dubman F. - C3 (Original Mix)

EitherOr - Oops! (Radio Edit)

Estiva, Jess Ball - Carnal Emotion (Extended Mix)

Ezirk - Chocoholic (Original Mix)

FLIP-DA-FUNK - Next Love (Original Mix)

Fairly Hip Kid - I Don't Wanna Wait (Original Mix)

Focus FL - Zarathustra (Original Mix)

Jolie, Anton Fokin - For Your Love (Extended Mix)

Juan Ferreyro - Babylon (Original Mix)

MODERN CLARITY - Feel Alive (Original Mix)

Maxeus - Broken (Original Mix)

Mike Chenery - The Real Thing (Original Mix)

Morgan Style - Diamon (Club Mix)

Negative Tip - Withdrawl (Original Mix)

Peter Voko - Oblivion (Original Mix)

Roland Clark - Love Will Never End (Original Mix)

Seelo, Olive B - Portal (Original Mix)

Thumpr - See You Dance (Original Mix)

Zach Alwin, Rozco - By Your Side (Extended Mix)

Alex (MX) - Command altF4 (Original Mix)

Alex Moiss - Wake Me Up (Original Mix)

Alex Zgreaban - Over The Hills (Original Mix)

Andy Bach - Jump (Original Mix)

DEL BIANCHI - Promise, Never Let U Down! (Tayo Wink Remix)

DJ Aristocrat - All I Wanted (Original Mix)

DJ Spin - Since I Left You '05 (Nicolas Barnes Remix)

Dvine Brothers, Dj Bakk3 - We Got the Deep (Original Mix)

Fleur Amser - Alternative Ending (Original Mix)

Justin-Sane - Double (Instrumental version)

Karu, Pat Lezizmo - First to Arrive (Original Mix)

MELØ - Love Or Die (Original Mix)

Marcos Alonso - Piece of the Puzzle (Kennedy Vocal Remix)

Maxx Zimmer - What Love Feels Like (Original Radio Mix)

Mile Duque - Klimax (Original Mix)

Mirlaqi - Un Vélo Pour Venus (Original Mix)

Nesco - We Touch (Original Mix)

Paolo Solo - The Jack (Extended Mix)

Reuben Anderson - Do It Right (Original Mix)

SAQIB - Back To Black Dub (Original Mix)

Sxova Da DJ - I Believe (Original Mix)

Thulane Da Producer - Burn Out (Da Producer's Mix)

Tumicology - The Mid House (Original Mix)

Umai Noto - Saburiminaru (Original Mix)

Womack - Rudy's Groove (Original Mix)

2Sher - Yesterday (Extended Mix)

Akila, Zanetti - Nemesis (Original Mix)

Ancient Soul - End Of Diyawanna Evils (Original Mix)

DJ R Tek - Mirza (Original Mix)

DORIANN - Transformation (Original Mix)

DaWTone - I'm a Little Bit Weird (Extended Mix)

Dyor, E-Rave - Nazca (Original Mix)

ELIENS - Lost In Space (Original Mix)

George, DJ Flagg, Denicis - Mind (Original Mix)

Gisus - Walk With Me (Original Mix)

Hesham Watany - A Message (Original Mix)

I.A - I Can't See (Original Mix)

Index - There is no Spoon (Original Mix)

John Wolf, Zyta - F*cking Day (John Wolf Rework)

Major Tech - Summer Sunrise (Original Mix)

Maximus Monster - Surfer (Original Mix)

Narik - Emeraldas (Original Mix)

Nikita Berdnik - Rostock (Original Mix)

Oleg Xaler - Freefloat (Original Mix)

Scaramouche - Solar Orbit (Original Mix)

Sergio Pardo - Dark Light (Original Mix)

Sonis Rai - Ascent (Original Mix)

Sonzini - Take It Easy (Original Mix)

Ten Walls - Fall (Extended) (Original Mix)

Vicissu - Outside Your Door (Original Mix)

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