Music Worx Jackin House Big Pack 2024-01-05

DATA: 2024-01-05 TOTAL: 135 GENRE: Jackin House

The latest Music Worx Jackin House Big Pack for January 2024 is out, and it’s a must-have for any electronic music enthusiast. The selection features a diverse range of genres, including Jackin House, Tech House, and more. The top three tracks from the list are “To Be A Star” by Mat Lunnen, Darren Marshall Remix, “My Selecta ‘Monster Funk’ Mix” by Roberto Parisi, and “Superstition” by DJ PP, Gabriel Rocha. These tracks are sure to get you grooving and keep you hooked with their infectious beats and catchy melodies.




4Peace, DiscoGalactiX - Infinity Original Mix

A-Trak, Ninetoes - Sécurité Original Mix

Agent Stereo - Ya Don't Stop Original Mix

Akeem Raphael - Jazz Walk - Extended Mix

Andj C - Who Heard This

Animist, Shari Mills - Disco Flange Original Mix

Aphaze - Jackin Time (Original Mix)

Audio Jacker - Rotate - Jackin House Extended Mix

Audio Soul Project - Scene Dub

Audiofunktion - Remesteli Original Mix

Backup Plan - This Is Our Moment Extended Dub Mix

Barney Osborn - Sound & Soul Original Mix

Beny Junior - Soul Street Life (Original Mix)

Bonetti - So Jazzy Original Mix

Bruuno Diz - Deep Jack Original Mix

CEV's, Dope Demeanors - Urban Headz Original Mix

Carlos Pineda - FUNKYMAN (Original Mix)

Carlos Pineda - RUFF (Original Mix)

Carlos Salas - Horror - Original Mix

Cesar C, DJ Ches - Conversation (Original Mix)

Cev's - Over Me

Cezar Touch, Kaiz (BE) - Easy Risin' Original Mix

Chanson E,Lebedev (RU) - Check This Sound - Original Mix

Chemars - Disco Mirage Original Mix

Christian Desnoyers - Immune To Pain (Extended Mix)

Clarkson - This Is Disco (Original Mix)

Classy Touch - Each Piece Original Mix

Claudio Tempesta - Zapp Tuff (Nu-Funky Mix)

Cory Wells - Computer Signals Original Mix

Criss Hawk - Dr. Funk (Original Mix)

Curiousoul - OBSCURIOUS

DJ Mes - Give It To Em' Original Mix

DJ PP - Skyroom Original Mix

DJ Sneak - Can You Dance Original Mix

DJ Sneak - Pockets Original Mix

DJ Sneak, Tripmastaz, RareTwo Inc. - Nina Says Original Mix

Dan Corco, Punky Wash - Time To Boogie Original Mix

Dat Vila - Follow Me Now (Original Mix)

Delgado - Fix It Up Original Mix

Delgado - In My System Original Mix

Delgado - Pay the Bills Original Mix

Delgado - Sunseeker Original Mix

Delgado - To My House Music Original Mix

Demarkus Lewis - Goodnite Lady - Main Mix

Demuir - Lemme Show U Sumtn'n Original Mix

Dexter Troy - Power Of Soul Original Mix

Di Saronno, TomCarle - We Got News Original Mix

Disco Ball'z - Smoke Recorded Original Mix

Disko Rock - New Horizons Original Mix

Dompe - Rush Hour

Dope Demeanors - Ride With You Original Mix

Dope Demeanors - Smoke Original Mix

Elton Banger - High Jacked Original Mix

Erik Bo - Vibes

Evan (UK) - For You Original Mix

Filta Freqz - Burnin' Up Original Mix

Funk Mediterraneo - Cold Water

Gangs of Naples - Love No Longer Original Mix

Gettoblaster, Torrfisk - 8 Bit Love Original Mix

Ghetto Groove - Ma Haus - Extended Mix

GooDisco - Gonna Getcha

GooDisco - So In Love

GooDisco - So Much Fun

Guchon - My Phonk Original Mix

Hatiras - Can't Get U Extended Mix

Henry Navarro - Rich What I Got To Be

Hiast - Crate Diggin' Original Mix

Hiast - Zinga Darren Marshall Remix

Hiast,Darren Marshall - Zinga - Darren Marshall Remix

J-Fader - Playground Underground Original Mix

JD Vasquez - Jazz Talk Original Mix

JD Vasquez,Frank Amodo - Jazz Talk - Frank Amodo Barefoot Remix

Jaemus - Struttin On Demuir's Playboi Edit

Jaemus - We Are City Jason's Representin Remix

Jesusdapnk, DuBeats - By The Cover Barney's Striped Back Deep Mix

Jonasclean - Must Be Kismet Original Mix

Jonasclean, Morris Revy, OKOFUNK - Can't Complain Original Mix

Jonasclean, OKOFUNK - Bigger 'n Bigger Original Mix

Josh Stone - Fancy Fantasy Original Mix

Kaiz (BE) - Trippin' Out Original Mix

Kaiz (BE) - Maybe - Original Mix

Kostenko Brothers - The Line Original Mix

Kostenko Brothers - You Original Mix

Le Babar - Still Searchin' Original Mix

Lekind - Night Renaissance Original Mix

MAd Sequencers - Vaneella Original Mix

MAd Sequencers, Carlos Castro - Elektrik Funk Alliance Original Mix

Mama Droplets - Got To Keep Movin' (Original Mix)

Marc Cotterell - Messin Around

Marshall (UK) - Lori's Handcuffs

Mavalo - Hooked On Swing (Original Mix)

Max Hebert - Them Gurls - Instrumental Mix

Millennium Funk - House Call - Original Mix

Moscat - Been A While Original Mix

NICH (T) - Blurrin' Jam Original Mix

Nail - Stuff Original Mix

Nail - Time Changes

Niko Flako - Over Me (Original Mix)

PNGVN - Beach Vibe (Original Mix)

PNGVN - Feelings (Marco Molina Remix)

Pc-Pat - The Smart Way (Original Mix)

Pete Whiteley - Love Has A Way (Funk Mediterraneo Remix)

Raffaele Ciavolino - Disko Back Original Mix

Raffaele Ciavolino - Never Find The Way Extended Mix

Ralph C - Don't Go Back (Original Mix)

RareTwo Inc.,DJ Sneak,Tripmastaz - Nina Says - Original Mix

Renote - Runner Extended Mix

Renote - Runner - Extended Mix

Rick Marshall - Easy Original Mix

Rick Marshall - Half Hour Of Jazz

Ricky Paes - Guess What Original Mix

Romy Black, AtLows - Ghetto sound Original Mix

Rory Northall - Disconnect Instrumental

Ryan Truman - Poisoned Original Mix

Samo,Sean Biddle - Hurtin' Nobody - Original Mix

Scott Ducey - All Of My Purple Life Original Mix

Sean Biddle, Samo - Hurtin' Nobody Original Mix

Seph Martin - Vibin' Original Mix

Simone D Jay - Escape From New York Original Mix

Small Talk - Gotta Touch You Club Dub

Soloveyev - Mnml Mozart Kostenko Brothers Remix

Statik - Given' Up (Original Mix)

Stefan V - Alternative Original Mix

Steven Lopez - _U & Me_ Pezz's Original Night Vision Mix

TRINSEO - Bring It Down Low

The Flying Robin,Some Too Suspect - Macedonia - Some Too Suspect Remix

The Stoned - There's Something Tonight Original Mix

The Stoned - Turn It Around Original Mix

Thierry Tomas - Fetish Original Mix

Tonbe - Kindle 2023 Mix

Tonbe - Summer Education - 2023 Mix

VinceExpo - Deep Voice Original Mix

Wallas, Mack Bango - Where Ya At Original Mix

Zulu Natives - Te Cuento (Original Mix)

iFunK! DJ's - l'Overdose...

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